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Birthday Girl (Stripper!Tom Holland X Reader) SMUT

Pairing: Stripper!Tom Holland X Reader

Warnings: Language, Smut, Oral (fem receiving)

Word Count: 2729

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“(Y/N) come on it will be funnn!It’s your birthday! Let me celebrate!” My best friend LJ begs. “LJ I don’t know! You know how awkward I am! How am I supposed to watch half naked men dance without dying of embarrassment?!” I say, staring at the phone where LJ was facetiming me. “We’ll just get a few drinks in you. This is non negotiable, (Y/N). Be ready to go by 6.” She says, hanging up before I can respond. I turn to stare at my closet, trying to figure out what one wears to strip club.  At around 5:30 I hear a knock on my door. When I open it, LJ is standing there holding a stack of clothes and a bag, most likely of makeup. “I knew you were gonna use the ‘I have nothing to wear’ excuse on me. So I brought the Cavalry.” She says, and my other two friends Lys, Megan, and Kass. In less than 30 minutes we were all completely ready. “You’re so gonna get laid tonight.” Kass says, a cheshire like smile appearing on her face. “I know I plan to.” LJ says, wiggling her eyebrows. “The Uber is downstairs!” Lys says. We all head down to the car and pile in. LJ tells the driver to head to The Spiders Web. It was about 15 minutes before we got to the club. Lys tipped the driver and we all piled out. There was two bouncers at the door who honestly looked like they themselves could be strippers. One was tall, blonde, and muscled. The other was slightly shorter than the blonde, but equally as muscled. His long brown hair was pulled back into a bun and a sprinkling of stubble across his well defined jaw. They were both gorgeous and slightly intimidating. “ID please.” The blonde said. We all showed our IDs and they let us in. LJ whispered something to the host. The host, whose name tag read Jacob, lead us to a table right in front of the large catwalk stage. LJ reached into her large tote and pulled out a tiara and a sash that read “Birthday Princess”. She forced me to put them on, and I complained the entire time. A beautiful woman with a nametag that read Erin came over to our table to get our drinks. Kass orders everyone the house special called Spider Venom. The drinks come and a voice comes over the speakers “The show will begin soon. Please find your seats. You can get singles at the bar.” LJ hands me a stack of singles and the other 3 pull out their own stacks. “Y'all are in for a good show tonight. Your friend convinced Tom to do a special set all for you. Lucky girl. He’s absolutely fuckable.” Erin says, her eyes going a little dreamy. “The boys are the only reason I got this job. Who doesn’t want to look at that all night?” She asks rhetorically. I giggle and Erin walks back over to the bar, where a stunning woman was pouring drinks. Megan was currently staring at the girl behind the bar, her mouth agape. “Megnogg your gay is showing.” I say with a laugh. “I’m gonna try to get in her pants.” Megan says, nodding to herself. “Go for it, Megatron.” LJ says, looking at a particularly handsome blonde waiter. He notices her gaze and winks at her. She flushes bright red and looks back down at the black and red drink in front of her. “Looks like LJ might be getting some too.” Kass chuckles. “Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to The Spiders Web. I am your host Scarlett. Please welcome Harrison to the stage!” A redheaded woman says from the platform by the stage. A tall muscled man comes out on stage with a cowboy hat, a flannel shirt, and blue jeans hanging deliciously from his waist. The first few chords of ‘Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy’ start playing. As he strips, LJ basically eye fucks him. From the look in his eye when he looks at her, he’s doing the same. “Oh my fuck, that’s the waiter from earlier!” LJ realizes, her mouth falling open. He hears her and winks, walking over in front of our table and crouching, grabbing her by the back of her head and basically thrusting his hips at her face. She tucks a wad of bills in the front of his pants and tries to hide the fact that she just grabbed his dick. “Meet me backstage.” He says to her, with a thick British accent. She nods quickly and he moves to finish his set. LJ grabs her bags, turns to us, says “Bye bitches! Don’t wait up!” with a huge grin and heads backstage. “YEAH LJ GET THAT DICK!” Lys screams, already slightly drunk. We all laugh as the lights go back up. Megan scoops up her empty cup and walks over to the bar. We probably wouldn’t see her for the rest of the time here. “Our next performance has been dedicated to one of our patrons! Can (Y/N) (Y/L/N) please make her way to the stage?” Scarlett asks, scanning the crowd. “What did you do!” I hiss at Lys. “You’ll see!” She says with a dopey grin on her face. I stand up and adjust my skirt, walking up the stairs to the stage. “My, my, you are a pretty one. Hell you’re just his type too. He’s gonna have lots of fun with this one, ladies and gents!” The redhead chuckles. “Have a seat, honey.” She says, pointing at a chair situated on the catwalk. I sit awkwardly, feeling all eyes on me. That is, they’re all on me until the beat of a familiar song starts. There are screams and cheers when the dancer comes out behind me. “Please welcome Tom to stage!” I hear Scarlett say.

It’s your birthday so I know you want to ride out
Even if we only go to my house
Sip more weezy as we sit upon my couch
Feels good but I know you want to cry out

You say you want passion (I think you found it)
Get ready for action (don’t be astounded)
We switching positions (you feel surrounded)
Tell me where you want your gift girl

I’m suddenly eye to eye with a man’s crotch. My gaze raises over a set of washboard abs and up to stunning face. I swear he was the most handsome man on the planet. Big brown eyes and curly brown hair. A cheeky smirk and a jaw that could cut glass. He was dressed in a white button up, suspenders, a skinny tie, and dress pants. “Hello darling.” he says, a British accent clear in his voice. The way he says darling makes my insides clench up. His voice is higher than I expected but it’s still so many and sexual. He circles me, an almost predatory look on his face.  He stops in front of me and grabs my legs spreading them forcefully, forcing my skirt to ride up. He grabs my hips and thrusts against me in time with the best of the music. My face flushes brightly and I gap at the feeling of his body on mine. It sent electricity into my skin and I craved more.

Girl you know I, I, I
I’ve been feeling
Woke up in the late night been dreaming about your loving
Girl you know I, I, I
Don’t need candles and cake
Just need your body to make good

Birthday sex
It’s the best day of the year girl
Birthday sex
If hes not, he’s not, lemme hit that g-spot, g-spot girl

He loosens his tie as he studies me, his brown curls falling down onto his forehead, and removes the tie throwing behind us. He slides the suspenders off of his shoulders, so that they are hanging by his side. He straddles me and thrusts against my stomach, picking my hands up and running them along his chest. His muscles are hard underneath soft skin, his happy trail tickling my hand.

See you sexy in them jeans got me on ten
1,2,3, think I got you pinned
Don’t tap out fighting 'til the end
Ring that bell and we gone start over again

We grinding with passion
'Cause it’s your birthday
Been at it for hours
I know you thirsty
You kiss me so sweetly
Taste just like Hershey’s
Just tell me how you want your gift girl

He gets off of me and rips off his pants, leaving him in a tiny black thong. He picks me up by my thighs and moved me so that my legs are are wrapped around his waist. He leans me back and thrusts against me. I can feel that his hard on against my entrance as his hips meet mine. I gasp as I watch his body move, dirty thoughts filling my mind, imagining all of the dirty things I would do to him if we were alone.

Or maybe we can float on top my water bed
You close your eyes as I end prop. between your legs
We work our way from kitchen stoves and tables
Girl you know I’m more than able to please… Yeah

You say you wanted flowers on the bed
But you got me and hours on the bed

He sets me down back down on the chair and pecks me on the cheek. “Happy birthday, darling.” He says with a small dopey smile. He runs off stage and I shakily stand up a go back to our table. “Holy fuck. You just basically fucked him through your clothes!” Lys says, her eyes wide. “I know!” I giggle. Jacob, the host, walks over and whispers “Tom wants to talk to you backstage. Seems you really made an impression on him.” in my ear. “Really!?!” I ask surprised. “Yes.” Jacob chuckles. I stand up again, my stomach full of butterflies. Jacob lead the way back the way that LJ had come. We pass a door marked ‘Harrison’ and I hear moaning and LJ faintly begging “Harder, daddy.” I shudder a little and continue to follow Jacob.

He leads me to a door marked ‘Tom’ “He’s a really sweet kid. He’s never invited someone back here. Ever. You must be special.” Jacob says, turning to leave. I knock on the door and Tom opens it, fully clothed in sweatpants and a loose muscle tee. “Hello darling! Please come in.” He says, holding the door wide so that I can walk inside. He points at a small table with two chairs and says “Sit. I have a gift for you.” I do as he says and he walks over to a small mini fridge and pulls out a cupcake. Tom sets the cupcake in front of me and sits in the other chair. “Happy birthday!” He says. I swipe my finger into the icing on top of the cupcake and suck it off of my finger tip. “I never did get to ask you what your name is, sweets.” He says, looking into my eyes with a sweet smile on his face. “(Y/N) (L/N).” I say admiring his dimples. “Beautiful name for a beautiful woman. Tom is my real name by the way. Tom Holland.” “Good to know.” I say with a grin. I look down at the forgotten cupcake in between us and wordlessly motioned for him to have some. “Can I be honest with you?” He asks, running the back of his neck with his palm. “Of course!” I reply, searching his face for a clue of what he was feeling. “There is only one thing I want to eat in the room right now and it’s not the cupcake.” He says, looking back up at me with smouldering eyes. I gasp and my lower regions tingle at his words. He gets up out of his chair and walks over to me. “I’m not usually this forward. I really do like you. But that skirt has my mind going wild and I want nothing more than to feel you come all over my tongue tonight.” He says, grabbing me by the chin. “Is that okay?” He asks, searching my eyes. I nod and he moves his face to lock his lips on mine. The kiss was frantic and needy and I knew that he was desperate to touch me. He picks me up like he did earlier and presses me against a wall. He moves his lips down my neck and across my chest until he reaches the zippered front to my dress. He slides the zipper down to reveal my black lace bra. He leaves a line of kisses across the top of the bra, teasing me. He reaches his hands into the cups and pulls out my breasts, folding the cups down to support them. He lowers his mouth onto one of my nipples, taking it into his mouth. He sucks on it and swirls his tongue around it. “Tom!” I gasp as he feeling of pleasure shoots through me. He tightens his grip on my ass and lifts me from the wall, moving me to the small couch. He sides the zipper of my dress all the way down and then removes it from my body. I move to cover myself but he catches my hands and says “Don’t cover yourself, pretty girl. I want to see you.” he slides his hand down to my covered heat, running me through the lace of my panties. I moan at the feeling and he kisses me to silence the small sounds coming out of me. He slides his hand into my panties, feeling my slick on his fingers. He plunges one finger into me and pumps it a few times, causing my to gasp his name and let out a few small moans. He removes his fingers, leaving me whining at the loss of contact. He slides the finger that was just inside of me into his mouth, sucking my wetness off of it. He grabs the sides of my panties and slides them off my legs and tucks them into the back pocket of his sweatpants. He spreads my legs and puts them over his shoulders. He moves so that he is eye level with my cunt and licks a long thin strip through my heat. He explores my entrance with his tongue. My hips jump as he finds my clit and he licks circles around it as he slides two fingers into me. He sucks on my clit and thrusts his fingers in and out of me. I reach down and tangle my hands in his chocolate brown curls. He moans on my clit as I tug on his hair, and the moan sends vibrations throughout my body. “Oh my god Tom.” I gasp as he continues to eat me out and finger me. He removes his finger and moves his mouth down, sliding his tongue into me, and he begins fucking me with the thick appendage. “Fuck. Tom don’t stop.” I gasp,my orgasm close. He moans into my pussy and I come undone. I scream out his name and ride his face until the waves of pleasure stop. “That was so amazing.” I say breathlessly as he stands and kisses me. I taste myself on his tongue and it sends a jolt of pleasure to my already sensitive nether regions. “Would it be okay if I asked you out? I don’t want a one time thing. I just couldn’t stop myself tonight. I like you (Y/N).” He says, rubbing the back of his neck, something I was coming to learn meant he was nervous. “Of course it’s alright, Tommy.  I like you too.” I say with a giggle. “Really?!” He asks excitedly. “Yes honey!” I say. “Do you want to have dinner with me? Tomorrow night?” He asks, his brown eyes lighting up with excitement. “Yes.” I say, slipping my dress back over my hips. “Can I have my panties back?” I ask looking at him as he tried to fix his sex hair. “No darling. These are mine now.” He says with a cheeky grin. “Happy Birthday, Princess.” He says, kissing me on the cheek.

