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✨ Cleansing in Witchcraft ✨

Cleansing is a way of removing negative or unwanted energies, spirits, and imprints from an object or a space. There are a number of simple rituals and actions that are done to cleanse. You can do as many or as few as you like, and create your own cleansing methods/rituals. 


  • Brush your hair, morning
  • Ritual baths
  • Dancing singing
  • Visualization 
  • Drinking a tea designed to cleanse


  • Brush your hair
  • Open the windows, let the new air come in and the old air out 
  • Light a candle
  • Playing a song you associate with cleansing
  • Ringing wind chimes
  • Wetting your hands in salt water and flicking the water through the area
  • Visualize light and colors, and manipulate the energy away


  • Ring a bell through an area
  • Smoke cleansing / cense (not smudging)
  • Waft incense smoke around
  • Burn herbs, such as sage, rosemary, bay leaf, etc
  • Spritz lemon-infused water around, or salt water
  • Light a candle
  • Sprinkle salt or eggshell pieces in the windows and doorways
  • Use a besom to clean the negative energies out of the air like cobwebs
  • Wave a branch of a strong-scented herb through the area, such as mint
  • Toss a pinch of salt or herbs in the door ways and window
  • Touch each corner of the room and say a short prayer over each


  • bury in a salt bath
  • if water-compatible (not soluble, won’t react poorly, etc), let sit in a moon or salt water bath
  • pass through smoke
  • incense
  • rainwater, mist, snow, etc
"hoe" tips #2 💋💕

• to make nails grow faster, mix ¼ cup of organic coconut oil, ¼ cup of raw organic honey, and 4 drops of rosemary essential oil. warm it up in the microwave for 15 seconds or less, soak your nails in it for 15 minutes. do this 1-2 times a week because it’s a form of nail exfoliation 💅

• steer clear of acetone-based nail polish! they will scrap your nails and leave them thinner. 👎 gel nail polish is safer and stays on for longer. 👏

• take your supplements if you seriously need them !!! invest in some biotins, omega 3 and omega 6 oils when they’re necessary to improve your health. if not, YOU ARE FINE. you’ll find what you need in your food👌 btw, if you’re black, we especially need vitamin d and sunlight! get that money and TREAT.YO.SELF.

• every once in a while, you get broke hoe problems and we can’t make sugar scrubs without the right ingredients. 😥 but, you got a few bananas left? got some cocoa butter and shea butter, some apricot kernel oil, a little brown sugar too?? MIX THAT SHIT TOGETHER AND PUT IT IN A BLENDER. when it’s completely smooth, pour into a mason jar and add in the brown sugar 👍👍👍 your legs will feel silky smooth and refreshed after the exfoliation, trust.

• drink. your. green. tea!!!! 🍵 i cannot stress this enough! it cleanses bad toxins out of your body, eliminates unneeded bacteria, promotes faster metabolism, and can also promote growth for hair. get at least 1 cup in when you have the time 💧

• change your scarves and pillowcases out if they are cotton. cotton makes the hair brittle and dry and recycles bacteria and dirt into the pores of your face. ❌ using soft fabric like silk and satin will be more gentle on your hair. also, wash your pillowcase every week! avoid all the bad stuff and wallow in the clear. 🌟🌟🌟

• get your protein treatments, ASAP. it cleanses your hair while deep conditioning it and clarifying it of product build-up and leaves your tresses soft and smooth. whip up an egg and 3 tbsps raw plain yogurt mix and massage it into your hair. wash out the egg with cold water after, if not , it will fry inside your hair under heat or with hot water! leave it in for 20 minutes under a heat source, rinse, and then continue on with your shampoo routine ✨✨👸💆

• (FOR NONBINARY PEOPLE, BIOLOGICAL WOMEN, PEOPLE WHO STICK TO THEIR ASSIGNED GENDER) not as busty in the bra size or big in the ass area?? don’t worry. v-necks, crop tees, high waisted shorts/jeans, halter tops, and leggings are great alternatives to emphasizing your body. do your squats!! do your leg exercises!! do your push-ups for those bigger boobs!! never stop pushing yourself to better your body 💪👊☝if you are biologically male, nonbinary, or stick to your assigned gender, maca root supplements help speed up metabolism and balances out the hormones, which would help it have a growth spurt, if wanted 💕

