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An Empath is a person who has the ability to feel and share other people’s feelings and pains. Empaths are very sensitive to their surroundings, what they eat, and who they are around.  Naturally, Empaths are kind, good-hearted, spiritually attuned, and excellent listeners.

Are you an Empath?

  • You know stuff without being told
  • Public places, like malls or busy grocery shops, can be overwhelming
  • You feel others emotions and pains by taking them on as your own
  • Seeing violence, cruelty, bullying is unbearable.
  • You know when someone is lying to you
  • You pick up physical symptoms off of other people such as colds, body aches, headaches, pains, etc.
  • You have digestive disorders or lower back pains.
  • You are always looking out for the underdog. Anyone whose suffering, in emotional pain or being bullied draws your attention.
  • Others will always want to unload problems on you, even strangers.
  • You are a good listener.
  • You are constantly tired and drained of energy.
  • You are drawn to healing, holistic therapies, and all things metaphysical. 
  • You have a creative streak and a vivid imagination.
  • You have a love for nature and animals. You find yourself constantly outside connecting with animals and seeking refuge in nature.
  • You need lots of alone time or you will go crazy.
  • You get bored or easily distracted if not stimulated.
  • You find it impossible participate in things you do not enjoy.
  • You strive for truth and honesty
  • You are always looking for answer and knowledge. You always are found with you nose in a book.
  • You like adventure, freedom, and traveling.
  • You have a messy room, desk, locker, etc.
  • You constantly and seem to be in your own little world.
  • You find rules, routine, and control imprisoning.
  • You find yourself prone to gaining weight without necessarily overeating
  • You are able to sense the energy of food and often do not eat meat from an animal that was mistreated.
  • You have been labeled as overly emotional or too sensitive.
  • Your feelings are hurt easily.
  • Animals and children take a natural liking to you.
  • You are fairly quiet especially in crowds.

If you answered yes to all or most of these you are definitely an empath.

Ways to cope with Empathy:

  • Allow yourself to have lots of quiet time without electronics. Curl up with a book and put on soothing music instead.
  • Take time out of your day to sit in nature
  • Pet a dog, cat, horse, rabbit, etc.
  • Meditate
  • If crowds are overwhelming, eat a high-protein meal beforehand (this grounds you) and sit in the far corner, not dead center.
  • Ground yourself
  • Cleanse your space, aura, and chakras of negative energy
  • Practise breathing exercises
  • Carry or wear protective crystals
  • Develop a energy shield for your body

Crystals for Empaths:

  • Rose quartz - Helps push away negativity, provides a bit of extra energy, excellent for grounding.
  • Black tourmaline - Protects from negative energy.
  • Amethyst -  Helps to heighten and sharpen an empath’s intuition.
  • Lepidolite - Eases any anxieties empaths have when around other people. This crystal is well known for its power, peace, and its ability to promote luck, love, and sleep.
  • Malachite - Removes emotional blockages and helps calm when you are in a stressful situation. Absorbs any negative feeling you might hold inside of you.
  • Amazonite - Helps balance emotions.
  • Citrine - Repels negative energy. Relieves depression and mood swings. Opens the mind to new thoughts, helps with dream recall, and increases self esteem.
  • Obsidian - Repels negative energy, grounds you, and balances emotions.
  • Aqua Aura Quartz - Deflects and traps harmful energies.

Essential Oils for Empaths:

  • Basil - Lifts fatigue, anxiety, and depression.
  • Frankincense - Has an uplifting effect, prevents people from draining energy, helps your concentration, and clears mind clutter.
  • Geranium - Uplifting, decreases anxiety and nervous tension.
  • Jasmine - Mood enhancer, balances emotions, boosts self-esteem and lifts anxiety and depression.
  • Lavender - Balances emotions, relaxes body and mind, and clears negative energy.
  • Marjoram - Calms emotional trauma
  • Rose - Mood enhancer.
  • Sage - Uplifting, grounding, relaxing, prevents people from draining energy, and good for anxiety.
  • Vetiver - Calms nerves.
  • Ylang-Ylang - Relaxes and good for anxiety.

Resources:  Christel Broederlow,,,,,

Comment if you are an empath and a way you cope as an empath. Let’s see how many empaths are out there!

May the moon light your path!

==Moonlight Mystics==

Newt Scamander isn’t completely a cinnamon roll

Okay yes, he’s adorable and kind and has endearing quirks and takes loving care of his creatures.  You won’t hear me denying that.  But…

I feel like people have been characterizing him a bit incorrectly.  Like, people see him as vulnerable and awkward and nervous, but, well…

1.  He’s badass.  He jumped into the fray and apparated along the rooftops to save Credence.  He’s every bit as brave as a Gryffindor, though he does it for different reasons.  He was the one who subdued Grindelwald (while still in pain from the Cruciatus curse) and used the Revelio charm.  And then, y’know, saved the whole wizarding world from exposure.  And when he saved Tina?  “I’ve got you?”  Of course we’re all swooning at that, and it’s not because he’s a cinnamon roll.

2.  We know he’s been hurt in the past and that he doesn’t quite understand humans, but he doesn’t really deliberately shy away from them either.  He’s perfectly content to start hanging out with Jacob, and has no problem making friends with him.  In fact, he’s the one to invite Jacob into his case.

3.  In most of the fics I’ve read, Newt is extremely shy and nervous about approaching Tina (or “y/n”).  But in canon?  He seemed pretty confident to me when he tucked her hair back.  He wasn’t stuttering like nearly every single fic shows him doing (not that there’d be anything wrong with it if he did, but he doesn’t).  Yes, he was a bit awkward, but he wasn’t really all that nervous.  

4.  Another thing about fics:  They always portray him as anxious.  But this is the guy who said “My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice.” I’m not sure if this precludes him from being a cinnamon roll, but I thought it was worth pointing out.

5.  He’s quite good at magic.  Consider the whole world he created in his suitcase using Undetectable Extension Charms and as well as many other spells, I’m sure.  Also, Apparition isn’t simple; it requires both concentration and clear visualization of the destination.  Newt Apparated along the rooftops in pursuit of the Obscurus, and then again several times in the Subway station to get away from it while battling Grindelwald and trying to calm Credence down.  I know Apparition isn’t as hard when the destination is very close by, but still, if that’s not impressive, I don’t know what is.

6.  Do you remember that time he threw the Swooping Evil in Jacob’s face because it was funny??  Yeah.  Not so cinnamon-roll-y.  (Thanks to @misshufflpuff for reminding me of this!)

