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Far from Innocent

Jasper X Reader

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can u do a jasper smut thats like hella kinky with daddy babygirl type shit and light choking and biting where hes super dom omg im screaming just imagining this


It’s been an entire week since you’ve been able to actually spend time with Jasper. He’s been so engrossed in learning more about Mount Weather and the people living here that you’ve hardly even seen him. He usually passes out as soon as he lays down in bed, and then is gone by the time you wake up. Even though you have friends to talk to and new things to learn, you’ve been starting to feel quite lonely.

“Hey, baby.” You glance up, caught off guard by his sudden appearance. You set your fork down, pancakes forgotten as your eyes scan the familiar face. He looks very different, though.

“Hi.” You study the new look, eyebrows drawn together. His hair has been trimmed, face cleanly shaven. His shirt is freshly pressed, your sure, and his pants must be a size too big, cinched at the waist with a belt. “You look… clean.” You don’t know how else to comment without sounding offensive.

“Yeah, Dante gave me some new clothes.” He pulls out the chair beside you and sits, lips pressing briefly to your temple before he picks up your fork. You lean back as he digs into your breakfast, watching him thoughtfully. You’re not sure if you like this Jasper.

“You’re quiet,” he observes after a few minutes. You shrug, eyes never leaving his face. You’re trying to remember the way he looked outside, with the sun beating on his cheek and his eyes squinted. You miss the sunlight.

“What’s wrong?” He sets the fork down, palm falling to your thigh. He squeezes gently before rubbing his hand along your leg. His attention is completely on you know, as it hasn’t been in so long. It’s refreshing.

“I miss you,” you whisper, fingers snaking down to wrap around his. He gives you a confused look, tilting his head. His hand squeezes yours, bringing it up to his mouth and leaving soft kisses over its back.

“What do you mean? I’m right here.”

You shake your head, pressing your lips together. “You’re never here. You’re somewhere else. I’ve barely seen you since we ended up in this place.” Your eyes drift around the room. As safe and luxurious as it is here, you would pick the ground and open skies any day. That’s what you’ve been waiting your whole life for.

“This place is keeping us alive, Y/N. These people are incredible. They’ve got so much to teach us and we’ve got so much to learn.” You find yourself rolling your eyes. This isn’t what you want your life to be like. You don’t want fancy meals and art hanging on the walls and soft piano pieces playing. You want some excitement.

“I want to leave.” You’re voice is even, headstrong. You watch as a little bit of life drifts from Jasper’s eyes. He loves it here, and you know it.

“Well, we’re not leaving. Not anytime soon, at least.” You weren’t hopeful. This isn’t surprising.

“I know,” you mumble, hand slipping from his grasp. He’s one of the main reasons you don’t want to be here any longer. He’s so distant from you, so enthralled with the mini society set up in this mountain. Even Monty’s a bit annoyed.

Jasper takes another bite of your pancake and stands up, fingers brushing hair behind your ear. The touch makes you shiver. “I have plans to look through Dante’s new artwork,” he informs you.

“Cool.” You nod, wrapping your arms around yourself. Your eyes stay glued to the table, fingers tapping against your bicep. Jasper watches you, fingers twirling the ends of your hair.

He bends down, kissing your cheek. “It can wait,” he murmurs, thumb running up the edge of your jaw. “Wanna go do something?”

You turn to look at him and you can’t help the small quirk of your lips. “Are you sure?” One edge of his mouth lifts as he continues to slide your hair in between his fingers.

“Of course. The art will still be there tomorrow.” Your lips part to reveal your teeth. It’s exciting, getting the chance to spend time with your boyfriend. It’s all you’ve been wanting for days.

“Okay.” You stand immediately, Jasper rising next to you. His hand slips into yours, fingers intertwined. This time you squeeze. “What are we going to do?”

“Whatever,” he says with a shrug, leading you out of the cafeteria. Your plate is long forgotten. “I could show you a few of the more secret rooms if you want.”

You nod, walking beside him. With how bored you’ve been, you don’t really believe there’s a room he could show you that you haven’t already seen. You’ve basically spent all your free time exploring the ins and outs of the mountain.

Your hand is tight around Jasper’s and you stay close to him. It’s so nice to be in such close proximity, feeling the heat radiate from him. Your heart lifts in your chest, and when he pulls his hand away to open a door, your fingers feel cold.