• ginger tea is great if you are hungover and it cures nausea 💝💞

• avoid. putting. coconut oil. in. your. vagina (if you have one) !!!! it is antibacterial and antifungal and does wonders for hair and nails, but steer clear of physically inserting it inside of you. it’s a recipe for a yeast infection, or better yet, if you do it before getting busy in the bedroom, unwanted pregnancy! because it EATS HOLES IN LATEX CONDOMS!!! 👎✊

• do your eyebrows/eyelashes a favor and put extra virgin olive oil and castor oil combined on them. rub it in gently and don’t regret one second!! do it daily for a couple weeks, and you WILL get thicker eyebrows/longer eyelashes. 💋👂

• looking for a makeup remover, but they just don’t work out? mix 2 tbsps alcohol-free rose witch hazel (diluted with water to numb its astringent effect *for sensitive skin ppl out there*) 2 tbsps jojoba oil, and of course, 2 tbsps filtered water. add them all together and pour it into a dispenser and shake it well before using. wipe it on your eyelids with unscented towelettes and walah!! 💁🙌

to get at stray makeup, dip a cotton q-tip into the mixture and be careful and gentle.

• you see this everywhere, but pee after sex!!! please!!!! avoid a uti and infection by doing so. even then, it won’t prevent you entirely from STDs. get tested, get your partner tested! 😘😉

• red raspberry leaf tea helps with heavy and irregular bleeding during your period (if you’re a biological female), and the fragrarine helps tone and tighten the pelvic muscles, which reduces cramps! 🍓🍓🍓🍓 drink it regularly before your period to see results! • black tea is a natural lip toner! spray onto your lips or rub it in and get them plump, soft, and refreshed! 🍷

• love yourself! 💞💕 pamper your needs and chill at an expensive spa, get a bullet journal, drink your water. drown yourself in well-deserved luxury! me-time is the best time. 😊

happy hoeing!

Uses for Moon Water 🌙

Due to popular demand, I’ve decided to make a post on the uses of moon water! 

  1. Add a drop to lunar spell jars based on intent
  2. Add to a bath for cleansing and relaxation
  3. Rinse and cleanse your hair with it in the shower
  4. Purify and use in consumable potions for enhanced psychic abilities, relaxation, protection, or dreamwork
  5. Make a cleansing spray and use in your home
  6. Sprinkle a few drops around the perimeter of your home or bedroom
  7. Use to anoint and cleanse objects such as magickal tools or crystals
  8. Use to anoint yourself before spellwork or divination, or simply to promote peace and relaxation
  9. Use to charge objects with lunar energy
  10. Water your plants with it
  11. Add it to your water cup when painting to promote imaginative thinking 
  12. Add a few drops to the washer before washing bedsheets to promote dreaming
  13. Use as a representation of either water, the moon, or both on your altar
  14. Combine with corresponding crystals or herbs for an added boost of energy
  15. Fill a hollow pendant with it and wear it to represent the moon, a particular lunar phase, or one of its associated correspondences (protection, relaxation, enhanced psychic abilities, etc.)
  16. Anoint a charm with moon water and carry it with you for protection, safe travels, or improved memory 

Tips & a few words of caution:

  • Always purify and filter your moon water before consuming
  • If you plan to add crystals to your moon water, use tumbled stones so they won’t break down in the water (especially if you plan to drink it)
  • If you do plan to consume your moon water, store it in the fridge to extend it’s shelf life
  • Don’t water your plants with cold moon water; make sure it’s lukewarm or at room temperature first
  • If you’re unsure on what kind of intentions correspond to lunar energy, check out the links below 

These are just some ideas on how to use moon water, but feel free to get creative! 


I’ve been struggling to figure out why my hair is so dry even though I DC weekly, co-wash twice a week, and cleanse and seal my hair properly. I’ve been using Shea Moisture for years but it wasn’t working anymore and I discovered that they completely changed their formulas in order to suit people with that of an…errr..straighter, finer hair texture. So I threw them out and tried some new products! These are the results I’ve been getting for the past month. I’m very happy with my new regimen :)

1. Grape seed oil
2. Extra Virgin olive oil
3. Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel
4. Maui Moisture Agave hair mask
5. Maui Moisture Shea Butter conditioner
6. As I Am Double Butter Cream
7. Mielle Organics Babassu Mint deep conditioner



My Tips for Healthy Natural Hair

• Don’t wash hair too often. Once a week, bi-weekly, or monthly is best. Use a sulfate-free shampoo because sulfate is a cleaning agent that strips all of the natural oils and moisture from the hair.