7.  He is sexy.  Oh my goodness.  Everyone talks about how cute and sweet he is but let’s be real, this man is also INCREDIBLY physically attractive.  Why don’t we talk about that more?  (If it’s because we don’t want to objectify Eddie, that’s an acceptable answer.  Still and all.)

8.  “I will protect him!”  Oh no, honey.  Newt Scamander will protect you.  (Unless you’re Tina and an Auror, in which case you’ll protect each other.)

Witchy Studying Tips

As I’m currently studying for finals, I thought I’d share some of my favorite witchy ways to encourage myself to stay focused and avoid procrastinating while studying. Hopefully something here can help you out too!

Charm something that you will use while studying! This could be a specific pen, mug, or even a piece of jewelry! I do this by holding the object and filling it with energies that will be the most useful to my studying, such as focus, concentration, clear-mindedness, calmness, etc. You can do this with crystals, sigils, or just through channeling your own energy. I find it most effective to charge the object beforehand, and then when it’s time to study you’ll be able quickly boost those helpful energies!

Keep some crystals near you as you work! Here are some of my personal favorites to use while studying…

  • Sodalite: For intellect, logic, understanding, and efficiency. Sodalite also helps with communication, so it’s perfect when preparing for a speech or presentation! 
  • Quartz: For mental clarity and to enhance the properties of the other stones.
  • Tiger’s Eye: For keeping you focused by filtering out distractions, strengthening willpower, and helping you make practical sense of your work. 
  • Turquoise: For relieving stress
  • Citrine: For energy – I consider it my “caffeine crystal!”

Of course, you should use the correspondences and crystals that work best for you, these are just some ideas!  

Light some candles! Again, use the correspondences that work for you, but here’s my method! Because I’m not meditating or focusing on the candle itself, I’ll usually burn a scented candle rather than choosing the most relevant colored candle. The scent I choose will depend on the type of studying I’m doing. For anything requiring more creativity (like writing a paper), I use warmer, comforting scents, such as cinnamon and vanilla, and for more intense studying I’ll burn cool scents such as citrus, morning breeze, or pine. If you prefer to use color correspondences, I’d recommend either blue (wisdom, focus, calm), yellow (intellect, memory), or white (clarity)!

Connect with nature! Fresh air and the sounds of nature are one of the best ways for me to relax, focus, and concentrate on my work. Of course, the most obvious answer is to work outside, but that’s not always the most practical solution. Even just opening a window and getting as much natural light as possible (in daytime, of course) works wonders! If my neighbors are being too loud for this to work, I’ll sometimes pull up a nature sounds playlist on Spotify, or an atmospheric nature video on YouTube.

Try using the Forest app! Okay, I’ll admit this one is definitely not specifically witchy, but I find it very useful so I thought I’d mention it. Basically, it’s a productivity app where you specify an amount of time you want to stay focused, choose a tree species, and then while that tree is growing you can’t use your phone (there’s also a Chrome extension!). The virtual “coins” you earn by staying focused can even be used to plant real trees through Trees for the Future. It’s a super cute, nature-themed way to stay on task, and I think there’s a lot of potential there for other witchy things like setting intentions, meditation, etc. This app does cost money (I think it’s $0.99?), but there is a similar free app called FocusNow, I just personally prefer Forest!

I hope you found at least some of this was helpful, and good luck with your studying! 💕


Harry X Reader: Smut

In which Harry distracts you from your irrational fear of flying.

Request? Yes

Author’s note: This was inspired by a video that someone sent to me! Also, I’ve only flown twice, so let me know if I’ve got some wonky details.

This is not a first. You’ve flown plenty of times. In fact, you were just on a plane a week ago, but it never gets any easier. Now, you’re boarding a flight in New York City that’s meant to take you back to London.

“Oi! Careful, love,” Harry chides, gripping just above your elbow to keep you upright. You’ve stumbled over the entrance to the plane, embarrassingly enough. You blush and thank him quietly under your breath, continuing down the aisle to your seats. Slipping into the next to the window, you pull the shade down before tucking your bag under the seat in front of you. Harry slips in beside you and raises his eyebrows.

“Y/N, yeh don’ wanna see the view?”

You glare at him briefly. He knows how you get. Heights really aren’t your forte, and you have no desire to stare down at the Earth from hundreds of miles in the air. It’s bad enough knowing how far up you are without seeing it.

“Only jokin’, love. C’mon. You’re fine. Flyin’s not so bad.” He pats your thigh and grins, partly to comfort you and partly to tease you. He finds it funny and endearing how much you hate flying.

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Marichat May Day 3: Homework

This is obviously rushed lol.

“So, is this okay?”

Chat’s looked over her notebook with attention, concentration clear on his face. After a few minutes, he turned to her with a proud smile and raised his hand. Marinette high fived him.

“Thanks for the help, Chat. I still can’t believe you agreed to tutor me in physics for the Brevet. You are a life saver.”

“Hey, you are my friend, of course, I’ll help you. I still think it is impressive you always do the diagrams of the problems right when you understand the problem. And without any helping instruments either.”

“I’m an artist.” she shrugged. Fashion design required precision too, no matter what anybody said.

She got up along with Chat to put all the pencils, papers and books back on her table when Chat stopped abruptly.

“What is this?”

Marinette turned to him curiously, only to falter slightly seeing what he got his paws on. “It is out arts and crafts homework. We had to do something about a person that inspires us.”

“You picked me?” Chat’s voice sounded absolutely incredulous.

“Of course, you are so loyal and brave and kind and always eager to help people and act so sweet with everybody and you… “ Marinette smiled remembering the second incident with Stoneheart. “And you help me be more confident and believe in myself.”

There was a slight noise coming from him and Marinette wanted to kick herself for not noticing he got tears in his eyes until now.

“Chat… “ she called out softly, wanting to apologize, but she didn’t get the chance.

Chat pounced on her, engulfing her in a tight hug. Marinette hugged him right back.

“Thank you, Princess.”

Marinette run her fingers through his hair soothingly. “There’s nothing to thank me for, minou.”

One-Shot: Gibberish. (Ghost Speak)

Warning: Cursing.

Summary: Daniel James Fenton, the freak of Casper High; Everyone talked behind the teens back, they, as in the whole shool and occasionally staff always rumored that sometimes, he wrote (and occasionally spoke) complete gibberish, he couldn’t even write a full paragraph without messing it up and making it impossible to read! (An experienced Lancer would complain) “He’s an odd one at that.”; One would say if he had the courage “It’s freaky”, another would jeer at how stupid Fenton seemed, “He’s probably semi-retarded.” That person would historically assume. But, that’s not the case.