Professor Irwin A.I

warning: smuttttt

word count: 4700+

summary: teacher!Ashton, y/n is late to class and her teacher isn’t very happy about it

requested?: yes, I hope you liked it Anon ;) YALL NEEDED TO STOP ME WHILE WRITING THIS IT’S TOO ATTACKING. I’M SORRY FOR ATTACKING YOU ALL actually i’m not this is filthy af and i don't’ regret a single word

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I chewed on the back of my pen as I absentmindedly stared outside the high auditorium window. I wasn’t really paying attention to whatever my Professor was saying, he always dragged on about unimportant information in the first 15 minutes of class.

As my eyes drifted back to the front I made eye contact with a pair of hazel and green eyes, the mysterious man’s mouth twitching into a small smirk as he walked towards my Professors desk. He was stunning, tanned skin with a sandy blonde quiff flopping on his head and a mouth that made my thighs clench.

He had an aura of authority, and held the brown leather satchel on his shoulder, hand gripping the strap so tight his muscles tensed in his shirt. He wore his clothes well and I had already figured out that he would’ve looked 10 times better without them.

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Please put your penis away

Request: Number 76 with Tom? If you’re comfortable with it?

76 please?

Summary: Your boyfriend Tom went out drinking with Harrison, and comes home plastered.

A/N: omg this is my first Tom Holland drabble…. cuz ya know they’ve all been Peter Parker.. WHICH IS FINE I LOVE WRITING.

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A knock echoed off the door of yours and Toms house. It was 2 in the morning and you’ve been waiting patiently for Thomas to arrive home safely from the pub. Since you weren’t a big fan of drinking you chose to stay home and let Tom and Harrison have a fun night out. 

  You set your book down on the coffee table in front of you and sped walked your way to the door. Upon opening it, you let out a breathy chuckle as your boyfriend stood before you with his arm propped up on the door frame putting his body weight against it. His eyes were squinted half shut, and a goofy grin played over his lips, “ ‘ello darlin’,” he greeted, his accent much thicker than usual. 

     You shook your head at him and moved out of the door way for him to enter. He stumbled in slowly but surely, “How was your night out?” you asked as he kicked his shoes off. “Oh it was great. BUT I think I did something I shouldn’t have,” he slurred,

“And what might that be?”

“I can’t say. I wont say.” he raised his voice a little, worry rushed over him and he wanted quickly to change the subject, “Did you eat all my croissants darlin’?” Tom asked as he wandered aimlessly around the main floor of your house.

Slight suspicion crept over you at what he admitted moments ago, “Tom, there was never any croissants here to begin with,”

He swung around swiftly to face you, nearly falling on his arse as he did so. He grabbed for the wall and his face dropped at what you had told him, “Whaaaat? I was really looking forward to some croissants,” he mumbled.

 You sighed and extended your arms out to him, “C’mon, lets go to bed babe,” you tell him. The wide grin he entered the house with returned to his features. He attempted to brush away the loose pieces of hair that fell over his eyes, but they only tumbled back down. He stumbled his way to your arms and held you close to his body, “I love it when you call me babe. Keep calling me that,” he beamed.

   The two of you took your time maneuvering up the stairs and to your shared bedroom. “So what did you do tonight Tom?” you asked trying to bring up what he had briefly mentioned earlier. “Drank, sang, danced, drank some more.” He droned on, “Is that all? You didn’t, do anything you shouldn’t have?” You interrogated,

He stopped and looked at you suspiciously, “I know what you’re doing. You’re trying to get me to admit that I told my best friend that I love him,” Tom accused in a slur. Immediately after speaking he threw his hands up to his mouth to cover it, his eyes widening to saucers, “Oh no,” you heard him mumble. 

Your eyebrows furrow at your boyfriends strange behavior, “What’s so bad about that Tom?” you ask moving closer to him, 


“Because what?”

“Because, I’m not supposed to love anyone else other than you. I-just- i love you,”

Your cheeks warmed up to a rose red color at his words. He has told you that before of course, but you could never get used to the zoo that tramples your stomach at those three words. “Do you love Harrison more than me?” you asked him teasingly, “Well no. Harry doesn’t let me make out with him like you do,” he said so innocently. 

You were practically bent over laughing at this comment, “Just get ready for bed, you dork.” you let out between laughs, turning around you walked over to your dresser and rummaged around for yours and Toms pajamas. The soft thuds of clothing articles hitting the floor sounded in the room. Turning back to face Tom, you found him standing completely naked in front of the bed, slightly swaying back and forth disoriented from the alcohol. “Tom, sweetie, please put your penis away,” you tried to say with a straight face, but you couldn’t help it and let slip a giggle. 

Confused, he looked down to see that he, in fact had no pants on, “Did you pull my trousers down?” he asked in his clear accent, “No,” you giggled in response, handing him a pair of grey sweatpants.

Once he was done climbing into his clothes, he looked at you and pouted, “What’s wrong Tommy?” you questioned him, “You never said I love you back,” he spoke quietly while looking down at his feet. You made your way over to him, planted a gentle kiss on his forehead, and whispered, only for him to hear, “I love you,”

His features lit up and he smiled a toothy smile, “Good,” he giggled. 

You both climbed into bed, and settled in with Toms arm draped over your waist. Silence erupted in the room, and just as you were about to let sleep carry you away, the body laying behind you shot up and bolted into the bathroom running into the wall along the way. Tom spilled the contents of his stomach hopefully in the toilet. This was going to be a long night.
ITV: Get ITV's The Halcyon a Season 2!
The Halcyon is a British TV series created and written by Charlotte Jones. Produced by Left Bank Pictures and shown on ITV. A period drama set in 1940 during World War II through the eyes of The Halcyon Hotel staff and clientèle. The show delivers a realistic representation of London in the 1940's with...

PLEASE PLEASE sign this petition. An ITV series called The Halcyon has been canceled after only one season despite its mass popularity and demand. We fans are pissed.

 Description: “The story of a bustling and glamorous five-star hotel at the center of London society and the world at war”

But this series is so much more than that:

Firstly: POC and LGBT Representation

  • It has an interracial (Indian and White) same-sex male couple: Toby Hamilton, the second son of the late Lord Hamilton who owned The Halcyon hotel which is now owned by his brother, and Adil Joshi, the Indian bartender/cocktail maker at the hotel to which experiences a racial slur thrown at him in one scene. (Spoiler alert) Both survive at the end of Season 1. Honestly, this couple was so beautifully written and groundbreaking for a period drama and their story still had much to be told. As a couple, they were treated as fairly as the straight couples in terms of screen time and that is rare within shows. Not to mention that due to the time period, the couple has to keep their relationship a secret, addressing the homophobia of the time. Unlike Downton Abbey which had Thomas Barrow treated less well (I love him though), these two are not. Toby has constant pressure from his mother to find a girlfriend and was more or less bullied by his father for not being good enough - so Toby’s realisation of what he wants and who he wants to be with is very beautiful. I don’t want to give away too much about Adil’s history but it is something that is mentioned briefly but is interesting as it concerns immigration (very applicable to today)
  • It had another interracial couple (a black man and white woman), Betsey Day, a cabaret singer at the hotel who is constantly degraded and judged by the conservative society because she “sleeps around” but never lets that get her down; she is in a band with Sonny Sulivan, a black male pianist who I think (it isn’t clear, but his accent suggests it) may have emigrated from the West Indies. He is the possibly the sweetest character who does something (not going to say what it is) for Betsey but doesn’t let her know it was him and doesn’t expect anything in return. Sonny and Betsey also keep their relationship secret, not because it was against the law but because of the judgment from society. (Spoilers) In one episode, they are found out by a man who wants to sleep with Betsey and the man is very racist towards Sonny. Sonny is a selfless character who is honestly the sweetest guy on tv ever not to mention Betsey and Sonny have amazing banter together. Their relationship too was beautiful but it is unclear whether both survived. Another reason why we need a season 2.

Not to mention it has many background POC (here are a few examples):

Secondly: The dealing with Social Issues

  • Sexism - As I said, Betsey is called a “whore” on many occasions and this “reputation” she seems to have is something that Sonny is shown not to care at all about. It also has one episode in which one of the male guests tries to force himself on one of the chambermaids, Kate and when she scratches him to get away, he hits her. Since the man is a wealthy and powerful man, his assistant tries pay her to keep her quiet. One of the young men working at the hotel called Billy confronts the man, the man says that she wanted it to which Billy says no she didn’t and what he did was wrong.
  • Homophobia - The obvious is that homosexuality between two men was illegal and so Toby and Adil can’t be open about their relationship. The villain in the show (who I am not going to spoil) finds about their relationship and blackmails both Toby and Adil and calls Adil Toby’s “disgusting little boyfriend”.
  • Racism - Both Adil and Sonny are main characters and are both called racist slurs. In the case of Sonny, he was confronted by a group of white men and called an “ape in a suit” and other things to this extent. None of the other main characters that know about this incident support this racism.
  • Anti-Semitism and Xenophobia - There is an Austrian-Jewish refugee who works in the kitchen who experience extreme bullying and xenophobia from the Head Chef because he believes that him being Austrian means that he is German. The Head Chef gets fired for this. The refugee storyline is prevalent to today. Another example is the late Lord Hamilton’s mistress Charity Lambert was a Nazi sympathizer, anti-Semitic and wanted to try and sway Britain to join Germany.

Thirdly, the female characters are great:

The series has both young and older female characters

  • Emma and Betsey's’ female friendship is amazing
  • This villainous woman, Lady Hamilton, who is complex and both love and hate

Fourthly, Matt Ryan playing an American man:

  • No need to explain

Lastly, it’s beautiful and well written, good ass show but the finale of season 1 left so many unanswered questions and we need more. I could go on and on about the many reasons but please sign this petition and watch the show (if you want). It would be much appreciated.


