clear chairs

‘Armchair / Jacket’ from the ‘Inflatables’ line, by C.P. Company (2001)

“This bright blue polyurethane design could be worn as a waterproof barrier shell hooded jacket and featured magnetic buttons throughout. It could also be rapidly inflated with the provided air compressor to create an armchair that could be used in a multitude of conditions.”

first day back at school like
  • teacher: will you please introduce yourself?
  • me: *stands up from chair*
  • me: *clears throat*
Lafayette Imagine: Sorry

User: @darling-b

Prompt(s): “Are you hitting on her for me?”

Lafayette stared at the beautiful woman sitting at the end of the bar counter, and he gulped down his drink. The alcohol burned his throat, and he held back the urge to grimace. He began nodding his head and put his hand on Alexander’s shoulder. “This is the night,” he said. Lafayette smiled at his buddy, “This is the night where I win her heart.”

 Alexander gave an encouraging  and he pushed Lafayette toward the girl. Lafayette stumbled forward and knocked the girl out of the torn up chair. He had caught her before she fell, and  Alexander watched from the opposite end of the room.

 The girl stared up at Lafayette with wide eyes, and Lafayette blushed furiously. “Mademoiselle, are you alright?” The girl licked her lips and brushed imaginary dust off her clothes once Lafayette had steadied her on the chair.

 She cleared her throat, “I’m fine. Just watch where you’re going next time.” Lafayette turned to leave, but Alexander motioned for him to turn back around. He took a big breath and faced you. “Care for a drink? I mean, just to make it up to you.”

 “Just water please,” the girl smiled up at Lafayette and butterflies erupted in his stomach. He stared down at the girl, unable to move, and Alexander knew that Lafayette would not recover from what she had done.

 Alexander strolled over and put his hands on Lafayette’s shoulders, “You’ll have to excuse my friend, it seems that your magnificent smile had stunned him.”

 The girl blushed furiously, and Lafayette had made a mental note to thank Alexander later. “Your beauty makes him nervous,” he pat Lafayette’s back. “In fact, he’s been trying to work up the courage to talk to you for weeks now.”

 Lafayette glared at Alexander, and the girl tapped Lafayette’s shoulder. “Well, I’m (Y/n). What’s your name?” Another smile. Lafayette opened his mouth to respond, but nothing came out. Before he could turn into a babbling mess, Alexander answered for him.

 (Y/N) took Lafayette’s hand grinning, and said, “How about we go somewhere else? I know a great spot, and maybe you can actually talk to me.” Lafayette nodded and his eyes looked the girl up and down. He held up a finger and mumbled, “Un moment please.” Lafayette grabbed Hamilton’s arm and dragged him to a different part of the room.

 “Did… did you just flirt with her for me?” Alexander smiled at the confused Frenchman, and put his hand on his shoulder. “Of course good friend, but now it’s your turn.” He pushed Lafayette to the girl, but Lafayette was able to steady himself this time.

 The grin appeared on (Y/N)’s face as soon as she saw Lafayette, and she held out her hand. “Ready to go?” Lafayette smiled at the girl and took her hand. He almost pulled it away because of how sweaty his hand was, but he decided against it.

 (Y/N) led Lafayette out of the bar, and the two of them walked on the side of the road. “Now that it’s just us, maybe you can calm down, and just talk to me.” Lafayette began getting nervous, and he locked fingers with her.  

 “Je suis désolé, tu es tellement belle,” Lafayette blushed and realized that the girl probably didn’t understand him. She stopped walking, and she stared at Lafayette. After a few minutes of staring at each other, (Y/N) burst out laughing.

 “I should have been more specific,” she said in between laughs. “I mean in English.” Lafayette chuckled and wrapped his arm around her waist. (Y/N) began walking again and wiped the tears from her eyes, “Let’s just go Lafayette.” He nodded and she stared up at his face as they walked.

 “What did it mean?” Lafayette smiled a bit, and he suddenly had enough courage to lean close to her ear. “I’m sorry, you’re just so beautiful,” he repeated, in English.