• Co-wash (washing with conditioner) to refresh hair between shampoo washes. This will cleanse the hair while adding moisture. Two of my favorites are Eden BodyWorks All Natural Cleansing Cowash and Creme of Nature Pure-licious Cowash Cleansing Conditioner.

• Keep hair moisturized. Dry, brittle hair will break off and frizz up, thus halting hair growth. My favorite leave-in conditioner is Shea Moisture’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave-In Conditioner. It keeps my hair soft and moisturized for days!

• Use natural oils to seal moisture into hair after applying leave-in conditioner, and on the scalp to stimulate hair growth. For thick hair like mine, I like to use olive oil. Jojoba oil is also great for using on the scalp and hair as it is the closest natural oil to the sebum our skin produces. Coconut, avocado, castor, and grapeseed oil are also good.

• Deep condition at least once a week for 30 minutes to an hour. Deep conditioning the hair is vital to keeping it strong and moisturized. Shea Moisture and Eden BodyWorks make great ones.

• Sleep with a satin scarf/bonnet on or sleep on a satin pillowcase. Cotton pillowcases suck all the moisture out of your hair and create breakage and frizz.

• Detangle hair only when damp with water or conditioner. Use a wide tooth comb or your fingers and BE GENTLE.

• Avoid styling your hair everyday and avoid tight hair styles that put strain on your edges and nape hair. Low manipulation is key.

• Drink a lot of water and eat a healthy diet rich in protein, iron, zinc, and Vitamins A, E, D, and B. 

• Take a multi-vitamin daily and/or a hair growth vitamin. 


Black history month day 13: Entrepreneur and social activist Madame CJ Walker.

Madame CJ Walker was born Sarah Breedlove in Louisiana in 1867. Her parents and siblings had been former slaves but she was the first in her family to be born free post-emancipation. She was orphaned at the age of 7, and when she was 10, Sarah moved to Mississippi to live with her older sister and brother-in-law, and work as a domestic servant. She married at 14, possibly to escape mistreatment from her brother-the-law. She had one child with her first husband Moses before he passed away. She remarried, but ended up leaving her husband to move to Denver Colorado. Finally in 1906, Sarah married Charles Joseph Walker, a newspaper advertising salesman she had known in Missouri. Through this marriage, she became known as Madam C. J. Walker.

Sarah moved to St. Louis Missouri with her daughter and got work as a laundress, barely earning a dollar a day. Still, she was determined to make enough money to afford her daughter a formal education. During this time, Walker experienced hair and scalp problems that were common among black women of her era, including severe dandruff and baldness due to skin disorders and the application of harsh products such as lye that were included in soaps to cleanse hair. Other contributing factors included poor diet, illnesses, and infrequent bathing and hair washing. This was a time when many Americans lacked indoor plumbing, central heating, and electricity. Walker ended up becoming a commission sales agent for Annie Turnbo Malone, another black hair care entrepreneur, and ended up adapting her knowledge of hair to develop her own product line. Eventually she became the biggest rival of the company she once worked for.

Walker began a business selling hair care products for African-American women. She worked with her husband as a business partner and her daughter as a sales associate. She adopted the name “madam” from the women pioneers of the French beauty industry, and trained many other black women on proper hair care and how to sell her products. She gave jobs to thousands of women and the majority of her salesforce and management was female run. She gained international popularity with women using her products in places like Haiti, Jamaica, and Cuba.

Walker passed away at age 51 from kidney failure and complications with hypertension, and her daughter became president of the company. Walker was eulogized first self-made American millionaire, although her estate was only worth about $600,000. However that’s close to $8 million in today’s money. Walker gave generously to charity and spent much of her life teaching other black women how to budget their money and start their own businesses.

I am finals-free and ready to return to my calling which consists of trying to make up for the lack of fanart for this ship on this godforsaken website

Hau with his hair down cleansed my skin, watered my crops and fed my Pokemon delicious Malasada 

Imagine being secretly married to Tony during Civil War

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Summary: Imagine secretly being married to Tony during Civil War. You eventually side with him out of the fear of fighting him, being a powerful fighter on the team. 

Word Count: 2,260

Warnings: Swearing. 

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“Secretary Ross has a Congressional Medal of Honor, which is one more than you have.” You listened to the cold debate between Rhodey and Sam. You were positive Rhodey would win, him being Rhodey. As much as you liked Sam, but Rhodey knew what he was talking about. You weren’t even sure if you would know what you’d be talking about when you figured out your side, but you were leaning towards the Accords, even with not being at Lagos when Wanda accidentally threw a contained explosion towards a building which killed eleven Wakandans. Something told you Wanda hadn’t being fully focused, ‘cause you were sure she could control her powers. 

