cleanly hands

Ed’s Parents

In canon Ed has the worst homelife.

Ed’s mom clearly physoclogically, verbally, and possibly physically abuses Ed.

Come on, where did Ed learn this off from?

Ed has references his mother many times and she is clearly a horrible person. She gives more attention to Sarah clearly favoring her more.

Look at their rooms. Ed lives in the dirty basement. His room is always a mess. It’s implied that nobody ever visits him down there. Sarah has a lavish room that is all decorated.

Ed fears his mom.

This was a scene from the nightmare episode. Yes, it turned out to be Jonny in the dream, but before that reveal Ed was falling to his knees begging for his mom to believe that he wasn’t doing anything wrong.

If a child has to do this there is abuse written all over it.

Ed’s mom never takes Ed’s side. In fact she doesn’t want to deal with him. She sends Sarah to yell at him. In an episode where Ed had to clean his room Sarah tells Ed she’ll be back in five minutes because mom said she could.

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I believe Jehovah Jireh
I believe there’s heaven, I believe in war
I believe a woman’s temple
Gives her the right to choose but baby don’t abort
I believe that marriage isn’t
Between a man and woman but between love and love
And I believe you when you say that you’ve lost all faith
But you must believe in something
You gotta believe in something

I still believe in man
A wise one asked me why
Cause I just don’t believe we’re wicked
I know that we sin but I do believe we try
We all try

I don’t believe in time travel
I don’t believe our nation’s flag is on the moon
I don’t believe our lives are simple
And I don’t believe they’re short, this is interlude
I don’t believe my hands are cleanly
Can’t believe that you would let me touch your heart
She didn’t believe me when I said that I lost my faith
You must believe in something
You gotta believe in something

—  Frank Ocean, We All Try

anonymous asked:

i just wanted to know is it 100% safe to handle toads? what things should i know before picking up these round boys

Good question! [Most] toads you’re likely to encounter are harmless and safe for human hands. They could only make you sick if you stuck them in your mouth. Anyone who tells you that they’ll give you warts is just parroting an old wives’ tale, toads cannot hurt you or make you sick. 

If you encounter a toad in the wild and would like to hold them for a quick picture that’s fine, but you need to be mindful of the cleanliness of your hands and the duration that you handle them for. Frogs have very permeable skin that’s sensitive to chemicals and salts, so if you’ve been painting, exercising, or have sunblock on them, then you shouldn’t handle them. Likewise I always give my hands a good rinse before handling my pet toads to be safe. But if you’re just holding them briefly for a picture or to get them out of the way of danger then that’s fine, just be gentle!


In honour of the new Star Wars film, ‘The Force Awakens’, ROM Archaeologist Robert Mason has shared a selection of swords from our collection that inspired the crossguard of the latest lightsaber. 

Crossguards, originating in 10th century Europe with the Vikings, were traditionally used to protect the hand of the wielder against an attacking sword. Over time, crossguards became more ornate, much like the latest lightsaber. However, unlike this Sith creation, no crossguard of the Mediaeval age could cut your hand so cleanly off by the merest touch.

Written by @kironcmukherjee. Last update: December 16th, 2014.

This calls for a new drinking game ...

From this comic forward, Nate decided to stop wearing shirts.

[X-Force #12,page 7]

He was fully clothed last issue … but he has spontaneously decided to have this confrontation with Domino-Cat shirtless.

There’s a lot of completely unnecessary shirtlessness in this panel.  I fear for your leadership skills, Nate.

He’s also wearing gloves. 

Why are you wearing gloves, Nate?

But wait!

One page over …

[X-Force #12, page 8]

The gloves are gone! 

Did he take off his gloves to dramatically pound desks?

Will he use them to slap Domino-Cat about the face and challenge her to a dual?  I wish! She’d win.

At the end of the issue, Nate is still shirtless.

[X-Force #12, page 14]

Nate, are you on strike?  Does a woman’s betrayal make you think back to the days of your youth?  When you ran wild and free and shirtless? And infinitely better drawn?

Suddenly you have gloves, though … is the cleanliness of your hands more important than the cleanliness of your chest?

[X-Force #13, page 4]

The base is being attacked!

I can think of no legitimate reason to put on shoulder pads and NOT put on a shirt.  Wouldn’t it chafe?

