clear crystal

When at Crystal Connection, Rachel our crystal expert, rested between 2 large Amethyst Cathedrals  Although we can’t all do this, you can place two Amethyst Druze at the Feet and Crown Chakras. Then if possible surround yourself with Clear Quartz and have Petrified Wood near your for grounding.

If you would like to purchase some cathedrals or druze for yourself, use the code NATURALCRYSTALS today (7/27) and tomorrow (7/28/16) for 25% off your order of natural stones.

Blessings, Lourdes

Communication is KEY...

to making a relationship work.

Zaulie finally talked about their issues, HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m just gonna say it, if you’ve never been there, don’t speak on it. LOL. Seriously, don’t. What these two have is as real as it gets. It scares the shit out of them both given their histories with other people, we can ALL see it and they can too, but it’s clear that they’re determined to try and make it work as much as they can inside this house. Whatever it is that they have with each other, it’s crystal clear that they don’t want it to end. I’ve never, EVER been this invested in a real life relationship before between two real AF people. They drive me crazy, but damn it, they. are. EVERYTHING and then some. Damn.

still reeling over how crystal clear it is how much khadgar still misses medivh as crystal clear as gentle naaru chiming sounds it is ruining me

“medivh, there is so much i need to-”

To Build A Home

by starryeyedkids

He suddenly had a moment of crystal clear clarity and he nodded at Louis.

“I think I’ll give it a try,” Harry said and gave Louis a small smile.

Louis grinned back at him. “Alright. You’ll come with me?”

Harry nodded at him and felt sweet and foolish hope bloom in his chest.


Harry is a werewolf who wanders about aimlessly but being stuck in a cabin with a mage during a storm and helping him find a magical flower changes things for Harry.

Words: 4454, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

via AO3 works tagged ‘Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson’

Yesterday I went to a little feng shui shop in NYC called Magic Jewelry and got a photo of my aura taken! The whole process was just so peaceful and relaxing, as the energy in the shop was calming and felt amazing. The lady who took my picture then gave me an explanation of what it meant; how the photo revealed last week’s energy, today’s energy, and next week’s energy (which is looking pretty good). Because my aura showed that I am a more sensitive person, she recommended that I get a clear Quartz crystal to amplify and strengthen it because apparently I am easily affected by other people’s energy (positive and negative). Overall, the experience was so informative and magical and just what I needed✨