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Ed’s Parents

In canon Ed has the worst homelife.

Ed’s mom clearly physoclogically, verbally, and possibly physically abuses Ed.

Come on, where did Ed learn this off from?

Ed has references his mother many times and she is clearly a horrible person. She gives more attention to Sarah clearly favoring her more.

Look at their rooms. Ed lives in the dirty basement. His room is always a mess. It’s implied that nobody ever visits him down there. Sarah has a lavish room that is all decorated.

Ed fears his mom.

This was a scene from the nightmare episode. Yes, it turned out to be Jonny in the dream, but before that reveal Ed was falling to his knees begging for his mom to believe that he wasn’t doing anything wrong.

If a child has to do this there is abuse written all over it.

Ed’s mom never takes Ed’s side. In fact she doesn’t want to deal with him. She sends Sarah to yell at him. In an episode where Ed had to clean his room Sarah tells Ed she’ll be back in five minutes because mom said she could.

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Pink Lemonade

Summary: Richie Tozier finds himself in a sticky situation and is forced to hide in a closet for safety. He wasn’t expecting to find the space already occupied, and he defiantly wasn’t expecting to enjoy the company so much

A/N: *Warnings: Mention of Sex, and Loss of Virginity.* How in the hell is this fiction still going. I mean it just keeps on going and I don’t want it to be too long but God, I just love it. Next chapter, whenever I get to writing it, will be a bit more angst. Angry Riche, hurt Eddie and pissed off Stan. Not what you think though.

Word Count: 2221


Part: (1) (2) (3) 4 (5) (6)

The first thing that Richie noticed was the smell. Fresh linen laced with lavender washed over him, practically coating him in the heavenly scent. He could feel himself melting into it, wishing that he could swim in the aroma forever. This wasn’t his own sheets, his mother refused to wash his, and yet the he could almost place the scent, almost.

The second thing Richie noticed was the sunlight that shined onto his face. He rolled over, trying to block it out but it followed him. He willed himself to ignore it, to resume his slumber but his eyes opened themselves anyways.

The third, and final thing Richie noticed was that he had no fucking idea where he was. The room was neat, everything in its place. There were no clothes on the floor, no trash anywhere in sight and he couldn’t find a speck of dust on the nightstand. This was nothing like his bedroom at home and he suddenly became worried about the night before.

Richie attempted to rise from the bed, immediately meeting the headache that swelled in his skull. There was a slew of curse words as he dropped back into the mattress. He was hung over, that much was for sure.

“Look who decided to wake up.” A sarcastic sneer came from the threshold. The trashmouth shifted his head, noticing Eddie only in boxers and a night shirt.  “It took you long enough.” He yawned, passing by Richie, muttering something under his breath as he rummaged through his dresser drawer.

“Where the fuck am I?” He asked, trying to tune out the loud shuffling of the clothes. Eddie closed the drawer loudly causing Richie to wince. “And do you mind? I have a killer hangover, be a little quitter, fuck.”

“Okay.” Eddie hissed, moving to his closet. “One, you’re at my house and two fuck you. You’re at my house Tozier, I can do whatever I want.” He removed what looked like a pair of jeans before slamming the closet door shut.

“Shit!” Richie exclaimed, covering his ears. “How did I even end up here?”

“What’s the last thing you remember?” Eddie asked, pulling the jeans over his boxer shorts.

“I remember talking to you at the hay barrels, then I remember falling and-“He paused, looking over to the smaller boy who had taken his shirt off before replacing it with a fresh one. His body was tiny, almost all of his ribs and shoulder poking out of his skin, reminding Richie of a Halloween skeleton. The trashmouth wondered if he would break in bed. A smirk curled at the corner of his lips, “And did I puke on your shoes?”

Eddie cringed. “Yeah, you did. You also puked in the car, the sidewalk and on my favorite hoodie so thanks for that.”

“Man, what a party foul.” Richie joked, chuckling lightly.

“Yeah hilarious.”

“Okay so how did I end up at your place?” The trashmouth asked, suddenly aware of his almost nudity. “And how did I end up in only boxers.”

“Well after you fell off the barrel, highlight of my night by the way, I took you to Beverly. She told me she couldn’t take care of you because she was already chasing down a drunken Mike, Ben was helping. Apparently the football team had stripped and were seeing who could streak closest to the fire.” Eddie shook his head, taking a seat at the edge of the bed. Richie couldn’t help but imagine Mike, fully moon, trying to jump the bonfire with Bev and Ben rushing after him. He smirked as Eddie continued. “Stan wanted nothing to do with you, shocker there, and Bill was Stan’s ride. So lucky me, I was stuck with your dumb ass.”