There aren’t even any guns in those shoulder pads!

[X-Force #13, page 11]

For some completely incomprehensible reason, Nate decides to get dressed in the MIDDLE OF THE FIGHT.

Not just a little dressed … A WHOLE LOT OF DRESSED.

Layers like the layers of an onion!

[X-Force #14, page 2]

The base has exploded!  Quick!  Take off all your gear –

Oh, shirtless again. 

Those pants are mysteriously intact.

So are those gloves.

[X-Force #14, page 7]

Then he gears back up … shirtless.

[X-Force #14, page 7]

Flies this plane … shirtless.

[X-Force #14, page 18]


Just when he’s going to have to fight Deadpool … he puts on a shirt. 

Nate.  I’m concerned over your understanding of clothes.

Someone needs to intervene.

[X-Force #14, page 22] 

Not that kind of intervention.

This kind.

Parallels #5346725467 in WINGS: Reflection

Someone fling me into the sun, I’m so done with bighit. 

I know I’m being dramatic, but asgdhsagdfhjsakgf to bring in Danger era, AGAIN? Come on. 

 Anyways, lets begin. 

Here is our first parallel between Reflection and RUN mv, the freight cart. The fact that bighit wanted to replicate the same train freight cart with the exact numbers has to mean something, right? 

Well if you think about it, in RUN the opening to the freight cart leads to a house full of welcoming, fun, and happiness:

“It was a realm of brilliance, clarity, and cleanliness, gentle conversations, washed hands, clean clothes, and good manners”

But in this film, its just Namjoon alone:

“It was dominated by a loud mixture of horrendous, intriguing, frightful, mysterious things, including slaughterhouses and prisons, drunkards and screeching fishwives, calving cows, horses sinking to their death, tales of robberies, murders, and suicides.”

So could this be a representation of the two realms? Having friends (a companion) in one world vs yourself (the world of loneliness)? Maybe. 

Then we have this part which connects Jungkook’s film BEGIN with Rapmon’s REFLECTION, with the picture of the sparrow hawk.. 

You guys, in the novel Sinclair draws a picture of a sparrow hawk and sends it to Demian.. and Jungkook is placing the same photo into an envelope..

“I decided, however–in the same state of dreamlike presentiment in which I did everything–to send him the painting of the sparrow hawk, even if it would never reach him.”

Now this could mean two things: that a) rapmon is a representation of Demain or that b) he is a representation of Sinclair. Personally I think he’s both. Here’s why:

Here is an example of where I believe he’s Sinclair because in the novel Sinclair talks about becoming one with Demain/the hawk. 

“I had long since become used to my loneliness–that did not oppress me: I lived with Demian, the sparrow hawk, with the mighty apparition of my dream that was both my fate and my beloved.”

Is he not by himself when he tattoo’s this on himself? And the fact that Sinclair states this after he has been painting to try and bring himself back to the world of “light”, and using bright colors to paint the face of Beatrice, doesn’t that seem a bit straightforward then? The subconscious thought of Demain.. is what is helping him try to be above the waters? 

ALSO, Here you have him looking at himself in a mirror— reflection.  

You guys the moment I saw that the short film was called reflection I screamed and legit flipped over my laptop is because the last line of the book Sinclair talks about mirrors. 

But sometimes when I find the key and climb deep into myself where the images of fate lie aslumber in the dark mirror, I need only bend over that dark mirror to behold my own image, now completely resembling him, my brother, my master.

In hard times you look back, and remember to remain strong.

But then here’s an example that he could be Demian in this heart wrenching scene relating prologue, stigma, and reflection. sdgashjdkgsahjfkgsda i cried.

As mentioned before, when Sinclair is in trouble he calls out for Demian at the end of the book.. So could then rapmon be tae’s demain?

“Little Sinclair, listen: I will have to go away. Perhaps you’ll need me again sometime, against Kromer or something. If you call me then I won’t come crudely, on horseback or by train… You’ll have to listen within yourself, then you will notice that I am within you.”

Reflection + Begin

Beginning to reflect on yourself? A stride towards independence? 

Idek anymore. Someone just fling me into the sun. 