From a certain freaks quoting: “ghost language just won’t give me a break.. Will it?”


It was slow Wednesday, birds chirped, crows cawed, and teachers gave ridiculously long lectures..

“Daniel Fenton.” A slow boring voice called, it was of course, Mr. Lancer, standing expectantly in front of the class, tapping a toe. ‘Oh boy’, a raven haired teen labeled freak reluctantly forced his attention onto the bald, tire bellied, and underly paid teacher; He hated being on the spotlight. And now not being able to go to the bathroom for more than five minutes to escape the classrooms gaze: What was to come, was inevitable.

Gingerly the meek, shy boy got up as slow as possible; not that it was helping the situation at hand. He could see it in his peers eyes just rudely asking him, ‘How long will you getting up take?’ There was a clear distinction of impatience, so they began talking to one another in whispers, resulting to Lancer’s disapproving sigh. The baggy clothed boy, inching towards the front swallowed the building fear that gurgled inside his throat.

“Mr. Fenton, hurry up, please.” The pot bellied teacher scolded, an underlying tone of irritation laced his words. And of course, no one in the whole entire room could blame the clear annoyance in his voice.

While everyone waited expectantly, and thank god- still talking amongst eachother, a few yawns and scratches began to sound from the forever waiting crowd, mostly those who were friendless in this particular class; all in all they seemed calm, bored, whatever names that could possibly describe dying from complete bored-ism, not that that was a word.

As successfully halving their tired eyes, the nervous teen called upon was having an internal panic attack, ‘I can’t do this, I’m gonna make a joke out of myself..’ Danny thought misrably, ‘I wrote it wrong.’ He referred to the oncoming presentation he was to read off of lined paper in front of the whole class.

“Hurry Fento-nail! I can’t sit here all day!” A blonde jock loudly said just as Danny passed the bully, people laughed, for the most part because the blonde was popular. Which irked Danny to his very core.

Clenching and unclenching a fist, the raven haired teen ignored the stupid comment and refocused on the situation, ‘I can’t speak..- I’ll mess up-’ The minor continued to whine in his head, finally at his destination, the boy timidly took the lined paper from the teachers hold still buying some time.. “Good luck.” Mr. Lancer reassured hopelessly; snickers followed after the comment.

Mr. Lancer returning to his desk, clasped his hands together mannerly, a ridiculously broad posture showing his 'professionalism’ as a teacher. Raising a brow, the teacher sighed at the sight he took in unimpressed, Mr. Fenton that was. Slowly looking down at his paper Danny studied the text trying to make sense out of it. It was- again, written in the wrong language. 'Well shit. How do you expect me to read this?’

Nimbly holding the paper, he squinted once more blinking a few times, the letters disassembling and re piecing back to the known language required for the class. Now he saw nothing other than English- it still wasn’t in fact, Mr. Lancer and everyone else saw the gibberish he has written, thinking Daniel Fenton A) has the worst handwriting in the planet, B) he was extremely bad at English. C) He was dumb and or retarded. Or even D) All of the above. As said, everyone talked about it behind his back, anyone who knew about his, 'Gibberish’ handwriting said something along the lines of 'freak’, 'dumbass’, 'retard’, 'loser’, 'different’… Yeah, you get the idea.

;He feels loved. (Note the sarcasm)..

'This should be easy.’ Danny perked his thoughts misrably, his extraordinary baby blue eyes hovering over the paper’s fine writing; It was a beautiful Essay, but sadly Mr. Lancer would probably never know that. Clearing his throat he concentrated, reading the 'English’. “ahm-” he got a feel for his voice to help return his first language, looking around the classroom to see bored faces. But it was to no avail.

“Lҽ αႦɾα ɱσɾɱҽɳƚσɱ ʅαƈ Ⴆσɾϝɾαҽ, ƚҽαʅʅҽ ƈɾσʂɳҽɱσʂ E ραҽ ʅҽ ԃσɳɱαƈɾҽɱႦα Lҽ Eʂʂαყ. Eαɳɠʅҽȥ ɳα ʂρԋҽƈϝ, ɱҽɾɱσɳƚҽɳ Zαԋƈ Sσɾɾҽρ ƈαʂƈαԃҽɱɳ ρɾҽ αʅԃαɳια E ƈσϝɱҽƈαԋ.–”

Laughs bursted out of the classes loud mouths, “Mr. Fenton, you’re reading Gibberish again.” The teacher interrupted with an irked monotone, once again rubbing a temple with one hand formally sitting behind his desk. Danny not quite catching the sentence, looking towards the pot bellied English teacher, and asked, “Exȥҽƚσ ΛЖ?” (Excuse me?) Giggles were echoing around the room. Not understanding what was so funny he rose a high brow lowering the other, an offended look took place on the teens baffled face.

“Mr. Fenton, this is not a joke, now will you read the paper in English, not Gibberish.” The teacher stated, sounding very annoyed; and obviously, he believed Danny was a troublemaker, a misleaded student and child. This he thought proved it. He had so much potential, it’s like he threw it all away without a care, now he sees a slacker, a non enthusiast..

“E ʂρԋҽƈϝ Eαɳɠʅҽȥ ϝιƚσ!” (I’m speaking English fine!) Danny said defensively sounding panicked, and rather stupidly, waving his arms to express how freaked he was. Assuming that’s what the teacher said, deciphering each word and what it could mean by the teacher’s sentence. He tried to keep together, 'It’s happening again.. Isn’t it.’ He face palmed mentally. Again, he wasn’t able to hear english, and accidently traded his regular first language to speak ghost, 'must’ve switched languages.’ he theorized ready to bang his head against his far away, empty desk.

“Mr. Fenton! Please, read in English. Now.” Danny furrowed his brows and looked more intently at the teacher, glancing between his paper and the annoyed nose pinching adult. “Wα-?” He slurred utterly confused at this point, 'this shouldn’t be happening..’. He caught on, Laughs and snickers erupted from the classroom again, they couldn’t hold the momentary stifling any longer. The raven haired boy wanted to hide, he was embarrassed, his hands sweated as his stomach flipped; he was dreadfully uncomfortable. Only one face showed sympathy, namingly Valerie and just maybe Mr.Lancer as he sighed.

Trying his luck to speak again he asked metaphorically crossing his fingers, “Ⴆσɾσɠɳαɾ ʅαƈ E.. Lҽ Eʂʂαყ..?” (Did I mess up.. on the Essay?) Another rain of laughter let out. This was the worse- not completely the worst, but it was still pretty bad. That left a sad looking Fenton.

