clear car


pairing: jungkook x reader

genre: angst

word count: 1,186

description: “Pull over. Let me drive for a while.”

note: I kind of decided to start this out of the blue. There are days when I want to write, but I don’t necessarily know what, so that’s why I’m starting this. They won’t be everyday or on a schedule, just purely to test out different aus and such. But yeah, hope you guys enjoy!  ♡ 


It had been exactly two hours and twenty-seven minutes of torturous silence.

The only sound that managed to break through was the low hum of the car engine as the landscape turned into miles and miles of endless trees lining both sides of the road. Not even the radio was playing in an attempt to stunt the pained thoughts that you couldn’t seem to stop from cycling through your mind.

One more day. That’s it. That’s all you have left together.

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CARS FUN FACTS (from memory, 95% reliable)

-John Lasseter has a son named Jackson
-Paul Newman actually said things like “HOT SNOT!”
-Brad Paisley wrote “Nobody’s Fool” for Cars 2 without even being asked
-Rascal Flatts is returning for Cars 3
-John Ratzenburgers father was a Mack truck driver, Pixar worked with Mack trucks so they could have them in the film specifically for him
-Owen Wilson invented “kachow” when he was a kid, because kids do weird shit like that
-Bonnie Hunt doctored/wrote the scene between Lightning and Sally after the tractor tipping scene
-The cars are rendered with a layer of paint, then a layer of gloss
-the sound design team spent an entire day or two at Skywalker Ranch recording the sounds of the rubber marbles on the racetrack
-“Lincoln Continental Breakfast” at the Cozy Cone is just a spoof on a type of car
-McQueen’s thing with his tongue is actually based on John Lasseter
-the saturation of Radiator Springs increased the more McQueen liked the town
-random stuff like the tire tracks in the sky and car shaped cacti were added just because they were going car-crazy working on the film for so long. There’s no real reason yknow
-there is a version of McQueen that is sponsored only by the town of Radiator Springs and all the businesses in it (this is the version before Cars 3)
-the Pixar crew started research for designing Lightning McQueen at the Detroit auto show in 2001
-they used the same exact lighting on the dust clouds for both Doc’s and McQueen’s counteractive turns in Cars
-John actually hired Jay Ward as a full time “keeper of Cars”. It’s his actual job just to kind of, watch over the franchise. Alllll of it
-the Tokyo race in Cars 2 doesn’t have a score because they decided to build all of the sound design off of Francesco’s and Lightning’s engines, and have that be the auditory focus instead.
-the real Mater is called “towmater” because he would legit just… eat whole tomatoes as a kid. Like they were apples.
-the eyes are on the windshield of the Cars because if they were in the headlights, Pixar was worried they’d look like snakes. Bringing the eyes up allows for much more emotion, and you get to see more of the car
-the version of Chuck Berry’s “Route 66” used in the film was forgotten about for years by the record company until Pixar had to prove to them that the version existed.
-when The King crashed, John asked Richard Petty to recall any time he was injured in a race and act with that in mind, and Petty used a time when he had broken ribs, specifically.

Let Me Love You

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Let Me Love You by evansrogerskitten

Dean x Reader 

Reader is getting over a bad breakup and ready for a rebound hook up. Thankfully she meets a gorgeous green-eyed stranger who is down for a night of bliss.

Warnings: This is pure Smut. NSFW, Explicit, hook up sex, fingering, oral, anal play, language, alcohol. So basically my usual. | WC: 3183 | On AO3

A/N: This is for @luci-in-trenchcoats‘s 2K Follower Challenge, and an addition to my album challenge for @mrs-squirrel-chester‘s Album Fanfic Challenge. 

I met Sam when he came to the university library one afternoon. He was sweet, funny, and a little nerdy. It seemed like I never met nice guys anymore. And after my disaster of a relationship and subsequent nasty breakup, it was nice to be interested in someone again.

“So you’ve been in Amherst for a few days?” I asked, shuffling through discarded books on the table.

Sam studied the maps in front of us for a moment, before he focused on my question. “Yeah, my brother and I are working here on a job.”