“So let’s say we agree to this thing.” Your eyes shift to exasperated Tony in a decorative orange chair. His hand sprawled over his face. His eyes go up in exasperation as Sam continues speaking. “How long before they Lojack us like a bunch of common criminals?”

“A 117 countries wanna sign this. A 117, Sam, and you’re like ‘no, that’s cool. We got it’.”

“How long are you going to play both sides?”

“I have an equation,” Vision declares. You were fidgeting with the ring you often kept hidden(despite the size of the diamond) on your finger. Rhodey and Sam turned to see him sitting on his own chair. 

“Oh, this will clear it up,” Sam says. Yeah, you thought it would. 

“In the eight years since Mr. Stark has announced himself as Iron Man, the number of known enhanced persons has grown exponentially. During the same period, the number of potentially world-ending events has risen at a commensurate rate.”

“Are you saying it’s our fault?” Steve looks up from the thick Accords book. You raise your brows at him. Um…Well, the team….Think about it…

“I’m saying there may be a casualty. Our very strength invites challenge. Challenge incites conflict. Conflict..breeds catastrophe. Oversight…oversight is not an idea that can be dismissed out of hand.”

“Boom,” Rhodey says simply. It earns him a glare from his debate competitor. You knew he’d win the debate. 

“Tony,” Natasha says. Your lover brings his exasperated hand off his face. “You’re being uncharacteristically non-hyperverbal.”

“It’s because he’s already made up his mind,” Steve once again looks up from the book. 

“Boy, you know me so well,” Tony remarks. He stands up and heads to the kitchen. “Actually, I’m nursing an electromagnetic headache. That’s what’s going on, Cap. It’s just pain.” Oh god, that drove your suspicions a bit. Something was wrong. Tony wasn’t feeling exactly great. You were the only person who seemed to care, and you were glad you noticed. Sometimes how the team treated him just angered you. 

“It’s discomfort. Who’s putting coffee grounds in the disposal? Am I running a bed and breakfast for a biker gang?” He asks. Tony brings out his phone and a holographic pops out with the image of a black boy. Tony turns his head for a moment. “Oh, that’s Charles Spencer, by the way. He’s a great kid. Computer engineering degree, 3.6 GPA, had a floor-level gig at Intel for the fall. But first, he wanted to put a few miles on his soul before he parked behind a desk. See the world.”

Oh god, he had a sobby speech that had guilted him a lot, you realized. When you were there earlier at MIT, you started to think Tony hadn’t gone to the restroom. He may’ve saw a grieving mom instead who blamed him. Oh god…

“Maybe be of service. Charlie didn’t want to go to Vegas or Fort Lauderdale which is where I would do. He didn’t go to Paris or Amsterdam, which sounds fun. He decided to spend his summer building sustainable housing for the poor-guess where? Sokovia!” He slaps the sound of a slapping paper. You deeply exhale. This had worked him up big time. Why couldn’t the team understand? Why couldn’t the team…be more supportive of him, sometimes?

“He wanted to make a difference, I suppose. We won’t know because we dropped a building on him while we were kicking ass.” Tony took a sip of coffee while walking over. “There’s no decision-making process here. We need to be put in check! Whatever form that takes, I’m game. If we can’t accept limitations, if we’re boundary-less, we’re no better than the bad guys.”

“Tony, if someone dies on our watch, we don’t give up,” Steve states. 

“Who said we’re giving up?”

“We are if we’re not taking responsibility for our actions. This document just shifts the blame.”

“Sorry, Steve. That is just dangerously arrogant. This is the United Nations we’re talking about.” Steve makes a horrible expression, making you give a horrible roll of eyes. It’s not the World Security Counsil, it’s not Shield, it’s not Hydra.”

“No, but it’s run by people with agendas, and agendas change.”

“That’s good! That’s why I’m here. When I realized what my weapons were capable of in the wrong hands, I shut it down and stopped manufacturing.”

“Tony, you chose to do that. If we sign this, we surrender our right to choose!” Steve says. You exhale, crossing your arms. You shake your head. 

“What if this panel sends us somewhere we don’t think we should go? What if there’s somewhere we need to go and they don’t let us? We may not be perfect, but the safest hands are still are own.” 

“If we don’t do this now, it’s gonna be done to us later. That’s the fact. That won’t be pretty.”

“You’re saying they’ll come for me,” Wanda speaks up. Nah, they wouldn’t.

