clear aura

a few of my personal stones 😋✨💕


☀️ Known as the “Stone of Success” as it promotes directed energy and enthusiasm to overwhelming or difficult tasks.

☀️ Clears any aura of unwanted negativity, for example would be best worn when interacting around someone you have had a disagreement with or in times if tense family interactions within a home.

☀️ Citrine does not actually absorb negative energies, but merely disperses them, thus the stone is so strong and self reliant that it doesn’t actually need to be cleansed. With this, it is a wonderful stone for promoting ongoing happiness and optimism.

☀️ On the other end of the spectrum, it can be worn short-term for a quick boost in times of sadness or turmoil as a fast way to release tension and cleanse negativity, helping prevent the situation from worsening.

☀️ Enhances self acceptance, happiness and courage in social situations, while bringing a sunny, open disposition to the wearer. A powerful confidence booster that blocks thoughts of self doubt of fear.

We love to play with crystals while assembling product photo shoots! 🌙 🔮 ✨

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Forgot to post a photo of my beautiful Quartz Geode! A crystal of power which has a harmonising effect on the whole body. Fills, aligns, detoxifies and heals the aura. Clears & protects from negative energy & imbalance. Increases spiritual expansion & awareness and promotes enlightenment. It also helps with emotional stability and healing. 🔮🖤🕯

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If anybody needs their “aura” cleansed (I believe is the correct term?) you should buy a selenite wand! I did it for the first time in awhile and I started feeling more balanced after five minutes. My favorite technique is starting at my crown chakra and slowly working my way to the bottom in a very slow, eraser like movement. There’s other techniques as well though! Give it a search! I actually feel like I’m going to be able to fall asleep any minute now, and that means a lot because I usually can’t fall asleep until around 6am.