“So you took me here?”

Eddies shrugged, “Where else was I supposed to take you? I have no idea where you live and I had to drive your truck, which is a piece of shit.” 

“I bet your parents are pissed.” Richie joked, rubbing his head and reaching for his glasses from the bed stand.

“Dad’s dead, Mom’s out of town.” He replied matter-of-factly.

“Huh.” Richie retorted, “And you just undressed me for fun or?”

He could see the blush that spared across Eddie’s face, his gaze dropping to the floor. “No. You were fucking filthy so before you were totally gone, I had you strip and I washed your clothes.”

“Uh huh.” Richie mused, a shit eating grin crossing his face, “If you wanted me naked in your bed Eds, all you had to do was ask.” He leaned over, running his hands down Eddie’s back causing him to jump up in surprise. “Purrrrrr.”

“Oh fuck off trashmouth.” Eddie hissed, standing from the bed in a huff. “I should have just left you out there with the rest of those idiots.”

“Oh calm down princess, it was a joke.”

“You’re impossible.” He hissed, walking out of the bedroom. Richie could hear him storm down the steps, hopefully going to grab his washed clothes. The lanky boy rose form the bed, feeling the dull throb of his brain but ignoring it. Lazily he walked around the room, taking the odd cleanliness. His hands ran themselves across his dresser, accumulating little dust. Richie smirked, unable to stop the bubble of emotion that began its way up his throat.

God, Eddie was such a dork.

His eyes caught the picture frame that was pushed back to the back of the dresser, practically hidden by Eddie’s book bag. Richie pulled the photo closer, immediately noticing his small friend. It must have been years ago, the Eddie that was in the picture no older than five or six. He was holding an enormous baseball bat that had to be more than twice his size. Behind the child was a man, his face fixated on Eddie’s hand placement, a genuine smile spread across his face. Slowly, Richie traced the small boy’s face, feeling his heart swell at his adorable, overzealous smirk.

“That’s my Dad.” The trashmouth jumped at the sound of Eddie’s voice, nearly dropping the picture. He fumbled slightly, managing to recover not so smoothly. The other boy only smiled, placing the clean clothes on the bed. “That was taken a week before he was diagnosed.”


“Cancer.” Eddie replied, his voice void of emotion. “He died less than a year later.”

“Oh I’m sor-“

“It’s fine.” He replied, shrugging off the entire situation. “That was a long time ago.” They stood there from a minute, Eddie’s eyes down casted, brows furrowed as if deep in thought. Richie debated whether or not to say anything, his stomach twisting painfully, but it passed as the small boy spoke up. “Your clothes are washed so hurry up and get dressed.”

“Can’t take all of this sexiness?” Richie joked, making a rather crude motion with his hips.

Eddie cringed, a ghost of a smile crossing his face. “No, I want you out of my house. It’s bad enough you contaminated my sheets. Who knows what sexually transmitted disease you’re carrying.”

“Nothing that your mother doesn’t already have, I made sure of that.” He retorted, grabbing his shirt and pulling it over his head, his voice muffled by the fabric. “You’re okay with herpes right Eds?”

His host rolled his eyes, snorting as he turned to leave out the room. “You really need to stop calling me that.”

Richie smiled, shaking his head. He stumbled somewhat, trying to follow his friend and put on his pants on at the same time. He stopped at the top of the stairs, buttoning up his jeans. “You fucking love it Eds.” He cooed at the boy descending down the staircase. Eddie only flipped him off in response.

The trashmouth hurried down the stairs, eager to catch up. He hopped the last two steps, landing loudly on the hardwood floor. There was a smirk on his face when Eddie picked up his shoes and keys from the coffee table. “Here.” He bit, shoving the items into Richie’s hands. “That’s everything.”

“Awe, you’re too good for me.”

Eddie rolled his eyes at the sentiment, walking into the kitchen. Richie looked at the door as he pulled his shoes on, feeling his chest tighten. He knew he should go, he had already burdened his friend with his drunken self and he knew that was a handful, but he didn’t really want to leave. At least not alone. “Hey Eds?” He yelled, not moving in either direction.

“What?” He replied, practically groaning.

Richie grinned, “How about I take you out to breakfast, I kinda owe you for last night.”

Eddie appeared, scrunching up his face. “It’s noon Rich. You’ve slept all morning.”

“Okay lunch then.”

“I don’t know.” His host started, fidgeting with his fingers. “I’ve got to clean those sheets and-“

“Oh come on, it’ll be like an hour, two tops.” He could practically see the wheels in Eddie’s head turning. Richie bit his lip, waiting for an answer that seemed to take forever to come. He jingled his keys nervously and Eddie sighed.