“This is where they keep-”

“Medical supplies. Yeah, I know.” You were right. You’ve explored what’s behind every door down each hallway attached to this one. It’s nothing new to you.

Jasper raises an eyebrow and pulls the door shut again, licking his lips. “Okay, then. Let me show you a different room.”

“I’ve seen everything,” you speak quietly, shrugging. “I was bored.”

He sighs, gripping your hand again and dragging you down the corridor. You follow, speeding up to keep pace with him as you round a corner. The halls seem to get less and less familiar as you continue moving. Eventually, Jasper stops. You’re sure you’ve never seen this place before, and it’s almost surprising.

“Been here, too?” You shake your head and look up in time to see a cocky smirk shift over his mouth. You roll your eyes with a smile as he opens the door, leading you inside.

There are shelves everywhere, crates stacked to the ceiling. A few sheets cover the objects beneath them, shapeless and hidden. Your eyebrows draw together as you spin to survey the room.

“What is this?”

“It’s a gold mine,” he states. His nimble fingers work open a crate off to the side. You watch curiously as he shoves the lid to the side, reaching in to pull out a blanketed square. The cover is dropped to the ground and realization hits you.


He nods, eyes raking over the piece in front of him. You step next to him, observing the painting in his hands. It’s a portrait. The woman in the picture is naked, body splayed over a long sofa. Her face is halved by misplaced locks of hair, the visible part contorted with emotion, what seems to be pain. It’s moving.

“That’s beautiful.”

“I agree.” Jasper sets the painting down flat, reaching into the box for another. You step back, eyes drift over his profile and the new outfit once more. It doesn’t seem to look right on him.

“Why are you staring at me?” he asks. You laugh under your breath, smiling at him. “Huh?”

“You look young,” you answer quietly.

“What do you mean?” He cocks an eyebrow at you. You lean back against the door and shrug, pinching your bottom lip between your teeth.

“Like, young. You look like a boy. Innocent.” His eyebrow lowers, all humor leaving his face as you hold back a laugh. His hands carefully place the painting down on top of the first.

“Oh, I do?” His eyes burn through you and your heart rate picks up. You love the way he looks at you.

“Yeah.” The sudden sexual tension is suffocating, constricting your airway. It doesn’t take much to turn you on when Jasper hasn’t touched you since before the grounder attack.

He steps toward you, licking his lips. You press yourself against the door, heat pooling between your thighs already. He exudes confidence, a trait he’s shown since the day you told him how nervous he made you.

“Innocent?” You stop breathing as he grips your chin. He stands directly in front of you, so close his chest skims yours with each rise of his lungs. You swallow thickly, looking up into his face. His eyes are fiery, dark. “You of all people know that’s not me.”

You can’t stop looking at his lips, hungry for the feel of them on yours. Something more than the occasional pecks that you’ve gotten in the past few weeks. You close your fingers around handfuls of his shirt, willing them not to grab at his hair and yank him forward.

“We’re both far from innocent.”

His head drops, lips brushing over yours. Your heart races. All you want to do is slam your mouth on his, kiss him with everything you have. He’s reading you like a book, however, and you’re aware that he knows how bad you want that.

“Jasper, please,” you whisper, breath stirring between the two of you.

“Don’t call me that, sweetheart.” Your grip tightens on his shirt, excitement threatening to tear you apart from the seams. God, it’s been so long.

“Daddy, please.” Your voice is stronger now, laced with neediness.

“That’s my good girl.”

You can’t help but moan with relief when his mouth is on yours, lips soft, warm. His fingers slip into your hair, tangling themselves. His tongue presses between your lips and you know he’s enjoying this just as much as you.

Your hands slide up his chest, entire body at his will. Your mind is completely enveloped by this man, any other thought deemed nonsensical. When he breaks the kiss, your lips chase after his.

He chuckles, pressing you back against the door by your neck. “Why doesn’t my babygirl take off her dress for me?” You blush at the name, reaching back to unzip the dress and letting the fabric crumple to the floor. A chill runs up your spine with the newly exposed skin.

“Beautiful,” he mumbles, fingers grazing down your sides. Your nerves ignite, sparking with every touch. Jasper leans in, pressing his lips to the underside of your jaw. One hand gathers your hair, pulling back harshly so your neck is open to him.

