Methods of Cleansing
  • fire:heat, smoke, and ashes
  • smoke:pass objects through smoke
  • heat:rubbing with hands, fire, or sunlight
  • ashes:sprinkle or blow ashes
  • water:passing, and submerging
  • passing:running water either streams or sinks
  • submerging:cover with water or salt water
  • earth:bury, crystals, minerals, or stones
  • bury:cover with earth, return to earth if it came from
  • crystals:crystal grids or passing over
  • minerals:cover, sprinkle, or rub
  • stones:place on top of or under, mark with sigils
  • air:wind, or breath
  • wind:place in windy area to blow clean
  • breath:warm and blow clean with your own energy
  • light:both moon and sunlight can be used
  • physical:moving with object in your hands or pockets
  • herbs:burning, rubbing, or covering with herbs
  • talking:singing, talking, or reciting can cleanse
  • oil:rubbing oils or dropping them on

This is a charging board!

It is a simple way to charge up and cleanse your crystals without having to focus on visualisation. Simply put your crystal in the center of a piece of paper, and write around it two categories of words: the things you want to fill your crystal with, and the things you want out of them. Then draw arrows pointing into the crystal for the positives, and away from it for the negatives.

This is a visual way to charge/cleanse without having to maintain focus. I’m certain it could work for any object you want to use, not just crystals!

Cause Ya’ll Can’t Lisen

Charlie Charlie Game (6 Pencils, Charlie Charlie are you there?)
Scary For Kids
(Has both 6 Pencils and the ‘new’ version (6 Pencils)

Note: Charlie is a demon from most sources, not a ghost child who needs love, please take note of this that you are summoning a DEMON 

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Stay smart, don’t summon a demon, just watch the exorcist

Self-Cleansing Through Ritual Bathing

This is a general purpose bath.  You need:

  • ½ cup salt
  • ½ cup vinegar

A handful of any of the following:

  • Rosemary
  • Cloves
  • Garlic
  • Hyssop
  • Mullein
  • Bay Leaves
  • Eucalyptus Leaves
  • Pine Needles
  • (Or check with your tradition to find traditional cleansing ingredients)

And a washcloth.

Consider wrapping your ingredients in a coffee filter (I saw that tip on Tumblr!) so you don’t have to pick little bits of herbs out of the tub for an hour.

Draw a hot bath. Dusk or dawn is an opportune time, but do it whenever you have time for yourself. Put the salt and vinegar in first. Stir the bath a bit to let them dissolve and ask them to strip away all evils, bad energies, and unwanted spirits connected to you.

Put the herbs in second. Continue stirring the bath (even if the herbs are not loose) and ask the plants individually to add their powers (rosemary for protection, garlic to banish spirits, etc).

Get in the tub when it is cool enough. Again ask the powers present to fully cleanse you of what ails you; state specifically that you wish to be totally purified. Call upon the powers of your gods if you have any. Wash yourself vigorously from head to toe - specifically start at the top of your head and wash down to your feet. Rub your scalp, and every part of your body you can reach, including the soles of your feet.

As you do so, imagine the generous powers you have evoked washing away every negative thing attached to you. The cloud of steam and water around you dissolves negativity and refills your aura with pure and powerful vibrations.

Soak in the bath for as long as you desire. If you are religious, read prayers or parts of your holy book. This is a good time to state positive affirmations as well. When you are ready, get out and allow yourself to air dry (putting your hair in a towel is fine). If you are sticky, remain sticky for as long as possible before going back for a quick rinse.

Now that you are cleansed, immediately shield or put on protective amulets.

Witch Tip

Need an alternative to Smoke Cleansing the energy in your home? Use Blessed water with a bit of Lemon juice, salt and Rosemary added, sprinkle it around the rooms and wash your windows floors and doors with it.

Its a good alternative for people with asthma or smoke/scent sensitivities. 