In case you haven’t already heard about the blog exposing-the-fakes, let me update you. It’s run by a girl who goes by the name Diana Leigh and claims she’s 21, lives in LA, and, most bizarrely, personally knows 5sos. She gives out false and sometimes worrisome information about the boys. For example, she tells people Michael self harms. How would he feel if he saw that; someone he’s never met convincing her 2,000 followers of something so serious? Although it could be accurate, she isn’t someone who would know. The only people who do are Michael and those who are actually close to him. The fact that she’s going around promising it to be true is only doing damage. On top of all that, she’s hinting towards the fact that she’s Ashton’s “secret girlfriend”. Those are just two of her lies. They don’t end there, but listing them all would take forever.

I wouldn’t be concerned about this situation if no one believed her, but for some strange reason — even though she’s never provided any solid proof whatsoever — a lot of people do. Like I mentioned before, she has at least 2,000 followers. Fans are putting their faith in her and genuinely thinking their questions and wishes will get to 5sos through her blog. It’s messed up and has left me feeling uneasy for a long time now.

So, I’m here to hopefully shut her down for good.

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Queen of the Wild (1/5)

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Requested by anonymous:

Summary: *yn* Blackburn is the fierce Queen beyond the Wall, ruling over the kingdom of Vesiros that she helped build from the ground up. With winter approaching, how could the queen refuse an alluring offer from an even more enticing wolf, the King in the North?

Warnings: Some language, sassy!reader (but what’s new)

Notes: I decided to do this one with Robb but if people want, I could write a similar one with Jon too :) 

[Part 2]

“Your Grace I truly think you should reconsider releasing the prisoners, the-”

“What are you suggesting we do with them Ser Wick?” 

“Executing them would be much more effective Your Grace, they trespassed onto your land Your Grace, if you do not punish them, it gives others the incentive to follow suit.” 

“They’re children, Ser Wick.” *yn* snapped back. “They’re the offspring of savages, they were simply looking for food to feed their families. I will not execute innocent children.” She continued, giving him a stern look before turning to one of her guards.

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bring that fire, babe (tom holland imagine/oneshot)

a/n: based on “kiss me”by olly murs.

I got this idea when Tom was asked to sing electricity in that one interview with Peter Travers (?) and he got all shy and flustered. I know he doesn’t sing in public anymore (unless bribed with popcorn ;)) but I liked imagining him liking someone so much he would force himself to get over that fear and sing anyways.



If you guys wanna send me requests, please feel free!

xx NK

p.s. thank you for all the support on my other imagines. More of my stories are on my wattpad account: norcula. Masterlist also in my bio. 


The cold wind of New York City bit into my skin as I clutched my coat closer to my body. Even with Harrison walking beside me and the rest of the Hoco gang swarming around me, I was chilled to the bone.


I think I nodded when Haz asked. But I’m not too sure.

Tom turned back to look at the two of us. His eyes glazed over me for a moment before he looked to Harrison for confirmation of something. Confused, I watched his jaw clench and he turned back once again.

What’s his problem?

The gang filed in through a door one after the other as I watched Zendaya holler. Tom looked positively horrified, which was both entertaining and concerning. Haz held the door open for me and I followed behind them-only to realise why Tom had reacted the way he had.

It was a karaoke bar.

“Nope! Nope! I’m leaving! Goodbye!”

I bolted back towards the door but Haz got a hold of me. With the biggest shit eating grin, his hands moved from my shoulders to my arms as he quite literally revolved me around to face the stage.

Tom and I exchanged a look of mutual horror.

It was one of the things we had bonded over when we first met. Granted, I had barely known the guy. But he had opened up to me almost immediately. That coupled with the fact we were friends with the same people, more or less living on the set of the same movie, was it really surprise I liked him more immensely than I should have?

Zendaya’s enthusiasm broke me out of my almost panic attack. I noticed Haz’s hands were still on me and when he realised it too, he moved them away quickly.

“Who’s first?”

She had a microphone in her hand that Jacob quickly grabbed. The rest of the gang broke out into applause as we took a seat at the table closest to the stage. He bowed several times and performed a great version of “Uptown Funk”. Returning to the table, he was greeted with high-fives and “YASS bro”.

I swallowed hard.

Zendaya was next. She did what she did best-worked what little crowd there was with “Yoncé”, dishing out moves akin to Queen B herself. Everyone in that dark, dingy hole in the ground honoured her with a standing ovation worthy of the Oscars ceremony.

As one by one took a turn, sometimes offering me or Tom to take a turn first, my anxiety just got worse and worse. I turned to Tom, who looked much the same.

In the dim lighting of the bar, his hair was so many shades of dark and light, it was hard to pinpoint on any exact one. He ran a hand through it, making me question what shampoo he used because it looked so soft. His eyes raked up and down the floor as he fidgeted with his fingers. I was surprised to see myself doing almost the same thing.

When his eyes turned to me, I froze though.

Unaware of what I should do, I quickly turned away to Harrison. He was on his feet, flashing me his signature smirk. He passed me to quickly whisper something into Tom’s ear. His eyes widened. But otherwise, he didn’t react.

He looked to me once from across the table and then looked back to the stage.

What the hell is going on?

“Hello people of New York City!”

Harrison said loudly, sounding like a baseball commentator. His voice actually boomed so loud, static floated through the air nearly deafening us all.

“Sorry about that.”

He almost whispered. I laughed a little, rubbing my hands on my trousers. My foot tapped to its own accord as he leaned in a little closer to speak once more.

“Unfortunately, you shan’t be blessed with my vocals right now.”

The gang and I exchanged looks of confusion. It seemed like no one knew what the actual hell was going on.

“Instead, give it up for my best mate, Thong-ass!”

I heard myself laughing at the nickname he’d given his friend after a little incident where Tom had to be scanned for the Spider-man suit wearing just a thong, revealing most of his ass.

But I could also see Haz almost literally pull Tom from his seat at the table. Jacob helped push him forward too until he found himself standing on stage.

He stood still, looking completely scared out of his mind.

I could see his Adam’s apple bob up and down as he swallowed.

He closed his eyes and exhaled, looking like he had to do this or die trying.

Tom gripped the microphone in his hand as the opening notes began to play.

And I recognised them instantly.


I looked to my left to see Haz smirking. Dumbfounded by what was happening, Tom opened his mouth. And the room filled with a clear, accented voice singing the lyrics to one of my favourite songs of all time- “kiss me” by Olly Murs.

I was transfixed by the way he seemed to be just singing to me-making eye contact, reaching his hand out as if to touch me. I watched in awe as he not only hit every note but carried himself so well on stage it no longer surprised me that he once led a musical on the West End. He moved around effortlessly, emphasizing just where he had to and hitting that sweet high note near the end like a pro.

The song ended and I felt myself getting to my feet and clapping like a seal trapped in the body of a mad woman. At least, that’s what Haz told me later that night.

Tom looked shyly at his feet and then joined us back again. I felt myself floating towards him. But instead of offering my heartiest congratulations, I stood by and stared.

I stared because I was so wildly attracted to him.

I mean, who wouldn’t be?

He was smart and charismatic. He danced and acted and apparently sang like an angel. He was the perfect combination of humble and a narcissistic twat. That and he looked like a leading man out of a Jane Austen novel.

Even surrounded by our friends and their attention, his eyes found mine. He sidestepped to stand right in front of me-so close that I could feel his breath in my hairline. I could smell his cologne in the air between us. I could feel my heart beat like a freight train getting ready to run itself off track.

“You were great. That was a great song choice…..and uh, you were just….you were amazing.”

I managed to stutter out. Embarrassed by how tongue-tied I was, I looked up to see him licking his lips. Gone was the stuttering mess of a man who was just talking to our friends a minute ago. Now, there was this confident looking man with darkening eyes, wearing just a hint of shyness and apprehension.

“Glad you thought so. It was all for you.”

My heart quite literally stopped. Despite my instincts to fall back or run away, I looked up at him. And found not one trace of insincerity in his eyes. His fingers laced with mine as he closed the distance between us.

“If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been flirting with you-have been all year.”

I laughed, wrapping my arms around his neck to lower his face to my level.

“And you’ve been shit at it.”

I teased.


He asked. I nodded. He smirked and pulled me so close our bodies were pressed together. Then he kissed me so hard, I thought we were both going to be knocked down. Our lips moved together until the clearing of voices and not-so-subtle sneezing and other noises caused us to separate.

Tom smiled at our friends and turned back to me to say.

“How about now?”

“S’okay. It’ll get better with practice though.”

“Yeah? You offering?”

He asked, smirking like no tomorrow. But I could see the glimmer of hope and excitement in his eyes too.

“Yeah-I am.”

I have so far watched four movies or movie trailers featuring John and he’s rocking a different accent in each of them?? How?? is he so?? talented??

Joe Sugg x Reader - Coat Lending

Joe had a bunch of meetings beginning midday and ending in the evening. I, of course, accompanied him watching my boyfriend being fully focused in excitement for his new projects. It was always adorable how his light blue eyes would widen and face would light up, as he smiled nodding with the people in the board room. I loved going along with him and seeing his element on the business side of his YouTube career, so I always tried to go when I had a free day. But now it was nighttime in London with the cold and frost already catching up to us. We had a car drop us from his management office near the river because Joe and I wanted to do some shopping. Joe clogged a little bit of the day in morning, partial at the meeting and in taxi, so I’d say he’d have 12 minutes of footage.

“The meetings today looks like everything sounds good.” I say looking over at my boyfriend proudly.
“Yeah, yeah I know. I’m really excited, they’ve been wanting to do more things with Caspar too. But I have to get these vlog and gaming videos up. Oh and edit my main channel…” Joe started to ramble with slight concern. I gripped his hand firmer to calm him, “Hey.”
He stopped and began to take a breath, walking slower, he gave a cute bittersweet smirk on his face.
“Stop worrying okay? You need to relax Joe. You’re working yourself too hard.” I tell him carefully as he pulls me into his chest for hug. He’s wearing many layers, a beanie along with a hoodie, yet I can still smell his sweet fragrance mixed with his natural scent. He feels (and smells) like home.
“I love you y/n.” Joe says as he kisses me atop my forehead, “You always know how to handle me.” I giggle as does he, and we point to a Nike store. I buy some new sneakers, then Joe runs to the Adidas one. I roll my eyes, “Adidas is obviously better y/n.” I laugh as both are fine and he knows that, but Joe loves to banter.
After we go to Topman and Joe gets a few more things, I a top from TopShop and Joe vlogs a bit more. It’s now about 7PM and I feel the London frost really coming down.
I had about 3 layers on, but my smaller hoodie wasn’t enough nor the jacket above it. Joe and I walked hand in hand to a part of the London bridge because we figured it would look pretty and be relaxing, but I was shivering. The site of Joe illuminated in front of all the lights on the city were beautiful, but I couldn’t help the fact I was immensely cold. After Joe filmed a bit of me and it for the vlog, he quickly set the camera down as he saw me.

“y/n?!” I turned around looking to Joe and felt the cold air hit my face. “You look freezing! Oh my gosh are you okay?”
I don’t know why but I just shrugged,
“Yeah, fine.”
Joe practically ran over to me the few feet he was away, and touched me by the arms and face. I chuckled a little at his fitness and the surprised look on his face when he felt my cold surface.
“You’re freezing!” He proclaimed and I hid myself grinning from the people looking at us from his loud action.
“Babe, take my jacket.” Joe said very protectively, but the causality of the sweet British accent was clear. His jacket was halfway off in a matter of seconds. I tried to ignore the gesture, “No–no it’s fine…”
Swiftly Joe’s warm long black coat was draped over me with the lion like hoodie. I laughed and Joe smiled at me in satisfaction. It did feel amazing warm and I felt fine again right away.
“Thanks baby.” I say kissing him as he fixes my good admiring me with his pretty eyes.
“You look better in it that me anyways.” Joe flirtatiously says smoothly. He draws me in for a kiss on the lips, on top of the bridge with the pretty view behind us. London might be freezing, but we were hotter than ever.