“Did I, mess, up, on, the, assignment? Fear me.” A robotic voice sounded after the boy’s sentence.. Not good. The boy looked towards the classroom.

“Zʂԋα HαƙXɾҽɳȥσ?” (What the hell?) He mumbled baffled by the sudden noise of some-kind of siri. Everyone stopped including Danny, to turn heads towards the doorway. “What, the, hell? Fear me.” the foreign voice mimicked; this was bad news, it was even worse when two familiar figures stood at the door, a beeping tool in the man’s hand “It’s in here, I’m getting an extremely high amount of ecto-signature on the entity.”

Great, it was not his parents- but the G.I.W, 'Dear God.’ Danny thought, he couldn’t speak anymore, or else they’d find him quicker. Sealing lips shut he tried to act normal. Keyword, 'tried’, 'Don’t avoid contact too much. Don’t stare to much.. Don’t glance to much. Don’t freak, tense, blink too much! Wait no, I can blink some.. right? Wait- no I’m not taking any risks.’ He rambled in his head, muscles stiff, well stiffer since he was already reading his 'Gibberish’ in front of the whole class to humiliate himself, he gave a tight smile and faced the two hunters of which appeared at the classroom doorway.

“It’s this way?” K. a G.I.W agent walked closer to whatever was setting off the tracker; Namingly: Danny. “What?” He pondered standing right in front of the boy, the tracking devices beeper off its honker sounded annoyingly, 'shit.’ was all the innocent blue eyed boy could process at the moment.

The agent then circled him like a shark, two times, “Speak.” K. commanded to the boy. This was a tactic to see if he was a Ghostly entity, or being overshadowed, it was unlikely; but sometimes overshadowing didn’t have to change color of the eyes to that ghostly green to be positive; The boy felt like he was under a microscope, he didn’t like it at all.

“Speak, now.” Agent O. then ordered, both agents towering over the poor boy. Mr. Lancer to the rescue asked interrupting their rude demanding, “Gentlemen, may you please tell me why it is so important to interrupt my class?” He toned defensive, he didn’t have all day ya’ know.

“Sir. There is a powerful entity, 7.2 on the spectral scale, that is by far extremely lethal. And it is right here.” Agent K. spat venomously towards the boy, appointing a glare with the other agent O.. “Now speak.” He hissed in the boy’s face, Danny cringed, eyes watering for keeping them open too long 'Didn’t I say not to do that.’ he reminded himself. The words now registering clearly he trembled slightly.

“I-I Uhh.. Okay?” Danny said, heart beating wildly, 'dear god please tell me I said it in English!’ he could swear the classroom heard the rapid beat in his chest- which actually wasn’t fast at all. (Cause he’s kinda dead.)

He averted his gaze aslight, until agent K. deeply, and affirmatively spoke, “Nevermind, sorry for the misunderstanding. Our technology has been bugged lately, there must be a glitch in the system again.” Giving a curt nod, K. began to walk away outside of the classroom, O. eyeing the boy instead gave a grunt and smoothly said, “I’ll keep an eye on you.” with that the boy shuddered watching the agent follow after his partner.

Sighing Mr. Lancer said, “Mr. Fenton, go back to your seat.” giving up on the boy. With a shy nod the raven teen walked back towards his desk, 'Last second coincidence much?’–

“Oomph-” the boy fell on the ground roughly, laughs bursted out again in the room, a certain blonde pointing at the raven haired victim of which was lying on the ground, 'I love my life..’ Danny mumbled giving up on himself too.

A/N: I’m not the best at fics but.. Thanks really for reading. :)

The Set Up

Characters: Bones x Reader

Summary: Bones and Uncle Jim take Joanna to her favorite candy store, and Jim and Jo decide to set Bones up with the reader, the owner of the store.  requested by @yourtropegirl

A/N: okay guys, this one was SUPER fun to write, and ended up being super cute <3 so joanna’s like 7 here, but i really don’t know anything about her…and i know that in AOS, Bones doesn’t have a daughter, but we’re gonna pretend he does…

A/A/N: okay, i just realized the request said AU…and i didn’t write this specifically as an au, but i guess it could be read as one? Sorry!

Warnings: none, just an incredible amount of fluff

Words: 2363

tags: @yourtropegirl @outside-the-government @feelmyroarrrr @jimtkirkisabitch @malindacath

You huff and stand with your hands on your hips, taking in the mess in front of your small candy shop.  The wind was vicious this morning, and just after you’d opened it had knocked down your chalkboard easel sign and the trash can.  Wrappers fluttered in the small breeze, and you contemplated leaving the mess, but your conscience threatened to strangle you if you did.  You sighed and straighten the trash can, then hurry to gather the candy wrappers and parchment paper sticky from candied apples.  You try to shove the paper back into the trash, but just succeed in frustrating yourself when the sticky sugary mess clings to your fingers.  You hold back a cry of frustration and finally shove the mess into the can and stalk over to the fallen easel sign and violently set it back up.

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Tug and Pull

For Saxxy’s July Writing Challenge! @saxxxology Also included is the prompt: Hair Pulling for this girls B-day challenge @spectaculacular-sammy (Happy belated birthday gorgeous - I hope you like it XO!!)

  • Prompt: Hand job
  • Pairing: Sam x Female Reader, Dean
  • Warnings: NSFW, hand job, hair tugging/pulling,  fingering (female receiving), little bit of swearing, PWP-ish, just a tad bit of plot there
  • Word Count: 3.7k

Summary: During research a head massage can be so relieving. 

A/N: Thank you to my beautiful friend @oriona75 for beta-ing for me! And also this other beauty for title assistance! @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid
Tags are at the bottom. If you don’t want to be included I will not be offended, I promise :D
I love all of your comments and reactions I receive when I post. I seriously love you all so much! Thank you! I hope you enjoy this. My Sam smut cherry has been popped ;) Woo!

Originally posted by heytheredeann

“So I’m thinking we have two possibilities here for this case,” Sam started, as his thumb scrolled up through an article he found.

You swung your legs to the floor sitting up from the spot against the back door you were leaning against as you also searched possibilities on your phone. You leaned forward resting your chin on his shoulder to look at what he had found. “I think I found something too.”

He smiled tilting his head to the side, resting it against yours. “Well it looks like Mr. Jenkins either has a heavy kink for things that go bump in the night, or he’s another victim of mind control.”

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The Painful Wait. PART 1 (DarylxReader)

Hi guys! I got really bored and came up with this idea of a short Daryl story.

