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analysing the tri.angle

Remember when people thougt we were getting a “love triangle” in Chapter 4? Well, that didn’t last long. What we did get, though, is far more interesting.

@skuag​ asked me to write about the parallels between Soushitsu and Episode 26 of Digimon Adventure, and so here’s a brief analysis of the Taichi/Sora/Yamato scenes in both of them. Beware of tri. spoilers.

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At Your Mercy

The harsh winter in Mirkwood and the absence of a certain Elvenking do not leave you any other choice than hoarding all the blankets you can get.

Rating: G
Fandom: The Hobbit
Prompt: Imagine how Thranduil convicts you of late-night blanket stealing. 
Pairing: Thranduil Oropherion x Reader
Type: Reader insert, one-shot, fluff
Date: 16th February, 2015
Words: 1977
Warnings: Pure unadulterated fluff. A way too cheesy plotline. Overprotective Thranduil. Grammatically questionable Sindarin: “my love” (meleth nîn), “sweet dreams” (elei velui) and “love of my life” (meleth e-guilen).
A/N: This is the first and the only story that made it through my gigantic writer’s block. It is not more than an apprentice piece I wrote two years ago based on an imagine on @sindarinkisses, a now inactive Tolkien writing blog.
Beta’d: @jezvontesse

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Stranded (Barry Allen x Reader) Part One

Pairing: Fred+George Weasley x Reader (platonic) // Barry Allen x Reader

Word Count: 943

Summary: Reader is best friends with Fred and George Weasley and has been for as long as they can remember. They were just going about their normal day at work when something rather peculiar occurred after a certain team Flash member decided to experiment with his powers. (I suck at summaries k sorry.)

A/N: So I’ve finally gotten around to starting this reader insert series, if you couldn’t tell it’s going to be a Harry PotterxFlash crossover because they were the highest chosen fandoms on my survey. I know it’s quite short, but this is more so just to set up the story if you get me.I really hope you enjoy this series and if you would like to be tagged in updates just drop me a message x 

Warnings: None as far as I am aware of

A soft smile spread across your lips as you made your way down Diagon Alley, possibly one of your favourite places on Earth, on your way down to work as you did every morning, greeting all the other shopkeepers who were setting up as you passed.
“Good Morning Sunshines!” You called out cheerfully as you entered the wonderfully magical ‘Weasleys Wizarding Wheezes’ store to greet your two best friends and business partners. Fred and George had hired you to deal with the part of the business that required high intellect so they could get on with the fun parts. Honestly, you still loved your job either way, even if you did end up as a test subject every so often. 
“(Y/N)! Just who we wanted to see.” Fred and George beamed, speaking in sync as they often did. 
“Let me guess, you’ve got a new product and you want me to test it for you?” You sighed with a clear blunt tone in your voice. 
“You know us too well.” Fred chuckled as George produced a deep green, glittering box from behind his back. He pulled out a small, black gobstopper looking object, holding it out to you with a proud grin on his face. 
“What in Merlin’s name is that?” You questioned with a raised brow. “This our dear (Y/N) is the inter-dimensional gobstopper.”
“The interwhonow?” Of all the things they had ever made, this had to be one of the strangest. 
“The inter-dimensional gobstopper. Basically, you eat it and wherever you imagine is created around you. You don’t actually travel anywhere, it’s like a lucid dream state.”
Well, what could possibly wrong? You shrugged in response, taking the strange sweet from his hand and placing it right into your mouth. You expected something to start fizzing or at least for it to do something, but no, it reacted just like a normal gobstopper. A small sigh escaped your lips, as terrifying as the concept was, you were quite disappointed with the result.
“Well, back to the drawing board boys.“ 
Spitting out the gobstopper into the nearest bin, not wanting to accidentally experience any strange side effects of consuming the whole thing, you continued on as you normally would. Your beaten combat boots dragged across the floor as you made your way through the store that was already full of life. For as long as you could remember, there had never been a dull day in the store, it practically radiated joy and you absolutely loved seeing how happy it made everyone that stepped foot inside. You could remember the opening day pretty clearly, your best friends had been absolute messes all morning, you having to take on the roll of Molly to make sure they were prepared. The store created so much happiness after the disaster the Death Eaters created of Diagon Alley. Every year, Fred and George would make a huge surprise for you when you arrived at work, they would always deck the store out head to toe for Christmas just to see the bright smile on your face. Honestly, as much trouble as they always got you in at school & by using you as their guinea pig, Fred and George had always been the lights of your life.