After a little awhile longer, I tap on Joe.
“I’m hungry, can we go eat?” I ask and he nods.
“Oh yeah. I need to my girlfriend warm
and fed, of course.”
I giggle at his dorky statement and he walks me back vlogging as the two of us laugh and talk to the camera. We reach a restaurant we both like and walk in. I feel warm and fuzzy inside, and it’s all thanks to my favorite person in the world, Joe Sugg.

Bonus Part!

I woke up the morning after we went home, to see a bunch of twitter messages and notifications more than I usually get. Confused I rub my eyes to look and see a sleepy Joe beside me. Obviously he went to sleep later than me as always, probably staying up to edit a video; always working this one. I scoff and when seeing the explanation for my Twitter going nuts, my assumptions are right.

I scroll to see the pictures posted of the one frame where I’m coat-less and the other one not.
“@joe_sugg he’s so slick. bruh we see you giving @y/t/n your coat.”
Even Zoe caught it and replied,
“Ok, but look how cute my brother and his girlfriend are!! @Y/t/n & Joe_Sugg love you two Xx”

I respond with emoji hearts to Zoe and laugh to myself at the numerous reactions. We didn’t even think to mention the coat ending up in the vlog, it was so random but yes, ridiculously romantic.
Leave it to Joe to stay up all night editing and uploading a vlog early, I admire the gorgeous sleeping man in bed and see his coat in the corner of my eye just hung up in his closet. I giggle and put my phone down. I lay back into bed and beside Joe’s shirtless chest as I feel his peaceful breathing. Since when did everything become so perfect?

OtaYuri fic recs #18

The busy summer is coming to an end and I have a new batch of recs for you all! Enjoy! :)

hablar del amor, y defenderlo by harlequindreaming (armydoctor), teen, 6k

Yuri’s hands close into fists, scrunching the front of Otabek’s shirt. He leans forward, pressing his forehead into Otabek’s shoulder. His friend just stands there and lets him, still stroking Yuri’s hair.

After a moment, Otabek asks, “still leaving?”

Yuri sniffs, shakes his head.


Or, five times someone tries to leave, and the one time they both choose to stay

Omertà by llyn, explicit, 3.3k, mafia au, daddy kink

Happy Eighteenth Birthday, Yuri! Sorry your party sucks.

That Tickles by copperwings, teen, 1.7k

In which Otabek is the supreme master of tickle fights and his leg hair is inadvertently involved in the process of them getting together.

Hands On Education by BewareTheIdes15, explicit, 3.9k, warning: underage

Sometimes Yuri forgets that Otabek is older than him. And not just in the “has four years of seniors on him” way or the “his old-ass body is going to crap out of competition before Yuri’s does” way or the “doesn’t have to go to fucking tutoring everyday because he graduated, the lucky bastard” way. Because, like, yeah, all of that’s true, but on any given day it doesn’t particularly matter. They mostly do all of the same stuff, and know all of the same people, and have the same job, so, like, what’s the big deal, right?


Tongues are the big deal.

Becoming by softieghost, explicit, 4.1k

He could have sworn he was sober. He could have blown a zero in a breathalyzer. He could have said the alphabet forwards and backwards in three languages and still he wouldn’t believe that he wasn’t drunk when he looked back on what they were doing – something so foolish that only lovers could think it up.

To Hug, or Not to Hug by FleetofShippyShips, teen, 1.8k

When all the skaters gather in the hotel lobby to leave after the final, Yuri is faced with a part of friendship he’s not prepared for. Saying goodbye.

u up? by tootsonnewts, pg-13, 6.6k, college AU, fuckboy!Otabek

Part 2 of the i was a college fuckboy series

“What’s with you, asshole?!”

His voice. It’s beautiful. It’s like the bells he hears every Sunday from the campus chapel – clear and deep, lightly accented and ringing. Otabek is determined to play this cool. He just has to say something charming and hook him. Nonchalant, but interesting. Nothing stupid. Nothing cliché. He can do this.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?”

What the fuck.

Or, Yuri Plisetsky is an angel and Otabek can’t deal.

Let’s Go Crazy by Blownwish, explicit, 3.9k, Otabek/Yuri/JJ, warning: underage

Part 3 of the I Wanna Be Your Lover series

Otabek is an immovable object, JJ is an unstoppable force, and Yuri is smack dab in the middle.

Yuri Plisetsky Grows Up (Or: Five Times People Give Yuri the Talk, and One Time He Gives It) by Voidflower, teen, 7.8k

Five times people give Yuri the Talk, and one time he gives it.

“You will always keep your head on your shoulders. You will not hook up during competitions. You will not get involved in skater drama, because you’re better than that. And you will not let your hormones interfere with your skating. Understood?”

“Of course,” says Yuri smoothly, embarrassment giving way to indignation. “Like I would ever put anything before skating.” Yakov looks at him a little sadly, and nods.

“I know, Yura. I know.”

Blacked Out Beauty by H3llcat, explicit, 2.8k, college AU, Otabek/Yuri/JJ, warning: dub-con, somnophilia

Part 1 of the Once Upon a Motorbike series

He’d love it. But he’ll never even know.

Bonds That Don’t Break by momothesweet, explicit 7.2k, A/B/O AU

Yuri becomes a ballet instructor after an injury prevents him from figure skating professionally. After another night of classes, he runs into an old friend with a beautiful scent…and a secret.

Untitled by Ilyn, explicit, 973, warning: underage

“I can’t sleep. Can I stay here?” Yuri asks in silhouette, the hall light bright behind him, hair a halo.

“Yura,” Otabek says. He doesn’t say no. He knows he should say no. Yura steps into the room and pulls the door shut, gently, behind him, leaving them in darkness. Only then, when it’s too late, when Yuri’s weight as he crawls beside Otabek hardly dips the bed, does Otabek say, “This isn’t smart.”

Wow, I apologize (Felix x FemReader) fluffy short

Originally posted by pewdiecringe

(( gif not mine ))

(A/n): would you look at that, I write for Felix too

Request:  Hallo! I’m sorry if my English is not good. Can you do German!Reader meeting PewDiePie for first time? And she gives him awkward handshake and feels really upset?

Warnings: cringe holy shit


‘Ah, are conventions always this crowded?’ you thought excitably. If you were honest, having the area be packed full of other like minded people made you all the more happy.

You were really all here for the same reason. To meet the ones you hold close, and have a memorable time. It was simple, yet very dear to you.

On the plus side, there wasn’t much of a way you could mess anything up- you were confident in that hopeful fact.

So there you stood, in an eager line of people waiting to be allowed entrance into the PaxWest building.

Time went fast for you. It felt like an optimistic wave passing by your human politely.

The very first thing you did once through the main entrance, was check your timetable. There was a small panel you had been looking forward to- you certainly did not want to miss it.

That event was saved for later in the noon, it seemed, so you decided to instead take your own tour around the meet and greet booths- as a way to kill time. You might chance your luck in seeing some of your well liked idols.

To the location, you walked beside yourself with subtle joy.

You trailed around some tables for a bit, smiling brightly when you saw the faces of fans light up quite nicely as they came face to face with someone they have looked up to for so long.

Eventually, you found yourself stumbling upon a booth you recognized as Pewdiepie’s. You remembered briefly seeing many of the Swedish gamers videos and liking him instantly because he was quite funny.

And admittedly, a little cute.

Awfully surprised he didn’t yet have a girlfriend, you suddenly felt subconscious.

Stopping solidly on flat feet- you stared blankly at Felix as he interacted with his fans and friends. You might have loved to go up, and speak to him as well. But, you felt held back by your voice.

More specifically- your accent.

But, gradually something- you weren’t sure what- pulled a long smile onto your face. You let it sit.

It may have either been the way he so calmly conversed with his people, or the kind expression he held high. But regardless, you wished to talk to him.

Without much other memory, you were once again in a waiting lineup. Except, the situational difference was that this atmosphere didn’t convey a giddy excitement.

You were warm.

But again, just as easily, time went fast and so did the line.

Suddenly, what you heard was:

“Hello~! How are you?”

The words sounded funny and had an accent curled around them as well. You must have reached the front of the line already.

Your (e/c) eyes wandered up, until they were paired with two blue ones.

Smiles now cased both yours, and his face.

“Hello..?” he asked again, followed by a slow chuckle.

Ah shit. You didn’t think this through.

You didn’t want to speak until it was really necessary. That was okay? Right-? Yeahh, that was aloud.

So instead, you smiled wider- in a very sweet way and kindly offered your hand.

Felix chuckled again funnily and cocked his head a bit. He as well, reached up.

But he went for a bro fist and you, well you wanted just a handshake.

You both stopped- and so did everything else. Looks like you found a way to fuck up.

“Sorry,” you mumbled timidly, reshaping your hand into a fist to cater to the male’s request.

But of course, God twisted his will, and he changed himself to suit a handshake instead- accidentally bumping your head in the process. Your duo was stuck looking down, trying hard to fix some horrendous mistakes.

This shifting went back and forth for several long seconds. Awkward chuckles being tossed around making everything just a tad more cringy.

Alright, this seems necessary.

“Ahh,” you winced slightly before speaking, retracting your hand in a soft movement “I’m sorry.”

A thick German accent rolled clear from your mouth, given a gentle feminine touch from your features and tone.

“I didn’t mean to be this cringy- or, well, cringy at all.” you started to drabble a bit, looking up at Felix’s face with sad eyes.

“I know that you don’t like handshakes, sorry about that. I just didn’t want to talk much because, well, reasons. But sorry- for this I mean. And sorry for–”

Felix laughed once again, this time with a sweet twist. He sighed in a gentle exhale and reached to lightly grasp your hand.

He bowed smoothly, about as smooth as a swearing gamer could, and kissed your knuckles. There was an undertone of awkward hesitation, and you realized he probably had to tell himself to be bold.

But you found it oddly adorable.

“It’s alright.” he beamed at you.

“I find it cute- the way you are apologizing.” he went on, standing up right. The swede’s smile could put the full moon to shame.

You were starstruck.

For the last time, the man in front of you cocked his head and reached to cup your lower back. He pushed you forth, out of line so that he may talk to the next person.

“See you soon.” was the last line he spoke to you.

That was completely, and utterly, unexpected by you. You might have never imagined someone you barely knew would flirt with you and– give you a slip of paper? Yeah.

You were right. He slipped it into your palm as he grabbed your hand.

As you stumbled dumbly away from the Pewdiepie booth, you unscrambled the small paper and inspected it.

Certainly not for the last time today, you grinned brighter than ever before.