Y/N and Daryl have been close ever since the group took her in when they found her on a supply run. Daryl is extremely overprotective and when the group is attacked by a herd of walkers one night, Daryl gets on her last nerve when he locks her in a cell and refuses to let her help. They get into a huge fight and both of them say some hurtful things. Daryl goes out on a supply run by himself to clear his head, but takes longer than he said he’d be. Days go by and Y/N is a wreck. She can’t stop thinking about their fight and what could’ve been her possible last words to the man she trusts the most. 

(Set in the hiatus between seasons three and four )

Btw guys, requests are open if any of y'all want to dm me for fanfics/one shots/drabble✌🏼

Warnings- strong language, mentions of parental abuse, walker attacks and killings, kind of dirty thoughts and almost smut? mostly fluff & angst tbh


I woke up. Again. Another night. Another nightmare. Sweat glazes over my brow and my chest is still heaving from the familiar feeling of being drowned. When it all happened… when everyone started to turn, my father didn’t see a way out. He thought it would be better for my sisters and I to die by his hand rather than those of the ‘ungodly undead’. He took me, my little sister Elise and my youngest sister Allie out to the river in our back yard, sat us down and had lunch with us. It was nice. But before I knew it, he had Elise and Allie’s heads under the water. They thrashed and struggled but only for a little while, before their movement halted completely. I was too shocked to move. He looked at me with a glare of madness and despair behind his eyes and lunged towards me. I almost got away the first time around, but he caught my ankle and dragged me backwards. While I was being dragged into the water, I grabbed the bread knife that Dad had brought outside with the rest of the picnic, and as he began to attempt to end my life, I waved the knife around above me in a blind panic until he released my neck and I heard a muffled yelp. I resurfaced and saw my father, helpless and bleeding. The knife had gone straight through his eye socket. 
So, what else could I do but run? I took the bread knife with me for defence against whatever was waiting for me on the outside. 
I lasted a pretty long time by myself. Maybe a year? I don’t know, I lost track of time. But that’s when starvation began to kick in. All the food in the stores had either expired or been stolen. I was the food.
And I sure as hell would’ve been if they hadn’t found me. 
Carl was the first to spot me. It was funny because he was the one who told the others to forget it. Rick and Michonne debated whether they should bring me back to wherever they were going. But amongst all of the debating and arguments, it was Daryl who finally gave in, and quite wisely uttered the words, “fuck it”, taking me in and essentially saving my life.
Ever since, I’ve been part of the family. Carol is like my mom. It’s refreshing, because I don’t remember my real mom all that well. Hershel helped clean me up after they brought me back and has recently been teaching me a load of medical stuff so I can help him out. He struggles, only having a leg and a half. Maggie and Beth support me when I break down. They understand because they’ve lost basically all of their family too. Rick taught me how to shoot and asked me the three all important questions. And Daryl? Daryl and I have been inseparable since.
Anyway, back to now.
Tears stream down my face and I try to get my heart rate back to its regular steady beat. Suddenly, I feel a presence at the door of my cell. It’s Beth, and a wave of comfort washes over me because I know she understands. She gets the nightmares too, you see. About her mom and the rest of her family.

“Hey… Hey, you’re alright…” She coos as she takes a seat on my bunk.

“I’m sorry, did I wake you up?” I ask, wiping away my tears.

“I was already awake and then I heard you, thought I could be of some help. Even though…” she trails off.

“What?” My eyebrows knit together in confusion.

“I know who you really want here.” Beth smirks.

I roll my eyes and giggle a little, as I know exactly what she means. Beth has this fantastical theory that Daryl and I have feelings for each other. I mean, she’s not completely wrong. I’ve developed some feelings for Daryl, being around him 24/7. I haven’t told anyone, not even Beth.

“Shut up, you’re delusional.” I giggle.

“I can go get him if you like? In all seriousness. I know how close you two are and he might do a better job than me.” She offers.

I dwell on the idea for a moment, but I’m soon to deny Beth’s offer when I consider that Daryl had a long day and needs his sleep too. He and Rick barely made it back today.

“No… no, I’ll be okay, it’s unfair on him if he gets woken up because of me. I can’t constantly expect him to wait on me hand and foot every time I have a bad dream. Ain’t right. I’ll just go back to sleep, I’m pretty spent. Thanks anyway, I appreciate it.“ I smile politely.

She returns the smile and begins to walk away, but halts at the door and turns around.

“He likes you, you know. I see the way he looks at you. Haven’t seen anyone look at anybody like that since my Mama was alive. You should seriously talk to him.”


“Please don’t deny it anymore, Y/N. I can see straight through the both of you.” She smirks and walks away. I fall back, my head hitting the cold pillow and I let out a long, exasperated sigh.


The next morning, I take a stroll around, grabbing some water and saying my hello’s to Carol, Maggie, Hershel and Glenn, who are all sitting around a table, taking a break.

“Mornin’ guys.” I yawn.

“You mean afternoon,” Hershel chuckles.

“Honey, mornin’ came and went.” Carol laughs sweetly.

“No sleep?” Glenn asks.

“Not a whole lot, Glenny boy.” I reply, rubbing my eyes.

Maggie laughs at my nickname for her lover and rests her head on his shoulder. Rick walks in, sweating and panting, laughing at god knows what. Probably something Michonne said. If Beth is expecting romance, she should expect it from those two, not Daryl and myself.

“Ah look, the dead has decided to rise.” Rick jokes.

“Nothing new there, then.” I retort.

“Well since you’re finally awake, you can go help Daryl keep watch.” The sound of Daryl’s name lifts my spirits up and a smile graces over my face.

“Gun?” I request.

“Tower.” Rick replies. I nod and follow his order, making my way over to the tower.

I reach the top after climbing countless stairs and see Daryl watching over the prison with his crossbow, pacing and waiting for someone- or something- to even try to make an attempt on us.

“Hey Hawkeye, you miss me?” I say, causing him to jump at first, but his tensed-up posture eases at the sound of my voice.

“You’re awake, thought I’d never see the day.” Daryl smirks.

“Shut your face, Dixon,” I laugh. “Barely got any sleep last night.”

“What? Why?”

“Oh, it’s nothing. Just another nightmare.” I tell him, knowing exactly what’s coming.

“Why didn’t you come and get me? Or at least come into my cell?” There it is.

“Daryl, you had a rough day yesterday and I wasn’t going to be selfish and wake you up.” I sigh.

“I don’t care, you know I give more shits about you than I do about me and-”

“Daryl!” I cut him off. “I’ll wake you up in future, but you barely made it back alive yesterday. You needed as much rest as possible. Plus, Beth was there, she spoke to me a little and then I went back to sleep, it’s no big deal.”

