10 Terms Every New Witch Should Know
  • Ground- Clearing and releasing excess energy.
  • Center- Usually done after Grounding. To calm your emotions, Mind, and Body to be physically and magically aware.
  • Cleanse- Removing negative energies from an object or a space.
  • Charge - To infuse an object with personal or external power 
  • Visualize - Forming mental images. It is done to direct energy during spell work.
  • Banish- To magickally end something, Or to rid the presence of.
  • Consecrate- The blessing of an object or place by instilling it with positive energy.
  • Intent / Intention - Your goal, Or purpose for spell work.
  • Sabbat- The Witches festivals or Holidays (Changing of the seasons / Equinoxes)
  • Talisman- An object charged with personal power to attract a specific force or energy to the wearer
spell: cleansing the body of negative energy.
  • clear the mind and light a white candle (representative of positive energy), speaking the following incantation: “Mother Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Spirit, I ask thee to cleanse my body of all negative energies”.
  • light a black candle (representative of negative energy), saying the same thing.
  • light a green candle (representative of healing), speaking the following incantation: “Mother Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Spirit, I ask thee to free and heal my body from all negative forces. Blessed be!”
  • sit back, keeping the mind clear, for fifteen minutes, after which time you should feel renewed and fresh.
The element of Air

The winds are ever changing and uncontrollable,

at times gentle and soft

other times violent and ruthless

but always, always uncontrollable.

the element of air stands out from the other elements.

all of the other elements; earth, fire, water, are all visible, and touchable (dont burn ya self lol)

air however, is only visible as it shakes the tree tops, and turns the leafs rustling into music

as such, people often have a harder time finding ways to incorporate the element of air into their craft.

here are a few easy and simple ideas for that;

🍃this can be done everywhere, on your way to work, or in the comfort of your garden;

notice the way your lungs expand with each breath.
visualize the pure air, cleansing your body and mind of all troubles bothering you.
this is very effective if you´ve had a particularly bad day at work or school, and have no way to leave the situation making you uncomfortable

🍃notice the sound the leafs and grass makes, as they are touched by the wind

really tune into the sound.
hum along to the breeze (the little folk really enjoys this as well),
if you want to, you can even make a little song out of the melody. i used to this a lot when i were a child. you really get in contact with your inner child.

🍃dancing. yes it sounds silly and it sure is! (this is also something the faery folk likes), but feeling the way the wind touches your body, and letting it sway you is both fun and a very good way of bonding.

🍃on car rides, particularly hot days, sticking you hand out the way and notice how the wind braids itself around your fingers, now try moving your hand and fingers in different ways, it is a really good calming method, if you´re feeling annoyed as well.

🍃opening your windows, and letting new air in. sit and notice how the atmosphere slowly changes.

🍃if it´s a stormy day out, i like to visualize the wind going trough me, encouraging bravery and strength, this always makes me feel very powerful, and witchy

🍃doing spells in stormy weather, particularly ones for strength, courage or curses is a super good way to get you in the mood, and gives an extra energy boost to the spell

