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Immortality is What We Leave Behind Chapter 9: The Second Step is Acceptance | FanFiction

THE CHAPTER IS HERE! We hope you enjoy~

Genre: Fantasy, Hurt/Comfort

Characters: Ace, Luffy, Marco

Summary: The lines between mythos and humans were very clear cut, and Marco liked it that way. Everyone knew that the great Suzaku had deemed humans savage and was content to have nothing to do with them ever again. Which is why the phoenix lord buying two humans–young boys, no less–at the auction came as a shock. Especially to Marco. Just what was he thinking, yoi?


3 to a theme Monday - 4) Night and Day ((suggested by blasint!)) 

  1. Night and Day as they are in a mythology for an original story I’m writing. This one was going to be coloured, but I ran out of time today because there was a lot of other stuff to work on. I will try and color it sometime this week though. Her name is Pumagi and his is Malgabi.
  2. People would say that something always seemed to lurk on the edges of her, some suggestion that she was not as clear cut as they all thought she was. But really, it lurked just outside of the fringes of the light, quite literally. She would argue that it had nothing to do with her, this thing that shifted and lived on the dark side of her face and body, but what person is whole without the shadows they cast? 
  3. The Liang Soldier and Wei General from Little Big Soldier. Their attitudes are like Night and Day. 

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what's wrong with palm oil?

From an article that I found:

“Orangutans, proboscis monkeys, pygmy elephants, otters, pigs, and crocodiles, not to mention 90 species of fish are impacted by the loss of habitat and environmental destruction brought on by successive waves of clear-cutting, oil-palm tree cultivation, and palm-oil production.”

“Of the 50,000 or so surviing orangutans, more than 2,500 are killed every year in relation to palm oil. Not only are [they] losing their treetop dweelings, but they face starvation are beaten, their limbs are cut off with machetes, hot oil is thrown at them, they’re burned. Often mothers are killed on or near plantations and their babies are taken for the pet trade.”

So, palm oil is not ethical vegan, yes, it comes from a plant but if you are vegan for ethical and enviromental reasons, you should not buy products that contain palm oil.

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Trans people without dysphoria are transtrenders, and are an insult to everyone who has ever had dysphoria.

“Transtrender” is the denial of identity and it is a clear cut act of transphobia to call someone it, especially since about 90% of the people who get called it are actually dysphoric trans people, who often times voice that “transtrender” is a harmful term that can harm their dysphoria.

All trans people are valid, anon. Stop being so hateful.

Hey househunting! I know that many of you recognize the waterfall above as the waterfall from Twin Peaks. This is Snoqualmie Falls, in the town of Snoqualmie, Washington, about 45 minutes east of Seattle. It’s a tiny one-street town, with an ice cream parlor that hasn’t been changed at all since the 50s, a tiny three table coffee shop, and a great farmer’s market in the summer. My family lives in this town. The photos you see of the falls are always authentic – no cropping out of a town or city behind them, because they’re surrounded by woods. However, directly across from the small two lane highway the passes by the falls, about 1000 feet away, the forest is being clear cut to build a massive housing development. My friend Whitney Ballen (who actually wrote a beautiful album about The Falls, as everyone around here calls them, check it out here) posted the following on facebook:

The insanely beautiful and forested land adjacent to Snoqualmie Falls viewpoints is about to be bulldozed and turned into another 200+ housing complex. This land is considered sacred as it is the home of thousands of people who once settled in Snoqualmie. It is a native burial ground. There is always a light fog covering this area, you can see it from the view points at the falls. Please sign this petition to keep this as protected native land. Developing this area would mean total disrespect to the people who showed us this beautiful place and would also be an extremely disgusting distraction from the falls.

Western Washington is changing so much due to the massive influx of people flocking here due to Microsoft, Amazon, Nintendo, and Google. It’s bad enough when it happens in the city of Seattle, but the fact that they are building a development in the woods, in tribal burial grounds, is unfathomable. 

PLEASE spread this petition like wildfire (maybe an awful use of that word due to what’s going on in EASTERN Washington right now). Please sign it and share it and tell all your friends. Please don’t let them do this to tribal grounds.

I can’t help but find this recent interview, with a white academic, in the NYT fascinating. The academic is Susan Stryker, who is a white trans woman. And apparently Teh Authority on trans history.

She’s asked “Do we know conclusively who threw the first brick or punch that night?”

And her answer?

We know nothing conclusively. Besides, it’s wrongheaded to be overly concerned with pinning one clear-cut act on one identifiable person, in a misguided attempt to say that so-and-so rather than so-and-so “started” Stonewall, and that therefore history teaches us that X rather than Y is true. A heterogeneous street crowd started the resistance at Stonewall, not a particular person.

She calls the debate over this history a ‘proxy battle for more entrenched structural conflicts’:

Arguing about whether drag queens, transwomen, butches, or gender-nonconforming street kids were present at Stonewall, or whether they (and they alone) were responsible for escalating the resistance to police violence, serves mostly as an arena in which some non-transgender gays and lesbians can express antipathy towards trans people and reject political alliance with them as part of an imagined LGBT community. Likewise, trans people, particularly trans people of color, engage in the same debates about history to express a justifiable outrage over the continued marginalization of, and prejudice toward, trans people by many homonormative cisgender gays and lesbians

Basically, what we are getting here is that Stonewall is a contested site from two sides trying advance certain political agendas. With cis gays and cis lesbians, they argue over history as a way to disavow trans ppl being a part of teh ~community~, whereas trans ppl (~esp~ tpoc) argue over it because we are marginalized by cis gays and cis lesbians.

This is super interesting to me for the ways that it completely elides the fact that the hijacking of Stonewall from twoc (and thus the entire movement it started) was actually an intentional and purposeful strategy. Something that started within years of the riot. At a point where it was current enough and survivors findable enough that it was probably fairly easy to get a decent idea of who was there and what happened.

This is a contested site between groups in the community not because it is a proxy for entrenched inter-community issues but because it is the actual source and beginning of some of these entrenched divisions. The erasure of twoc from the history of Stonewall was and is political and intentional.

Later on she says “Sylvia Rivera and Marsha Johnson, two indisputably important trans women of color who founded Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (STAR) and claimed to have taken part in the riots.”

Oh. I see.

So we can’t 'really’ ~know~ what happened that night and who did what because… What? Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson are unreliable narrators? We can’t trust their words and accounts of what happened? Its almost like the testimony and experiences of twoc count for less than homonationalist white mythology.

Anyway, fuck white trans women.