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Leave This Town Pt 2 (Mechanic!Bucky AU)

Characters: reader, Bucky, Natasha, Wanda

Summary: Your dreams of kissing your small town life goodbye are about to come true when an unexpected detour leaves you stranded. Meeting the handsome local mechanic has you rethinking your plans. Perhaps happiness is less about where you’re headed and more about the people you meet along the way.

Song Inspiration: Sleep on the Floor by The Lumineers

Warnings: none! The mildest of swearing I guess? 

Word Count: 2.3k

Tags are at bottom (TAG LIST IS CLOSED I’M SORRY)

A/N: Holy bananas, you guys. Once I started writing this part, I got carried away  and I’m probably extending this fic by a few parts. heh. I’m so in love with this story, and that’s probably why! I really hope you are too. Any thoughts and feedback are appreciated! I love you all!! :)

***This fic is for @bionic-buckyb ‘s 5k AU Writing Challenge**

<<<Part One  Part Two   Part Three>>> 

Leave This Town Series Masterlist

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“Try the Boysenberry Pie while you’re there. Even for breakfast, it really hits the spot.”

Taking a few steps backward, you gave him a smile, “I’ll do that,” then turning to walk away.“Oh, Y/N!” you heard him call after you and you whirled in place, surprised. 

“Keys. I need your keys.”

You laughed, shaking your head, “Right. Sorry.” Digging into your purse followed by a toss of the keys, he caught them out of the air before you headed in the direction of the diner once again.


A bell above the door jangled lightly as you entered the diner, the smell of hot grease hitting your nose. Straight ahead there was a counter with barstools, a view of the kitchen behind it. To both your left and right along the wall lined with windows, there were built-in booths with splitting vinyl cushions and spotted formica-covered tables.

The waitress behind the counter spoke, drawing your attention. “Hey, sweetie. Take a seat wherever you like, I’ll be with you in a jiffy.”

“Okay,” you responded with a tight smile.

Choosing a booth, you dropped your bag and sat down. You looked around, seeing only 2 other customers currently sitting at the counter with coffee mugs in their hands. Moments later, a pretty redhead approached, wearing a sleeveless button-up flowered shirt and jeans under the apron around her waist. Bright red lipstick painted her lips as she talked to what looked like a regular customer. Probably a local.

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twenty one pilots' songs for different moods
  • Lonely: lovely, johnny boy, screen , forest, ruby, holding on to you, hometown, fake you out.
  • Sad: oh ms believer, friend, please, anathema, goner, time to say goodbye, truce.
  • Struggling to find purpose: march to the sea, implicit demand for proof, addict with a pen, kitchen sink, isle of flightless birds, fall away.
  • Thinking too much: clear, semi-automatic, car radio, migraine, ride.
  • When you can't sleep: ode to sleep, before you start your day, message man, glowing eyes, taxi cab.
  • Nostalgic: slowtown, stressed out, the pantaloon.
Does A Dead Body Count?

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Word Count: 1,721
Reader (biological) sex: idk??
Love Interest: Bucky
Prompt:“So you remember how to not call you unless it was an emergency?…Does a dead body count?”

I looked at the dead body that rested upon the pavement of the alley, blood making a small pool around it’s head. In all fairness, he came after me first, it’s his fault that he’s dead. Unfortunately, I can’t just leave him here, and I certainly can’t tell anyone that I’ve managed to get another person killed. I already am in hot water because of last week when I accidentally killed like 5 people at the same time.

How was I suppossed to know that they’d die if I left them in that meat locker for too long? Then there was last month when a guy I was tracking accidentally drove off of a cliff and died on impact. Let’s not forget the month before that when I managed to kill someone with a paperclip. It’s not my fault that this keeps happening. Alright, maybe it’s a little my fault, but I still can’t have this getting back to Fury.