“We would protect you.” Wanda’s head turns to Vision. You had always wondered about those two. 

“Maybe Tony is right.”

You furrowed your brows looking at Natasha’s declaration. “If we have one hand on the wheel, we can still steer. If we take it off-”

“Aren’t you the same woman who told the government to kiss her ass a few years ago?” Sam questions her sudden opinion. 

“I’m just..raiding the terrain. We have made some very public mistakes. We need to win their trust back.”

“Focus up. I’m sorry. Did I just mishear you or did you agree with me?”

“Oh, I wanna take it back now,” Natasha says. Tony shakes a finger. “No, you can’t retract it. Thank you, unprecedented. Okay, case closed. I win.” 

You turn your eyes to see Cap on his phone. His concerned expression….

“I have to go.”

He stands up and leaves abruptly, leaving you all here to debate among ourselves. You swallow. “A lotta conflict could come up if you don’t sign.” Heads turn to you. You’ve made your decision. “And we should tone it down a bit. The energy’s been a bit hyper, don’t’cha think?”

“Well of course you agree with him,” Sam remarks. You give him a look. “I’m not necessarily a fan of it 100 percent. I’m not exactly a fan of Ross, and I’m not sure about the quality of who makes up the panel. But in the long run, it’s a safer choice.”

“The safer choice,” Sam mutters. You throw out a short sigh. “Well, what if there was a family around here? What if there were kids running around the place-wouldn’t you want safer for them? And even without kids, do you wanna come back and suddenly have regrets when one of us gets hurt when the panel could’ve made a difference? You know this isn’t worth fighting about, Sam. I know you do.”

“Who would be having kids in this chaos of a world in the first place?!” Sam exclaims. You shrug, throwing your hands out. “I don’t know! It’s just possible, Sam, you don’t know always what is up with people!” You say. And then you think of Tony. You wouldn’t be having kids with him any time soon-probably at all. He doesn’t wanna ruin them. Partially, you wanted a kid or two. But then there were the missions and there might be one day where you don’t come back. That was scary. That you couldn’t do to your kids. You knew Tony couldn’t either. 

But you were at least married to him before you could ever loose him, or before he could lose you. It was a simple fact, you could be killed. You were strong, though. You wouldn’t let yourself get killed if you could help it for Tony’s sake. He’d suffer worse than he has without you. Everyone else treated him like crap. Tony had anxiety-you only found out a few weeks ago. He’s been bottling it up, and you didn’t like that. So he talked to you and you listened very intently. Apparently, he tried to talk to Bruce once and he fell asleep. Fell asleep. Your view changed on the man immediately. 

“Are you talking about you and Stark?” Sam finally blurts. 

“Wha-no! Can you not see generally, Sam?” Your jaw drops. You had a feeling Tony was also annoyed. “Cap’s going off doing whatever with only a ‘I have to go’ could be a girl for all I know, and I didn’t ask questions!”

“We all know you have a relationship, Y/N,” Natasha says. You shake your head. “Oh god, not you too.”

“Yeah, and what if we do?” Tony finally says. You slightly wanna walk out, but you can’t exactly. 

“Wouldn’t be a surprise,” Sam says. “It explains the freakishly large diamond on your ring finer, Y/N.”

“That I thought that I had hidden very well,” You eye him. Sam was on your nerves, and Natasha was too despite her siding with Tony on these Accords. 

Your nerves are blown. “Our relationship is just not any of your business!” You swipe your hands flat. “Okay?! I’m serious. Just fuck off!”

“Fine! Fine!” Sam surrenders. “I’ll back off.” You eyed him again. You shake your head and head off into your room. You were tired for now. Since it was around maybe four, you decide to settle down really early. You tell Friday to have no one disturb you since you were gonna take a shower. So you rinse down over your skin, cleanse your skin and hair, and you soon dry off. Sometimes, you would shower with Tony. But did it look like you were in the mood? …..No. You weren’t.

After you get out, you pull on a purple lounge shirt and black lounge pants. It was darker, now, and you flop back on your bed. A knock comes to the door. “Come in.” And of course it was him. Tony. 

“You doing alright?” He sits on your bed. You sit up against your headboard. “I dunno….I’m sorry how I bursted out back there. I don’t know what’s up with me.”

“Well how ya talk is part of how I fell in love with you, wouldn’t you agree?”

You exhale. “Yeah, I guess.” You then wait a moment. “And I’m sorry about mentioning kids and all, I dunno..”

“No, it’s fine, Y/N.”