It hadn’t taken long for the store to fill up with excitable witches and wizards and some rather concerned looking parents. With a welcoming smile on your face, you began to greet customers as they entered through the door, assisting some of the smaller children in reaching the things on the higher shelves when needed. 
"Hey (Y/N) can you grab some more Skiving Snackboxes from the stock room please? We’re running low.” You heard one of the twins call out to you.
“Sure thing!" 
The stock room was your least favourite part of the store, it seemed to have an eerie chill to it. Nevertheless, you snuck your way through the crowd to slip into the room marked ‘Staff Only’. A small shiver made its way down your spine as you made your way further into the dimly lit room. You wanted nothing more than to just grab the boxes and go, but a loud crash completely stopped you in your tracks. Instantly placing the snackboxes down, gripping your want tightly, your blood running cold, you tip toed your way to the source of the noise.
"Hello?” You called out, instantly mentally scalding yourself for doing something like that as if (if there was an intruder) the person would just call back to you.
When you turned the corner, you were not met with what you expected. The loud crash was most certainly not a group of mischievous children, but a huge blue portal looking thing. You knew you should have just ran to get Fred and George, but something was calling you towards the glowing blue matter. Your feet inched closer and closer, the hand containing your wand slowly dropping down to your side as if you had become entranced by this strange matter. Before you could even process what was happening, you felt a strong tug on your body, sucking you right into whatever the hell was in front of you. A small yelp escaped your lips as you were dragged inside, quickly falling unconscious.

Your body landed with a heavy thud against the hard, stone floor, still not waking you from your unconscious state. As your body hit the floor, a rather high pitched screech echoed off of the metal walls of the labratory, leaving the man stood over you in a state of complete shock.
“Uh Barry…We got a problem in here." 

The signs and appearance

Water Ascendant (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): round or square face, soft features, look-without-see eyes, thick hair, small and chubby body. Scorpio Ascendant makes direct contact eyes, while Cancer and Pisces tend to don’t see other persons directly.

Water Mercury: low voice, husky voice, could have problems introducing themselves.

Earth Ascendant (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): square or oval face, strong bone structure, calm eyes, thick hair, big and bony body, they don’t do too much facial/body gestures. Virgo tend to make eyes contact more often than the other Earth signs.

Earth Mercury: low/deep voice, sounds like authority.

Fire Ascendant (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): square or large face, prominent facial features, optimistic eyes, thick hair, big and athletic body. facial gestures concentrated in their eyebrows, graceful body gestures.

Fire Mercury: high/clear voice, too blunt and crazy laugh.

Air Ascendant (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): large or oval face, dimples, alert eyes, thin hair, thin and tall body, their body gestures complement their words. The three signs tend to make direct eyes contact.

Air Mercury: high/clear voice, changing conversation topic often (even if they haven’t finished it yet). 

This is just a silly and short description of how a person of certain Ascendant could look like. You’ve to know that there’s more in your Natal Chart that affect your appeareance (e.g dominant planets and signs, planets in the first house). Please don’t take it seriously, and remember that you can mix the elements of this post to make it more “accurate” or precise (if you’re a Air Ascendant and have Pluto in the 1st, you can read about the water Ascendants because Pluto rules Scorpio).

A Little Treat 3

Michael and Felicity were going to The Pit and they invited you to come along. Before long, you were having fun and getting to know your group of initiates better. You already knew Michael from Erudite and there was another girl named Stacy from Erudite that you didn’t know quite as well. You had seen her around enough, though. Next to her were Felicity and Chelsea, both from Candor. They were flanked by two boys, Thomas and Raymond, two from Amity, and one Abnegation boy. Finally, there was the Dauntless born group, already wild and crazy. One of the Dauntless born boys was talking to Michael when they approached you.

“Hey Y/N, this is Jack,” he said introducing you to the guy.

Jack was a six-foot-tall guy with brown hair and sparkling green eyes. He had a few tattoos on his muscular arms, a nose ring, studs in his ears, and a rather handsome face with strong features and very defined cheek bones.

“It’s a pleasure to meet such beautiful girl,” Jack grinned, taking hold of your hand.