“ What a lovely voice you have. Please, I would love to hear it more. Meet me afterwards

- Felix  ♡ “


(A/n): was that two hours? did I post it in two hours- I wan’t counting

maflojo  asked:

6,8,37. All Pietro please

6.“I waxed the floors, grab your fluffy socks.”- Pietro

“Piet, Piet, wake up!” You whispered, shaking the speedster’s shoulder. “Y/N, what time is it?” He grunted rubbing his eyes and yawning. “Doesn’t matter.” You grinned, pulling him up to a sitting position, “I waxed the floors, grab your fluffy socks and lets go!” You exclaimed pulling at his hands to propel him forwards. Running from the room you quickly felt the gust of wind that followed Pietro wherever he went. “Come on slowpoke.” He smirked scooping you up into his arms and running towards the hall and your handiwork. Minutes later the two of you were madly sliding about the room, creating chaos in your wake, with tables and chairs falling as you crashed into them. The high pitched sound of the speaker system turned on caused both of you to crashing to the floor with your hands over your ears. “If you two don’t shut the hell up I’ll be running your asses around the training tracks for the next month!” The Captain’s voice boomed across the sound system, slightly scratchy from sleep. “Language!” You and Pietro both exclaimed before bursting out laughing. 

8.“We accidentally got married in Vegas oops”- Pietro

Waking up with a pounding headache and nauseous feeling in your stomach was not your idea of a good time. Rushing to the toilet you spilled the contents of your stomach and leaned your clammy forehead against the porcelain. Lifting your head slightly you noticed the glint of light flashing from your left hand, diverting your eyes to the flashy diamond ring that now sat there. “Oh god! Oh god… what did I do?” You exclaimed moving your hand round, trying to make it disappear. Walking back into the lavish room you now saw the muscular man that was spread on the bed, sheets wrapped around him haphazardly and silver hair fanned out on the cotton pillows. Covering your mouth with your hands you sank to the floor as tears sprung to your eyes. Seconds later the man that had previously been asleep on the bed was by your side. “Are you okay?” He asked, accent clear in his voice. “Do you remember what happened last night?” You croaked out, looking up into his blue eyes. “Um…no…” He sighed, rubbing the back of his neck as his brow furrowed. “We… we uh…” You stuttered before showing him your hand. “Right…” He murmured, running his hand through his curls. “I know someone who can help, no need to worry.” He comforted you, cupping your face in his hands and wiping your tears away with the pad of his thumb. Pulling out a mobile he quickly dialled in a number as he pulled you closer. “Stark, we have a problem.” He murmured into the receiver. ‘Yes well there’s this girl…” He said smiling at you slightly. “No Stark.” He snapped suddenly glaring at the wall. “See here’s the thing…We accidentally got married in Vegas, oops.” He said with a nervous chuckle. “Thanks, yes, yes. No don’t you dare tell my sister, yes I know it would be very funny to watch her kill me.” He growled out slightly, sighing, before hanging up. “It’s alright, I’ve got it sorted.” He said kissing your forehead slightly.

37.“A boy needs his father.”- Pietro

“Alex, you stop that right now!” You exclaimed, grabbing the young boy around his waist and hoisting him into the air. “But Mummy I just want to be as fast as Daddy, maybe then I can go with him next time.” He said pouting slightly and giving you the puppy dogs eyes. “Oh sweetheart.” You sighed sitting down with him on your lap. “You know Daddy would never leave you if he had a choice, but he has to go and save the world and keep us safe.” You said, smiling sadly as you ruffled his brown curls. “I just miss him.” Your young son grimaced, wrapping his small arms around your neck and burying his face in your shoulder. “Me too.” You whispered, stroking his back comfortingly. “Come on, Uncle Steve brought you that train set, don’y you wanna play with that?” You smiled at your son as he scrambled from your lap to play with his toys.

A few hours later, after you’d put your son to bed, you were curled up on the sofa, not wanting to go to your empty bed. Closing your eyes you heard the click of the door lock and heavy footsteps walking towards you. “Y/N?” A quiet voice whispered in your ear. Eyes fluttering open you quickly jumped up and into their arms. “Oh Piet, I missed you so much.” You whispered, throwing your arms around his neck and burying your head in the nook of his shoulder. “I missed you too dragă.” He murmured into your hair. “How’s my little boy?” He asked pulling away from you slightly, worry clear in his eyes. “A boy needs his father.” You whispered, stroking his cheek gently. “I know, last mission, I promise.” He smiled sadly, before snaking his arms around your waist. “Better be.” You murmured kissing his lips sweetly.

Don't Mess With Pan's Lost Girl P.1

Warning: none

Word count:1014

Request: nah just a story I’ve been making up in my head and decided to share

A/N: So this is just a story/fantasy that I’ve been building in my mind and decided that it’s ready to put into words there are multiple parts next update should be up by Saturday. This is a Pan imagine, fanfic, smut whatever you want to call it but there is not smut, yet. This is just the intro, Pan isn’t even in this yet, sorry. But this is in the OUAT universe.


I wake up suddenly feeling sick to my stomach and my head pounding. I look around and see nothing but ocean for miles, it’s already night and I have no idea how I got here. I begin to panic causing a wave of nausea to wash over me. I lay on the plank face down throwing up into the dark water. I begin to cry and curl up into a ball on the rough scratchy wood. “I want to go home.” I whispered and cried my self to sleep that night.

I woke up suddenly when I felt I was no longer bobbing up and down. I groggily sat up and looked around at my new surroundings. I was on a beach and not to far up the coast I could hear slurred shouting and cheers I looked to my left to see a dock full of ships. What the hell? I stood up causing a head rush to nock me off balance. I quickly tried to steady myself so I wouldn’t throw up again. Once I was solid on my feet I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths. I then opened my eyes and began walking toward the sea side town. As I got closer I could smell the rotten stench of rum and sweat the odor alone caused my stomach to churn. But I continued on hoping I could find an adult that’ll let me borrow their phone. I walked into the town and was confused to say the least. Everyone was dressed up as pirates the men all had beer bellies and the women all wore dresses from the colonial age. They were all sloppy and gross, they all seemed as if they’ve never seen a shower in their life, and the worst part was they were all drunk. My first instinct was to walk through with my head down maybe they won’t bother me but then I looked down at my own clothes. I was dressed in skinny jeans a black tank top and black converse, not the kind of attire for a girl that would blend in with this crowd.

Then I heard someone shout in my direction “Oi!” I looked up and saw a larger drunk women came walking my way, my eyes widened in shock and I almost made a run for it but I was frozen. “You, ‘ello love, you alright?” She asked she seemed generally concerned and i just shook my head. “Yeah unless you want Cap'in to getcha you should not be dressed like that.” She said waving a finger over my body her words slurred and hard to understand through her thick British accent. I cleared my throat,“Uhm, I’m sorry. Captain?” She laughed a high shrill laugh that caused a sharp pain to go through my head. “Cap'in Hook ‘course who'da think?” She asked while linking arms with me and pulling me along through the town. “It’s alright deary I’ll getcha a noice dress and you won’t look like no lost boy no more.” She said her grammar literally made my headache intensify. And what the hell is a lost boy. I didn’t say anything as she pulled me into a run down boutique as soon as we entered she left my side and went hunting for the dress that would, to use her words, ‘The dress that’ll make ya look da most plump’. Minuets later she came back with a pile of red and black cloth. “This should fit jus fine, ‘ere ya go. Go on see how it fits.” She shooed me to a cleared out corner after dumping the heavy load in my arms. She stared at me and I just looked back confused, after a second she let out a huff. “Alright I’ll turn around,” she said spinning in the opposite direction, “but surely there’s nothing to be ‘barrassed bout, a sweet lil tiny thing like yourself.” She said as I took off my shirt I looked down at myself furrowing my eyebrows. Obviously I’m not as “plump” as her but I’m proud of what, little, I have. I shook my head to clear the thoughts. I hate dresses so I left my pants on as I put the large skirt on over them. “Uhm do you think you could help me with this part?” I ask and she turns around taking the corset that I was holding out. “Sure thing deary, but going to have to loose that…thing.” She said pointing at my bra with an odd look. I pouted but unhooked it anyway letting it fall to the floor. She walked behind me and wrapped the itchy cloth around my top half.

“Alright, so w-why,” I began but was cut off with a tight tug causing me to let out a sharp gasp. “Why is this necessary?” I ask letting out heavy breaths trying to get oxygen to my lungs. “Well Cap'in ain’t to fond of lost boys.” She explained tightening the death trap even more. “I’m, ugh, not a… lost boy” I said my words staggering through heavy breaths. “If ya are or not don’t make to much a difference to Cap'in. You young and you dressed like one.” She said as she finished lacing up the corset. “There ya go how ya feel?” She asks I take deep even breaths letting my lungs get used to the restraint. “Yeah I’m fine. I’m good.” I said turning to face her. “Ya look good too.” She said winking. I picked up my shirt and bra and followed her as she walked to the other side of the boutique she picked out a pair of black heeled boots and handed them over to me then a big black satchel. I removed my converse putting them in the satchel with the rest of my clothes and put on the boots. I wobbled a bit as I stood up, even though the heel is only about 2 inches. “Alright deary time for me to show ya ‘round.” She said linking arms with me once more.

GOT7 Reaction : their S/o has a British accent that switches to American and back to British while she speaks

Anonymous : Could you do a Got7 reaction where their S/o has a British accent that switches to American and back to British while she speaks?

A/N : this is my first reaction and first got7 request !! y’all should know that got7 is my ult group so i’m hoping i’m as accurate as possible i wanted to add gifs but i still haven’t figured out how to post more than 3 someone help !!!!! anyway enjoy ehe

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Mark : he’s claimed before that he likes british accents so he’d love listening to you talk and pronounce things differently to him. But when you slip a word in american he’d laugh and teasingly accuse you of trying to copy him

Jaebum : tbh this guy would be a sucker for you . he’d love hearing your accent just because it’s different and he’d especially love it when you spoke korean and your accent was clear. i don’t think he’d really notice if you switched accent and you’d have to tell him then he’d ask how it’s said with a british accent.

jackson : oh my god he would be the most extra about your accent. if you said anything he’d mimic you and squeal exclaiming just how adorable you are. he would always try to speak in a british accent too which would make you cringe and make him pout. if you said something in an american accent he would say he had a better american accent and show you the right way to say it.

jinyoung : he would love your britihs accent so much !! he would find it sophisticated and he’d just like listening to it. he’d get jokingly sassy if you said something in an american accent and tell you you were hanging out with mark too much and couldn’t even get his accent right.

youngjae :this sunshine would see the change in expression whe you said something in an american accent and would just start laughing. he would adore your british accent but love when you switch just because he loved the face you made.

bambam : king of being extra, he would always exaggerate when copying your accent even though he loved it. if you said something with an american accent he would definitely copy you and make fun of the way you said it earning a pout or smack on the arm.

yugyeom : he would always try to speak to you in english because he wants to get better at it . he’d also try to speak in a british accent because he believe he’s good at it and it makes him look good. he’d like when you spoke in an american accent tho because he’s into america and would just like to hear the accent.

Secrets Don’t Make Friends Ch2

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olicity || explicit || smut || 2492 || more fics

summary: Felicity stumbles upon the lair after getting drunk at Verdant. She meets the Hood, but it doesn’t go as she expects. (prompt by @geniewithwifi)
chapter word count: 1394
chapters: 2/?
a/n: back by popular demand… lmao I have no idea how much of this there is going to be, but knowing me this is going to go from smut to an actual plot. 