You close your eyes, mouth falling open as you feel Jasper working down the side of your throat. His mouth attaches to the curve between your neck and your shoulder, tongue running over the skin there before you feel his teeth sink in. You wince, gripping at his waist, a sharp sting blooming beneath his mouth.

Pulling away, he skims his thumb over the fresh indents and then closes his lips over yours again. His hands cup your breasts over your bra, squeezing roughly. Then he pulls away and wraps his arms around your waist, mouth attaching to the overflowing flesh.

You tilt your head back against the door, chest arching toward him. He continues leaving bites over your skin and you wince with each squeeze of his teeth. Your hands are tangled in his hair, chest rising and falling in quick succession.

His touch is gone all too soon and you’re left feeling completely naked without it. Your eyes fall open a sliver, lids hooded and body weak. You watch as he begins unbuttoning his shirt, shedding the material as fast as he possibly can.

Pushing yourself away from the door, you reach for one of his sleeves and help him peel the clothing from his body. Then you drop to your knees in front of him, brushing your lips over his abdomen as you start undoing his belt. His hands play with your hair, fingers tugging through tangled knots.

“You look so pretty,” he mumbles, licking his lips as you drop his pants to the ground. You glance up at him as you tug off his boxers as well. “Look so pretty on your knees for me.”

Blood rushes to your cheeks, your eyes falling to his hard cock with a similar blush. You wrap your hands around him, tongue immediately poking out to run over the head. You can feel Jasper’s fingers tense in your hair.

Your mouth lowers down his length, lips stretching with the added girth. He hums above you, hand guiding you as you speed up. You rest your hands on his thighs, saliva dripping down your chin. He hits the back of your throat and you gag weakly, pulling off to catch your breath.

“Up,” he speaks above you, pulling up on your hair. You rise to your feet, wiping your chin with the back of your hand. He pushes you backwards and you gasp as you fall back onto a crate. Jasper steps out of his pants, stepping forward to grip your thighs. A hand falls down on your leg and you wince as a smack sounds throughout the room.

“Daddy,” you whisper, sitting up and taking the opportunity to unclip your bra. “Gentle.” You toss it off to the side and bite your lip as Jasper yanks your underwear down your legs. Before you know it, he has a condom ripped open and is rolling it down his length.

His hand wraps around your throat, just barely constricting your airflow as he presses you flat against the crate. You grab his wrist, back arching as you feel him rub his cock over your exposed heat. Your stomach erupts with excitement, legs spreading further.

“Be quiet, babygirl.” You nod as much as you can, struggling to get much air into your lungs. When Jasper presses into you, your body lurches with immediate pleasure. It’s all you’ve wanted, all you’ve been craving and thinking about.

“Oh, sweetheart,” he groans, pulling out slowly before roughly slamming back into you. His hand holds you in place, giving his thrust all the more force and your eyes flutter closed. “God, you’re so tight. It’s been too long.”

He removes his hand from your throat and you gasp a few times, chest heaving. Instead, he pulls your calves over his shoulders and then digs his fingers into your upper thighs. You bite back a moan as he gives another rough thrust, hands gripping your breasts with a lack of anything else to hold onto.

It’s blissful and overwhelming, the feeling of his cock sinking into you, the sheer weight of him as he leans over you to press your lips together. Your fingers grab at his biceps, nails dragging across the skin as he fucks you. It’s all you can do to keep quiet like he told you to.

Jasper’s tongue sweeps between your lips, hands moving up to grip your shoulders tightly for more leverage. Your body is bent in half and your breath is caught in your throat, chest bouncing with every pound of his hips. You have to pull away momentarily to fill your lungs with air.

“I don’t think so,” he grumbles. His fingers clamp around your chin, turning your face roughly to face him. The beating of his hips is ceaseless, never losing pace as he kisses you. His mouth is demanding, hands desperate as they tighten around your shoulders again. You struggle to keep up with his lips, the sensations of his rough thrusts becoming all too much.

“Oh, fuck,” you whisper as he finally pulls away. You know immediately that you’ve made a mistake. Jasper doesn’t fail to notice as well. You wince as he smacks your ass, the sting electrifies with every thrust.

“I didn’t say you could speak,” he spits, tucking his head into your neck and sucking on the skin harshly. Your breath can only come and go in pants. You have to squeeze your eyes shut, unable to keep them open with the pounding of his hips.

“Be loud, now,” he mumbles before biting down on your flesh. “Let me know how it feels.”

