cleansing your soul

💧✨ "Cleanse and Protect" Spray Potion ✨💧

This potion is meant to be sprayed in each of the four corners of your rooms to have a two-in-one benefit of cleansing your space and protecting it as well!

Items needed:

- A Spray Bottle
- “Cleanse and Protect” Sigil
- Jasmine Oil
- Peridot (chips or the stone)
- Filtered Water
- Amethyst
- A candle


Put a couple drops of Jasmine Oil into the spray bottle. Add the Peridot and then the filtered water. Draw or tape the sigil onto the bottle and then set it near or on top of the Amethyst. Light the candle near by to allow it to charge and soak up the energies of the Peridot, Amethyst, Jasmine Oil, and the candle light.

When you are finished, spray in all corners of your room or house and breathe in the scent of Jasmine to soothe and cleanse your soul and aura. It would be good to meditate on these good feelings to fill your space with positive energy. 💕


Alright, so a recent homebrew game had us in the time period of the Salem Witch trials and all three of my players managed to get the entire town to think that they were witches. Fittingly enough, only one of my players is actually a witch, my most experienced player was a werewolf, and our newest player was a thief. All three were gonna be burned the stake as night time fell, and here’s basically what happened with the WW.

DM(Me): The town’s people have surrounded you as you’re tied down. Many are shouting obscenities and several have found rotten fruit to throw at you. As the priest starts his bullshit speech about cleansing your souls you see the moon start to rise.

WW(OOC): Is it a full moon?

DM: Yes.

WW: Seeing the full moon I transform, breaking the ropes and start towards the priest. 

DM: Why the priest? 

WW: Because…well… Because I wanna kill the priest.

DM: *sigh* Alright roll for strength and dexterity.

WW fails both rolls almost with flying colors. 

DM: In your current form you stumble towards the priest who backs away out of fear. Snarling, you raise a clawed hand and swipe, only to miss his face by almost twelve inches. Your poor strike catches you off guard and this gives the town’s people to time gather more rope and tie you down more securely. You’ve ended up back where you’ve started and now they have a definite reason to kill you. 

Thief: Does one of them get close to me? Do they have any weapon?

DM: The one closest to you has a hunting dagger strapped to his belt. They were smart enough to tie your hands down so you can do nothing.

Thief: Can I kick him though?

DM: I-… *sigh* roll for accuracy. 

Thief ALSO fails his roll with almost flying colors.

DM: You reach out to kick the townsman where the sun doesn’t shine. Instead, all you do is graze his ass with your foot, and upon feeling it, he turns and slaps you across the face, before threatening to slit your throat before your burned. You’ve given them another reason to kill you. Again. During this… event… the moon has risen almost to its peak, and the town is ready to start your execution. Several of the men have lit torches and are starting towards where you stand, ready to burn the kindling.

Witch: Can I use an non-verbal spell?

DM: Ah, fuck it, sure. You have the ability.

Witch: Then I cast Group Teleport.

DM: Roll for Magic Strength and Distance.

Witch manages a decent first roll and a sorta shitty second.

DM: The three of you successfully teleport away from your death leaving the ropes behind. However, misjudge the distance and the spell only takes you about ten feet behind the towns people, and someone manages to see you. 

WW & Thief(unison): RUN!

And thus began a fifteen minute chase scene complete with a high cliff that almost killed the thief, a very confused dwarf that almost got trampled both by my adventurers and the townspeople, and an argument between the Witch and the Werewolf along the way about whose fault it was.

  • typical guided meditations: you are light, you are love, you are protected and safe. don't be afraid to let go of all the negative things in your life. you are all that there is, the source of all, which is infinite goodness and love. let go of all the things that no longer serve you and make room for new universal energy to cleanse your body, soul and mind.
  • my personal guided meditations: listen up you little bith. i dont have time for u to be fuckin around with all these bad vibes. feel the light in every fuckin atom in your body alright. man up and stop giving a shit. let go of all thef uckery. right now. let it all go bitch. kick the sadness in the balls. let it all fuckin go. love and light bitch, love and light

Break Time! (Reader x Noctis / Reader x Prompto)

A/N: When you have to cleANSE YOUR SOUL OF SIN with pointless fluff before you sleep because phew, I don’t want lightning to strike me while I’m out.


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It was raining outside. 

It was disgusting weather and by some miracle, a combination of whining from you, Noctis and Prompto convinced both Ignis and Gladio that today was a good day for a break.

You lay on the bed between the prince and blond, body lying across them both. Your head rested on the back of Noct’s shoulders while you had your legs bent over Prompto’s back with your feet resting on his other side. All three of you were playing King’s Knight on your phones. The strategist and guard had opted to run errands and replenish resources while the three of you were content with being lazy in the motel.

Honestly the boys were veterans at the mobile game and you had only really just started. They had also managed to convince you to spend a minuscule amount of gil on some in app purchases to get started. Honestly you thought it was to keep you playing a bit longer to get your monies worth, but whatever.

