cleans camera


art trade progress(?) for @otromeru !!!! 

Sorry it took so long, life punched me in the face. I might draw something else because I’m not 100% satisfied with this. (Why is she so angry??? For all we know she’s just thinking what she should eat for lunch)

Please accept my hc sketches of (1) pre-M.alacca aph Mal and (2) the ‘M.alaya’ era as a replacement until I post a better drawing,,, forgive meee


@oldschool1077: 오늘 #NCT127 #쉬는시간 어땠나요!
그들은 떠났지만… 그들이 남기고 간 귀중한 셀카들 모두 풉니다….
아아 오늘부터 시작된 엔씨티앓이…시름시름🤒🤒다음에 또 와요 제발!!!
카메라 렌즈 좀 닦고 줄 걸… 뿌얗게 나왔어도 이해해줘여😭

how was #NCT127 #restingtime today!
they left but… I’m releasing the precious selcas they left behind….
aah from now on I’m NCT-sick…[like lovesick]sadsad🤒🤒come again next time please!!!
I thought I cleaned the camera lens…even though it came out foggily please understand😭

trans. cr- alexa @ nct127 ; take out with full credit.

Came back to the place where I live after being abroad and one of the new girls who live here had just left two pots of food on the stove and idk how long but it doesnt smell good and not long ago she was mostly gone for a week so I hope she’s not gone off again and left her smelly food on the stove bc eventually I’ll have to clean it out then and I’ll hate it. I’m not a maid if you’re leaving for a day or two clean up your leftovers

so of course my boss’s wife ratted me out nd he’s mad bc its unprofessional or w/e even though literally no one has had a problem with it but him and his priss wife