Imbolc/Imblog Activities and Ideas
  • Make or decorate candles
  • Brighid, the Celtic goddess of fire, healing, and poetry is considered the patron Goddess of Imbolc. Read up on her as a Celtic goddess and as her later incarnation, St. Brigit.
  • Burn the evergreen boughs that decorated your home during the winter holidays in the Imbolc Fires and celebrate the return of the Sun’s strength and the Godess as the Maiden.
  • Brighid is the goddess of poetry. Write a poem in her honor, and read it aloud during any Imbolc ritual you may have planned.
  • Cleanse and re-consecrate your ritual tools and clean your altar.
  • Go through all your herbs and discard those that are more than a year old.
  • Weave “Brigit’s crosses” from straw or wheat to hang around the house for protection
  • Perform rites of spiritual cleansing and purification
  • Make “Brigit’s beds” to ensure fertility of mind and spirit (and body, if desired)
  • Ritually cleanse your home and start your “spring” cleaning
  • Make a Crown of Light (i.e. of candles for the High Priestess to wear for the Imbolc Circle, similar to those worn on St. Lucy’s Day in Scandinavian countries
  • Place a lighted candle in each and every window of the house, beginning at sundown on Candlemas Eve (February 1), allowing them to continue burning until sunrise. Make sure that such candles are well seated against tipping and gaurded from nearby curtains, etc. If you are not able to use real candles use those candle lamps sold at crafts and department stores for the Christian Christmas season.
  • Buy a “salt lick” block and leave it out for the wild animals.
  • Make a window garden with seeds, soil, old glass jars or rinse some tuna or cat food cans, and get ready for spring! Easy items are beans, mints, marigolds. Even carrot or pineapple tops and avocado pits are fun to do.
  • Make a Bride doll
  • Make a tiny “Candle Garden” by filling a small aluminum pan with fine salt or sand and “planting” birthday candles, Hanukkah candles or even tea lights in the “garden”
  • Tie tiny strips of fabric in trees near a stream and ask Bride for her influence in your life. Use cotton strips and the birds will use them for nesting or they will bio-degrade over time
  • Play a candle game where the men stand in forming a circle whole passing a candle quickly and the women stand on the outside of the circle trying to blow out the flame. The one who succeeds gets to claim a kiss.
  • Meditate as a family. Have everyone explore what it would feel like to be a seed deep in the Earth, feeling the first stirrings of life. Lie on the floor and put out tendrils. Stretch and bloom.
  • Have a bardic circle where everyone brings poetry, songs or a short story that they have written to honor Brigid (Brigit/Brigid/Bride was the daughter of Dagda. She was the protector of the poets, the forge and the healing persons.)
  • Help your kids go through all their clothes, toys, and books to find the unwanted and outgrown items. Donate everything to a charity that will give the items to children who need them.
  • Go for a walk. Search for signs of spring. Take off your shoes and socks and squish your toes in the mud!
  • Lead the family on a parade around the outside of your home, banging on pots and pans or playing musical instruments to awaken the spirits of the land.
  • Have your children hold some herb seeds in their hands. Talk to the seeds. Bless them with growth and happiness. Fill them with love.
  • Plant an in-door herb garden.
  • Make corn dollies and a cradle for them to sleep in.

Sometimes I feel too much… Reading autobiographies can be emotional. Water cleanses the body, eyes, and mind. What a great gift.

I am not sure if is the difficult lives they have led, their circumstances, or just the strength they demonstrate by sharing their experiences, but I have found the stories of these individuals to be life changing. People such as Frederick Douglass, Mary Rowlandson, Walt Whitman, Gertrude Stein, Henry David Thoreau, Richard Dana….countless more I am sure. Yet, while reading of their story, I get a sense that they didn’t realize how amazing they are to those who follow.

Before going to bed each night, ask Archangel Michael to clear and cut away any negative or lower based energies that might have attached to you during the day. Then ask Archangel Raphael to fill you with green healing light. Use you imagination to feel this green healing light flow through your entire body and fill your heart to overflowing. This is a powerful healing experience!

ONE raw amethyst piece, completely natural and raw.

Amethyst is healing on all levels, helpful with physical pain from dermal issues to issues that lie as deep as the bones, muscles, and nerves. It also promotes emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. Amethyst raises vibrational frequency and protects against negative energies. Amethyst is an excellent focal point for meditation or as a scrying tool. It can be used for mysteries and meditations regarding any spiritual matter, especially death and rebirth. Worn or placed over a patient, it helps to cleanse, purify and heal the mind, body and spirit. It helps to balance emotions and prevents nightmares and irrational fears. It is useful in spells to help let go of addictions. It is often used to tip wands used for healing and amethyst spheres are excellent for scrying.

Chakra: Crown

The Wiccan’s Glossary

Body, mind, and soul purifying spell

This is just a simple meditation type spell that uses only a handful of things to purify you of negative energy. This is particularly good for anyone who mind have a mental illness, especially those affecting one’s mood, or those that cause anger, anxiety, or fear.

You will need:

  • a bathtub
  • water
  • lavender or lavender bath salts (optional)
  • chamomile tea (optional)
  • at least one candle of any color
  • incense of any scent (optional)

This spell is broken into two parts, which can be done in any order (though I find it easier to do the physical portion first).