Felicity walked down the hallways of Queen Consolidated. She was upstairs dealing with somebody’s computer. They had no idea how they accumulated thirteen different viruses, but she had an inkling. It didn’t matter. She did her job and started to head towards the elevators. As she neared them, two of the Queen family popped out of one of the elevators. She dipped her head down as Moira and Oliver walked past her.

“Felicity,” a familiar English accent caused her head to whip right back up.

“Mr. Steele,” she gave a smile.

“Please, it’s Walter,” he’d told her at least four times already.

“Walter,” she repeated in a faux accent. She cleared her throat, suddenly feeling extremely awkward, “Did you need anything?”

Felicity hoped that he didn’t. She could feel the eyes of his companions on her. They were no doubt wondering what the hell he was doing talking to a lowly IT girl. Although, Moira probably knew that Walter was the one that hired her.

“No, no,” he said cheerily, “It was a pleasant surprise to see you.”

“Oh, thank you,” she returned his bright smile, “I have to get back to work,” she gestured to the elevator behind him, “But it was great to see you too.”

He let her go and she happily slipped away into the metal box. Leaning her back against the wall, she let out a long sigh. It took her all of a minute to find her way back to her desk. She was ahead of schedule as usual, so she whipped out her phone. There was a notification from the local news station.

“Another vigilante sighting last night,” she mumbled to herself.

She hadn’t stopped thinking about The Hood since her chance encounter at Verdant. Part of her wondered if it was real or if it was some drunken dream. It didn’t make sense for the vigilante to be hiding in the basement of a club. How could he get away with that without the owners knowing? Unless billionaire playboys were that oblivious. Or maybe easily threatened. No, it had to be a dream, right?

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More love than imagined

Pairing: Poly!Hamilsquad x reader

Words: 1651

Warnings: Non really. Pretty happy. Possible fluff?

A/N: This is my first ever poly fic (or fic for that matter). I’m not polyamore so I was a bit out of my league. I hope you like it and if you decide to comment be nice.

Hamilton Poly!Hamsquad x reader

”Oh come on! You can’t simply be so oblivious to the fact that I basically did this all by myself!” you nudged Herc to his side earning a light groan from him and multiple laughters around boys. You were still a bit nervous around the boys. Polyamorous relationship was as foreign as the Chinese writing. You had decided to give it a chance.

5 months ago…

When you had first met the squad you were extremely nervous. You had first met John at the opening of your art exhibit at this little gallery in the heart of New York. He had heard about you from his co-worker and as an art enthusiast he had no second in thinking whether to go or not.

You had outshined at the opening and the speech you had prepared went perfectly. By the end of the night John was completely smitten. He came to you right before the end of the party and introduced himself all shy and blushy. He was adorable. You smiled at him and as he asked for your number you already had it ready written on a napkin.

You and John met the next day and as you were walking down the street with your freshly brewed coffees he had gathered enough courage to tell you his relationship status. Truthfully, you were a bit taken a back but you quickly recovered from that. You had always been open to everything and you quickly told John that it sounded nice. He granted you a big smile and asked if you wished to see his boyfriends. You were surprised (again) but agreed to meet them the next day at their apartment.

John’s POV

As I had told Y/N about my relationship with Lafayette, Hercules and Alexander. I was so nervous and I felt butterflies down to my stomach and I was just about to flee when she said that it sounded nice. I was overjoyed. I had told the boys about her and now she was so openly accepting. It felt amazing. Of course I knew that this didn’t mean anything yet but there was this one part of me that felt so certain. Lafayette had grown tired to hear my blabbering over Y/N so had asked me to bring her by.

We made to plans to meet at the apartment the next day and I was so excited that I basically skipped to home. I rushed the stairs up and opened the door as fast as I could ever had. “Hey!” I shouted from the door. I saw Laf and Alex were on the couch. Alex writing as usual on his laptop and Laf watching some French television series. “Hi. How was your day?” Alex asked without rising from his seat. “Amazing! We went to get coffees with Y/N and then we walked back to her atelje! I told her about us and she’s coming over tomorrow! I want you to meet her!” I chanted and gave Laf and Alex kisses to their cheeks as I was making my way towards the kitchen. “How did she take it?” Alex had raised his gaze from the screen now interested in the conversation. “She took it really well actually. To be honest I never doubted it. She is so nice and sweet!” I said and blushed a bit and quickly turned my back or the teasing would be endless. “She seems to be very nice from all that you have told us.” Laf said and I just hoped that tomorrow would go well. I hoped it so much.

Your POV, second person

You were nervously smoothing out your hem and held a bottle of chardonnay leaning against your hip. John had sent you their address. You had took a cab from your apartment. You walked the stairs up and gave the wood of the door a timid knock. I heard movement from inside and saw John open the door. He had a huge smile across his face and it mirrored itself on your face too. He leaned for a hug and you allowed it and gave him a hug. He squeezed you assuringly. You gave the room a scan and saw three men behind his shoulder. You parted and you gave him the bottle of wine. “Here. I thought I should bring something and I recalled that you said you liked chardonnay. This is my favourite” you smiled. “It is! I like this one too and so does Laf!” he seemed so excited that it made you smile even wider. You had always been quite nervous to meet new people. during the many years of art shows and other that kind of encounters you had gained some sort of confidence but with three pairs of unfamiliar eyes staring at you, you felt your confidence leaving your body. John took you by your hand and let you to those men.

“Hi.” You said timidly and waved a bit while your arms were close to your body. They gave you awkward smiles and held out their hands as you shook them. Alexander as he introduced himself was first and his hand shake was firm but gentle. “Hercules Mulligan, pleasure” said tall and muscular man and his eyes were kind and warm. ”Pleasure is all mine.” You said and gave him a warm smile. Lastly there was a tall, lean man. He was either stressed or pissed so your handshake was a bit more timid that with Hercules. “Lafayette.” He said with a very clear French accent. “Nice to meet you” you smiled and he smiled back. So he was stressed.

You arranged yourselves around the couch and placed snacks on the small table. The conversation went smoothly, they asked you about your art and you asked Hercules about his tailoring and Alexander about his writings. You felt relaxed and you enjoyed your time with the boys. They each made you laugh.


You had spent a month with the boys in the friendzone and during that time something happened to you. You had never even dreamed about falling in love with multiple persons at once and that was odd enough but you never thought that even one could love you but now you had four. Four amazing persons in love with you. You had no clue.

One night you decided to have a talk with the boys and without you knowing it, they needed to talk to you too.

You hailed a taxi to get you to their apartment. You were nervous and quietly nibbled on your thumb. “You okay?” The driver asked. “Yeah. Just meeting somebody important.” I smiled back at him. “I bet he is extremely lucky to have you visit” he said and winked. I smiled back at him and wondered what he had said. ‘I think I’m the lucky one. If I am…’

The cab pulled over at the curb and I handed him a bit extra and thanked him for the ride. I rose from the car and took three deep breaths. This night would change everything. Either for god or bad. Here we go. you nodded to yourself and took the first step.

You knocked on the door and Lafayette opened the door. “Hello Y/N. Comment allez-vous?” He asked and gave you a friendly smile. “Good, thank you.” You said voice trembling just a bit. He led you to the couch. “What’s the matter?” He asked with concern in his voice. It warmed you from the inside. Knowing that someone cared for you. “I need to talk to you. Is everyone here?” You asked and twirled the hem of your shirt nervously between your thumb and index finger. “They are. Give me a moment I’ll call them down.” He said and rose from the couch and walked to get them. You sat on the couch thinking through what you’d say to them. It had been only them for so long and you were mentally preparing for a broken or awkward friendship.

They all came to the living room and you rose up. Laurens was trying to give you a hug. It broke a bit of your heart but you asked him to sit down with the others.They all adopted anxious looks on their faces, it hurt your soul. “So umm… I know that I didn’t inform you that I was coming over but I really had to. So let me have my little monologue. So…” you took a deep breath “I’m quite sure that I’ve fallen for you. All of you. This is very new to me and I’ve never felt anything like this and fills me up in away I never knew I could be filled with love. John, you found me. You are my shield. You make me feel protected in every way. Hercules, your warm eyes made me feel happy and warm from the first time you laid them on me. You are my rock. Alexander, oh how I adore your imagination and ambition. You are my sight. every paragraph that you write creates worlds. Lafayette, you are my heart. In conclusion you are my heart. That’s it. That’s all I can say to you. That’s all I am.” You sat/collapsed onto the coffee table. The confession had took all of your strenght. You had laid outa all that you were and had. You raised your gaze to look at them. They all looked… astonished. They weren’t pitying. They weren’t sad or mad.

John was the first one to move. He rose and walked over to you. You didn’t have a chance to say anything when he bent down and hugged you. Soon the others followed and you ended up in a giant group hug. You started to cry and next up was all the guys comforting you and even kissing you on your cheeks and making you laugh. This felt right. This felt home. This was your home.

P R E S S U R E { 2 }


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Pairing: Reader X Yoongi

Word Count: 5,841

Genre: Romance, Smut, Fluff

Warnings: Cursing, Implications

Summary: After dating for almost 3 years, the armiys and Yoongi’s label have found out about your relationship. Now you have to deal with it in your extraordinarily normal life.

It was a supreme blessing that he had the next day off of performing. I knew later in the day Yoongi had to film some things for V Live and such, but he said I could tag along for those. I woke up first and it was about an hour before our alarm was set for. I wriggled out of his grasp and stood up, stretching as soon as my feet hit the carpeted floor. I tiptoed across the room to the mini fridge to search for possibly something to eat. I obviously knew he didn’t because he leaned on his bandmates for that. Hmm. That was a good idea. I was gonna go mooch.

I was just in one of his shirts at this point, so I pulled on the black robe he had so graciously hung in the closet and made sure to tighten it. I slipped on his slippers that were sizes too big on me and made sure to grab a room card. Surely one of the other boys rooms had to be close to here, so I guess I’d just- guess. I didn’t even bother trying to be quiet when leaving because I knew nothing could possibly wake him up when he knew he didn’t need to be.

I walked right across the hall to room 23 and knocked lightly on the door. When I heard movement in the room signifying someone was awake, I knocked a little bit louder. “(Y/N)?” I heard Jin’s accent clear as day. He opened the door and pulled me into a hug. “It’s good to see the reason I’m stuck sharing a room with Jimin.” I laughed. It would be just like Yoongi to request the solo room when it wasn’t his turn.

I ran over to Jimin who was sitting in a chair and basically tackled him. He laughed into whatever phone call he was in. “Yes, Alicia, she’s here and she’s okay. She’s also crushing my ribcage.” Leave it to them to be on the phone already. The two had become best friends since our first meeting and were inseparable even if they were countries apart. Most of the time I felt like I had two kids when I was around them together. Even the kind Jimin became a little demon with some pushing from the devil on his shoulder. “I’m gonna come see you during my break so we can see Guardians. You already saw it? Too bad, we’re going again. Haha, see ya.” Then he hung up and gave me a big squeeze.

“What are you guys doing today?” I asked, standing up and sitting onto one of their beds. It was made so I figured it was Jimin’s. Jin sat on the unmade one. Ahh, I was right.

“Well, we have filming later. I thought you guys were going to the movies?” Jimin asked, standing up and walking over to their fridge. He knew me too well, it was gross. “Iced Tea and frosted flakes good? We have milk too.”

“Yes, please. And something for the beast.”