The diner was small and smelled of hotdogs for whatever reason. Richie guided Eddie to a booth near the back where a prissy teenager took their order. The trashmouth talked mostly, filling the air with his nonsense. He was relatively surprised when Eddie responded to his babble, actually putting his input into the one sided conversation. The whole thing was comfortable, their interaction with one another light and placid. There were a few jokes thrown around between them but it was all in good fun and Richie couldn’t help appreciate the sense of calm that Eddie brought out in him without even trying.  

Soon though the small kid grew quiet, his gaze settled on something out the window. Richie noticed, instantly felt his body tense. “Got something on your mind Eds?” He asked, shifting his weight in his seat.

“Can I ask you something?”

Richie was taken aback by the question, the seriousness in his voice forcing the trashmouth’s stomach churn. “Sure.”

“It’s kind of serious.” He replied meeting his friends gaze. “I don’t want you to make one of your dumb ass jokes about it.”

“I will try my best.” Richie replied, putting his burger down and whipping the mustered from his mouth. “Shoot.”

Eddie paused, his eyes darting between the trashmouth and what remained of his food. “How do you know when you’re ready for sex?”

Richie nearly choked, he could feel his face become red with embarrassment. His mind fought to respond but his fat mouth beat him to it. “Well you see, when you get aroused your penis gets hard and then you stick it in-“

“Forget it.” Eddie hissed, “I knew I shouldn’t have asked you.”

“Whoa hey, look I’m sorry I didn’t mean that.” Richie managed as Eddie slid out of the booth, shaking his head and huffing in disgust. “You just took me by surprise.”

“Thanks for lunch.” He replied coldly, tossing his napkin onto the table.

“Come on Eds.” Richie pleaded, feeling his heart pound against his chest. “It was a joke.”

“It’s always a joke.”

“Eddie.” But his friend ignored him, turning to leave the quaint diner. Richie reacted, grabbing hold of his forearm. “Please, just sit back down. I didn’t mean it.”

“You’re just going to make fun of me.”

“I promise I won’t” The trashmouth pleaded. Eddie glared at him, unmoving. “I’m sorry.”

Slowly, Eddie sat back down on his side of the booth. Richie watched as he fidgeted with the hem of his shirt, grimacing every so often. Richie took in a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves. When he exhaled, he could feel the air become thick with their unspoken anxieties. “I um-“ He started, adjusting the glasses on his face. “I lost my virginity when I was fifteen. It was with Betty Ripson, on the couch in her basement.”

“I thought you were-“

“Bisexual.” Richie finished, shrugging. “I like them both. Anyways, I didn’t know if I was ready. It was her first time too so we were both clumsy and awkward and it was absolutely horrible.” He chuckled, the memory of his adolescence nipping at his brain. “Look, I’m not sure if I’m the person you want to have this conversation with. I don’t have the best reputation when it comes to knocking boots, and we’ve already covered that we both have different views on love vs sex.”

“I feel like a prune.” Eddie confessed, “I mean there’s this guy that I like and I don’t know, I’m worried that the lack of sex would drive him away.”

Richie stomach knotted painfully. He could feel his own jealousy claw at his chest but he swallowed, forcing down the ugly emotion. “You should never feel pressured Eds. If you want to wait till you love someone to have sex then do it. It’s your body, your decision and you should never do something that you aren’t comfortable with.”

Eddie smiled, his face blushing at the out of character speech. “Thanks Rich. That was actually-“He paused shaking his head, “Nice.”

“Hey I can be all gushy if I want to.” He replied, winking at his friend. “Just call me the love expert.”

“Yeah I wouldn’t go that far.”

“Good choice.”

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I believe Jehovah Jireh
I believe there’s heaven, I believe in war
I believe a woman’s temple
Gives her the right to choose but baby don’t abort
I believe that marriage isn’t
Between a man and woman but between love and love
And I believe you when you say that you’ve lost all faith
But you must believe in something
You gotta believe in something

I still believe in man
A wise one asked me why
Cause I just don’t believe we’re wicked
I know that we sin but I do believe we try
We all try

I don’t believe in time travel
I don’t believe our nation’s flag is on the moon
I don’t believe our lives are simple
And I don’t believe they’re short, this is interlude
I don’t believe my hands are cleanly
Can’t believe that you would let me touch your heart
She didn’t believe me when I said that I lost my faith
You must believe in something
You gotta believe in something

—  Frank Ocean, We All Try

The Divine Hands are the personal guards of Otto Volker and his high directors board. Unlike synthetic or machine guards the Divine Hands are abhumans bred and modified using technology of the divine register. They are the most advanced abhumans created by any corporation. They posses extreme endurance and agility compared to contemporary synthetics. T

he Divine Hands are generally unarmed as they are meant to exterminate attackers bare handed. They are also often used for recreational torture by the directors, something Otto Volker does not partake in. A popular form of torture is “the puppet” where the victim is forced to perform after their wrists and ankles have been crushed until limp.