“Why am I even doing this?” You groaned and rolled to lie on your side with your cheek pressed between Noct’s shoulder blades. The boys squirmed beneath you as you shifted so they could get comfortable again. “What level do I have to be to team up with you guys again?”

“Umm 10 I think.” Prompto gestured for you to show him what you were up to in the game. “You’re nearly there! Half way through level 8, that’s pretty good.”

“Mm, I think you get a free character pack at 10 too.” Noct rolled over to lie on his back and you lifted your head for him to do so before you dropped your head back onto his chest. “What role did you pick for the packs you bought?”

“Um… Hybrid. Tank, healer?” The system in the game was a little strange, but you were getting the hang of it. “I think that’s what you guys said you wanted?” You opened up your character screen and looked over your team of one and two star characters. Their characters borders were either blue or green, indicating their tank and healer roles respectively.

“Yeah, I know we said that, but you could have picked anything to be honest.” Prompto looked back and grinned at you.

“Well technically no, because you dorks both chose DPS roles. You have to balance the team out.” You rolled your eyes. As far as you knew, Gladio had taken a solely Tank role and Ignis covered the Healer role whenever he was coerced to play. “Sooo typical. You guys always go for the cool looking types. Like—” You reached up and grabbed Noct’s wrist to forcibly turn his phone towards you. “Look, it’s all duel-wielding sword DPS. Standard Noct! So standard.”

The prince rolled his eyes. So what if he had a particular character aesthetic? “I’m highest ranked DPS out of all of us, so you can make fun all you want, but my shoulders are tired from carrying you all.” He chuckled as you and Prompto groaned at his shit-talking and you felt it through your cheek on his chest. His free hand brushed through your hair a couple of times before he yawned and dropped his arm. “Ah, I’m tired. I wanna nap.”

“You always wanna nap, Noct.” Prompto dropped his phone onto the bed and turned to lie on his side too. He gently held onto you legs as he shifted and gave your calf a squeeze. “But this weather is kind of perfect nap weather.” Honestly all of you had been working pretty hard the last few days, tracking down and successfully completing quite a few hunts in the area. It was nice to just chill.

“Alright, we’ll nap and you have to finish grinding to level 10 in King’s Knight.” Noctis declared as he poked you in the side before shutting his eyes with an easy grin.

“What? Noo, guys that totally isn’t fair.” You laughed, knowing you were kind of powerless to do anything. You were getting pretty drowsy too. After so many days of action, your body was ready and willing to rest whenever it could. It was likely how the boys were feeling too.

When Gladio and Ignis returned they witnessed the pile of you curled up together fast asleep and they shook their heads. 

Lazy butts.

when to listen to korean boy groups:
  • BTS: when you wanna kill someone.
  • GOT7: when you wanna feel f r e s h af.
  • BIGBANG: when you wanna throw a party no one understands.
  • SEVENTEEN: when you want something catchy and refreshing.
  • SHINEE: when you wanna throw an electro party.
  • BLOCK B: when you wanna bring out the weirdest sides of yourself.
  • EXO: when you wanna feel hella sexy.
  • IKON: when you wanna punch someone in the face.
  • 24K: when you wanna get pumped up to 100%
  • WINNER: when you wanna cleanse your soul with perfectly combined voices from heaven.
  • MONSTA X: when you wanna get pumped up to 150%
  • B1A4: when you wanna cure youself from all evil.
wild world: a summary

good grief: watching through my fingers and EVERY MINUTE AND EVERY HOUR

the currents: “i can’t believe my ears” is right DAMN

an act of kindness: and now it follows me EVERYDAY

warmth: where the album title comes into play

glory: looking up foR HEAVEN 

power: POWER,,, POWER

two evils: iiiiiiIIIIIII’M 

send them off!: that fukcing bass line and brass parts hjsdlfkj

lethargy: headspin happiness DEATH  

four walls (the ballad of perry smith): these,, foOOUur waAALls


fake it: don’t turn over, turn over the PAAAAAaage 

snakes: ooh i’m not ready

winter of our youth: it’s 4am here comes the fear

way beyond: when real life’s more fucked up than fiction (also sick beats fam)

oil on water: dan smith’s voice gently cleanses your soul 

campus: help me help me help me help me 

shame: what can i even say, this song is SICK

the anchor: you are the light!!! that is blinding me! 

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"Since when were you so pretty?"

“Since when were you so pretty?”

Adrien snorted and waved away Nino’s hand that was curling a piece of Adrien’s hair in between his fingers. “I’m pretty sure most boys don’t want to hear that they’re pretty.”

“Yeah, but dude, you are,” Nino insisted, “like you’ve got that whole clear skin, fresh faced, high cheekbones, amazing hair, and bright eyes thing going on. Like you are freakin’ pretty, it is so hard for a dude to be pretty and you’re pretty.”

Adrien laughed when Nino pulled out his phone and took a picture of him so that he could “document this discovery for posterity.” “In that case, I’ll do my best to come to school looking pretty for you.”

shush you all need adrinino to cleanse your souls, you’re welcome

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