“I just worry about you, y'know?” Daryl sighs, looking at the ground and awkwardly shuffling his feet.

“And I’m so glad that I have you around.” I step towards him and lift his chin so his eyes meet mine. “But I’m a big girl and I can handle myself. Lord knows I did for a year. You just need to relax a little bit when it comes to me, alright?”

“Yeah, alright. I’m sorry.” He smiles lightly.

We stay stood in that very spot for what seems like endless moments.

Make a move, damnit! Make a move!

“Goddamn it, just bang already!” Beth’s voice yells up to us, breaking our concentration.

I clear my throat and step back, pussying out once again.

“So… Seen anything interesting?” I ask, hoping to God that he doesn’t dwell on Beth’s comments.

“Aside from you? Not a whole lot,” he laughs.

What the fuck, was that flirting? Did he just… don’t overthink it, idiot. It was probably nothing.

“You flatter me, Daryl Dixon, you really do.” I smile gently as a lean against the balcony next to my shotgun.

Daryl continues to look over the yards, watching the fences with his crossbow at the ready. Seeing him like this, so protective and strong… let’s just say I don’t have the cleanest of thoughts. His arms tense every single time he sees movement, making me bite my lip just to control myself from audibly groaning. I can only imagine it would feel to kiss him. How we’d start off slow, then really get into it. How I’d jump up and wrap my legs around his waist and he’d push me up against the wall and move his lips to my neck… sucking, biting as I entangle my fingers in his hair and tug on it because I’m so ridiculously turned on and he’d moan into the kiss… Oh my God, what am I doing? I hate to say it, but Beth’s right. I need to talk to him, because this ain’t healthy in the slightest.

“Hey Daryl?” I say.

“Yeah Darlin’?” He responds.

“Y'ever think about stuff?” I ask.

“I think about a lot of stuff, sugar. Gonna have to elaborate.” He replies, his eyes still locked on the ground.

“Just… I don’t know. Ignore me.” I chuckle.

Suddenly intrigued, Daryl turns his head towards me, a smirk ghosting across his lips.

“Come on now, you know I can’t ignore you if I tried.”

“Stuff like finding peace and whatever. Imagine what it’d be like to be finally happy with where you’re at. Like Glenn and Maggie. They’re happy.” I sigh, looking at the floor and twiddling my thumbs.

“You mean settlin’ down?” I look up and Daryl’s directly in front of me.

“Yeah. Somethin’ like that.” I grin.

Daryl and I patrol the tower for a few more hours, laughing, joking and talking about everything and nothing at the same time until Carl and Beth come to takeover.

Later on, in the evening, I take a book from the library and take it back to my cell, light some candles that Glenn bought back on a run, climb up to the top bunk and relax. I attempt to get comfortable, but the knots in my shoulders prevent me from such a luxury. I rub them slightly and hiss at the aching, just as Daryl walks past my door.

“You good?” He asks, clearly concerned.

“Yeah, it’s just my back, it’s killing me.” I groan.

Daryl wanders into my cell and jumps up onto the top bunk next to me.

“Turn around,” he instructs.

I do as he says and face away from him, taking a deep breath in, trying to stop myself from feeling so damn tense. All of the stress flies away when his calloused hands firmly rub my back and shoulders. I hum in satisfaction and euphoria, my muscles easing under his blissful touch.

“Fuck, that feels good,” I breathe out.

“The least I can do, sugar.” He chuckles.

Amidst the calming aroma of the candles and my mind finally calming itself down, I feel my hair being moved from over my left shoulder to down my back, followed by long, lingering kisses on the side of my neck.

“Daryl…” I moan in a whisper.

“I’ve wanted this for so long,” Daryl mumbles. “You’re all I think about, darlin’… you’re all I want.” He seductively whispers.

“Oh, fuck it.” I groan, turning around and slamming my lips into his, grabbing at his vest and tearing it off of his torso like a kid opening a gift on Christmas morning.

“God, I need you,” Daryl moans while his hands roam around my body. “We need to be quiet. That is, if you really want this?” He asks, breaking the feverish kiss momentarily to double check that I’m ready and sure.

I brush his hair out of his eyes, and kiss his forehead. “I literally don’t want anything else.”

Daryl’s lips find their way back to mine, and his hands rest at the small of my back, pulling me even closer to him as I straddle his lap.

However, the moment the tips of my fingers reach his belt buckle and he gets my shirt half way up my body, when we hear distressed yelling from downstairs.

“You hear that?” I ask worriedly.

“Walkers! Everyone! Walkers! There’s too many! They broke through!” Carl’s voice echoes through the halls, troubling everyone. The sound of rushing and panic already rings through the prison.
Daryl and I spring into action, leaping off of the top bunk and re-clothing. I blow out the candles and grab my gun, but to my dismay, I hear the dreaded sound of a lock and key. I spin around to see that Daryl has locked me in my cell, leaving me completely helpless.

“Daryl? Daryl, what the fuck! Let me out!” I shout after running up to the cell door and grabbing onto the bars.

“I ain’t risking you getting hurt, Y/N. You’re staying here, end of discussion.” He orders.

“Bullshit! Let me out right now, you son of a bitch!” I yell, shaking the door.

“You need to be quiet!” He snarls through gritted teeth.

“Daryl don’t do this… either you let me out or you stay in here with me. It’s both of us out there or neither. I can’t lose you.” I begin to sob.

“I have to go…” he murmurs, puts my cell’s key in his pocket and runs off to fight.

“Daryl! Daryl, stop! Fuck!” I scream, falling to my knees.

And that’s it. I’m alone. All alone. Not for long though, as I hear the horrifically familiar sound of the throaty moans of Walkers. I immediately rush to my gun and start shooting at the floor below, hitting every Walker that manages to make its way past the threshold. However, even though I manage to kill multiples of them, I run out of rounds and the shots have attracted many more towards me. With nothing sharp or long enough to do enough damage to the brain in my cell, I have no choice but to sit away from the barred door and press my back to the wall as the bloodthirsty undead reach hungrily for my uninfected flesh. I can’t even try to be brave, as if I get close to them, one of them could scratch me and that would be it for little old me.
Moments later, the growling and grunting comes to a sudden halt. I look up from my huddled form to find Rick kicking bodies away from my cell.

“The hell are you doin’ in here!?” Rick yells. Rage sets in as I remember the very reason I’ve been stuck in this god forsaken room while my family risked their lives.

“Ask fucking Daryl, he’s the one who locked me in!” I bellow.

“Goddamn it… where’s the key?”