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Things that are not OCD

-double checking you locked the door
-arranging books in an aesthetically/logically/whatever pleasing fashion
-being annoyed by mess
-washing your hands OH MY GOD

Things that may be an indication of OCD symptoms:

-a reoccurring, generally distressing thought pattern (obsession) that results in some form of action to relieve that distress (compulsion)

Stop calling yourself OCD because you line your pencils up neat or something!?!!???

Do it.

Taeyong Fanboard Event Replies (July 15th, 2016)

Trans by: yourtrace_ | screenshots by: tytrvck | Compiled by : jaehyun_970214_      

Translating to a 3rd language is OK! Go ahead and do so! No need to ask for permission but remember to credit appropriately. Please respect my work and do not re-upload this post anywhere else.  It took me hours to gather all the data together and translating them.  

There is a total of 41 replies from Taeyong to fans for this event. Although i searched high and low i was unable to get the remaining 2 comments that he left. If you see them do mention me so i can include them in this post!! Thanks to mentioned parties for compiling most of his replies ^^

Screenshots of the replies can be downloaded from this link.

The photos are numbered on par to the translations posted below. Fan questions will be bolded and his answers are underneath it. However, from #29 onward i apologized as i couldn’t find screenshots of the replies and only a post compiled from a fan ;;

Thank you and have fun reading them ^^

Taeyong’s post-fanboard message

Hello I am NCT Taeyong.

Being together with all of you at Osaka today was really fun haha
Being able to hold this fanboard event although we are far made me really happy~~
Tomorrow we, NCT, will work hard for the show~~
Please anticipate us always!!!
We will continue to be a hardworking NCT, thank you!

Replies starts here 


Taeyong ah please answer me once so that I have the will to do my work  It’s good to take it easy with your work haha Health is the most important!!!!


Taeyong ah I have been waiting for a week to see you on fanboard
I too waited every day, nice to meet you!!

Taeyong oppa!!!
Im here haha Hello~~

Taeyong ah weren’t you nervous appearing on Dream Concert for the first time right after your debut?
Getting to be on the same stage as many seniors that we respect!! It made us, NCT feel very happy being on the same stage as them.


Taeyong ah do you know what ‘wo ai ni’ means?
It means “I like you” right!!

Taeyong ah you are here now right? I right?…
I am here hahaha don’t always be worried

Taeyong-hyung! Taeyong-hyung! Taeyong-hyung! Taeyong-hyung! Taeyong-hyung! Taeyong-hyung! Taeyong-hyung! Taeyong-hyung! Taeyong-hyung! I’m a male fan. It feels good to have a male fan right?
Nice to meet you friend ^^ I like it ~

I caught an eye sty. please tell me to get well soon once…
Wash your eyes and hands cleanly always!! Be careful of catching a flu too~~


Taeyong oppa please say be strong to me
Fighting on your exam!!

Taeyong Taeyong Taeyong recommend one song!
Roos Jonker – Soon

Taeyongah do you like turtles? I like it
Wartortle (t/n: it’s a pokemon character that looks like a … turtle)

Taeyong ah are you happy?
Its good if everyone is happy, I am happy  haha

Minhyeong ah can’t you switch places with my younger brother? I don’t need him…let’s change
I think I’m becoming a bit sad

Taeyong please congratulate me, I topped my grades!

Taeyong leader I really like you…
I feel secured with the fans and members together haha

Taeyong ah don’t be sick and let’s always meet on the stage
For lifetime

Taeyong ah what is your favourite Japanese food?
Miso ramen, okonomiyaki, takoyaki and chocolate all kinds I like everything! The best!!

Taeyong ah what does ‘Aishiteru’ means
I love you (t/n: I’m not exactly sure why he use 흥항해… I will check again - ok it is a term only TY, alone, use to say 사랑해 haha)


Taeyongnim please give me strength
I shall give you strength super po—————————————wer

Taeyong ah do you like chocolate or jelly more?
Chocolate ha

Taeyong oppa please say something in English!!
Mark says thank you (t/n: in english)

Taeyong-ah thank you for  becoming an idol. Being able to meet Idol Taeyong made me really really happy
I will work even harder to be fans’ idol always, thank you!

Taeyong oppa!! Please recommend a song that is good to listen before going to sleep!
Busta rhymes – decision
Everyone the time is already up haha Have a good night while listening to the song!