“He’d be pissed if you ate and didn’t get him food.” Jin laughed. Jimin walked over with a handful of food and passed it over to me.

“Can one of you grab my keycard and swipe it for me? I’m not gonna be able to get it out with all of this food in my hands.” I stood up and Jimin grabbed it for me. “After you.” I chided and kicked the door open with my foot and he skipped over it holding the single card. I really should have had him carry the assorted breakfast packs and I just should have walked light of weight but I could never think that far ahead.

As I turned out the door, I dropped all of the food that Jimin had given me. There was my boyfriend standing in the doorway with a towel just sinking below his waistline as he pulled a cart of room service breakfast into the room. He winked at me and slipped into the room, dropping the towel outside of the door. Jimins sighed as he passed me up the keycard and he bent down to pick up all of the goods. “Prissy prissy, Yoongi…” He mumbled as I tightened the string wrapped around me on his robe.

“Sorry for being a pain in the ass!” I called and I jogged back to the room and let myself inside. “Please tell me you put on boxers.” I spoke as I didn’t even look in his direction but instead at all of the food he had ordered.

“You don’t wanna suck my cock for breakfast?” he teased, wrapping his arms around me and slipping off my robe. Before I could even protest he put one of his shirts over me and bent down to step my legs into a pair of panties. That means he definitely went into my suitcase and saw how much shit I packed. He was silently judging me and I knew it.

“Shut up.” I playfully hit his thigh and felt the fabric. Thank god. I leaned up and gave him a quick kiss. “Why are you awake?” I started to make a plate of food from the buffet he had ordered.

“We have a showtime to catch in an hour and a half. I gotta be ready.” He took the first plate I made, as expected, so then I began to make my own.

“Yoongi, I don’t understand Korean.”

“Lucky for you, you already saw it.”

The movie was great again and I stopped my complaining as soon as the trailers began, However, I found myself distracted. I could feel the eyes on the back of my head and it seemed that Yoongi was basically immune. He’d picked the best theater around and it just happened to be about an hour away from where he had to film. I had decided to tag along and chill behind the scenes but as my phone charged in the black van, I checked twitter. He was asleep on me, so it was okay.

“I knew it.” The whisper was soft.

There was a thread all throughout my mentions of the girl who was sat behind the ‘power couple’ at the movies. She’d started with that she wasn’t sure at first that it was him and I. He had a hat on, so she couldn’t see his hair color in the dark theater. Then he made some snarky comment and stared at me for my reaction. Then when I had turned to him, she’d caught a glimpse of my face and knew it. She put the thread in English and it was so broken, but I had the gist of it.

She had literally written down every detail of our date and it was almost terrifying. She wrote about how we shared the same drink and how during really funny moments Yoongi would lean over and translate for me. Every time I responded with I know and he just shrugged it off and continued to do it. She wrote about how he grabbed my hand a lot and rubbed over it with his thumb when our fingers weren’t laced together. She wrote about how I wouldn’t let him eat the popcorn before the trailers because I complained that he would eat it all before the movie even started. Then he bitched and bitched, but gave in. She wrote about how in love we seemed. How happy he was. How proud she was of him for being able to come out about the girl he loves and being confident with her. Confident about me.

I couldn’t decide if I should show him, but I knew that the boys would show him later so I didn’t bother. I kept glancing at him as he slept across my lap. His black jacket was unzipped, showing his plain white tee that he managed to make look like it was all that above his black jeans and black boots. His hat was on my head, the one with the rings on it, my favorite. He crinkled his nose every few moments and turned his head over and over. Everytime I fixed his hair because I knew it would bother me if it wasn’t perfect. He always appreciated that. Waking up with styled to perfection hair by yours truly. It was something so stupid, but he expected it at this point.

I was just in awe that he had dyed it mint green again. My favorite just to make sure this vacation with me was perfect. It’s like he knew I would come see him early and knowing him he did it while I was on my flight over. He was just so- exceptional. He made this whole distance thing easy and it was hard.

The worst was when it came to explaining him to my family. He’d met a good amount of them at this point, but at first they were very uneasy with it. My cousins would go on and on about how he was probably fucking someone else while he was on tour and my aunts and uncles thought I was crazy and joking for the first half a year of dating him. My grandmother was the only one who was so happy for me and filled with joy about me finding someone to love. Even if he was gone most of the time.

The first time I had mentioned meeting my family to Yoongi, he laughed his fucking ass off. He thought it was hilarious how I wanted them to meet him simply out of pettiness because they didn’t believe me. He declined and told me to ask him again when I wasn’t caught up in proving myself, but he swore up and down that he wanted to. I always believed him and there was never a doubt in my mind about that.

He first met them at my cousin’s wedding. I knew it was safe to bring him to this because nobody in my family had any clue about BTS or K-pop for that matter. He’d flew in early the morning of and had helped me do my hair. I was going to wear a dress, but he came in clutch with that too. He’d shown up with a silver and black dress that was very classy. Although, I was nothing compared to him. At this time he had black hair and he was dressed in Gucci just so I could show him off. He would never admit to me why he wore such an expensive suit, but I knew that was why. We always clicked over being petty.

I was knocked out of my thoughts by a familiar song. It was a Star Wars song, the Imperial March. I looked around in confusion only to see Yoongi’s phone lighting up. I shook my leg a little bit and leaned down to his ear. “Bear, you’re getting a call.” I nudged. He waved me off. “Honey beaaaaaar.” I dragged it out and he sat up. He kept his eyes closed and his face looked angry. Before he picked up the call I noticed that it was from skull emoji, skull emoji, skull emoji. So it was his label.

He answered and spoke with a nasty tone. I could only understand one thing of all of the shit he said in the 30 second phone call and it was “I’m on my way.” He angrily hung up the phone while I could hear another voice yelling coming through it and he store into my eyes. He reached his hand up and pinched my cheek then laid his head on my shoulder. He was gonna do this?

“What happened? Are you late for filming?” I shrugged my shoulder so he would get the message to sit up and look at me. He did.

“Nah, I thought that too. They’re mad I didn’t tell them I flew you out here and that I took my girlfriend on a date. Funny, isn’t it?” I felt an overwhelming feeling of regret run through me. So he’d gotten torn up because I wasn’t able to handle something. I suddenly felt his hand on mine rubbing around it and he peaked up to give me a small kiss. “Stop taking the weight of my job onto your shoulders. Forget all that shit and pay attention to me. I’m a bit of a narcissist so I’ll need it.”

I broke into full blown laughter and pulled him into another kiss. It ended there, along with him being conscious enough to speak to me. It baffled me how quickly he fell asleep after boasting about his own life. He was just so- cute. And he knew it too.

I ended up mostly on my phone as they filmed a gayo. I liked to watch them so I truthfully didn’t pay attention so I could be surprised later on. They were all so full of life in them and even excited to film them from what I overheard. I got lost in the world of memes and music until I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked up from my screen to see one of the group’s managers. Great.

He motioned me to follow him and I did with the fakest smile I owned on. He led me out of the recording area and in the hallway. Then down it to an office. “Hey, how are you?” I was fake as hell, but I had to impress. Apparently, this was my boss too. I couldn’t help but to laugh at that one. Chul Bak was the name on the door. Ahh, this was one of their publicity people.

“I’m doing good. I see you and Suga are- doing good.” His sincerity was as real as mine. The higher ups never liked dealing with me too much. It wasn’t because I was this terrible person, but more of they didn’t like the idea of me. The idea that their precious Suga was in love with some normal American girl from New York.

“Better than ever.” I was snarky with that one, I didn’t mean to be. I just couldn’t help it. The amount of times this man and all of the others had begged me and bribed me to leave the love of my life was insane. Now, I guessed they were mad I was in Korea and not wallowing away in my hole of a town after their stunt.

“Suga invited you to set? And you two went out? Do you know how bad that-” I wasn’t in the mood.

“Do you know how bad it is for me that you tweeted out my job address? I can’t even do my fucking job.” I snapped. He was here to get mad at me for living my life when his team literally disrupted my alone life. They drove me to be in Korea for the final two days of the tour. They did this to me and he had the audacity to make me feel guilty about spending time with Yoongi.

He was silent for a moment. “Yes, we apologize for that. It was unprofessional.”

“And so is this meeting.”

Then I walked out of the room. Then down the hallway and out the door to the lot of studios outside. I was taking deep breaths and my exhales lasted forever. The door that had slammed behind me moments earlier opened again and slammed behind whoever walked out. I heard a huffing of breath and knew it had followed me.

“I figured you’d lose your cool.” he began. I crossed my arms and didn’t even turn to face him. “Listen here you little bitch.” Wasn’t surprised. Out of the building, off of the books. He wanted this. “You need to get off whatever high horse you’re on and stop mooching off of my group. You’re ruining them. I don’t care how much their little fans like you or anything, we don’t like you. We matter. We don’t give a flying fuck if you make Min Yoongi happy, we just care that he’s working and you’re a distraction.”

He paused for dramatic effect. “He doesn’t love you. He loves rebelling, darling. He’s the underground rapper bad boy that’s soft at heart. And he’s using you for attention. He’s an actor, an idol. His job is fooling the world and you’re just apart of it. So do yourself a favor and take these tickets.” He placed them by my feet. “And take that car over there and leave. Block his number and leave.”

Then he left me. The moment I was alone I sunk onto the pavement and sat on the curb. I didn’t believe him in any sense, but I couldn’t find any words to spite him with. All I could find was myself slowly breaking down from the stress and from being screamed at for simply existing. My hysterical crying began and my face was red from anger. If it could have turned blue, it would of too. Then maybe I’d be purple in this situation.

I was never this emotional. I had never cried as much as I had lately due to this shit going on. I was always strong and he fell in love with strong. The stringy mess I had been portraying myself of for the past 2 weeks was pathetic and I felt pathetic. Y/N Y/L/N was a strong woman who didn’t rely on anyone else for the majority of her life and it can’t end now.

Except for the fact that I was broke and I wanted to the pity. I wanted to be taken care of and to rely on another person instead of pulling myself back together again with shitty dollar store tape. I couldn’t do it alone anymore. I reached behind myself and tore up the ticket he left. Fuck that guy.

I dialed the number I knew by heart. I just couldn’t go back in there now. I took a large sniff to try to hide that I’d been crying before he picked up. “Hey!” he was out of breath. “Where’d ya’ go?”

“I’m uh-” I sounded sadder than I wanted too. “Needed fresh air, might be getting sick . It was stuffy in the-”

“You sound stuffy. “ he sighed, “What exit did you go out of? I’ll be there in 5 to go back to the hotel. I guess I can pack up the buffet to go…”

“I don’t want to ruin your set snacks.” Guilt.

“Nah, we can both enjoy it. Go to the car, actually. It’ll be easier. Don’t rub your eyes, they’ll be puffy all night.” Then he hung up with a quick love you before I could even respond. Always knew the way to my heart.

Then to the car I went. I was pretty sure he had no clue what had just happened to me and I was stuck on telling him or not. He’d just get angry and he had a temper most of the time. Then I’d end up apologizing and he’d get madder because I had no real right to be mad when I was the victim. Somewhere inside of me, I figured he’d know.

Minutes later when he got into the car, he knew. He totally knew. He was hysterical laughing. “So this guy that I’d only seen from a distance came up to me and apologized for my loss right-” he was speaking while chewing as well.