The Divine Hands unlike machine slaves or programmed synthetics have a mind their own. Often considered disgust sensitive and aesthetically minded. They value order and cleanliness. The Divine hands are few and as such they live in lavish conditions, far better than even secondary directors. These conditions make them perfect candidates to protect those who uphold their ideal society. 

disney princess aesthetics
  • Snow White: the warmth in a loved one's smile, getting flour everywhere when baking, but getting to lick the spoon, curling up on a saggy couch, sticky tree sap, watching cartoons on a gray day, sunlight after a storm, staying up late with your favorite people, birdsong in the morning,
  • Cinderella: the smell of clean clothes, bubble baths, putting your feet up after a long day, dewdrops sparkling in the morning sun, sitting under willow trees, the clicking of heels echoing in a large room, cut gem stones, singing when no one else is around to hear, polished silver, starlight,
  • Aurora: blooming roses, walking barefoot through grass, petrichor, peaceful solitude, carving initials into a tree, twirling in skirts, the trickling of a stream, daydreaming during lessons, juicy berries, gently brushing hands when no one is looking,
  • Ariel: doodling while taking notes, cherry lip gloss, stargazing, running until your lungs want to burst, threading fingers though soft hair, fireworks, placing your hand on water and not breaking the surface, hearing an old favorite song, the taste of salty tears, feeling at home,
  • Belle: intricate wood carvings, illustrations, the crunch of leaves beneath your feet, silk sheets, satin gloves, a pen gliding across a page, sunlight streaming through a window, freshly baked bread, that new book smell,
  • Jasmine: purring cats, fruity drinks, exotic perfumes, scrapping your knees, painting your nails, cooling sweat on the back of your neck, city sounds, basking in the sun, picking up smooth stones, the gleam of moonlight on soft skin,
  • Pocahontas: long walks to nowhere, bleeding watercolors, rolling down grassy hills until your clothes are stained green, deep breaths, the wind blowing through you hair, the smokey taste of burning wood, weaving daisy crowns, roaring rivers, feeling secure in someone's arms, clear skies,
  • Mulan: polished steel, flower petals, cold air nipping at your cheeks, chapped lips, yards of silky fabric, rough hands, cleanly flooded paper creases, sipping hot tea, relaxing strained muscles, being reunited with loved ones after a long time apart
  • Tiana: powdered sugar, comfy shoes, refreshing swims on hot days, blinking city lights, savory home cooked meals, the warmth and familiarity of your own bed, constellations, the lingering scent of a meal after it's been put away, smiling until your face aches, trying new things,
  • Rapunzel: coloring outside the lines, welcoming hugs, fine needlework, getting dirt under your fingernails, sunlight catching specks of dust, mixing globs of paint, pressing wildflowers in a book, sugary icing, carbonated drinks tickling your nose, a familiar lullaby,
  • Merida: wind whipping through your hair, oversized sweaters, sloppy handwriting, red sunsets, bruised elbows, that slightly sunburnt feeling after spending all day outside, mismatched socks, bonfires, the sturdy feeling of an old tree trunk, hidden paths through the forest,
  • Anna: checking every few moments to see if the brownies are done, wool mittens, bubble gum, being excited about seeing a dog, hot cocoa with whipped cream and cinnamon, butterfly kisses, pants with holes in the knees, brightly colored hair, too many pillows, drawing pictures in the fog on a window,
  • Elsa: snowflakes on eyelashes, high heels, fern frost, the smell of hair dye, porcelain, mint toothpaste, sharpened pencils, salads with crisp lettuce leaves icy cold metal, pressing your forehead against a cool windowpane,

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i just wanted to know is it 100% safe to handle toads? what things should i know before picking up these round boys

Good question! [Most] toads you’re likely to encounter are harmless and safe for human hands. They could only make you sick if you stuck them in your mouth. Anyone who tells you that they’ll give you warts is just parroting an old wives’ tale, toads cannot hurt you or make you sick. 

If you encounter a toad in the wild and would like to hold them for a quick picture that’s fine, but you need to be mindful of the cleanliness of your hands and the duration that you handle them for. Frogs have very permeable skin that’s sensitive to chemicals and salts, so if you’ve been painting, exercising, or have sunblock on them, then you shouldn’t handle them. Likewise I always give my hands a good rinse before handling my pet toads to be safe. But if you’re just holding them briefly for a picture or to get them out of the way of danger then that’s fine, just be gentle!

