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My roommate, Sympathetic Villain

me: awww man. Did you eat the cake that was in the fridge? You know that was for my party tomorrow

sympathetic villain: Im Sorry… i havent adjusted to the human code of ethics yet. but im having an awakening somewhere inside my heart thats telling me i can still be a good person. i can only hope i am not killed for my sins until now

me: aww.. you know what… thats alright

me: hey wait! whyd you pour milk on my bed!

sympathetic villain: my core motivation to succeed to prove those who have hurt me wrong has become confused with one-sided lust for conquest. at my core and in my mind, i am still an innocent and wronged child, trying my best to cope by using even ill-gotten gains as a token of some kind of success

me: i feel you. thats ok. i guess it wont be so bad to clean

me: hey wait why did you kill everyone in the world????

sympathetic villain: we all have days like that


I told myself I wasn’t going to rosin my 38Micron GreenCrack hashish. The refinement was not necessary haha I just love 6 star melt! Top left first picture is the 38micron BubbleHash before refinement (aka rosin technique) I use a 25Micron drying screen from AquaLab Technologies to press my hash in between a folded piece of parchment paper with a thermal press. I extract the vital oils within the trichome gland I’ve extracted with Ice and Water prior to the rosin tech. This hash was in cold cure for 5 months prior to the rosin.