Or Tony, for that matter. I’ll be catching shit from both ends. I sighed, trying to think of what to do. ‘Don’t call me unless it’s an emergency,’ echoed through my mind. Bucky and I haven’t been on the best of terms, and while he was being sarcastic, it was still an offer. Besides, it’s either try and rope him into helping me, or face Fury. Frankly, I’d rather face Bucky’s broody self than an angry and irritated Fury.

I took out my phone, scrolling through the contacts until Bucky’s screen name popped up. I pressed his name, and hesitated before pressing the call button. I really need to do something about this luck that I have sticking to me. Should I really call him? A moment of mental silence passed, of course I should. I pressed the call button, and lifted the phone to my ear, gently kicking the body with my left foot.

“So you remember how to not call you unless it was an emergency?” I questioned, “Does a dead body count?”

“Do you also remember about how I wasn’t serious?” He shot back, “Wait, dead body? You killed someone again?”

“It wasn’t my fault!” I defended.

“Oh, really? Like how the meat locker wasn’t your fault?” He questioned.

“I’m being serious! He tried to kill me and-” I began.

“So you kill him?” Bucky questioned.

“Are you going to help me or not?” I asked angrily.

“I don’t know, I might actually enjoy watching your ass get handed to you by Fury.” Bucky said.

“You’re such an ass!” I exclaimed, hanging up.

I angrily shoved my phone back into my pocket, kicking the still-dead body in front of me. This is all his fault! He just had to try and kill me, didn’t he?! He couldn’t have waited another week to do it?! If Fury finds out about this, my ass is grass. I huffed, bending down to drag him against the wall. I guess I should try to make it look like another crime happened, and hope that this doesn’t get traced back to me.

I wonder how long it will be before Fury just decides to fire me. I’d like to think that my fantastic abilities make up for the fact that I’m killing people practically every day. Right as I plopped the dead man against the wall, my phone started ringing. I ignored the call as soon as I saw who it was, Bucky probably just wants to torture me some more. He also probably isn’t going to stop calling until I pick up, given that he’s calling a second time.

“What the hell do you want?” I asked.

“To help, tell me where you are.” He offered.

“What, decided that getting my ass handed to me might not actually be that entertaining?” I questioned.

“I like harassing you too much to let you get fired, doll.” He confessed.

“Aw, don’t I just feel special.” I said and I could practically hear the eye roll.

“Whatever, just tell me where you are.” He changed the topic.

“In the alley of Christie’s Coffee and Dunkin’ Donuts.” I said.

“Alright, see you in a bit, serial killer.” Bucky teased.

“Hey! It was an accident! I didn’t mean to kill them.” I defended.

“Sure it was, Y/n. It always is.” He said with a joking tone.

“Hey-” I began, but he hung up before I could say anything else.

I huffed, shoving my phone back in my pocket and leaning against the alley wall. I wonder how long it’ll take for him to get here. I looked down at the guy, raising an eyebrow as the blood started to trail over me. Nuh-uh, I don’t think so, these are brand new shoes and I’m not getting blood on them for at least a week. I stepped off of the wall, standing out of the way of the blood trail. I looked over his dead body with a sigh.

I suppose I could’ve been a little neater with killing him, this is going to be a bitch to clean up. Well, hopefully Bucky has a plan because I got nothing right now. I guess it’s also nice to catch the good side of him, rather than the one who is always an ass to me. I didn’t know there was a sweet side under all of that sour exterior. My head perked up as I heard a car quietly park, Bucky’s face following soon after.

“This the guy?” He questioned and I nodded.

“Yep, that’s the dude.” I confirmed.

“Looks like you really did a number on him.” He pointed out and I sighed.

“I was ambushed! Sorry that the first thing on my mind was stay alive rather than be clean.” I huffed.

“Apology accepted, even though I wasn’t accusing you of anything.” Bucky said with a smile.

“Ass.” I said, hitting his shoulder.

Bucky put the guy in a black body bag, shoved the guy in the trunk, and closed it. The sky thundered and ran began pouring from the clouds, the water mixing with the blood. Awesome, looked like there won’t be a massive clean-up job after all. The water hit my face and drenched my hair as I made my way to his car, and quickly getting inside. I huffed, buckling my seatbelt as he sped out of the area.