Taeyong oppa knock knock are you there?
Knock knock

Taeyong ah don’t leave……. I want to be with you always always…
Haha I will always be by everyone’s side like a CCTV~~ I’m watching you haha

Taeyong ah recently what movie did you watched please tell us
I recently watched Zootopia twice

Taeyong-ah I want to be Ruby for a day T_T
Haha if I want to brag about Ruby, he is like an angel

Taeyong how is it, going to Japan?
I really like Japan. The sky today is really pretty haha

Taeyong ah I have a wish while I’m still alive…
Soyeon ah hello haha

Taeyong ah, Vietnam fans are pretty right?
Yes haha I really liked it when I went to Vietnam!! If there is another chance  I would like to go again haha

Taeyong oppa as a leader is really assuring
I feel very assured because all of you are here too

Taeyong ah fighting for tomorrow!! Health is important!
Tomorrow too, the day after too, anytime I will do my best!!

Taeyong ah the reactions for Mad City are really good!!
Please look forward to more in the future ^^

Mark did you like the berets you wore during The 7th sense?
I really like it haha (t/n: idk why he answer this lol)

Taeyong leader fighting! I will love you forever NCT LIFE IN BALI PLEASE~~ COME TO INDONESIA!
Thank you I will work hard!!!!!

Do you type fast?
I want to give my all but I am reading all of them haha

Taeyong ah during the mention party I didn’t get a reply at all, even a dot would be good
Hello!!! This is Taeyong from Osaka

Taeyong oppa entering a fansign is my lifelong wish
We will definitely meet haha

Taeyong ah say my name!
Jiyeon ah hi~~~


Sorry for the extremely long post! Please inform me of any errors and i will fix asap!

Imagine being hurt and Kili freaking out and helping you.

By request on wattpad.


You were relieved when the company was finally safe inside Beorn’s house with the door locked. The entire business with the goblins, wargs, orcs, and then Beorn in his bear form had made for a tiring ordeal. Sighing, you ran your hand across your face and through your hair.

“Y/n, you’re hurt!” you heard Kili yell. That’s when you noticed the trail of blood on your face. He rushed over to you and started inspecting your head for some sign of injury. Glancing down at your hand, you noticed a gash in the center of your palm.

“Kili, it’s alright. It’s just my hand,” you said, holding it up to show him.

“It still looks bad,” he said, brows furrowed in concern. “Let’s get Oin to take a look at it.”

Putting an arm around you, he led you over to Oin. “It’s not too bad, y/n. Just a bit of cleaning up and some bandages and it will be just fine.”

“I’ll do that for you, if you like?” Kili offered.

“Thank you. I’d appreciate it.”

You found a spot on the floor and waited while Kili went to find the necessary supplies. He returned shortly with a large bowl of water and some clean, torn up rags. Sitting in front of you, he took your hand and placed it into the warm water. Even though he was being gentle, you couldn’t help but wince as he cleaned out your wound. When he seemed to be satisfied with its cleanliness, he dried your hand off and began meticulously wrapping the rags around it. You watched as his large hands deftly managed the task, and you relished in the sensation of his touch.

“There, all fixed,” he said with a sweet smile.

“Thanks again,” you replied before leaning forward and giving him a kiss on the cheek. “It was very kind of you.” His sweet smile quickly turned into a beaming, glowing expression.

“You’re welcome. I’m just relieved it wasn’t anything more serious.”

“You were really worried about me there for a minute, weren’t you?” you asked.

“Of course I was.” He paused for a minute and started staring at the bowl still sitting between you. “I’m very fond of you, y/n.”

“I’m fond of you too, Kili.”

“No, I mean…I think about you all of the time. And I want to be close to you. And I think I…love you.”

The handsome dwarf prince was still staring at the bowl on the floor. With your uninjured hand, you pushed the bowl out from between the two of you and scooted closer to him saying “I’m disappointed, Kili.”

He looked up at you with a heartbroken expression.

“I’m disappointed that you only think you love me, because I know I love you.” Then you gave him a quick peck on the lips.

He stared at you with a shocked expression before he flashed a wide, toothy grin. “You scared me. I thought you were rejecting me.”

“I know. That’s why I did it. You’re adorable when you’re scared.”

