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What's your skin routine? <3

- cleanse with micellar water
- wash with neutrogena cleansing bar
- (IF NEEDED) wipe with OXY pads
- rose water toner OR witch hazel toner
- put on aloe vera gel as moisturizer

- shower every day, wash hair sun/wed/fri w/ sulfate free shampoo
- wash face using clarisonic+neutrogena blackhead removal soap
- wash body using exfoliating gloves+neutrogena body clear or tea tree soap
- rinse with cold water
- work on cellulite via cellulite remover thing

- cleanse with micellar water
- wash face using clarisonic+neutrogena deep clean masque/cleanser
- (IF NEEDED) wash face with neutrogena rapid clear cleanser
- cold water rinse
- apply castor oil mix (1 part castor oil, 1 part vitamin e oil, 1 part fractionated coconut oil) to brows & lashes

- salicylic acid peel (saturday)
- bentonite clay (2tbsp) + tea tree oil mask (1tsp) (monday)
- wash with mario badescu foaming glycolic cleanser w/ clarisonic (tuesday)
- probiotic pills (wednesday)
- neutrogena deep clean masque (thursday)

- spot treat blemishes w/ tea tree oil (morning) and neutrogena on the spot (night)
- spot treat dark marks w/ ambi fade cream
- use mario badescu aloe rosewater facial spray as needed
- always wash with microfiber washcloths

- remove eye makeup with coconut oil
- wipe off with neutrogena wipes
- follow night routine

skin tips:

aight, so. since @tarynel loves my skin, i decided i’ll share my tips.

the products i use are: cetaphil gentle cleansing bar, witch hazel, vitamin E oil, cotton pads & an exfoliating glove.

- i do my regimen while in the shower, so that the steam can open up my pores. bathe your body first & wash your face last, this allows time for your pores to open up.
- i use cetaphil to exfoliate my face with the exfoliating gloves! no i do not use any harsh exfoliating scrubs bcs they tend to dry the skin completely out. while Cetaphil cleanses AND moisturizes.
- after exfoliating, i rinse my face off in luke warm water.
- i then follow up with witch hazel, witch hazel is an astringent & helps with inflammation, pour a little on your cotton pad, wipe & focus on your problem areas, you will be surprised by how much dead skin is left even after exfoliating.
- after using the witch hazel, pour a dime size amount of vitamin e oil into your hand & apply it to your face. do NOT* rub it in, just apply it as if it were a mask & go to sleep! lol.
- wake up in the morning, get a warm towel, wipe your face & lotion. i normally just use a dab to look fresh faced in the morning. the vitamin E oil is already an active moisturizer so you don’t need to look greasy.

i also take hair, skin, vitamin pills. but this is only bcs i’m on a hair journey but i’m noticing a change in my skin.

also, drink WATER. watch your diet. if you are someone who suffers from acne on your forehead between your eyebrows, leave that fast food alone & stop eating all that junk. detox, switch ya diet up & drink water.
if you insist on having a lil spice in ya life, drink 100% cranberry juice. sugars are a huge trigger for me so i try to stay away from it.

if you have any specific questions, please feel free to ask. i don’t mind helping.

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Got any tips for an oily broke bitch such as myself? (I'm not that last anon but I too am broke and in need of tips 😂)

ya!! idk if ur lookin for makeup or skincare but….. im gonna assume skincare

  • if u have oily skin, the trick is to get rid of excess oil without completely drying out the skin. finding products that dont trigger oil production is a must
  • always look for a cleanser that is free of sodium laurel sulfate, which is a detergent that can strip skin of natural oils and will make ur skin produce more
  • some rly good products are the Aveeno Clear Complexion Cleansing Bar which is less than $3 at most drugstores, or the Avalon Organics CoQ 10 Facial Milk, which costs about $10 & cleanses while leaving your skin feeling super hydrated. if ur lookin for wipes the Simple Oil Balancing Cleansing Wipes sell for less than $5 and get rid of dirt, oil, and makeup 
  • oily skin does need moisture in order to restore balance in your skin but heavy moisturizers might break u out so
  • always choose an oil-free moisturizer to hydrate your skin. the Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer is oil-free and contains a small amount of salicylic acid (0.5%) to help battle acne, and it’s usually available for less than $5
  • for sunscreen the Equate Oil-Free Sunscreen Stick is pretty good and is less than $3; my personal favorite is the Neutrogena Clear Face Liquid-Lotion Sunblock which is about $10
  • oils are another option but good oils can be pretty expensive
  • for acne treatment i’ve seen a recipe for a homemade spray that includes ½ cup raw apple cider vinegar (unfiltered works best, and is easy to find at the grocery store for approximately $3); 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil (a small bottle costs approximately $6); ½ cup warm water (ESSENTIAL!!! THE AFOREMENTIONED PRODUCTS ON YOUR FACE UNDILTUTED ARE BAD) in a small spray bottle and shaken, applied with a cotton ball
  • the Neutrogena On The Spot Acne Treatment is a rly good spot treatment that i use myself and it sells for around $7
  • there are a few good budget toners depending on what you need, including the Simple Soothing Facial Toner ($7), Burt’s Bees Rosewater Toner ($11), and the Thayers Alcohol-free Rose Petal Witch Hazel (my fav, about $11 on amazon)

Japanese skin care items featuring disney princesses. 