You were sure it wasn’t fine. “It probably bugs you-it bugs me somewhat. Wanting to have something I can’t protect.”

“You wanna have kids?” Tony asks. 

“I-I don’t know!” You say. Your eyes stare down to your lap for a short moment before they face Tony. It could be hard to face Tony, sometimes. But he was your husband. He wasn’t supposed to be hard to face. 

“I understand when you think aliens are going to come back…I wouldn’t want to put my kids through that. And you’ll be on the front lines-you know where that puts me.”

“I wouldn’t let you be out there.”

“It’s inevitable, I’d be out there. They need me-you need me. Sometimes one master assassin is just not enough,” You shake your head. “But I’m not immortal. Do you really think our kids could go through with one of us dying-maybe both of us? Who knows how powerful aliens really are.”

“Don’t remind me,” Tony says. Okay, you were triggering him. No, nope, not happening. No, no, NOPE! 

“I’m sorry-I shouldn’t’ve-”

“It’s fine, no, it’s okay.” You knew he wasn’t okay. You saw it in the fearful brown of his eyes. Oh, his fearful brown eyes. You loved him. You always just wondered if you could protect him. You wondered if you could protect him just as much or more as he wanted to protect you. And the amount he wanted to protect you was like the amount of stars in the sky…..It was incredibly huge. 

I mean like….

You were all he had at the end of it all. 


You saw him, his breathing slightly iffy. “Nothing’s happening, just breathe,” You mutter to him. It was just a gentle reminder. You tried to not make a huge deal out of it since you didn’t need to. Within the next minute, he’s okay. He had to be okay. And plus, you knew very well when he was okay and when he was not okay. You knew it faster than you knew your name. 

“Yeah, it would be nice to settle down with you, Y/N. We could have a kid or two, have a nice house somewhere away from everything-but we can’t. We just can’t.” Honestly, you felt a bit disappointed to hear Tony so negative. You exhale. “No, probably not….” You trail. 

“But at least I have you.” He looks at you with emotion in the brown hues. A slight smile morphed on your face. He kisses you. You loved it when he kissed you. He always meant it.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

going all-natural skin care + 6 things i stopped buying

1. Deodorant: Instead, use Witch Hazel (suggested scent: rose petal) on a pad, apply under arms

benefits: helps reduce discoloration in armpits // lowers skin pH so odor-causing bacteria can’t exist // no harsh smells


2. Shampoo: Instead, cleanse your hair, as needed, with diluted Apple Cider Vinegar, and rinse out after 3-5 minutes.

benefits: repairs hair cuticles // cleanses your scalp // does not strip your hair of natural oils // no sulfates and other stripping chemicals


3. Makeup Remover Wipes: instead, use a washcloth (preferably black) and apply solidified coconut oil to your face, then use the cloth to wipe your entire makeup off until satisfied. *(continue with face wash routine or face mask)

 benefits: reusable // machine washable // save money // gentle on the skin // effectively removes makeup


4. Ineffective Lip Balms: instead, make or buy your own natural oil-and-shea butter-based lip balm (suggested brand: BUTTERelixir Lip Balm)

 benefits: 100% natural // cruelty-free // protect lips from sun and wind // can also be used to moisturize and help improve nail and cuticle texture and strength // no GMA, preservatives, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances // BPA free // non-toxic vegan 


5. Disposable Razors: instead, instead, use a stainless-steel safety razor with reusable blades

 benefits: eco-friendly // zero-waste // reusable // unisex // sustainable


6. Shaving Cream: instead, use hair conditioner (preferably a natural and/or organic brand such as Petal Fresh Pure) on desired external areas (**shaving with a sunburn, use aloe vera for a cooling effect and skin treatment) 

benefits: cost-effective // moisturizes skin // allows easier movement with razor/shaving stick // convenient in the shower // smoother skin // prevents ingrown hair and bumps // hydrating  

Healthy Hair Growth Challenge (courtesy of Nappturalistic Beauty)

Basic Guidelines to Follow (in addition to the Sub Challenges):