I raised my eyebrow at him, noticing that he didn’t have a seatbelt on. He looked at me with slight confusion, raising an eyebrow back at me. I reached across from him, grabbing his seatbelt, and buckling it for him. No need for us to die too, it’d be a little too extreme for a simple body dump. Besides, who is gonna give me shit if Bucky goes? He cleared his throat before he rolled his eyes, readjusting himself on his seat.

“Really?” He questioned.

“Yep, safety first.” I confirmed.

“I’d like to think I’d be fine either way, Doll.” He said and I shook my head.

“Yeah, so does everybody. Next thing ya know, you’re laying in a bed, deprived of 3 of your senses with your limbs amputated.” I dramatically declared.

“Well, at least I have a head start, then.” He joked and my head snapped at him.

“You are not dying on my watch, got it?” I questioned.

“Okay, fine, mom.” He joked and I smiled and rolled my eyes.

Bucky stopped once we were at the bridge, parking the car near the railing. I looked at him as he got out of the car before mimicking his actions. It was raining even harder now, and I could hardly see in front of me. I helped Bucky carry the body to the edge of the railing, the action requiring more effort than I had initially planned. You know, I don’t recall this guy weighing as much as he does now.

“What did you do, shove an elephant in here?” I grunted.

“We gotta make sure he stays at the bottom, unless you want someone to find him.” He pointed out.

“Good point.” I huffed.

After what seemed like ages we finally made it to the railing. I glanced over it, barely able to see the water below. I looked back at Bucky, only now noticing that he was counting down. I swung the body with him, and threw him over the railing once the countdown was finished. I heard a faint splash after a moment, and I waited a moment before following Bucky back into his car. I cleared my throat as I got in, a shiver running down my spine.

The rest of the car ride was silent, apart from me sneezing and the sound of the heater. Getting sick is the last thing I need right now, it’s bad enough that I’m being watched like a hawk at HQ. I sniffed as Bucky parked the car, and I squinted as I looked out the window. Hey, this isn’t my house at all. I’ve been lied to, deceived, bamboozled. Maybe he’s going to have me do some sworn-to-secrecy-you-owe-me-one ritual.

“Come on, you’re staying at my place tonight.” Bucky said as he opened my door, helping me out.

Or he could just be acting like a human being, and trying to prevent me from getting terribly ill. I took his hand and got out of the car, another shiver racking through my body. Yep, I’m so getting sick, and I’m so going to die before the day is out. Well, not literally, but it’s definitely going to feel that way. I curled into Bucky as we made our way inside, my hair dripping water onto the floor. Ah, yes, make a total mess, what a great first impression.

“I’ll call Fury and tell him you won’t be in tomorrow.” Bucky said, walking away and getting out his phone.

“Huh? What?! No!” I called as he put the phone to his ear, walking away from me.

“Hey, Y/n is sick and-” Bucky began.

“NO!” I cried, running over to him, stepping onto the nearby chair and onto his back, “I’M FINE!” I exclaimed, trying to get the phone from him.

The Maknae Line React To Seeing You In Your Prom Dress...


 You opened the door to Taehyung - who looked especially handsome in a stylish suit - staring at you in some sort of confusion.

“Y/N,” he said in a surprisingly serious tone. He gestured to your dress. “When are you going to get changed?”. You raised your eyebrows at him, pretending to look offended.

“How sweet,” you joked.

“I’m kidding”. He took both of your hands in his and kissed them both in turn before squeezing you into the kind of hug that knocks the air out of you, gently kissing your cheek whilst you laughed happily. “You look…”.

“I look…”. He shook his head and smiled shyly, looking down at the ground to hide his reddening cheeks. “Beautiful,” he told you finally, his voice deep. “Come on!”. He didn’t give you a second to dabble on his compliment or even thank him as he pulled you out the door. “We’ve got a party to get to”.


When you opened the door, Jimin turned around to look at you, the easy, charming smile he had been sporting slipping away instantly at the sight of you.