How to energetically cleanse an item
  1. Ground, because you will need a lot of energy.
  2. Hold or touch the item.
  3. Pull up fiery energy from the earth and direct it in to the item. Imagine that every energetic imperfection of the item is burned away. All previous programming and links are totally incinerated. 
  4. Pull up air energy from the earth and direct it in to the item. Imagine that the ashes of the old energies are blown so far away that they will never be found again.
  5. Pull up watery energy from the earth and direct it in to the item. Imagine that all traces of the old energy are washed away, and the raw spots where the old links were burned are now healed and whole again.
  6. Pull up earthy energy from the earth and direct it in to the item. Imagine that the item is now solid and complete again, and is it’s old self without any of the artificial programming that was once on it.
Cleaning as well as cleansing

I think it’s important to remember that a meaningful part of cleansing a space is to actually clean it. Vacuum, throw out the garbage, wash the floor, pick up dirty laundry, declutter, give away old clothes that you no longer need, move around some furniture, clean off desktops, change your bedding. I promise you you’ll feel a hundred times better by also physically cleaning the area.

Don’t want to burn sage because of the smoke, but still want to use it for cleansing?

Boil some water and place a few dried sage clippings in. You can (carefully!) walk around your home with the pot, allowing the cleansing steam to drift through your rooms very similar to the way that smoke does.

The smell is a lot more subtle, and won’t linger as long. Plus, steam is just hella relaxing. 

Moon Water

What is it? Moon water is water that has been charged by the moon’s energies/ the goddess It can be used to add power, cleanse, purify, and charge

How to make it:

  1. get a clear or silver container
  2. fill it with water
  3. If it’s tap water than add a pinch of salt to purify it
  4. (personal touch: add a sprinkle of any other herbs you like a lot)
  5. cover in plastic wrap
  6. Just before sunset on the full moon, place on a windowsill or outside saying; Moon is full, moon is bright, bless this water, with your light
  7. Just before sunrise, remove the water saying; Moon has set, sun is rising, I thank of you, the goddess prising
  8. Store in a dark place

Uses for moon water:

(just a few of the many)

  • Cleansing/Purifying
  • Help heal small wounds
  • Honor the goddess
  • Consume for energy
  • Enhance spells
  • Charge Items



Running water, salt water, salt, smudging, sand/earth, water with essential oils, Clear Quartz, sunlight/moonlight, visualisation.


Sunlight, Moonlight, Clear Quartz (master healer), White Light.

CRYSTALS THAT DON’T LIKE SUNLIGHT(They’ll loose their colour)

Aventurine, amethyst, aquamarine, citrine, sapphire, rose quartz, fluorite, smoky quartz. Only cleanse or charge in sunlight for a short period of time to avoid fading.


Angelite, turquoise, kunzite, selenite, kyanite.

Know your crystals and be careful with the method you choose to cleanse and charge as some can be very damaging to the wrong crystal, like salt cleansing.


Relaxation - Amethyst, pink tourmaline, golden calcite, lepidolite, smoky quartz.

Anxiety - Labradorite, green aventurine, rhodonite or lepidolite. Related to the heart and root chakra.

Insomnia - Amethyst, sodalite or smoky quartz. Related to the third eye.

Self Confidence - Carnelian, citrine or Rhodonite. Related to the solar plexus.

Dreams - Enhance your dreamwork or dream recall with, Kyanite, Jade or herkimer diamonds.

Busy Mind - Amethyst, selenite or sodalite. Related the third eye and crown chakra.

Patience - Howlite, amber, chrysoprase and turqouise. Remember to breathe!!

Happiness - Citrine, rose quartz or sunstone. related to heart chakra. Mantra I am filled with happiness every where I go.

Spirit Guides - Angelite, Angel Aura, Selinite, Celestite, Kyanite. Related to the third eye and throat chakra.

General Health - Clear quartz, amber, amethyst, green calcite. Related to the higher heart chakra.

Endings (job, relationship etc.) - Apatite and Moonstone help to soothe emotions.

Will Power - Tigers eye, garnet or onyx. Related to the root and solar plexus.

Protection - Amethyst, peridot, onyx, smoky quartz, obsidian, black tourmaline, labradorite, turquoise.

Cleansing my Deck

Here is a trick I learned from ArcaneMysteries blog that you all might find useful. 

All decks, I feel, have their own energy that they can be drained of. This will happen if you can feel disconnected from your deck or when doing a reading the cards don’t make any sense. For example, say I do two readings for two different people. The cards that come up from person A’s love spread come up again on person B’s money spread. Two different people for two different spread with the same cards in confusing positions tells me my deck is tired and needs to be cleansed!

