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Jaebum’s english is a gift worth waiting for 

Dex - Me cuesta tanto olvidarte -
  • Dex - Me cuesta tanto olvidarte -

This is just a test of Dex singing in spanish (the demo that was used for Luan, rip) if someone knows how to make him roll his “r” please tell me, because I tried everything I know and searched info about it and his “r” still too soft, if you can give me advices for improve I would appreciate it too, thank you

MEETING JOSH - a Josh Pieters imagine

You were walking very fast through the supermarket. It may as well have been a run but you didn’t want to draw any attention to yourself. You kept your head down, every few seconds glancing over your shoulder. There were three boys following you; three very large and scary boys. Three boys, one of which you dated and the other two, his friends. You were uncertain as to why they were here but you definitely didn’t want to find out.

As you quickly turned into another aisle, you bumped into a tall and almost lanky boy.

“Sorry! You were going so fast and I didn’t see you!” he said, accent clear but voice soft.

You stammered, not because of how kind this stranger was or how his voice sounded like what you imagined chocolate would sound like, but because the three boys had caught up to you.

“That was some chase you put up, sweetheart,” the voice of your ex boyfriend sneered from behind you.

Looking into the brown eyes of the boy you had just bumped into, fear could be seen on your face. You mouthed a ‘help me’ to him, praying that he would be as trusting as his eyes depicted he’d be.

“Are these gentlemen bothering you, miss?” he asked, reaching to hold you gently by the shoulder.

“She knows us..”

“I was asking her,” his voice calm but sharp, eyes looking to read your face for some sort of answer.

You nodded before ducking your head down quickly, scared of the consequences of going against your menacing ex boyfriend. That was all the stranger needed, quickly threatening the boys behind you with calling both security and the police. He also pointed out that they wouldn’t be able to get a girl like you by following her like serial killers. You were a girl of class, he said, not one for idiots like them.

Still frozen in your place facing the stranger, you were too scared to turn and see what was going on behind you. You stood there waiting and hoping that they would go and leave you alone. It felt like an eternity, you standing there, eyes glued to the floor and the feet of this new boy. You didn’t notice then but later looking back, his hand on your shoulder had been rubbing light and comforting circles.

“We’ll be back when you don’t have your knight in shining armour to protect you,” one of the three muttered.

Still afraid you remained as you were, until the stranger gently lifted your chin up to look right at him.

“They’re gone,” he whispered.

You looked behind you to see that he was right. They had gone and with them the gnawing sense of fear began to subside. Still afraid they would come back, you wondered what they could want with you now.

“I’m Josh, Josh Pieters,” his voice drew you out of your thoughts, as you turned back to face him. “Are you alright?”

You stood there looking at him. Again, Josh searched your face for some sort of answer.

“Okay, that was a stupid question. Of course, you’re not alright, being chase around by three guys on your own. Fuck, Josh, you’re an idiot,” he quickly rambled.

Though you were still scared, you couldn’t help but let out a small laugh at his response to himself. He looked you in the eyes, surprised that you were laughing.

With a deep breath, you nodded, “Yeah, I’m alright, thank you so much.”

Josh smiled down at you before pulling you into a quick hug. You stiffened slightly at the embrace, but his warmth and sweet smell relaxed you almost instantly. His tall figure seemed to almost engulf you. Had it been anyone else, you would have been petrified and yet, he felt safe and like home. Pulling away, Josh let go of you entirely, his hand on your shoulder now gone. And already, fear began to web itself back into you. It must have read on your face because Josh quickly grabbed your hand and gave it a small squeeze.

“Hey, don’t worry. I’ll stay with you,” he said softly, gazing into your eyes in attempt to comfort you.

With another deep breath, you introduced yourself. In doing so, you remembered that you hadn’t been with Josh the entire time. Rather, he was in the middle of his shopping at the supermarket.

Almost as quickly as he had rambled before, you said, “Oh my goodness, you’re shopping! I should let you get on with it. I’m sorry for bumping into you.”

He laughed, just as you had, before explaining that he was just getting some snacks for him and his roommates. You were no trouble. In fact, if anything, you helped him piss off his roommates a little bit. Annoying them, he said, was a daily goal of his.

Still holding your hand, Josh’s telling you this made you start to feel at ease again. You hadn’t ever really felt that safe in a whole while. There was something about this kind person who essentially saved you today that you just couldn’t let go.

“Josh, I know we’ve only just met but in all honesty, I have not felt this comfortable with anyone for a long time.”

“Here, take my number. Text me and I’ll be there for you, just like I was today.”

First of the MEETING series.

I’m oddly happy about the fact that my folks were raised in the fake south and have sorta thick accents, and my strong Minnesota accent has clear influences from them so I end up sounding really endearing and charming..?


Vampires of Color in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2:

Huilen, changed in 1850 around age 17, from Mapuche territory.

I am Huilen,” the woman announced in a clear but strangely accented English. As she continued, it was apparent she had prepared herself to tell this story, that she had practiced. It flowed like a well-known nursery rhyme. A century and a half ago, I lived with my people, the Mapuche. My sister was Pire. Our parents named her after the snow on the mountains because of her fair skin. And she was very beautiful - too beautiful. She came to me one day in secret and told me of the angel that found her in the woods, that visited by night. I warned her. Huilen shook her head mournfully. “As if the bruises on her skin were not warning enough. I knew it was the Libishomen of our legends, but she would not listen. She was bewitched. 