Physical body:

  1. Fill a tub with warm water
  2. Sprinkle lavender or lavender bath salts into the water (if you have any)
  3. Get in the water, and bathe as you normally would
  4. Say or think “I declare my body is pure and clean of negativity

Mind and Soul:

  1. Brew chamomile tea, and keep it nearby (optional)
  2. Light at least 1 candle (be cautions not to light too many, and be extremely careful with them)
  3. Light incense that calms you, any scent will do (optional)
  4. Meditate, and focus on the candle. Remove all negative thoughts immediately, and try to clear your mind
  5. If you used it, try to meditate until the incense burns out, but if not, whenever you feel ready and spiritually/mentally clean, you may quit
  6. Say or think “I declare my mind and soul purified. I toss out my inner demons that have cause me strife.”

Please, always remember to be extremely cautious with fire. When you light incense, remember blow out the flame so it doesn’t just burn (in case you’ve never use incense before).


After a busy, loud, and meaningful day, there is often nothing else more enjoyable than the peace of home. To drop all concerns, worries, and focus on relaxing is truly a rejuvenating and needed cleanse. It refreshes our mind and body for a new day, new work, and to help prepare us for something unbelievable. Let us work on peace for without it we truly will never accomplish our goals.

Cleansing. Sylvain was supposed to cleanse his body and mind before doing the spellwork.

Avoiding bodily impurities was unpleasant, but simple enough—no sex, no wine, no rich foods. It was only for a few days; he could handle it.

The bathing was easy: more symbolic than literal, he knew.

But the meditation was proving more of a challenge. Sylvain’s mind tended to focus on problems rather than emptying itself as it was supposed to. Many of his “meditation” sessions ended with him face-down on his desk, asleep, or brooding on what could go wrong. It was also difficult to focus with the dark call of Charlemont’s void-infused ring hidden in a deep desk drawer.

Still, he tried. It would be worth it. He would save his sister; he would bring Isabeau home.

((It’s been a while since I wrote anything, but you can expect more (short) stories coming up as this plot reaches its conclusion!))

scorpio is a sign of deep healing, the complete cleanse of the mind,
body, and spirit. some of the best nurses, doctors, and surgeons are born with
a large scorpio emphasis and their ability to soothe, intuit pathology, and
heal with their sacred sorcerer’s hands is quite profound. when pluto transits over natal planets this can trigger deep psychological renewal, pain that has been suppressed into the subconscious being cast into light and burning
up in the blaze that is the glory of your new self
this is true healing , and this is the magic of scorpio

Cleansing Potion

hey so I bet many of you have been within a situation where you need a quick cleansing to refresh your mind, body, and spirit but don’t have either the time or fancy ingredients to whip up a high class potion. Well here’s a simple way to construct a “kitchen witch” potion for cleaning up any negative and dark energy on yourself within minutes.


~rainwater (spring water works too. not. purified)

~lemon (whether it be juice from a bottle or actual lemon slices) *organic is always nice

~salt or quartz crystals


~sage (for protection against negativity that could be added back onto you after the potion) *optional

pour your rainwater into a glass cup (plastic is okay but glass amplifies it a lot better), slide in yo lemon, sprinkle in your salt or drop in your crystals (wash the crystals before inserting to not only clean them, but spiritually cleanse them), add in your sage *still optional, and bathe it under the sunlight for a few seconds before sipping.

Certain people like to cast circles, gather the power of intention, and add in their own personal light and energy into the potion which in turn does advance the potion and make it work better for the specific individual but it’s totally up to you if you want to take it to that extent or not. Good luck! ~Jo


hey guys this is a spell to bless some objects and give it out to people to bring them a little bit of good luck. all you need is:

  • four white candles
  • one candle of any colour you’d like
  • the object of blessing
  • charged or blessed water

so for this spell i used a bunch of shells, but you kno go for whatever you’d like

place the candles in a pentacle form, the coloured one at the top where the spirit lies. make sure the pentacle is big enough so it will fit you and the bowl of water in the pentacle, sit down in front of the bowl of water and place the items which you’ve chosen to bless in the water and chant:

blessed by the moon

blessed by the four elements

blessed by the spirit

blessed by all that there is.

may whoever receives this gift

receive the blessing of a witch 

receive love, happiness and enthusiasm for life

receive the blessings of a witch.

be cleansed and protected 

from all negativity surrounding 

your mind, body and soul

remove all feelings and thoughts

that are foul

be surrounded by positivity 

that contributes to your wishes

as i will it, it will be

blow out the candles going clockwise starting from the spirit, and while blowing out the candles promote positive things you want to bless the objects with (eg. bless this object/these objects with love, bless them with happiness, etc)