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Salp'uri Dance



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Salp'uri (Spirit-Cleansing Dance)

Description via “Salp'uri means literally to wash away evil spirits. Usually a mudang(shaman) presided over the process. Shamanism is a long-held tradition which emerged around the Three Kingdoms era. Salp'uri was the climax of shaman rituals. Its representative by-product is the unique salp'uri rhythmic cycle that has been adapted in other performing arts. Salp'uri is prevalent in the Honam region, the southwestern part of Korea, in the form of ssitkimgut, the soul cleansing shaman rite. This is regarded as the archetype of the present Salp'urich'um which uses a white silk scarf as a key prop.

The salp'urich'um dance has been polished over the centuries to add artistic value, and so it is hard today to trace it back to a mere exorcism rite. It was performed in shaman rites accompanied by the rhythms of shinawi (featuring an extensively improvised ensemble with wind and percussion instruments) to attract the interest of spectators. As it was refined into an artistic artform, salp'uri’s name changed to ipch'um, chukhungch'um, or sugonch'um.

Although it derived from shaman rites, salp'uri does not carry out any religious function. The dancer, attuning herself to the sorrowful shinawi music, portrays sadness and anxiety in her every step. During this process, the dancer’s movement reveals striking energy and movement as she performs in a trance- like state.

The salp'uri’s rhythmic normal font cycle starts out with slow-paced shinawi rhythms and gradually builds up speed which conveys the dancer’s excitement.”

“He who wishes to cleanse his heart should keep it continually aflame through practicing the remembrance of the Lord Jesus, making this his only study and his ceaseless task.”

~St Diadochos of Photik

(Photo © dramoor 2017 Santa Maria de Montserrat Basilica, Catalonia, Spain)


Yesterday I cleansed my crystals in the river and then again with a little sage. As I was walking back out of the forest, a lone fawn came to visit me. We looked at each other for awhile and then went our separate ways. It was truly a magical experience 🌈✨🦌🔮


It’s been years since this natural forest fire swept throught this forest, but in these pictures you can see signs of regrowth and nature reclaiming the area. This is actually nature’s way of renewing itself. Pinecones from these trees actually won’t release their seeds until extreme heat is applied. 😱🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🏔️🏔️🏔️🏔️🏔️🏔️🏔️🏔️🏔️🏔️🏔️🏔️🏔️🏔️#forestfire #mountains #deadfall #regrowth #renewal #nature #rebirth #forest #mountainside #exploring #explore #canada #positivevibes #cleansing #natural #photography