“Daryl put it in his pocket.” I grumble, sitting on the bottom bunk, attempting to calm myself down so I don’t beat Daryl’s ass when I see him. After a few moments, I hear a key enter the lock of my cell door and anger takes over again until I realise that its in fact Maggie and not Daryl.

“Maggie, are you alright? Is everyone okay?” My rage is blindsided my frantic worry and panic.

“We all made it, we’re okay. Sasha got a little winded, but she’s good,” Maggie finally gets the door open. “Now, before you do anything rash-”

I cut her off mid-sentence by pushing past her and rushing to Daryl to have some damn words.

I spot him walking back up to the building with Glenn, and once more, my temper sets off, causing me to run at him with everything I have. I almost get to him before Rick and Michonne hold me back, preventing me from doing any damage.

“You fucker! How fucking could you!? You asshole, you made me sit and wait while everyone else could’ve been dying!” I shriek.

“I was protecting you!” He yells back in defence.

“Protecting me!? I don’t give a damn about me!”

“But I do!” Daryl cries out, my anger subsiding for a moment.

“Let me go.” I whisper to Michonne and Rick.

“You sure?” Rick asks.

“Do we need to stay close so you don’t go bat shit again?” Michonne offers. Normally I’d laugh, but she’s right.

“No. I won’t hurt him, we just need to talk.” I sigh.

The others begin to walk away, and I swear I hear Glenn make a remark wishing Daryl luck.

“What… what the fuck was that?” My voice is shaky because I’m trying so hard to keep back my frustration.

“I wasn’t about to let you get hurt, damn it!” Daryl exclaims.

“Not fucking cool, Dixon. I had every right to be out here with the rest of you, but you forced me to wait. I’m so sick of you being so damn overprotective. It’s suffocating.”

“Maybe if you weren’t so fucking reckless, I wouldn’t need to be!” He argues.

“Reckless? Are you fucking kidding me? Honestly, Daryl? I care about you, but sometimes I want to fucking shoot you.” I growl.

“Yeah? Do it. Go for it, tough guy.”

“Screw you, Dixon.” I hold back tears, both angry and heartbroken.

“You’re a damn child, y'know that? Juvenile, even.”

“Go to hell, asshole.” I scoff and storm back to the prison.

When I reach the doors, Beth is the first to rush over to me. I’d say Beth is my best friend. I love all of these guys with everything I have, but Beth is truly like my little sister.

“What happened?” Beth queries, obviously worried.

“I don’t… I can’t… please don’t make me talk about it,” I sob.

“Come on, let’s go to my room, you can stay in there tonight.” Beth kindly offers, followed by my appreciative acceptance.

The following morning, I get up early and help Hershel clean up some left over group members with some head wounds and some infected cuts, only after he asks if I’m okay. I just simply nod and tell him I’m over it, which is clearly a lie, but I can see that he doesn’t want to intrude.
When we’re finished up, I ask Rick if I can help out in anyway, but he just tells me to relax because ‘he’s never seen me so unhinged’. Mr Grimes ain’t one for sugar coating.
I return to my cell and pick up the book I fetched from the library last night and continue from where I stopped. And to think I stopped because of something that could’ve completely changed the course of today. My mind wanders back to last night, reminiscing about how his hands felt like electricity on my skin, how his lips were perfectly moulded to fit with mine, how warm he was… how safe he made me feel.
Carol appears at my doorway with a sweet smile and a cup of water in her hand.

“How ya doin’?” She asks and hands me the water.

“I’m alright, I guess. Just feelin’ kinda shitty after the whole thing with me and Daryl last night. Feel kinda bad about what I said to him. Told him to go hell.” I say, almost ashamed of myself.

“Sweetheart, if I know you and Daryl, and believe me I do, you’ll be just fine. You must’ve had good reason to say those things. And plus, he’ll get over it. It is Daryl after all. The man can’t hold a grudge.” She laughs.

“I guess so. I should probably talk to him, shouldn’t I?” I sigh.

“Damn straight. He’ll be back later, I’ll tell everyone to give you some alone time.”

“Wait… he’ll be back? Where did he go?” I ask.

“He went on a supply run. Said he needed to clear his thoughts.” Carol answers.

“Who’s he with?”

“He went by himself.”

The words echo through my mind like a train in a tunnel. How could anyone let him go by himself? Especially when he’s in this kind of state?

“I need to go out and find him. He can’t be alone right now, anything could happen, I have to go-”

“Y/N, calm down! Daryl is perfectly capable of handling himself. He’ll back back real soon. I promise.”

A part of me wants to believe Carol, it really does.
But the logical side of me doesn’t believe a damn word.

Listen To Me | Jughead Jones x Reader


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 Another usual day at Pop’s for Jughead & I. We always go after school and on the weekends to hang out whilst Jughead writes for his novel I work on school work or read my newest book. 

    We slide into the booth and I order our usuals before I pull out my calculus book. I have an exam the next day and let’s just say it isn’t my string suit so I I’m hoping to get some much needed help from my boyfriend. I try my hardest to answer the first few questions flipping between pages of the text book hoping that I would magically become a math prodigy. I huff taking a sip of my milkshake before glancing to Jughead typing away, the concentration clear on his face. I try and focus my attention on the questions but I just can’t seem to wrap my head around it and I get frustrated very quickly. I finish my milkshake and look to Jughead.

“Hey Juggie?”

“Mhm?” He mumbles, eyes still staring intently to his computer screen. 

“Want another milkshake? My shout,” I smile hoping for some type of eye contact.

“Yeah sure,” I sigh and slide out of the booth and order our milkshakes before returning back to my books glancing at my boyfriend to see him type word after word, the page rapidly filling with more and more stories he’d found about Jason Blossom’s death. I sigh ripping a page out of my book and cussing.

“This is so stupid!” I exclaim loud slamming my book onto the table pulling at my hair. “I’m so stupid,“ I mutter.

“You okay?” i jump at the sound of Jugheads voice.

“So you can speak?” I retort annoyed at my boyfriend clearly ignoring my frustration. 

“Don’t be like that (Y/n),” he rolls his eyes exhaling loudly.

“Jug you promised you’d help me with this work, you know I really need the extra help, it’s important okay-”

“So is my novel (Y/n), I thought you knew that. Why don’t you get a tutor if your in such desperate need of help?“ 

    I furrow my eyebrows at how blunt he’s being. Tears well up in my eyes and I cuss under my breath. “Look Jug I know it’s important to you, I get that, I know family stuff if a sensitive topic at the moment but I need to pass this class and I thought my boyfriend would understand that.“ 

    He ignores me as he continues to type on his computer. “Fine,” I collect my books and sling my backpack over my back, Jughead not making any attempts to stop me. He was too in grossed in his novel to even notice my absence. 