“Daddy,” you cry out, relieved at the ability to release everything you’ve been holding in. Your fingers claw his back and he grunts into your neck, hips just barely stuttering. “I’m gonna come! Please, let me come!”

Jasper speeds up then, moans falling from his lips to match the cries from yours. Your back arches up, body shaking with the inevitability of your orgasm. You can’t let go yet, though. He hasn’t given you permission.

“Please!” You don’t know if you can hold it back much longer, but you know you’ll be in a tremendous amount of trouble if you don’t. You can feel your walls beginning to clench around him, your lower stomach burning with a need to release.

“Almost,” he grunts, barely audible above the slapping of skin and the creaking of the box beneath you. You clench your teeth, heart racing and blood pounding through your ears with the amount of effort it takes to hold off. A hand clamps over your mouth.

“Come for me, babygirl.”

It’s immediate. You’re cued by his words, body writhing against the crate and fingers digging into his skin. Cries escape your lips, muffled by his clammy palm. Your eyes are squeezed shut as you feel your entire body burning in his flames.

“God, fuck!” Jasper is collapsing on to of you, his hips stuttering as he releases into the condom. His body stills after a moment. You can still feel the muscles in your abdomen spasming, out of your control.

He moves his hand from your mouth a minute later, lips ghosting over your jaw. Your breathing is shaky, chest heaving parallel to Jasper’s. Your fingers tangle in his hair, eyes unable to open, faintly aware he’s still inside you. Your legs are beginning to cramp, so you pull the from his shoulders, instead wrapping them around his waist.

“I love you, Y/N,” he whispers, sweaty chest sliding against yours as he lifts his head. You will your eyes to open, scanning over his swollen lips and messy hair. He looks like an angel.

“I love you, too,” you whisper back. His lips peck yours repeatedly, hands sliding down your sides.

“You know,” he adds, nose brushing against yours. He presses his lips to yours once more, briefly. “We couldn’t do things like this outside.”

“How do you suppose?” You’re trying not to roll your eyes, determined not to ruin the moment.

“There’s no privacy outside,” he answers with a shrug. “Someone would either find us or we’d be killed.”

You nod lightly. It’s sort of true. There’s not too much time for anything remotely like this when all you can think about is surviving. You still don’t want to be in Mouth Weather for much longer.

“Let’s get dressed,” he whispers, forehead pressed to yours. “So I can be Mr. Innocent again.”

A laugh falls from your lips and it brings a smile to Jasper’s face. “I take it back,” you say with a smile. “You’re far from innocent.”

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What about a cocky and flirty Bucky but really shy when you flirt back headcanon?

He’d been eye-fucking you all night.

It was something you were used to–one of the hazards of working in a bar filled with drunk men. Though this one was different from the rest. He wasn’t falling off his stool or making lewd gestures towards you. He hadn’t tried to slap your ass as you walked by, or wolf-whistled from across the room. No, this guy had class. His hair was neatly combed back. His face was cleanly shaven. His clothes were clean and fit him nicely. 

You weren’t the only one to notice. The other waitresses had vanished to the bathroom at some point during the evening, only to return with freshly applied lipstick, primped hair, and a bit more cleavage than before. With each trip to the restroom, the tension between them grew thicker, and there was an unspoken contest going on of “who’s going to go home with this guy tonight”. 

You decided to just stay out of it. You were relatively new to the joint, and you didn’t want to risk getting on anyone’s bad side. So you settled for watching him at a safe distance. And he watched you right back, breaking eye contact only to speak with whichever girl was taking her turn approaching him. It was sort of amusing, really. They all strutted over with their chests puffed out and a confident smile, only to be reduced to a giggling mess within a few minutes of talking to him. 

It didn’t take long to learn that his name was Bucky, and that everybody had been too focused on him to bother getting the name of his scrawny companion.

One by one they approached him, and they were all greeted with that same smile that seemed to make his jawline look even better than it already did. And then he’d go back to fucking you hard with those cloudy blue eyes of his. It was getting harder to resist. 

The straw that broke the camel’s back was Dolores, who was proudly informing everyone that he’d immediately given her the nickname of  “Dot”. You rolled your eyes. Everyone called her Dot. 

“And after he called me Dot, he told me that his name was short for Buchanan,” she gushed. You frowned. 