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calling all writers & artists;

so I’m kind of just in a lousy funk. I have been trying to write a piece or two for this underground zine at my school that I’m a part of, but I can’t find a consistent creative flow. 

one poem that I am working on is essentially about white feminism and how bogus it is that some femmes exclude others based on sexuality / race / religion / gender identity. I need to make this piece more blunt, clear, and in your face, so that when people read it they’re like “O shit, dat me!:/”

the other thing I’m trying to compose is pretty much just statements of implicit racism that I’ve heard in the past few months; once again, another way of calling bitches out.

BUT, I feel that it is really necessary to create or write something to bring more attention (& hopefully action) to all the missing women/girls/children in the U.S. whose families are not receiving enough support.

if you have any ideas, even if it’s just some methods to get me back in my groove, I would appreciate it so much if U just left somethin in my inbox !!!

thx beautiful ppl (-:

Get to know Nikko Hoshiko

What is your character’s full name? Nikko Hoshiko

When were they born? True Nameday Unknown, celebrates in the 4th Umbral Moon.

Do they have any brothers or sisters? 1 Sister (played by @mianightshadeffxiv​)

What kind of eyes do they have?  Dark eyes with Greenish Blue Limbals

What kind of hair do they have? Dark Green Hair with blue highlights.

What is their complexion like? Nikko’s Skin is very tanned and a bit tougher, scales covering his body as well as holding very few scars.

What body type are they? He sports a taller size like most Au Ra, form holding some muscles and shape but not being overly muscular either. His form is much more for that of a Ninja.

What is listening to their voice like? Nikko’s voice is very confident and full of power, not in a threatening way but in an almost leadership like quality. He speaks clear and is often blunt.

What do they hate most about themselves? His memory. Ever since his accident long ago he’s suffered from short term memory issues which often plagues him day to day.

Do they have a favorite quote? Nikko doesn’t have any

What sort of music do they enjoy? Nikko prefers his more traditional music from his home-land, but also tolerates other’s music.

Have/would they ever cheat(ed) on a partner? Nikko has never been in a relationship.

Have they been cheated on by a partner?  See above.

Have they ever lost someone close to them?  He’s lost his family but doesn’t remember much of them, as well as a few comrades in war but his memory can’t pierce it together as well.

What is their favorite sound? Nikko loves pure silence, or the soft sounds of wind chimes.

Are they judgmental of others? He is often rather judgemental but tries to keep it all rather quiet or to himself.

Have they ever been drunk? He has not, he does drink on special occasions but tries to go slow due to his memory.

What are they like when they stay up all night? He often tries not too, but if he does his memory issues get a tad worse and he has a harder time recalling things, which can effect his fighting.

Have they ever been arrested? No

What evokes strong memories for them? Scents from his hometown, and anything Doman related.

What do they do on rainy days? Stay inside and work on his journal mostly.

What religion are they? Nikko himself does not have any religion, as his adopted family grew up without one.

What word/phrase do they overuse the most? “Why Can’t I Remember” Is one he often says alot to himself, mostly out of frustration.

What do they wear to bed? He normally has on some long silk-like pants and no shirt.

Do they have any tattoos or piercings? He does not.

What type of clothing are they most comfortable in? Nikko Prefers form fitting clothing to easier move in, as well as something that has blue, black, or whites on it. He slightly prefers to blend in then stand out.

What is their most disliked food? Nikko will try anything once, but he isn’t entirely fond of some beef and pork dishes.

Do they have any enemies? None he can fully remember.

What does their writing look like? He takes pride in his writing as he writes in his journal alot, often his main form of memory taking or remembering. Because of this his writing is crisp and clean.

What disgusts them? He isn’t fond of people who belittle others or show no honor in situations.

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Okay, but how about a Beauty and the Beast film where Prince Adam is a black man? I saw a gif of Daveed Diggs the other day which reminded me of Prince Adam, admittedly because of the clothes he was wearing:

Originally posted by alexanderlafayette

At first I just thought about how sweet it would be to have a PoC be the Prince, but then I realised—shit, it would be really sweet to cast a black male as the Prince. Not because of inclusion or whatever—although that is also a good reason—but because of the symbolism. Wouldn’t it be amazing? To use the whole story as a way to show the dehumanisation and demonisation of black people, and especially of black males. What’s the best metaphor for making the audience see that than turning a black man into a literal beast that is rude and uncouth and perpetually full of rage? But not because that’s how black men are, oh no. That’s how black men are made to be.