Okay but on the Malec date if they’re eating and they get the trope where Alec gets a little bit of food on the corner of his mouth and Magnus is like “Oh, you’ve got a bit.” and kinda gestures to the spot but Alec keeps missing it and without even really thinking Magnus says “Here” and leans over the table and runs his thumb over Alec’s face in order to wipe it off and brushes  Alec’s lips while doing so and Alec freezes and is staring at Magnus wide-eyed and Magnus kind of freezes too and they just stare there for a second, Magnus’ thumb still barely touching Alec’s lips and then he just rapidly sits back down in his chair and clears his throat and Alec blinks a few times and kind of laughs nervously and Magnus looks up and smiles at him and says in a gently teasing voice, “You got a bit” again but this time he’s indicating the blush painting Alec’s cheeks I will die

Challenge #8
from @thewoychallenge: In a fit of boredom, Lord Hater demands entertainment and the loyal Watchdogs are there to provide it!

“Sir, half of this stuff doesn’t even apply to you”
“Yeah but he’s got a flashlight, Peepers.”

‘Tis the season and all that.

Marisa Berenson is seated on a clear plastic chair atop Switzerland’s glacier de la Rosablanche, wearing black Ernst Engel racing pants and Jacques de Loux for Buck’s County sweater and Ruza Creations backpack; Emmanuelle Khanh hat; Glentex collar and cuffs. Vogue US, October 1968. Photo by Arnaud de Rosnay

It had been three days since you and Kai were researching ways to rescue Bonnie the world prison. You spent most of the last day on library  in Kai’s house trying to find some spell that could help. Half the time you saw Kai looking at you, you knew he was already starting to feel sexually frustrated. Three days without sex for Kai was too, since he had left the prison world he was almost a sex machine. But you decided to ignore, Bonnie was her friend and all you wanted was a way to save her soon. About thirty minutes when you started to get hot, you got up and walked toward his room. You’ve changed in some comfortable running shorts and a tank top instead of jeans and long sleeve that you were using. You walked back to the library and sat down. You saw Kai staring at you from the corner of his eye. He shifted in his chair and cleared his throat. You chuckled to himself and went back to reading. You can still see Kai with his peripheral vision, from time to time he would throw a glance their way and have a look on her face. After a few minutes you got up and went to the bookshelf. You were right Kai knew much about it, and you would not be at a disadvantage. So you decided to take the greatest book, but it was too high. You decided to jump into it, and in the process knocked down ten other books. You groaned.

You started to pick up the fallen books one by one. You were about to reach for the last one, until you felt a warm body press up against you from behind. 

“Kai?” You laughed when you felt him nuzzle his face in the crook of your neck. “What are you doing?” You tried to turn around but Kai’s arms snaked around your waist. His hands started to travel under your tank top, rubbing you through your bra. “C’mon we have to keep working on this.” You tried to get out of his grip, but ended up pressing yourself into him harder.

Kai groaned, “I’d rather work on something else.” His hands slipped out of your tank top and into your shorts. He started to rub you through your panties. His lips started to suck on your neck, making you close your eyes and moan. Kai chuckled against your neck and bit down. You let out a gasp and arched into his hands. He pulled his hands out of your shorts and turned you around. Giving you a dark smile, Kai pushed you against the bookshelf. The shelf pushed into your back making you cry out in pain. The pain didn’t last long, Kai pressed himself against you grinding his hips against yours. You could feel how hard he was, which fed your own arousal. He pulled on your lip with his teeth making you open your mouth. He slid his tongue in and easily dominated yours. His hands were on both sides of you, keeping you trapped in place. Your hands began to trace his chest, down to his hips. You felt him shiver at your touch and you smiled. You worked your hands over his bulge and moaned when you felt how much harder he had got.

“Well looks like someone’s getting into it.” Kai said with a smirk. You snapped out of your lust filled daze. As much as you wanted to stay like this, you grabbed his hands and stepped out of his hold. 

“Kai, it’s our job to find it.” You gave him a menacing look. Kai sighed in defeat, backing off of you. You walked over to the couch, hoping the space would help Kai focus. And if you were any where near him you wouldn’t be able to resist letting him have his way with you. You went back to reading once again. 

It was no surprise when you felt the weight of another body on the couch. You put your book down to give Kai a look, only to find Kai’s face right next to yours. You starred into his eyes and leaned in. His lips were about to meet yours when you shoved him away laughing. In the process of Kai falling back against the arm of the couch, he knocked over a lamp and some books, making you laugh even harder. Kai gave you a bitch face, grabbed some his books and left. You felt bad, but this kind of had to be done. You spent the rest of the evening in the library doing research, and didn’t see any more of Kai

After you felt you had a sufficient amount of reading, you decided to go to bed.

