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the beetles were always puzzling to me. they are the only gem monsters that are small and non aggressive and are just left chillin in a terrarium together, plus they have a very strong theme of dualism going on. so heres some ideas i have about them.

when inspecting the design of the beetles, before i started designing their non corrupted forms, i noticed that they have blue and yellow palettes instead of green, which is strange when you consider that gems always have their bodies and clothes colored after their gem. then i realized that green is actually an in between of blue and yellow, meaning that when they meet in the middle they turn into the color of their gem. this, along with the gemstone meanings of chrysoprase and them being in the introductory ep of opal, gave me the idea of the beetles being linked to fusion and the balance in it.

chrysoprase is a rare and valuable quartz, so they wouldnt be your common soldiers. their existence can be connected to exploration of fusion by hw, something that i think is a relatively young concept in gem society. balance is a universal concept, compensating each others weak spots is a big strategic advantage in any field. so, i imagine the beetles could have been an experiment with creating pairs of soldiers who when fused would have no weaknesses on the battlefield (because obviously the imperialistic gems would first seek its use in a fight). sounds like a great plan!

but, well, the beetles mostly failed in fulfilling that role. despite their fusion being stronger in comparison to a regular quartz soldier fusion, there was a certain ‘side effect’. their purpose of existence was to create a balance, and in that balance they were at peace. and when youre at peace you dont really want to get rid of it… so neither them or their fusion would really itch for a fight. just, imagine if you asked a hippie to fight in a war…

and this is what caused their corrupted forms to be small and non violent. even after loosing their sense of self their deeply rooted pacifism and peace of mind are still is there. also, beetles are pretty tough and sturdy in build, just like quartzes.

their summoned weapons are a dao sword and a gun staff (not sure who has what, havent made up my mind about it yet). when fused, their weapons would combine into a guandao.

as for their individual personalities, obviously they would behave in a very contrasting manner. yellow is an expressive, energetic, head-in-the-clouds optimist and blue is a stoic, calm, down-to-earth pessimist. however, they would get along perfectly despite their differences. they were made to be together after all, to fight would be to deny their purpose (and happiness).

the gemstone meanings of chrysoprase is what really convinced me on the choice of this specific stone and also inspired further the ideas for the whole balance thing. more below. 

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Farol da Guia by Tony
Via Flickr:
Looking North along the rock coast at ‘Hell’s Mouth’ along the coast is the Lighthouse Guia “Farol da Guia” in Portugese.


Nice view and a geologically interesting environment - these rocks, on the south shore of Crete, are very close to one of the active faults on the island that is pushing the whole block upward. The fault zone is just beyond those hills.


for a while i wanted to design the quartz dogs in their uncorrupted forms so here they are

from left to right: orange, ocean, biggs, picture, bruneau, green, red, purple

the lines mark their heights, the names on the lines indicate which gem has which height. orange jasper is there mostly for reference

bruneau is slightly crouched so her actual height is higher than where her head is on the pic. also you cant see it from this angle but her face has a pattern on it:

[please do not use my art without my permission and without crediting me. do not use my art and designs for monetary gain. feel free to make fanart tho, but please credit and @ me when you post it!]


Boca do Inferno by Tony
Via Flickr:
At the clifftop alongside the Boca do Inferno is a small building. When I saw it open it was a tourist souvenire shop.