  • Make sure your hair has a good trim before starting the challenge & ONLY trim at 6 month intervals if needed
  • Wash/Cleanse your hair 1x per week
  • Always do Hot Oil Treatments before (pre-poo) or after you wash your hair
  • Always Deep Condition after every Wash & Hot Oil treatment followed by a Leave In Conditioner
  • Blot hair with a t-shirt & Air dry the hair 99% of the time
  • Remain FAITHFUL to Moisturizing & Sealing your ends at least 3x a week to prevent breakage & split ends.
  • Wear protective or low manipulation styles 3-5x a week
  • No heat (blow drying, flat iron, curling iron, etc.) 
  • Take a hair growth aide or multivitamin if you choose to benefit the health & growth of your hair & body.
  • ALWAYS protect your hair at night with a silk/satin scarf and/or bonnet. Sleeping with a satin pillowcase will be beneficial as well.
  • Eat a healthy diet, eliminating fast food and as many processed foods as possible.
  • Exercise at least 2-3x a week, whether it’s walking, running, jogging, aerobics, etc. Do something that will get your heart pumping & get your blood flow circulating.
  • Drink PLENTY of water.
  • Keep your hands OUT of your hair when you’re not styling or massaging it
  • Every day, look in the mirror at yourself & say a positive affirmation about yourself to motivate yourself.
  • Take a picture of your hair before starting this challenge. At three months (December 31st), take a picture and do a length check to track how your hair is coming along. Post a picture to the Wall whenever you are making progress for your encouragement and others encouragement & inspiration as well.
  • Periodically post how much growth you’ve had.

Sub Challenges

1st Sub Challenge is “Deep Conditioning”, “H2O” and “Scalp Massaging" 


  • Deep Condition your hair with your favorite Deep Conditioner at least 1x a week.
  • If you’re wearing braids or weaves, deep condition 1x every 14 days (2 weeks).
  • Gently detangle your hair in sections, working your way from your ends up to your roots with a wide tooth comb and then 2-strand twist each section.  Rinse your hair with the twists to keep your hair from tangling all over again.
  • Use your preferred method of (with plastic cap) Hooded Dryer, Hot Towel, Heat Cap, No Heat or Steamer (no plastic cap) to assist your deep conditioner for better penetration & absorption
  • Deep Condition for a minimum of 30 minutes every session
  • Do a protein conditioning treatment 1x every 4-6 weeks (if your hair allows it).
  • Drink at least eight 8oz glasses of water or more everyday
  • Post a starting picture at the beginning of this challenge and a final result picture at the end of this challenge.

Scalp Massage Requirements:

  1. Beginners: Massage scalp 3-5 minutes daily 
  2. Intermediate & Advanced: Massage scalp 5-10 minutes daily 

How to do Scalp Massages

You can massage your scalp, using the pads of your fingers with any oil of choice or none (if allergic or scalp doesn’t like oil). 

  • Pour some oil into a bowl and warm the oil by placing the bowl in some hot water. The oil should be warm but comfortable to the touch.  Or you can just use your favorite oil straight from the bottle.
  • Using the pads of your fingers, apply the oil little by little to different parts of your scalp, parting your hair as needed.  Then, using the pads of your fingers, work the oil into your scalp, using circular motions. Slow, deliberate movements are relaxing while steady but vigorous movement helps enhance energy and circulation.

Sample list of oils for scalp massages

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Almond Oil
  • Emu Oil
  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Neem Oil
  • *Burdock Oil
  • *Basil Oil
  • *Tea Tree Oil
  • *Lavender Oil
  • *Peppermint Oil
  • *Rosemary Oil

*Essential Oil that should be used with a carrier oil such as Jojoba, Castor or Olive Oil.


Information for Scalp Massage Challenge

You must note that most essential oils are very strong and should be used only after diluting it with a carrier oil. Remember, essential oils are VERY concentrated and shouldn’t be used directly on the skin or hair.  Before using them you must also consult your health care provider as some oils could cause irritation and allergic reactions in the body.

After rinsing out the Bentonite Clay mask from my friends hair. This is the second time I’ve done this and the week before I straightened her hair for an event. Curls are still there! This mask + her keeping her hair moisturized has made such a difference.

I mix bentonite clay + apple cider vinegar + tea tree oil to detox her hair and redefine her curls. It’s good to use maybe once a month or every 2 months to cleanse hair. Next time I’ll take a pic during the process!



          Hey beauties!!! I embarked on my natural hair journey in 2013, and while I’ve had many ups and downs, I’m happy that my hair is the healthiest its ever been! Thankfully, I have managed to cultivate a few techniques for growing my 4c hair past shoulder length. Here are my top 4 tips for promoting hair growth!


          You may not like it, but we have to face the fact that ALL hair should be trimmed on a regular basis. That doesn’t mean that you have to trim your hair every 6 to 8 weeks. I personally blow dry and trim my hair every 4 months, which has definitely served me well. After every single trim, my hair goes on a mini growth spurt! Other naturals may trim their hair just once a year, depending on their schedule and lifestyle. It may sound crazy, but in order to grow your hair, you have to trim it every once in a while.