    The walk home was short and full of angry tears. I enter your room to try once more time to study. I can’t stray my mind from the way Jughead acted worried about what that’ll mean for you both in the future. Is he over me? He doesn’t feel the same anymore? Is he still my boyfriend? 

    My phone beeps and I hesitantly grab it expecting an apology from Jughead to appear. I am puzzeled to see Archie texted me asking if I still wanted someone to help me with studying. I huff knowing that Jughead isn’t going to come and apologise any time soon so I decide that Archie is going to provide the help that I oh so desperately needed.  

“Thank you Arch, but I still think I’m going to bomb this exam,“ I face defeat packing the last of my stuff up. I have been working for the past 3 hours and I think it’s time to head home. 

   Archie’s phone dinges and I look up at him. His face drops turning serious.

“It’s Jughead.” 

I roll my eyes. “We had a fight at Pop’s. He wouldn’t help me study and he kept ignoring me so I just walked out.” Archie gives me a look and I huff. “What!”

   “He walks over to me reading the message aloud. “Arch have you heard from (Y/n)? We had a misunderstanding and well I just realised that she left and she’s not at her house. I’m heading to Betty’s now. Do you know where she is?”

“Don’t tell him I was here.”

Archie sighs. “Why? I don’t want to lie.”

I shake my head. “You don’t have to. I’ll leave, so technically I’m not with you am I? I’m going to Betty’s, okay? I’ll talk with you tomorrow.“ He looks defeated. “Sorry Arch, thank you,” I smile giving him a tight hug before starting the walk to Betty’s house. I need to get my boyfriend back. My stomach is in knots as I approach the Cooper’s house knocking lightly on the door. There is no answer so I let myself in locking the door behind myself before heading up the stairs to Betty’s room. I don’t bother knocking as I open the door. 

“Oh my god,” I cry at the sight of Jughead and Betty kissing. I turn and sprint down the stairs hearing Jughead yell my name the whole way to my house.

“Wait, please (Y/n)!”

    I slam my front door not wanting to see his face. I run up to my room and lock my window before diving into my bed and letting hot tears roll down my cheeks. My phone constantly beeping signalling incoming texts from everyone, mostly Jughead & Betty. Every 5 minutes there is a knock at the front door followed by Jughead pleads to let him in so he can explain. My tears dry out and all I want to do right now was comfort myself the best way possible: food. I change into warmer clothes and wait for Jug to knock on the front door to sneak out of the back and head to Pop’s. 

    As the bright neon sign comes into view it decides to pour down leaving me with no option but to sprint into the diner. I squeak as I get inside absolutely drenched, I wait to order and then spot Archie, Veronica and Betty sitting in a booth with school books and music sheets sprawled across the table.

“Hey,” I whisper as I reach their table. They all look up, shock on Betty’s face is as visible as ever. I slide in next to Archie shivering and soaking wet.

“Woah you alright?“ 

I nod. “Yeah, caught the rain on the way in. Now I’m freezing.” I sigh as Pop comes past our table placing my burger and milkshake in front of me. “Thank you,” I smile glancing over to Betty. She looks nervous like she’s expecting me to explode at her.

“Here,” I look over to see Archie shrugging off his letterman jacket. I shake my head. “Please.” 

Rolling my eyes I remove my jumper and replace it with his warm jacket wrapping it close to my body. “Thanks Arch,” I smile bumping him. 

“So you heard from Jughead?”

I shake my head. “I went to Betty’s but he wasn’t there. I think I missed him.” Betty’s head shoots up puzzled at my response.

“Don’t hate me but I told him you are here.”

I turn to him. “Archie!” I yell and as if it was on cue the doorbell chimes. I sink into the booth hiding my face hoping that maybe he has brain damage and won’t remember me. 

“Hey guys,” Jughead greets. Everyone replies and I just clear my throat and move my way out of the booth.

“I’m really tired im going to call it a night,“ I mumble but my boyfriend grabs my wrist. 

“(Y/n) please,” I pull my hand free. "Jughead don’t. Not here,” I warn but he continues to push.

“Would you just listen to me?“ 

"No Jug, no I won’t because you know what, I’m sick of coming second to you. I’m so so so over it.” He shakes his head trying to calm me down. “And on top of that I go to my best friend house only to walk in on you kissing. Do you know how sick that made me feel?" 

Archie and Veronica watch with wide eyes. "What?!” they exclaim at the same time.

“(Y/n)!“ Betty calls standing up. "I kissed him, (Y/n). He didn’t kiss back and he pushed me off, but you ran before you got the chance to see." 

"I gotta go,” I whisper looking to Jughead and smiling softly, salty tears streaming down my face. I walk slowly out of the diner.

“(Y/n) baby girl, I’m so sorry.” I feel his warm hand in mine and I sniffle giving it a squeeze.

“Me too Juggie,“ I cry hard and he wraps me in his arms and rocks me until I’m dry out of tears. He pulls away wiping my wet cheeks with his thumb.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too,“ I reply. 

He winks at me. "That’s a relief.” I giggle and he smiles. “Nice jacket, looks better on you than it does on Andrews.”

“Don’t I know it,“ i smile kissing him sweetly. 

Forgive Me - Part 9

Summery: The reader is forced to work at Hydra on the Winter Soldier Program. What happens when she gets out?

Triggers: Angst central, kinda suicidal thoughts, angry bucky

Word Count: 1200+

A/N: I didn’t proof read it. I just wanted to get this out too.

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‘What did you just say, Buck?’ Steve’s voice drifted over Bucky’s shoulder. It was the only sound in the room. Everything had stopped. The music. The dancing. You could feel everyone gathering around you and what felt like a ball of iron collecting in the inside of your chest.

‘She’s fucking Hydra. And she lied to all of us.’ Bucky was now walking away from you. The area of your skin that was once warmed by his hands, his body, now felt cold from his absence.

The ball of metal sitting in your body was now weighing you down so much that, when you thought you would turn to Tony or Natasha for help, you couldn’t. It had spread to every other part of your body, like some type of fast developing cancer that plagued your body. Your hands were frozen. Every part of you was frozen but the room was in slow motion.

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Challenge #8
from @thewoychallenge: In a fit of boredom, Lord Hater demands entertainment and the loyal Watchdogs are there to provide it!

“Sir, half of this stuff doesn’t even apply to you”
“Yeah but he’s got a flashlight, Peepers.”

‘Tis the season and all that.