“Ah man.” I took a bite of the food. He had gotten a little bit of everything, but half the plate was mac and cheese. My favorite on set snack.

“And I was like what loss? What do you mean? And he was like ‘oh I saw Y/N outside and she was leaving with plane tickets without you’ and I was like huh?? Okay??? Alright. Then I told Namjoon to fire him because I didn’t want to deal with it anymore. I was in awe that he had said that to me, but what did he say to you?”

“I don’t think Nam can fire him, Yoos.” I looked at him and laughed. I was depressed before, but he always cheered me up. If I was his sun, he was mine too. We were both suns in this alternate universe I seemed to be living in. “He said you didn’t care about me.” He waved it off, almost choking from laughter and the food in his mouth.  “And he called me a bitch.” Then he stopped and swallowed whatever he had shoved down his tiny throat.

“He called you a name?” He put the plate down on the seat behind us and moved closer to me. His hand was rubbing my back while the other whipped out his phone and dialed a number. He never really liked to go above his leaders head so any bitching was done to Namjoon. It wasn’t like he didn’t know where to go, but he almost felt let it was disrespectful in a way.

“Hey, RM!” He started bright and cheery, which was different from the furious vibe he was giving off. “Yeah, I was totally serious before, you really need to fire that dude. He was lying and shit, yeah. But he fucking called her a bitch? You better talk to someone because if I ever see that man again I’ll probably beat the shit out of him and if he gets a punch in he’ll fuck up my face and it’ll be your fault that you made me talk to them. Thanks, bro. See you tomorrow.”

He smirked at me and stuck out his tongue, then his face became more compassionate than earlier. His hand was still on my back and he wrapped it around me and tugged me a bit closer. “That was hot, right?”

I sighed. “Whatever you say, stinky.” I leaned my head against his chest and I felt him sigh.. His eyes watched me and his now free hand went to my messy hair and combed through it. “Sorry if it’s knotty.” He laughed, it was always knotty. My hair sucked.

His phone made a bubble popping noise. His annoying text tone. His hand was out of my hair and right with his best friend. “The boys wanna know if you wanna get dinner tonight? They’re sad because they didn’t see you.”

“Yeah, of course. Do you have to come?” He scoffed, clearly offended. “I’m kidding, you baby. You can come, but do we have to go somewhere nice? You guys have a habit of taking me to places I can’t afford or even dress nice enough to belong in.”

“I’ll dress you, feed you, and impress you, just like I’ll do with our kids one day. Don’t call me a baby if it’s not in a hot way, c’mon.” He moved away from me and stretched, getting ready for his hundredth nap of the day. If anyone had a problem, it was him. Then there he was, on top of me again. He was passed out within moments, but his head was directly on my- you know- and I couldn’t move him. I was ready to die.

Once we got back to the hotel, I was the one to pass out while Yoongi slipped out of the room for some shopping for me. He had ripped open my luggage to see if I had anything suitable and I wasn’t quite sure why he looked. Of course I didn’t. He really wanted to have more faith in me than he should have.

Then I woke up to the most beautiful dress I had ever seen hanging on the wall in front of the bed. I shot up in shock and almost levitated towards it. The price tag was ripped off onto the ground. Clever of him, he knew if I saw the price I’d return it automatically, which could only mean it was expensive. Before even touching the beautiful gold champagne colored dress in front of me, I bent over and picked it up.

“Herve Leger Iman.” I read out loud, my voice was drowned out by the noise of running water in the bathroom. “Never heard of th- woah. Yoongi!” I yelled, bursting into the bathroom. “You spent 1,350 dollars on a dress for a dinner with your band?!”

His laughed echoed. “It’s a very nice dress, oh thank you Yoongi! I love you so so much!” he mocked me in a tone that sounded nothing like me. “And I love the other dress you got me for the concert tomorrow! I’m so glad you make sure I’m dressed nicely to be seen out in public with the idol Min Yoongi! You are so talented!” His voice became normal as he turned off that water. “Is what I expected. Now, go get dressed.”

Without a word, I walked out and stripped on my way to the dress. It was a beautiful metallic gold champagne, which was different than the mostly black dresses he bought me. It had a low, sweetheart neckline and tapered straps. Now, fully naked, I went into my suitcase to find the perfect beige bra and matching panties. With that, I scrambled for deodorant and pulled his big robe on again so I could do my makeup without destroying the beauty (and money) in front of me.

Even though this dinner was some fancy thing, I was far from it. My hair and makeup were boring, even though my dress was extravagant. I was feeling confident, however. I got my winged eyeliner right on the first shot. My hair wasn’t frizzy either, it must be the new country giving me good luck for once. I curled it with my wand and used a light amount of hairspray so it would hold in place for the night and I could just re-curl it tomorrow for their show.

“Yoongi!” I called for him as I unzipped the dress and stepped into it, “I need help with the zipper!” I held it up as I walked towards the bathroom door, banging on it. “C’mon, don’t make me go across the hall.”

No response. I groaned and grabbed a key card. I paraded out into the hallway, holding up my beautiful dress and banged on Room 23. Nobody answered the door there either, so I tried Room 21.

“Hello?” There was an unfamiliar voice as the door creaked open. “You’re the girl that ran into me last night!”

I stood in embarrassment. “Uh, sorry- I got the wrong room-”

His eyes were dark as he stepped towards me and I stepped in the opposite direction, my hand clenching tighter on the grip of my dress. “I mean, I’d let you run into me again, if you want that… I see you’re half undressed already.”

I always thought when I was faced with a situation I could get out of, I’d run away. That I wouldn’t stop like a deer in the headlights. It always seemed like such a weird thing when on tv or in a movie that a person would stop when faced with a situation they could have easily run from. Like a car coming at you from a farther distance or a man with a knife in front of you. Or this man.

This would have probably been the moment I would have died if a half dressed Jin didn’t run into the hallway moments after my perfuse banging on the door to pull me back into their room.

“Was I frozen?” I asked, barely understanding what had happened moments earlier. “Was I almost jus-”

“Yeah.” Jin’s voice was sullen and he zipped up the back of my dress without me even asking. He buttoned his pants and extended an arm towards me, which I gladly took. When we stepped back out into the hallway, the door for Room 21 was closed. I let myself back into my room and we gave each other silent nods. Jin and I had always been close. He always vibed as my other brother figure and I absolutely loved him for that.

Yoongi was standing in the center of the room, slipping to his shoes. “Where’d you go?” he asked, walking over to a mirror.

I cleared my throat, “I need the zipper pulled up, so I could put on my shoes. Jin… Jin helped me.” I wasn’t gonna tell him. I didn’t wanna ruin this night and make him stay in or get arrested. I’d be hated even more and my wings were perfect today, so I didn’t need it.

He ran over to the closet and I swear it was the fasted I’d ever seen him move. “You look amazing in that, but imagine how amazing you’ll look tomorrow in this!” He pulled out another dress and held it in front of his big gummy smile. Man, did he love spoiling me. He also loved making me embarrassed and he knew buying me things did just that. Especially if they brought attention to me, like this one would.

I knew that dress he was holding, It was a Monique Lhuillier Illusion Dress. It was almost 4,000 dollars and I’d pointed it out a few weeks ago to him, saying how beautiful and vibrant it was. Along with expensive. The color was what really intrigued me; It was called gunmetal. It was a midi dress with sequins. The color was a silver, blackish color with an illusion neckline. It was breathtaking and attention-stealing.

“And I got you these white heels to wear with it from payless.” He snorted. “I really went all out on those, let me tell you.” He hung the dress back up and I walked over to him in his Saint Laurent jacket and wrapped my arms around him. The two fabrics meeting was a harsh feeling, but I squeezed him as hard as I could.

“I love you.” I mused, looking up at his button face. He leaned down and kissed me then mocked me by repeating my words in his stupid voice. I just smiled instead of responding with something snarky as I pulled away. “Where are the shoes for this dress? I’d wear those white ones, but it would look super weird.”

He froze. “I may have forgotten to get you shoes for that dress.” We both took deep breaths and sharply exhaled at the same time. “…Are you gonna wear your converse.”

“I’m gonna wear my converse.” I spoke over the end of his sentence and his face was simply buried in his hands. Leave it to us to make a fancy dinner even better. Oh, twitter was gonna be fun tomorrow.


Of course, they were all dressed to the nine’s. They had all seemed to dress like they were headed to some award show tonight, but in reality it was a fancy dinner that I had deemed the pre end of tour dinner. They’d have another one of these tomorrow and knowing them it would be at some low scale place. They were chill guys for such ‘important’ people.

Being around the seven of them was always a joy. The absolute love and friendship they had for each other was so impressive. Especially the fact that they weren’t sick of each other yet. I’d seen them have their tiny arguments, but they always went back to being best friends in minutes. Back to being brothers in almost an instant.

They were the goofiest guys I’d ever been around and the most embarrassing people I could be with in public. For guys that were always in the back of someone’s mind and their vision in public, they were loud and obnoxious. We were at one of the fanciest restaurants around and they had just been told to quiet down and to please stop flinging food. They weren’t doing it to be rude. They just got so caught up in each other and being happy.

The waiter was completely starstruck when he first walked over to the table. He couldn’t believe all of BTS was out together and came to his job. Neither could his manager and neither could any of the waitstaff when they all gathered around. They were fawning over the boys and just in awe. Eventually, I asked Yoongi to ask them if they wanted me to take a picture of all of them with the boys.

When he asked, I could almost see them crying.  They were all eager, but I could tell none of them wanted to be that guy who asked for the picture. I was handed up 12 different phones and took about 5 pictures on each of them to be courteous. They all kept saying thank you in english and I couldn’t do anything except smile and nod my head to show that it was no problem at all.

Jungkook and I had ended up in an intense conversation about video games. Tae kept trying to butt in, but the younger one kept pushing him out. He kept calling him Gucci and shoving his face away. It was hysterical. Kook was to my left, while Yoongi was on my right. His hand was on my thigh 90% of the night, rubbing around it just for some kind of skin on skin. I had shook him off when he tried to hold my hand because he was sweaty and I didn’t need that right now.

“Stop kicking him out of the conversation, Kook. He knows his stuff too.” I finally defended the fashion forward man. “Who have you mained lately?”

Tae looked like he was extremely confused when I actually asked him a direct question. “Uh, uh, uh Reaper!” he yelled out, causing a large laugh from all 3 of us. “Yeah, Reaper!”

“You really know your stuff!” Jungkook said extremely sarcastically while mocking his hyungs exact tone over and over. What a kid.

“The question we’re all dying to know the answer to-” I heard Hoseok loud and clear from next to my boyfriend. “Why are you wearing converse?” We all erupted into laughter as Yoongi’s head clunked onto the table next to his plate.

“That would be my fault.” He lifted his hand into the air, waving it while wiggling his fingers. “It blanked on my mind when I saw this dress.” He sat back up and ran his hand, open palmed up my side. All the way to my shoulder and then back down to my thigh, not breaking contact. “Suddenly I had other things in my head than shoes.”

They all made wooing noises and I couldn’t help except to sigh and blush. For the quiet one, he was never too shy about his- personal life. At least, with them most of the time. The other part was him being extremely secretive and that was his favorite type of lifestyle. The lonely one.

Well, it used to be.

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