Some ways you can cleanse your tarot deck are:

  • Keeping your decks on the east side of your home
  • Keep them in the sunlight or moon light, during a full moon or new moon is the best!
  • Have them in a bowl of salt, I personally prefer to use sea salt.
  • Put a crystal on top of your deck that promotes energy like Labradorite or a crystal like obsidian that gets rid of negative energy. 
  • Wrap them in silk

Here in this photo I have my decks on the east side of the home, by the window with Labradorite on top of each, soaking up some sunlight. I use obsidian when one or all decks have been touched by another person just in case their negative energy clings onto them.

I have personal beliefs that decks have their own aura, personalities, and power. We need to treat them with respect and always take care of them. If you are tired you have the option to drink coffee and go to sleep. We need to do the same for our decks. 

Please click to learn more about cleansing tarot decks by ArcaneMysteries here and here and here.

To my glasses wearing witches

Remember to regularly cleanse your glasses especially if you wear them during spells/rituals!! You can smoke cleanse them at night (only if you’re not putting them back on don’t hurt your eyes with smoke!!) or use sigils or even infuse your lens cleaner with intent and then clean them or whatever your preferred cleansing method is (as long as it won’t damage your glasses or eyes).
I smoke cleansed mine last night and my glasses feel lighter and I feel like I can see clearer!!

Cleansing Techniques for Low Spoon Days

I’m really glad this was requested because it’s an issue a lot of people face and one I’ve run into a lot during my studies. I totally understand why people say that everything should be clean and organized for a good, thorough cleanse, but that just isn’t realistic or possible for everyone. Some days you can do it, other days it feels like you’re staring down Mount Everest.

So I’m gonna share some of the cleansing methods I use that help on low spoon days.

  1. Music - There’s no catch-all for this one. Everyone will have a different type of music that does the trick, and that genre will change depending on what you need in that moment. Sometimes I blast Icon for Hire, other times I’ll go with Cirque Du Soleil or Kevin Kern. It doesn’t matter what you listen to so long as it makes your space and you feel better.
  2. Open Up a Window - I’m not a huge nature witch, but I’ve found it very helpful to have fresh air blowing into my home, especially when there’s a lot of negative crap circling around me. Sometimes on bad depression days I’ll just stand in front of the window and let the air wash over me. I combine this one a lot with the first method.
  3. Scented Candles 1 - If you have the ability to light candles choose a scent that makes you feel good and light ‘em up. Sit close to a lit candle for added bonus of aiding in mental cleansing.
  4. Scented Candles 2 - This is gonna sound weird, mostly because it is. If you have floor/rug space enough to vacuum, take a scented candle that you like, carve it so that you’re left with a bunch of shavings, and sprinkle them all over your rug/floor. Depending on your preferences you may want to vacuum them up after an hour or two. But if you want to leave them, less work for you and easier on the spoons. You can sprinkle them under rugs or welcome mats for the same effect and no one will know they’re there. I’ve done this a few times and as weird as it seems, I’ve found it very helpful.
  5. Tea - If you’re not too worried about potentially attracting little bug friends, you can do the fourth method with tea leaves instead of candle shavings. Some people might find this more effective because of the cleansing properties of many herbal teas.
  6. Air Fresheners - Find an air freshener that really leaves your space smelling fresh and clean. Inscribe the bottom or side of the container with a sigil designed for cleansing.
  7. Boil Water - I do this a lot when my house is too dry, so why not when it needs a cleanse, too? You can add things to the water to aid in cleansing. I usually do crisp apples, orange peels, cinnamon, anything that I personally associate with cleansing. Find out what works for you, load it up, and leave the sucker there to boil.
  8. Salt - I can already imagine the eye rolls, but it helps. I keep a bottle of sea salt next to my bed so when I’m just fed up with my environment and feel like I need something fast to push away heavy, negative shit  I’ll grab a handful and just throw it. It also feels good to throw stuff across my room *shrug*

That’s all I’ve got for the moment, but I’m sure there are eight million other methods to cleansing that are easier on the spoons than a full house cleaning session. If anyone has methods of their own to add to this, please do! I’ll probably reblog as I see them :)