His eyes widened greatly and he ran a hand through his hair, forgetting all about the flowers he had meant to give you, and the fact that he was supposed to greet you and tell you how beautiful you looked.

Instead, he simply stared at you - at the way you smiled sweetly as if you didn’t know how amazing you looked tonight.

“I…”. He gave up on whatever he was trying to say, a cute smile taking over his features. “I don’t know what to…”.

You took pity on him.

“We should go,” you reminded him, and he apologised instinctively. “That’s okay… you look very handsome, Jimin”. You blushed and so did he, the two of you looking away from each other for a second.

“Um…”. Jimin handed out the flowers to you, finding some courage from somewhere. He laughed, and you joined him. “You look amazing tonight, Y/N”.


You opened the door nervously, awaiting to see Jungkook’s reaction to your dress.

He stood with his hands in his pockets, looking at you for a single second of silence, his eyes trailing down your body so quickly that you could have missed it.

“Ready to go?!” he asked straight away, his voice higher than usual. He wouldn’t look at your face, and he was especially fidgety as he reached for your hand.

“Um… yes?” you replied unsurely.

“Great!”. He smiled at you momentarily before leading you to the car, clearing his throat every five seconds as though he had something he wanted to say but didn’t know how to.

“Are you okay?” you asked, smiling to yourself - was he really this nervous?

“Never better!” he lied. He looked at you but when he saw you already looking at him, his eyes widened and he turned away. You laughed. “Are you sure, Jungkook?”.

He stopped walking abruptly, turning to face you. 

“Sorry,” he said, a laugh in his voice. “I just… I didn’t know how to tell you how beautiful you look right now… you look really beautiful right now, by the way, Y/N”. 

That wonderful moment when you remember that no, Tina wasn’t overpowered by Grindelwald, her dueling skills were equal to his and the only reason he got away was because he tried to hit her with a car.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any recommendations on sigils I should put in my car?

There are so many that you could put in a car! The one that comes to my mind first is “safe travel” for obvious reasons. I can list the others that come off the top of my head below:

“clear mind” or “no road rage”
“may this vehicle work properly”
“hide this vehicle from unwanted eyes/attention”
“prevent theft”
“no/prevent slipping (on ice/rain)”
“may I drive with no fear”
“may others be aware of my presence”

Superhero Sicknarios

- I’m the town’s hero and you’re the villain. You seem to be slacking on your schemes today. Oh? Was that a sneeze? Got a little cold? Aw poor bab- wait. Wait, shit. You look like you are about to pass out. Are you okay?? 

- I’m the town hero and you’re the trusty sidekick. Why aren’t you at work today? You’re sick? Is it bad? Do you have a fever? I’m coming over right away! No, no it’s okay! I’ll get one of the interns to help clear the car pile up. 

- I’m the villain and you’re the supposed hero. I’ve captured you way to easily. You aren’t even trying to fight me. Wow, why are you so warm? Oh, Jesus Christ- you’re sick? God. I’m only taking you back to your base because you can’t even put up a fight right now, and I consider myself a fair man. 

- I’m a secret earth elemental hero and you are my college best friend who has no idea and is currently very sick and very dizzy. I’m going to use my earth elemental abilities to shift the ground in your favor so you don’t fall on your face. 

- I’m a secret fire elemental hero, and you are my very sick apartment neighbor. The power goes out because of a strong winter storm, and I invite (carry) you into my apartment where I can keep it very warm with my abilities. You seem confused at the warmth, but shh. It’s okay. Just get some rest. I’ve got you. 

- I’m a fire elemental hero, and you are my college crush, who just got tossed into a giant river. I dive in after you, ignoring the pain the icy water brings on my body to save your life. We both get out, but then I pass out, and you take me back to your apartment and care for me, making the apartment incredibly warm and burying my shivering body in blankets. 

- I’m a secret ice elemental hero, and you are my very sick college best friend. You’re suffering through fever chills right now, and me being around you is doing nothing but making you colder. I have to linger and dote on you from a distance until you get hot from the fever and I can step in. 