Taking your hands in his, he said, “You do realize I’m going to have to get you back for that.”

“I’m sure you’ll try,” you replied with a laugh. Then you leaned in and gave him a longer, deeper kiss. After a few minutes, he broke it off and whispered, “Maybe I can just let it slide this time.”

“Nah,” you replied, smirking against his lips. “Where would be the fun in that?”

XF Fic: ‘The Wonder of You’

Notes: Written for @leiascully’s X-Files Writing Challenge. The prompt was music… it takes a while to get to the music because some smut got in the way first, but it’s there. This is my first story from Mulder’s point of view, so I’d love some feedback. :-)

Rating: NC-17.

Summary: Mulder and Scully move into their unremarkable house and make it official. 

When Mulder first sees Scully standing on the front porch of the house in Virginia, he is overcome.

“Wait,” he tells her, as she puts the key in the door and turns the lock over, ready to swing it open and step into their home.

He takes the stairs two at a time to catch her, grabbing her right wrist with one of his hands and putting the other on her cheek. She looks up at him with that curious expression she’s been tossing in his direction for more than a decade and he kisses her, soft and sweet and slow.

Then he reaches down and scoops up her compact little body into his arms.

“Mulder,” she says, part warning and part invitation, and she grasps her arms around his neck.  

He kicks the door open gently with his foot and carries her over the threshold. She laughs a little, and he does too.

“It doesn’t count if we’re not married, Mulder.”

“I don’t care, Scully,” he responds. “We’re home.”

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From this request: Could you do one where the reader has a prosthetic hand and dean keeps taking it playing a game called “how long until y/n realizes her hand is missing”


Hunters got hurt. That was just the nature of the job. But you’d sustained an injury that was above and beyond anything the Winchesters had ever experienced.

During a fight with a demon, your hand had gotten crushed, absolutely obliterated. You’d continued the battle and defeated the creature but the fight left you in a compromising position—your hand was beyond repair. Thankfully, your parents knew a good surgeon. He cleanly detached your hand, cutting as low as possible. He was then able to hook you up with a wonderful prosthetic hand that moved almost like a real hand.

You’d carefully tested the waters after that, seeing what sort of hunting you’d be capable of. You could do a good portion of it, but you knew your limits.

You found the Winchesters and they let you into their lives. You found them staring at your hand occasionally but it didn’t bother you—after all, practically everyone stared at it. You knew the boys were only staring out of curiosity—what if they ended up like you?

Sometimes, when Dean was drunk, you would take your hand off to mess with him. The first time you’d done it, he’d freaked out so hard that he’d fallen out of his chair.

But sometimes, Dean liked to get back at you. He’d learned how your hand attached and often when you were napping or showering, he would sneak in and take your hand, hiding it around the bunker. You would frantically search the bunker for your appendage while Dean laughed and hid from you. When you found your hand, you would attach it and immediately find Dean and punch him in the arm.

“Ow,” Dean would complain. “Watch it, Bionic Woman.”

“You got yourself into this.”


One day, Sam walked back into the bunker just in time to hear Dean yell at the top of his lungs (almost like that time in Colorado when that cat jumped out of the abandoned locker…). Sam’s hand immediately went to his gun as he ran towards the sound.

Dean ran around the corner and nearly ran into Sam’s chest. “Jesus, I didn’t know you were back!”

“What’s happening?”


“What’s wrong? What happened? Is she hurt? Is she sick?”

“Sick in the head, maybe,” Dean said. He was really shaken, slightly pale. “She… she…”

“She what?”

“She touched me with her nub!”

Sam took a moment to understand Dean’s words. “She… what?”

“I took her hand and hid it and to get back at me she ran her little nub across the back of my neck.” Dean’s hand darted up to his neck as if he could still feel it. “God, it was weird. One of the most uncomfortable things I’ve ever gone through.”

Sam tried to hold his laughter back as he stuck his gun back in his waistband. “You brought it upon yourself, Dean.”

“Yeah, but… she’s never done that before.”

“She’s probably just sick of your shit.” Sam paused. “Where is her hand, anyway?”

“In her toilet tank.”


“Don’t worry, I put it in a bag first.” Dean suppressed a shiver, the feeling still ghosting over his skin. “God, I need a drink.”