You woke up the next morning after dreaming about what you wished you and Kai had done in the library. You got up and got dressed, putting on jeans and a t shirt. You went into the kitchen to get breakfast, and saw Kai sitting at the table. Kai ignored you completely. You rolled you eyes, he could be such an ass sometimes. You got your breakfast and sat down next to Kai determined to make him acknowledge you. Your plan back fired when Kai got up, he started to put his dishes away. You were really pissed now. 

“Really Kai?! You’re throwing a bitch fit because I wouldn’t have sex with you while I was doing research?” You stood up. Once again, Kai ignored you continuing with his dishes.

“Malachai Parker, answer me.” You said the words with an eerily calm voice.

“Fuck off.” Kai spat at you and then left. You stood there in awe. Kai had his moments, but he’d never been this upset with you.

You walked into the library, sliding the big door shut behind you. You didn’t want to be around him right now. You walked over to one of the lamps and turned it on. You were about to turn around, when something grabbed you and threw you down onto the table. 

“Ow, what the hell?!” You started hitting at the figure that loomed above you. Kai’s face came into view, looking beyond pissed. He grabbed your wrists and pinned them above you.

“Shut up.” Kai was looking at you like he wanted to kill you. It was terrifying, but at the same time, hot as hell.

“Kai, what are you doing!?” You struggled to get your hands free, but wasn’t able to shake his firm hold.

“I thought I told you to shut up?” Kai’s eyes were roaming down your body.

“Kai I don’t care tell me-,” You words were cut off by Kai’s mouth crushing yours in a rough kiss. 

I,” kiss. “Said,” kiss. “Shut up.” Kai bit down on your lip hard enough to draw blood. You stopped yourself from crying out. You starred at Kai, trying to figure out what he was trying to accomplish. 

“You know, you really pissed me off.” He said as he moved your wrists into one of his hands and letting his free hand grip your jaw, making you look at him. “I don’t like being told no.” His hand left your jaw and gripped you t-shirt, ripping it off in one motion. You glanced at your, now turned to shreds shirt and then back to Kai. “And I don’t like being laughed at.” His mouth went to your chest, tracing the fabric of your bra. His hand went behind your back and unclipped your bra with one flick of his fingers. He let your wrists go to get the bra over your head and onto the floor. You were glad he didn’t rip it, like he’d done to your shirt. His mouth came back into contact with your chest. He starts to suck on one side and massage the other. You arch up into him, you can’t deny how much he’s turning you on right now. Your hands go to his hair, pulling at it, earning a growl from him. He bites down on your breast, leaving a red mark, then blowing cool air onto it. You let out a small moan. Kai’s hands go down to your jeans, he starts to undo your button and zipper. He slides your jeans off slowly, keeping his eyes on yours the whole time. You can’t look away, so you bite your lip. Once Kai’s done with your jeans he spreads your legs open. You prop yourself up on your elbows, watching Kai’s every movement. He begins tracing his hands along your thighs, grabbing rough enough to leave bruises. His hands come to your center, and start to rub you through your panties. 

“Eager are we?” He raises an eyebrow at you, and you lay back down not wanting to say something that would ruin the moment. Kai uses his teeth to pull your panties down to your knees, then grabs them with his hand and throws them elsewhere. He stands up to remove his shirt and jeans. He crawls back on top of you and grinds his hips into yours. You feel him through his boxers and moan louder. Kai takes that as encouragement and slips a finger into your heat, while taking your lips with his. He moves his finger in and out slowly, way too slowly. You buck up against up him, trying to get more friction. 

“Now you’re the one who wants it.” Kai chuckles darkly. “I should make you work for it.” You moan at his words. He slips another finger in and starts to pick up his speed. You grab the back of his neck and push his lips against yours. Kai’s fingers start to move even faster, as the kiss continues. You break the kiss and start to kiss his neck, leaving little bite marks all the way up to his jaw. Kai groans and pulls out his fingers. You whine at the loss of contact. 

“Kai.” You moan out, wanting him to give you some kind of release.

Kai stands up and flips you over onto your stomach. You start to turn your head, but Kai stops you. You hear him throw his boxers off into the distance. He grips your waist, pulling you onto all fours.

Kai leans over you, so that his stomach is pressed against your back and whispers in your ear, “You’re the one who wants it so bad,” He winds his fingers into your hair and pulls, making both of you stand on your knees.“So you beg me.” Normally, you’d never beg for anything. But you felt like you’d explode if he didn’t hurry up.