“He told me his name was James,” another one of the girls grumbled, offended that she was given a fake name.

“No, James is his first name. Buchanan is his middle name. His friend gave him the nickname Bucky,” Dolores–Dot, continued to brag. “James Buchanan,‘Bucky’ Barnes.”

“What was his friend’s name?” you asked suddenly. Nobody responded. “Really? None of you know? None of you bothered to ask?” Again. No response. You rolled your eyes again. Bucky slipped away from your mind as you began to think of his poor friend. No wonder he’d looked so miserable all night. 

Before you knew it, you were marching over to their table. Steve. His name was Steve, and he was even scrawnier up close than he was far away. But he was interrupted by the infamous Bucky. 

“I was wondering when you’d come over,” he began. Oh god. His voice. Smooth and velvety and dripping with years of practiced charm. “I haven’t been able to take my eyes off you all night. Just ask Steve, here.” 

This was the part where the girls turned to mush, and in all honesty, it was a little tricky for you to keep it together, yourself, but you did. It took a lot of willpower. But you did. 

“I believe you,” you replied. Your voice was more of a purr than anything else. You didn’t know you were capable of that. “You’re pretty obvious, you know. Tell me, do I look good naked?” 

He blinked and choked on his drink a bit. You’d caught him off guard, and god, was it satisfying. “Excuse me?”

“You’ve been undressing me with your eyes all night. So tell me. How do I look? Because I gotta say, from what I’ve seen, you have quite the body.”

“Oh, I…uh…thank you,” he mumbled and shifted around. It was clear that he was frantically looking for something witty to fire back with, but you didn’t expect much from the way his cheeks were turning pink as he nervously ran a hand down his face. It was adorable. 

Steve burst into laughter, and borrowed your pen to scribble out a phone number on his napkin. “I think this is what he meant to say,” he grinned and handed it to you. 

As you walked off, feeling an incredible sense of victory you heard one last snippet of a conversation. 

“Now that is something I never thought I’d see.”

“Just shut up, Steve.” 

You all wanna know why men’s razors are less expensive than women’s razors? 

Because of the fact that - unless they have an ‘acceptable beard’ - they are expected to shave their faces. In order for them to maintain a cleanly shaven face, they must shave frequently unless they have unusually slow facial hair growth. Not only are their razors/shaving cream/etc being used more frequently, but men’s facial hair is more course and more difficult to shave than female pubic hair. Therefore, the razors tend to wear down faster. Making them pay the same amount of money as we do would be unfair. 

Now, please, get over yourselves. If money is that important, don’t buy shit you don’t need. 

( possible connections: Submissive.)

Leo smirked down at the bare woman. Hands tied to the bed along with her ankles, her rear propped up into the air for the male. Perfect. The male hadn’t been training her for long, and so, he didn’t expect her to do many ‘special’ things. But today seemed to be perfect for training. “Look at you, cleanly shaven, washed, beautiful.” His husky tone spoke as he slowly teased her already soaking folds with his large cock. “Tell me what you want, Princess.”

Flower Girl, 1/?

For Tilde~

In which Eggsy’s two favourite people meet for the first time.

“Does Daisy like ice cream?” Harry asked, squinting into the mirror and flicking at his hair again.

“What kinda kid doesn’t like ice cream?” Eggsy smirked, leaning against the doorframe. He’d been ready to leave half an hour ago, but Harry had felt the need to exercise his uncanny ability to be late. “But mum won’t like ya much if it spoils her dinner.”

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im never really concerned for any of the newsies cast since the show closed because i know theyre still out doing what they love and getting new jobs and pursuing their passion and stuff but occasionally i will get concerned for ryan steele’s hair like in the meet specs video when everything was first starting out it was pretty cleanly shaven and maybe a little curly when he started matilda but i just saw a recent photo for the first time in like months yesterday and i now believe it to be an independent sentient being that is slowly taking complete control of young steele’s entire body soul and mind i mean is it just me or

C: I feel like I’m one of the only girls on the entire planet that don’t find the whole, “beards, bun, & tattoos” aesthetic attractive.

When people post memes about how un-masculine not having a beard is, I can’t help to roll my eyes because not everyone thinks a beard will automatically make someone attractive.
Like seriously, why would you want to see only half of someone’s face.

Honestly, I like a cleanly shaven guy with no facial hair or even body hair. I also happen to like really skinny guys too.