Prince Adam, despite his status, has internalised all these traits. He has always been shown that he is a danger somehow, barely even human at times. Growing up alone—his parents aren’t around for some reason, and I’m not saying some jealous white noble murdered them, but some jealous white noble probably murdered them—has only made it all the easier for him not to know any better and just accepted what he believes to be the truth—he sees his servants, the ones who are white in particular, become nervous when he throws a tantrum, avert their eyes when he crosses his arms and glares, shrink back when he looms over them.

A super predator—this is what Prince Adam has been led to believe he is, and so he acts like one, all sharp edges and cruel words and gaping distance. All that is what brings about his eventual downfall at the hands of the Enchantress, whom I’ll refer to as the Witch because, in all seriousness, who the hell turns a person into a monstrous creature because they were unkind to you just the once? You can’t analyse your data and arrive to a sound conclusion with a whopping average of one. It shows a great deal of subjectivity, partiality, and bigotry. So of course she’s white, with some pure-and-strong vibes that remind us of Galadriel from The Lord of the Rings. We think the Witch wise and strict at first. How could she be anything else? But then the cracks begin to show as the story progresses, not through character development since she’s only there at the beginning of the film, but through learning more about Prince Adam and his experiences—the racism he has had to face and brave each day of his life with no reprieve, how his initial softness had to be tempered like steel and honed like a blade until there was nothing soft about him left.

In any case, Prince Adam is transformed into a beast by the Witch and he continues to be rough and temperamental. Then Belle—whom I’m dreamcasting as Phillipa Soo because you can’t stop me—turns up, and she shows him he is more than what he has been told. She helps him purge all the toxic stuff he has guzzled down, makes him see his true worth and potential as a human being. She helps him transform, but not in the way we think: it isn’t about looking human again, it’s about reclaiming your humanity. Prince Adam stopped being a person long before the Witch came along, and Belle’s presence begins to heal a wound that has been there since many years previous to the Witch’s curse.

Of course, it isn’t easy. Prince Adam isn’t willing to open up, and so Belle learns snippets of his story from the servants at first, some sympathetic, others resigned, most fearful. Cogsworth is the old and loyal butler who mourns the death of Prince Adam’s parents but sees little of them in their turbulent son, who is both condescending and frightened when Prince Adam is around, who as the story progresses and Belle continues to chip away at the Prince’s armour finally begins to see that not only failed but also wronged his young master. Lumière is the ever-chipper maître d’hôtel who believes in Prince Adam’s capacity for good but has never been able to bring it forth, who sometimes says problematic things without realising, who eventually becomes aware of what he’s doing and vows to change his unwittingly harmful ways. Mrs Potts is the stereotypical Aunt Jemima, a black person just like Prince Adam, and one of the few servants who can temporarily calm him down every now and then with the promise of biscuits and piping-hot tea and other such goodies, who shows him the kindness few people ever afforded him, who sees his anger for the struggle it is.

I also have this image of Belle when she leaves and is consequently chased by wolves. She wouldn’t be spooked into running away. When Prince Adam yells at her for trespassing and tells her to get out, she flees the room at first. Then she comes back to demand answers. Prince Adam yells some more at this, and she retorts that he may be a beast but it is he who has chosen to also be a monster. And then she leaves, having delivered a statement that will continue to ring in Prince Adam’s head and be the first seed she plants there—the idea that he has been a monster since before the curse and that he has a choice not to be that monster.

And of course Gaston is the asshole cishet white supremacist douchebag of the village. Thought I’d say it despite its obviousness. And, like my good friend @toakenshire said, just think about the visual parallels you could make between available footage on the KKK hate crimes and the scene in which the men from the village march to Prince Adam’s castle with their pitchforks and torches.

I don’t mean to demonise white people—that’s what Cogsworth and Lumière’s character arcs are there for, to show that error is a human thing and you can learn from your mistakes—but it is a fact that the demonisation of black people is so common-place that it has gone unquestioned for the longest time. The mistreatment of PoC has been happening for longer than we can remember and I think Beauty and the Beast is the perfect story to show this in a clear and blunt way: you literally take someone’s humanity from them, then return its physical aspect once they have reclaimed the spiritual aspect on their own.

TL;DR: Give me Beauty and the Beast with a black Prince Adam and through it tell every black man’s story.