Wedding Day (You x EXO Xiumin)

So this is another overdue request for a wedding day with Xiumin! Since it’s a little old, I’m going to try to make it fresh again kekekeke~ I hope you like it!


“How could you say something like that to me?! You’re being so rude!”

“No, I’m not! You’re just be sensitive!”

“You’re wrong! The sales lady said they were the trendiest curtains at the store right now! I’m not returning them!”

“So we’re just going to live with ugly curtains, then?”


You fold your arms, staring open-mouthed at your husband Minseok. The two of you had been married for almost a month, and already, you were having your first fight. You had made it your job to pick the living room curtains today while you were out running errands, and you had put them up as soon as you got home, hoping to surprise your hubby. But Minseok hated them!

You didn’t think they were that bad! They were red plaid with little furry balls at the end (the sales lady had called them “camping style”), and Minseok despised them. The two of you had been arguing so long that dinner had gotten cold, and now you push past him, locking yourself in the bathroom.

Really, you just needed a minute to calm down. Fighting over something as small as the curtains was stupid, but even so, your feelings were a little hurt. Minseok was never this blunt, and especially not over things like this. He usually liked whatever you liked!

“I’m taking these curtains down!” His sing-songy voice teases you through the door. “They’re so weird!”

“Don’t you dare!” You protest. You reach for the door knob, twisting hard. But shockingly, the knob breaks off cleanly in your hand! You push on the door,  but it’s no use—you’re totally locked in.

“Minseok!” You scream, pounding on the door. “Minseok!”

“I’m still going to take them down!”

“No, Minseok, please! Help!”

You can hear him pause, then the sound of bare feet running across the apartment floor. “Hey, what’s wrong?” His voice goes from teasing to concern. “Are you okay?”

“No, Minseok, the door is broken! I can’t get out!” The other knob wiggles as he turns it. “I can’t get it open either! Move away from the door! I’m going to try and break it down!” You step in the shower, peeking from behind the curtain. “Okay!”


There’s a solid sound as Minseok rams the door. It’s convincing, but nothing opens. A few more tries, and he’s worn out. “Can you climb through the window?” He asks wearily. You roll your eyes. “I know you did not just ask me that, Kim Minseok.” You scoff. “We live on the tenth floor!”

“So sassy.” You can hear the whine in his voice. “Hold on, okay? I’m going to go call the landlord.”

“Well I’m obviously not going anywhere.” You sit on the counter with a huff.

Minseok’s muted voice comes from the kitchen, and when he returns, you can hear him sit on the floor. “Okay, so I have good news and bad news.” He says. “Good news, the landlord can fix the door.”

"And the bad news?”

“He can’t come until seven.”

“That’s two hours!” You panic.

“I know.” Minseok says apologetically. “He’s the only one who will do it for free. Besides, I’m not going anywhere, okay?”


“Do you remember our wedding?”

Minseok’s voice asks after a half hour of silence. You hadn’t forgotten the two of you were fighting, and you’d taken to trying every single one of Minseok’s colognes. The smell was getting a little overpowering though, so you tug the window open and sit on the toilet. “It was last month.” You say sarcastically. “Of course I do.”

“You looked beautiful.” Minseok continues without missing a beat, ignoring your attitude. “I was so nervous.” You bite your lip. You had been nervous, too. The two of you had been together for almost three years before Minseok popped the question at your sister’s college graduation. “I didn’t sleep for two whole days.” He laughs. “Luhan was worried I wouldn’t be able to stand at the altar. He’d never seen me like that before.”

You laugh a little. Minseok had been bright pink when you stood before him. His hands were shaking a little bit, but then again, your had been, too. There was something about the fact that you and Minseok were going to spend the rest of your lives together…it was exciting and terrifying, all at the same time.

The two of you had had a winter wedding, at a beautiful hall in February. You had picked white as the color, with little touches of deep green. The whole audience looked like a blanket of snow. The two of you had met during the winter time, so even your wedding band had a tiny snowflake on it. You stare down at it now, your ears turning pink. Every time you looked at it, it reminded you that you and Minseok were…married. You still weren’t used to saying it.

“And Chanyeol drank too much champagne at reception.” You laugh. The poor guy had gone from being his usual smiley self to a hot mess, howling like a wolf until Baekhyun took him outside for a cup of coffee. Minseok sighs from the other side. “I’m still not over that.” He huffs. “He growled at my mom!”