“Kai, please I want it.” You can barely get the words out.

“Want what?” He was really set on getting revenge for yesterday.

“You! I want you Kai. Please Kai, just fuck me.” You feel like you’re about to cry, you need some kind of friction. Kai turns your head, allowing him to kiss you. He pushes into you hard and fast, not giving you any time to adjust. You let out a scream. You feel Kai smile against your lips. If he wasn’t the only thing keeping you sane right now, you’d beat the shit out of him. He starts thrusting in and out of you, each thrust faster than the last. You arch your back against his chest, his hands grip on your hips moving you with him. He finds the right spot inside of you, and you start moaning his name. That causes him to groan and bite down on your neck. It isn’t much longer, until you feel yourself about to come.

“Kai, please, fuck please, don’t stop.” Kai reaches down and starts to rub you, sending you over the edge into ecstasy. You call out his name repeatedly. A couple more thrusts and Kai comes with his face buried in your neck, mumbling your name. 

You both find your clothes, after spending some time looking. You sit down on the couch, feeling the soreness already. 

“Maybe I should say no to you more often, Kai.” You look up at him and smile. Kai walks over to you, and leans down over you.

“Or you could just ask me.” He leans down even further and whispers into your ear, “And beg me.” You feel a shiver go through you.

“I guess I could do that too.” You give him a short kiss and return to reading.

First Dance - Sherlock x Reader

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Sherlock tries to teach you how to dance before John and Mary’s wedding day. 

“Sherlock, I don’t see why we need to practise”

“Because John and Mary are getting married and like it or not y/n there will be dancing, I’m confident in my own abilities but yours, I don’t know.”

You scoff, throw your hands up in the air and begin to walk out of the lounge. Sherlock anticipates your movements and dives in front of the door before you reach it.

“I don’t think so y/n.” He puts both hands on your shoulders and pushes you into the center. He’s already cleared the chairs away to the edge of the room so you have plenty of space. He goes over to his iPod but before he begins to play you say “ if you have to teach a dance to me I get to teach you one too.”

You see Sherlock consider this for a second before he says “fine.”

He begins the song, a slow classical number which you’ve heard him play before but it’s not his own composition. He puts one hand on your waist and takes your hand.

“Just follow me” he says in that velvet tone of voice you find so irresistible.

He leads you around the flat, rising and falling, giving you a little spin every now and again once you’ve got used to the steps, you only have to look down at your feet a handful of times.

When the music was finishing Sherlock spun you out and pulled you in towards him. Your lips met and you kissed deeply. Breathless you pull apart and say “now Mr Holmes, it’s my turn to teach you”

“y/n” he groans.

“No, you promised!” You shout as you dash into his bedroom to retrieve your iPod from your bag, once found you make your way back into the lounge, unplug Sherlock’s iPod and put yours in.

You have a mischievous grin on your face as you select your desired song.

“It’s very easy Sherlock the actions are in the lyrics so you just have to follow me.”

“Then why do I have to learn it then?”

“Indulge me darling” you say, hitting play.

“Let’s do the time warp again!” the song says. Sherlock gives you a look of disgust but you pout at him and give him your famous puppy dog eyes that you know he can’t resist.

“It’s just a jump to the left” you sing and jump, Sherlock reluctantly follows”

“And then a step to the right”

That’s the story of when Mrs Hudson saw Sherlock Holmes dance the Time Warp.  

Bee Mine

Anonymous said: Prompt Dean asking Cas out with cheesy pick up lines

Overuse of Cas’s love of bees is my favorite troupe. Fight me. 

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“Hey, Cas.” Dean smiles, sitting down across from the angel, “What are you up to?” 

“Research,” he says, not taking his eyes off of the book in front of him.

Dean nods to himself and watches as Cas chews on his bottom lip, trying to gain as much knowledge as he can from the ancient text, “Well, Valentine’s day is coming up…” Cas doesn’t respond, so Dean shifts in his chair and clears his throat, “And I just thought…you know, it’s the day of…love or whatever so…”

“It’s actually supposed to be the liturgical celebration of one of the more early Christian saints named Valentinus,” Cas says, finally looking up from the book, his blue eyes meeting Dean’s green ones, “It had nothing to do with love until it was changed in-”

“Cas,” Dean laughs nervously, licking his lips and shaking his head a bit, “I know the-the history of it, but I’m talking about the now traditions.”