          Don’t get me wrong, if you are someone who is able to maintain healthy hair without stretching your hair, then go for it! Natural hair shrinkage is a beautiful thing, and it is a great sign that your hair is in good condition. However, if you are like me and you simply don’t have the patience to maintain healthy coils in their fully shrunken state, then you should consider wearing your hair stretched. I stretch my hair every night by twisting my hair into 8 jumbo twists, and wrapping each twist into a loose bantu knot by twisting the knot from the middle of my hair down to the ends. To secure each knot, I use a lose hair band from the Dollar Tree. This provides my hair with a heatless stretch that makes my hair care routine so much easier. 


          It’s always important to moisturize your strands to prevent breakage. Although there are several different methods for moisturizing natural hair, I prefer to use coconut oil. I know there are plenty of people who believe that you can’t moisturize your hair with oil, but it depends on the type of oil you use. Since coconut oil is one of a few oils that penetrate your hair strands, it’s a great everyday moisturizer for your hair! The coconut oil that I use is from Carrington Farms (54 oz) because it is extra virgin and organic. 

          Co-washing is another great way to retain moisture while GENTLY cleansing the hair. Since my scalp is extremely dry, I prefer to co-wash my hair most of the time. My conditioner of choice is the Original Mane ‘n Tail Conditioner because it detangles like a dream.  


          It’s definitely tempting for us 4c divas to go months and months without detangling our hair, but detangling protects your hair from a plethora of knots, tangles and breakage. I detangle my hair once a week to once every two weeks. You can safely go longer without detangling, but going more than three months without detangling you hair is risky. In my experience, the more frequently I detangle my hair, the less knots and breakage I have. 

          That’s it! These four simple techniques have been life savers for my 4c coils. While these strategies have worked wonders for my hair, they may not work for you…and that’s okay. Every head of hair is different. However, if you’re someone who has had some major issues with your natural hair, give some of these techniques a try!


Reasons for SnapChat? the filters. Hair just cleansed in prep for twisting.

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Morning Swim

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: You decide to take a nice, relaxing skinny-dip only to have an oblivious Sam join you.

Triggers: Nudity, Swearing, Winchester Stubborness

Request: @thetardishasaquidditchpitch- “Congratulations hon! How about #30 (”Where the hell are your clothes?”) with Sam? 😚”

A/N: This drabble got away from me and turned into an all-out fic haha Just wanted to post something funny, slightly fluffy, and incredibly awkward before posting an angsty little mini series sometime in the next couple of days. Hope ya’ll enjoy it!


Your name: submit What is this?

Today was the last straw. You felt like you were about to pass out from the overwhelming musk of the Winchester campsite. It was so potent that you swear it had attached itself to you by association.

You three were supposed to be crashing in the woods just for a few days to hunt down a Wendigo. Well, a couple days ago you torched that son of a bitch and were ready to head back to the nice, fresh-smelling bunker.

But someone named Sam Fucking Winchester decided you three should take a nice bonding vacation and hang out in the woods for the rest of the week.

“Camping is good for you! Loads of families do it. We need a vacation anyway. It’ll be fun!” He pleaded with those cursed puppy-dog eyes. You and Dean were outmatched.

Vegas was a vacation. Road trips to the Grand Canyon were a vacation. Camping was hardly a vacation.

And sure you loved spending extra time with your best friends, especially with Sam, but you could have easily done so in the nice, clean sanctum of the bunker.

The boys didn’t even seem to notice the overwhelming stench, as they happily fished, hiked, and even roasted marshmallows as if the air around them wasn’t toxic. Perhaps years of motels and living together killed off their sense of smell.

You, however, wanted to keep yours in tact.

At 6 in the morning, your phone beeped at you and you excitedly sprung up from your sleeping bag. You quietly slipped out of your tent, listened for the boys’ snores, and then tiptoed down to the pond Sam and Dean fished at.

When you caught sight of the pond, you nearly cried with joy. You walked off the trail and around the edge of the water until you made it to the dock. You walked to the end of it and looked down at the pond as if it was the most beautiful landmark on earth.

Finally…to hell with the musk!

You scanned the area, checking if any other campers or hikers were crazy enough to be awake this early. When the coast looked clear, you hastily stripped from your shorts, t-shirt, and underwear. You tossed your clothes off to the side and dived off the dock into pure bliss.

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