"I’m sure she forgave him already.”

“I haven’t.” Minseok says grumpily. “That was embarrassing!” You snort with laughter, and even though you can’t see him, you’re pretty sure Minseok is smiling, too.

“And then there was our wedding night.” Minseok’s voice gets low, and for the first time in an hour, you are really glad he can’t see you. “You don’t have to talk about that.” You say quickly, embarrassed.

“Why?” He laughs. “Because it makes you shy?”

“A little!” You blush hotly.

“No one knows anything about it but us.” He chuckles. “Holding you like that…I get the shivers just thinking about it.You smelled like strawberries, and you had on this lacey thing…”

It’s you turn to laugh. “My sister bought that for me.”

“Well tell your sister I said thank you.” He says dreamily. “It’s my favorite.”

“Maybe I’ll wear it again sometime.”


The two of you relive the wedding, passing the time talking about how nice the cake turned out and how glad you were that your family and friends got along well. There are still wedding gifts you hadn’t opened, and a constant stream of cards from Minseok’s friends at the company. You’d never would have thought you’d have the congratualtions of so many famous people.

A knock on the door interupts Minseok’s reminiscing. The landlord! There’s a little drilling, and suddenly the door swings open, bringing in fresh air and your hubby, Kim Minseok. Suddenly the fight is stupid, and you’re happier than ever to see him. You squeeze him in a hug, and he buries his face in your hair.

“I’m sorry about earlier.” You whisper. “It’s ridiculous. We can just return the curtains.”

“I was just teasing.” He sniffs innocently. “We can keep them if you really like them.”

Or we can just go pick new ones together.”

Minseok queezes you tighter, burying his face in your neck. “I like the sound of that.” 


Scenario end! Okay, so this didn’t exactly go like I had planned, but I hope it’s okay! I wanted to do a whole wedding day, but any way I tried it, it was too long! I would have had to break it into parts, and you guys know how I get when I break things up into parts haha OTL I like the way that this turned out, though! I love writing Minseok scenarios so much >.< The feels I have now T.T Aiggggooooo^^ ~Jjangpanda


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2048

Warnings: Angst. Lots of it.

Summary: Two lovers meet in a coffee shop. By the time they leave, they are strangers.

Notes: first story in over a month pls be gentle. getting close to 1000 so here’s a present.

Fat raindrops began to litter the cracked sidewalk, nurturing the plants which crept out of its cracks, winding up towards the sun in places they didn’t belong. The green weeds stretched high for the sky, untamed as they attempted the unfeasible goal of reaching the blue hidden behind the dark grey curtain of clouds. They had rolled their way onto the sky’s stage long ago, but had just now decided to instigate their performance, a bold, dramatic performance beginning with soft tears. You knew all too well that it would eventually change to piercing sobs, featuring many torrents of drops and violent, flickering outbursts. It was a performance you couldn’t avoid, yet you didn’t want to miss it.

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Woman [Bandit OQ]

In which Robin Hood is quite the ladies’ man and Regina is quite the jealous bandit. [ffn] Many many thanks to black-throatedblue and queenoflocksley for letting me borrow their brilliant brains.

Regina can’t be bothered, at first, to keep track of just how many there are. She has her own business to mind (traps to manage, merry mouths to feed, scores to settle back in town), and whatever—or whomever—that thieving scoundrel does in his spare moments is, quite frankly, the least of her concerns.

As it turns out, it’s not the sheer number of these exotic, slim-limbed creatures, parading steadily in and out his tent with every passing of dusk to twilight (always gone before the sun at daybreak), that finally captures her attention and holds it ruthlessly hostage.

It’s not that each somehow happens to be even more impossibly gorgeous than the last, from mischievous, green-eyed porcelain redheads to alluring brunettes with olive-tanned skin and legs that simply go on, and on, and on.

It’s not the utterly baffling knowledge that they’ve crawled from whatever hellpit is responsible for their existence to seek the esteemed company of an outlaw. Of all the fools with half a mind between two legs to come hither and peek up their skirts, apparently none boast the same appeal as the most wanted man in all the ten kingdoms.