Cas tilted his head and furrowed his brow in that adorable way Dean had come to love, “I don’t understand.”

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Vogue 1968
Seated on clear plastic chairs atop Switzerland’s glacier de la Rosablanche; one model wearing Ernst Engel ski suit with an Adolfo fur hat; the second model wearing Rudi Gernreich for Harmon Knitwear ski pants and matching ribbed top. Photo by Arnaud de Rosnay

Prep School

Logan is the headmaster of a strict private school, using any form of punishment he sees fit and never facing any repercussions for it. He is far too wealthy and important to truly get in trouble for it. It started off as any average Tuesday Morning, when he heard about a student being caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. A female student who, in her time at his school, had never stepped foot in his office. 

When Logan heard a knock at his door, he turned his computer screen off, swiveling his chair and clearing his throat before letting the guest know that they could come in. Giving her a stern look as she came in and sat down on the couch across from his desk.


  • Electroshock therapy?
  • Ryan strapped into a chair: Just relax, breath in and breath out
  • Meg strapped into a chair next to him struggling: I don't wanna!!! No!
  • Ryan turned his head slightly: Your gonna be fiiiiinnnneee~ Just relaxs cause ya know your gonna get shocked
  • Meg glares at Ryan: Ryan I swear-
  • Ryan: Don't worry i'm gonna take most of it~
  • Meg: what-
  • Before Ryan could answer meg, her chair lit up. Megs legs twitched,her body shook violently. When it finally stopped she slumped forward.
  • Meg slightly out of breath: MOTHERFUCKER!
  • Ryan looking slightly insulted: Excuse me nothing happen to me?!
  • With Ryan's clear outrage his chair came to life. His body shook just as megs did. And when it stop, he narrowed his eyes.
  • Ryan: Did I say stop?
  • 3 shocks later
  • Meg: Vagabond no more what the fuck?!
  • Ryan: I LIKE IT!
That was the thing about words, they were clear and specific-chair, eye, stone- but when you talked about feelings, words were too stiff, they were this and not that, they couldn’t include all the meanings. In defining, they always left something out.
—  Janet Fitch, White Oleander
Of Faith & Will: 7


Below in his study Adrianal had his head in his hands, focus lost entirely because he was imagining it. That starry mage up above in his elegant bathroom. A deep blush began to work onto his face and his abdomen spasmed again painfully, shifting in clear disgruntlement in his chair. He plopped his cheek onto his desk, hands spread out feeling the papers underneath and taking deep breaths. Losing focus entirely on his work, he swept a few papers off in frustration and stood, ignoring the tightness of his pants and going to his easel. What an easier way to dissolve thoughts of the mage then to lose himself in putting his stifled emotions onto the canvas? Blindly he began to stroke color across the white surface, trying hard to ignore the thought of what it felt like to hold someone.

Despite his attempt to bury thoughts of the mage, never before had he wanted to grab hold of someone and pull them to him and not let go so badly. He wanted Felo’thore to tell him more of the galaxy and his silly constellations- if only to hear him talk more in such a passionate tone. The creativity, the brilliant mind, the passion of the mage had given Adrianal a sense of connection he’d never felt before. Felo'thore was smart and well learned and traveled, all the things the paladin had craved. He recalled Velianor expressing his bravery a few nights before. Even with her crippling fear, the mage executed an unrivaled prowess with his abilities and his devotion in trying to help her despite the disastrous consequences. Adrianal was fascinated, intrigued, oddly connected- and this confusion of emotions lead to deep and never before explored interest.

Before he knew it the painting took a turn of the mage silhouetted in the bed as he had last night: opening the curtains with that passionate look on his face, bathed in nothing but candlelight and the colors of the house Novastorm contrasting against his golden hair. Adrianal’s painting took all of him, his whole body thrown into the motions of the brush, colors thrown dramatically against the canvas but finding a place to belong in a lovely hue against the white. He took special care with the man’s eyes, obsessed with the lovely shape and olive color.. Painting the man, he found, did little to ease the ache that had continued to swell in Adrianal’s body. In fact it was only heightening it, but he kept painting. With a frustrated wave of a hand the piano and cello startled to life, a simple spell Velianor had showed him and with a flick of his hand it began to soulfully play as he painted.

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