She told me she was sure her dark angel’s child was growing inside her. I didn’t try to discourage her from her plan to run away - I knew even our father and mother would agree that the child must be destroyed, Pire with it. I went with her into the deepest parts of the forest. She searched for her demon angel but found nothing. I cared for her, hunted for her when her strength failed. She ate animals raw, drinking their blood. I needed no more confirmation of what she carried in her womb. I hoped to save her life before I killed the monster.

But she loved the child inside her, She called him Nahuel, after the jungle cat, when he grew strong and broke her bones - and loved him still. I could not save her. The child ripped his way free of her, and she died very quickly, begging all the while that I would care for her Nahuel. Her dying wish - and I agreed.

He bit me, though, when I tried to lift him from her body. I crawled away into the jungle to die. I didn’t get to far - the pain was too much. But he found me; the newborn child struggled through underbrush to my side and waited for me. When the pain ended, he curled against my side, sleeping. I cared for him until he was able to hunt for himself. We hunted the villages around our forest, staying to ourselves. We have never come so far from our home, but Nahuel wished to see the child here. - Breaking Dawn, Ch.38 Power

  • Tracer: Trouble at mill.
  • Mercy: Oh no- what kind of trouble?
  • Tracer: One on’t cross beams gone owt askew on treadle.
  • Mercy: Pardon?
  • Tracer: One on’t cross beams gone owt askew on treadle.
  • Mercy: I don’t understand what you’re saying.
  • Tracer: (irritated and with exaggeratedly clear accent) One of the cross beams has gone out askew on the treadle.
  • Mercy: Well what on earth does that mean?
  • Tracer: I don’t know- Mr. Morrison just told me to come in here and say that there was trouble at the mill, that’s all - I didn’t expect a kind of Spanish Inquisition.
  • Jarring Chord)
  • (Junkrat and Roadhog burst in)
  • Junkrat: NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition! Our chief weapon is surprise...surprise and fear...fear and surprise... Our two weapons are fear and surprise...and ruthless efficiency... Our three weapons are fear, surprise, and ruthless efficiency...and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope... Our four Amongst our weapons... Amongst our weaponry...are such elements as fear, surprise... I’ll come in again.
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Yixing’s English is so great, like?? His vocabulary is of course not there because he’s not fluent, but the words he can speak are very clear, little accent, and really adorable omg. this baby.

Walking down the crowded hallway, Ryder needed to get to a certain dorm; Gunner Dunn’s dorm to be exact. He was well aware that the other male hated his twin brother and he was hoping that he would actually get what he needed rather than taking a sucker punch for his younger brother. Once he found the right door, he knocked lightly and waited for a response. “Gunner?” He called out, just in case the other teenager didn’t hear the knock. He fiddled with the large, rolled up sketch in his hand. He himself wasn’t at his best, he was quite down and was hoping going over his mural with someone who also knew what they were doing would help. All the could do was wait patiently until the door finally opened. “I need your help” was all he said with his rough voice and his accent clear as day.


Tevinter Fugitive (2.0)

Whatever work there had been for Fenris, someone had beaten him to it. Ice spikes and blood littered the opening of the cave, various corpses of thugs strewn about. There was one left, making an escape down the trail but he never got far. The woman clad in black robes, a hood pulled over her head and covering her hair and ears completely, summoned a ring of harsh blue light around him and yanked backwards with her glowing hand, the Pull of the Abyss yanking him off his feet and towards her. She slammed her staff down, frost and ice crawling over the earth before rising in jagged spikes around him and keeping him from moving, fusing him to the ground.

“I swear, we never saw the guy!” He stammered out, “We just got a description, and we were tracking, but the trail is cold. I don’t know where he is!”

“Tell me the description,” The woman demanded, her Tevinter accent clear as a bell, as she loomed over him and looked down with her unfocused, mulberry purple eyes.

“D-dark skin, black hair…elf, purple eyes. Short. Like you!”

“And you do not know where he is?”

“I’m telling you the truth, lady, we were giving up. We were just going to find new work here, the trail went dead around Wildervale. I have no idea where your brother is at.”

“So…you have nothing useful to me, then?”

“I swear.”

“Then I waste my time.”

His struggle was brief, before she raised her hand in a brutal and final motion, ice spikes rising and piercing the man’s torso, blood steaming on them. There was a moment, before her head suddenly snapped upright and she whirled around in Fenris direction, a harmless pulse radiating from her staff and hitting him with the softest force, confirming his presence. “Who is there?”


Defeat | Open

Rowan sat on top of one of his duffle bags, looking around the expanse of campus before him. He felt defeated… by large buildings. Usually, he’d take off his shirt and fly up to scope things out but… he didn’t want people looking at him shirtless and he wouldn’t leave his things on the ground. His lilting Irish accent was clear as he looked around once more. “I’ll be sleeping with squirrels if this campus has any say about it. How hard can it be to find a dormitory?”