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150614 Dokyum’s replies on Twitter

pledis_17: [17’s dokyum] positive energy dokyum is here~ i’m going to talk to everybody a lot, hope you have a good time!!!!

fan: what are you doing
dk: we’re preparing for our performance!!

fan: did you eat something delicious for lunch?? what did you eat?
dk: i ate tonkatsu and ramen!! eat well heuheu 

fan: DK! what do you want people to call you, cute? or masculine?kekekekekekekeke 
dk: i like it all!!<3

fan:  omg i like you a lot dokyum-ah!!!!!! dokyum-ah, be careful of your throat and be healthy. i want to go to a fansign ㅠㅜ
dk: see you at a fansign soon!!@@

fan: if tomorrow was the last day to live, what would you do?
dk: i would go see fans right now heuheu

fan: seokmin-ah, are you going to do province fansigns? are you going to other provinces? seokmin-ah, wash your hands cleanly and be careful of MERS and the heat 8ㅅ8
dk: be careful not to get a cold!!! take good care of your body

fan: i really love your voice ♡♡♡
dk: thank you, you will hear a better voice from me!!

fan: hi dokyum♡♡what is wonwoo doing??keke  
dk: he’s getting his hair done!!

fan: my heart thumps whenever i’m in front of you <3
dk: sorry that my actions are lacking!!! heuheu (he doesn’t really know how to react)

fan: i want to receive some of dokyum’s positive energy
dk: always smile and have fun!!!! hwaiting

fan: dokyum-ah, wake me upㅠㅠㅠ
dk: don’t sleep!!!!!@@@@ you’re awake, right?

fan: what do you think of aliens?
dk: our friends!!!

fan: sob ㅠㅠㅠㅠdokyum-ah ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ i really really like you ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ♥︎ don’t get sick and always wear a mask ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
dk: be careful of the cold, really heuheu health is first! 

translated by vernonstop
please credit if you’re going to use it somewhere else!!!

When the Day Met the Night Chapter 6

Hoseok x Reader

Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Violence (this one might be a bit disturbing but idk) and some attempt of rape
2,323 words
Comments: I received a lot of love from writing the last part and I’m so happy so I decided to write this part a little quicker than I usually do (sorry I procrastinate a lot XD)
ALSO I REACHED 600 FOLLOWERS AND IT HASN’T EVEN BEEN A WEEK SINCE I GOT 500 SO THANK YOU!!! (Also feel free to send in a request I’m in an exceptionally good mood so your requests will be done quicker)

(Ch.1) (Ch.4) (Ch. 5) (to see the other chapters if you haven’t read this yet or you haven’t caught up, click on those and they will direct you to the chapter you are on it’s a bit easier for me because it’s annoying to link that much XD)

Originally posted by btsleepy

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Reading practice: 街の休日

So the NEW SEASON OF DURARARA starts in mere hours.


It’ll pick up at volume 4 of the light novels, so here’s the very short prologue of the 4th novel to celebrate! I hope you guys like anthropomorphized cities as much as I do!


translation/grammar notes within:

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Frank Ocean's best song ever. .

[Verse 1]
I believe Jehovah Jireh
I believe there’s heaven, I believe in war
I believe a woman’s temple
Gives her the right to choose but baby don’t abort
I believe that marriage isn’t
Between a man and woman but between love and love
And I believe you when you say that you’ve lost all faith
But you must believe in something, something, something
You gotta believe in something, something, something

I still believe in man
A wise one asked me why
Cause I just don’t believe we’re wicked
I know that we sin but I do believe we try
We all try, the girls try, the boys try
Women try, men try, you and I try, try, we all try

[Verse 2]
I don’t believe in time travel
I don’t believe our nation’s flag is on the moon
I don’t believe our lives are simple
And I don’t believe they’re short, this is interlude
I don’t believe my hands are cleanly
Can’t believe that you would let me touch your heart
She didn’t believe me when I said that I lost my faith
You must believe in something, something, something
You gotta believe in something, something, something


Try to believe (just try)
I do believe, I do believe

when I first heard this I knew Frank was the GOAT…i agree with his statements

anonymous asked:

When you're at the store and you're deciding on lipstick, do you test the "tester" on your lips or just on the back of your hand?

For cleanliness- your hand. There are lots of germs on the testers so it’s best to not let them touch your lips xxx