clear armor

USJ: Armor.

To clear up any confusion, which i’m sure their is alot of, i’ll inform those on which USJ armor is which. Their are 3 in total, and we seem to be getting all 3 at this rate.

The first Armor above, is the Blue Star Armor, and it was released worldwide (USA/EU) on March 6, and was included in the first batch of DLC. This armor is Low Rank and is Rarity 7. 

The next batch of USJ Armor is the Star Rook Armor, which is being confused for the Star Night Armor. This armor was released on Friday, May 1st, and is High Rank, and also, Rarity 7.

And this is the final USJ Armor, and is the one everybody wants, The Star Knight Armor. This Armor has yet to be released officially, but judging by the fact that we got the first two, and the fact that Universal Studios is an American company at the end of the day, we will see this set officially in the coming months. This Armor is G rank, and is Rarity 10.

Pass the info on, so that many other hunter’s can take in this info. And by the way, weather or not each of these armor’s and their corresponding weapons deem useful, is entirely up to the player, but ofcourse, Start Knight is infact the “Best” of the 3.

Just showing off my corset and Immortan emblem attachment! 

There have been a lot of roadbumps getting the clear armor done, and I’ll likely have to give up on doing the back piece. BUT the bodyform is pretty much done, just needs some patching due to a bad batch of foam filler. But hopefully by the weekend that’ll all be fixed, and the armor will get finished and I can RELAX a little.

Will likely be doing a makeup test in the near future as well. Running out of time before the con aaahhhhh. 8[