First item is AHA by Cleansing research esthetic soap bar. Next is from the same line but is a cleanser for the face. And last is DHC cleansing oil used for makeup removal. 

I`m in skincare disney heaven!

Bloodlust [Sustain] + CS Fanfiction

The eighth in a series of soon to be smutty one shots about vampire Killian Jones and the woman he can’t stay away from.

Rating: M with a side of fluffy feels
Word Count: 7,187

Catch up here on FF.NET or AO3.

It wasn’t a complete surprise to wake up to the empty sheets beside her, the fabric faintly warm in a way that confirmed he’d stuck around through the dark hours and somewhat into the dawn of daylight. Emma sat up, running absent minded fingers through her tangled locks of blonde hair while she absorbed the silent space filling the room. It was riddled only with the dull crackle of a dwindling fire under the mantle as the embers flickered weakly in the dim light.

At least that was something - the care he’d taken for her comfort and warmth despite his absence. She could only hope the lack of the man she’d lost herself in the previous night wasn’t permanent. Something about the words they’d finally said and the evenness of his breath as it had lulled her to sleep told her it wasn’t.

Her now rather aware vision darted blankly around the room, the investigative nature of her mind taking over as she searched for signs of where he’d gone off to. He woke rather often during the nights they’d spent together and though he’d often endure those waking moments watching her slumber, it wasn’t unusual to see that he’d risen before her. The house was nearly noiseless, the quiet telling her he hadn’t headed downstairs to make breakfast or to mill around the library.

She pressed her lips together softly as she realized that she didn’t know much about other hobbies he might enjoy since the main thing he indulged in while she was around was her. She’d seen the antique piano near the entrance of the house and had noticed the small herb garden just beyond the back porch, those simple things suggesting he did have other interests beyond the freckles he traced on her skin or the experimental ways in which he could bring her to the brink of complete ecstasy. Something about those little bits of evidence in his home made him seem so….human.

He’d always been that way with her - real, honest, loving. A true gentleman, she thought quietly as her hand brushed his pillow.

Rising from the bed, Emma pulled a nearby blanket around her. She vaguely remembered it being the one she’d been wrapped up in hours before - the same one that had kept her warm until she woke up to the cold blue of his sad stare. Her stomach turned at the memory of the argument that nearly ended them, the words they’d exchanged yanking her back into the uncertain world where the two of them being together seemed totally insane.

But it wasn’t - and she really needed to find him. She really needed to make sure he knew that.

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Do you think I could cleanse myself using a bar of soap which is scented frankincense and myrrh and uses actual burnt frankincense?I know it does because i have to wash off little bits of it

I actually use the Rain Frankincense and Myrrh Clarifying Hair & Body Wash daily, along with a visualization technique while I am bathing. But there are so many affordable brands on the market that you can purchase.    

Here are a few energy bathing techniques: 

White Light Waterfall

An easy method of spiritual cleansing in the shower is to visualize white light falling from the shower head with the water. Close your eyes as you feel the warm water soothing you, see the light begin to glow vibrant, golden white, as it washes over you it lifts the debris and heavy energy from your aura. This is an effective method that you can practice every morning/evening when you shower.

Herbs and Minerals

Herbs and other minerals my spiritual cleansing baths are another great alternative. You can adapt most of these by using a sachet. In a small muslin sachet (the kind used for tea) place a handful of herbs that are good for cleansing (or other energetic properties you want to infuse your aura with). Good choices are… cedar, sage, rosemary, lavender, or hyssop (Make sure that you aren’t allergic). You can also fill the sachet with white rice, sea salt, garlic, or crystals.

To use the sachet rub it over your body, again, like a bar of soap while you shower. Let the warm water infuse the herbs within to release their properties. Most sachets can be used a few times. Re-place as needed. You can use tea bags in much the same way if you have an appropriate herbal mixture.

Crystal Cleansing

I am a firm believer in crystal power. They are wonderful tools for attracting, shifting, and banishing energies.

Find a nice sized crystal that fits comfortably in your hand. While you are showering begin to rub it across your body, or just an inch over it, as if you are washing with a bar of soap. Visualize the crystal absorbing the negative energy that has accumulated in your aura. Good crystals to use are are: amethyst, black tourmaline, citrine, and clear quartz. 

(Make sure you place the crystal in a bowl of sea salt after each use)

Click here to view additional information, and the use of Sea/Epsom Salt:
Practical Steps to Bathing Yourself of Unwanted Energies

Never forget that it’s about being creative, experimenting, setting intent, and connecting with your intuition. Observe the flow of your energy, listen to the physical signals of the body, and never underestimate the power of your mind. 


I promise I’m gonna film my current skincare favorites tomorrow! I’ve been so busy with @yoshidoll this week but no excuses! 😬
Here are two of my faves tho, @urbanskinrx’s Even Tone Cleansing Bar and Hydrabalance moisturizer. A clean and moisturized canvas is key! 🔑
This makeup look in full is on my channel ❤️
🎶 Anne-Marie - Do It Right

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