- I’m the town’s hero’s sidekick, and you’re the villain’s sidekick. We meet up to fight, but I find you sick, so I ignore my boss’s orders to bring you back to our base and care for you because you honestly don’t look well at all. My boss comes back with your boss, and both are annoyed to find me caring for you.

-  We are town heroes, and we like to compete. I’m a little sick, but that’s not going to stop me from beating you by saving more lives than you. I’m absolutely smoking your ass, but wait. What’s wrong? Are you sick? Can heroes even get sick? Wow, you’re burning up! Okay, let’s get you back to base. No, no I’m not feverish. You must be mistaken. You’re the sick one! 

Strickler Tries his Best Pt. 1

Stab Dad, Dr. Mom, and Glow Son are all part of one dysfunctional family full of hunters, invaders, and medical practitioners.

In the end, it’s Strickler, lost in a world of halfling, impure, thrown out, stepped on, pushed away, hatred, betrayal, completely and totally longing of a place to call mine, who holds them together best he can. This is his family. He invaded it. And he’s going to take care of it, damn it all.

The Changeling Rules usually call for the monster to “take care of” the family they’ve been assigned.

But… he’d assigned them to himself, in a way. And doesn’t his care count as “taking care of”?

There will be days where he’ll make dinner before Jim gets home because he knows the boy had a test that day and was studying all night.

There will be days where he’ll pack lunches.

Despite his Changeling roots, he’s a Brit by nature, and his tea is by far the best brewed in the house. So a cup left on Jim’s desk while the boy has his nose up against the pages of his newest algebra assignment isn’t left without a mumbled thank you and a quick sweep against his shoulders with a larger hand. A brief, “best of luck, Young Atlas” on the way out, before he’s shutting the door.

There will be days where Jim will forget something he needs in his room, and by then Strickler knows their (their) house well enough to go in and find what the boy has left on his desk or in a drawer.

One notable occasion where a concert had been planned two months in advance. Claire and Toby raving about it. Jim talking nonstop at the dinner table. His mother had promised he could take the car, clearing up her schedule and going over the rules. Their strange dysfunctional family had been at peace for a whole week without a thrown knife or a spare punch. But the night of the concert-

“I’m sorry, hon,” Barbara will say, adjusting her scrubs. “I just… there was an emergency and they need extra hands-” To her credit, she did look horribly guilty. Strickler watched over the counter in the kitchen sipping his tea. He’d lived thousands of years. He knew how the teenage boy was meant to act-

“It’s fine, mom!”

… not like that.

“Don’t worry about it.” Jim handed her a lunch sack, smiling through the obvious disappointment dwindling around his face. And god, if he’d been changed right then, Strickler would have smelled his distress. All emotions had their stenches, and this one was always more of an oaky one. Like hops and ale and something from a pine forest. And a sour note that had always abused his poor senses. “I’ll… I’ll do something here. They have other rides. I already checked-”

“You can go with them-”

“Not enough room,” he cut her off. She fiddled with her keys. “They need you, mom. I’ll just… do something here! There’s that new superhero movie on-”

“You will not” Strickler said into his cup, “be watching that. My documentary starts in ten minutes.”

Jim gave him a look. Strickler shot him a fresher one.

“Maybe I can get someone to cover.” Barbara is fiddling with her keys again. Trying to work out her schedule in her head. But Jim just shook his head.

“Have a good shift, mom.”

“What would I do without you, kiddo.”

The pair says their goodbyes. Jim shuts the door. “So… documentary? Or am I gonna fight you for world domination or something…”

But there is another pair of keys pressed into Jim’s hand before he can turn around. And by the time he does, Strickler is already poised on their couch, turning on the history channel. “The parking break is sticky,” says the teacher, leaning back, barely looking at his (not) son. “Have it back by midnight.”

Strickler tries.

And honestly… he does a really fucking good job.

Jim will need to do more, at the end, to prove that he does appreciate what Strickler does for him and his mother. And I’m already crying about the fact that @bifacialler and I have actively discussed the moment he calls Mr. Strickler dad and it kills me every time.