Twisted - Draco Malfoy

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welcome to my new blog, dedicated to all things hogwarts related. gif is not mine and I do hope you enjoy!

warnings: slight fluff

word count: 2,198

It wasn’t often that you found yourself to be ties up in a situation you did not want to be in. You were quite talented at avoiding problematic people and situations by simply avoiding the eyes of many. One could say that you were a wallflower, someone who blended in with the background and wasn’t very noticed, and you were proud to agree with this.

You were quite the scholar, so a lot of your time was spent with your head in a book in the library or with your nose in an essay in your dormitory, working as diligently as anyone. It had become normal for you to enjoy these sort of things, and you didn’t realize how unsociable you had become until your sixth year, when you were invited to Professor Slughorn’s Christmas Party, and you had no date and no candidates to even consider.

You wandered through the corridors of Hogwarts, thinking hard about what you could do and who you could take, but none came to mind. Who was there that even knew who you were? With a small sigh, you leaned your back against the wall and slid down it slowly. To your great surprise, a door conjured directly across the corridor from you. Your mouth fell open, and you stared at the door for a long, hard moment. What was this? Was it some type of prank? A secret room hidden to the naked eye?

Curiosity got the best of you as you pulled yourself to your feet and pulled your wand from your sweater, holding it tightly as you walked to the door and pushed it open. The room was cluttered, to say the absolute least. You had never seen such furniture and junk piled as high as the tall ceilings of Hogwarts before, and to see it in such a state shocked you. There were strange noises and chirps here and there, and you were about to turn and leave when you heard it.

“Why won’t it work?” A voice hissed through its teeth. You froze in your spot, glancing around and making sure there was no one who could see you in sight, before you opened the door to slip out of. “Who is there?” The voice roared once more.

You squeaked out of fear and held your wand up. “I mean no harm! I got to school here!” You cried in a desperate attempt to ease the angry creature in the room.

Slowly, and surprisingly, the beautifully blonde and threateningly mean Draco Malfoy came around the corner of one of the tall piles. “What are you doing here?” He yelled at you furiously.

Words were unable to form in your mouth as you dropped your wand to your side, holding your hand to your heart to calm the erratic beating. “I was in the corridor and a door appeared. It lead me here.” You explained.

Pain and anger overcame his normally icy features, and your human instinct overcame your scared one. “Are you okay?” You murmured to him.

Draco Malfoy’s face twisted into confusion. “Am I okay? Why would I not be?” He questioned but he, too, dropped his wand to his side. He approached you quickly, making you feel smaller than ever as he towered over you. “The door just appeared itself to you?” He questioned further. You nodded, because words were unable to tumble from your mouth. “That is ludicrous. It has shown itself to no one but myself since I put a spell on it.” He insisted and looked at the door behind you. Draco’s eyes drifted to yours and he leaned forward, closing the door that was behind you. “Who are you?”

You swallowed hard. “(Y/N) (Y/L/N).” You told him in the shakiest of voices and folded your hands in front of you after putting your wand back into your sweater.

Draco loomed over you. “What year are you in?” He questioned further.


He nodded and narrowed his eyes at you. “Then why have I not seen you before?” He accused and you could see him gripping his wand tighter in his hand as he stood a mere foot from you.

Anxiety was building and you felt the contents of your stomach climbing up your throat. You felt as if you were going to be sick all over the floor, but you shook the feeling. “I do not typically associate myself with others. I do not go out of my way to speak to those who have the potential to hurt me in any form.” You explained and stood your guard, watching him curiously. “I am also in Ravenclaw, so my focus is on my studies, as the stereotype reads.” You added with a playful smile on your lips.

Draco tilted his head to the side once more. “You’re an odd person, (Y/N), and I can see that you are anxious to leave. Do, please, but do not be a stranger.” He told you and nodded to the door. “I’d like to see more of you.” He said boldly and you swallowed hard, but nodded, and left out of the door as quick as you had entered.

Once you exited and closed the door, it slowly became a part of the wall again. You gasped for air, and found that you were holding your breath the majority of the time you were in there, and had so many questions flooding your mind. Why was he kind to you? Why was he in there? Why did Draco Malfoy want to see more of you? It was unfathomable, and you were simply awestruck.


Perhaps, you’d just skip the event all together and use your deep green dress for another occasion that is sure to come up. It wouldn’t be so bad to spend the night reading, would it? But, as you began to settle into your bed that night, your closest friend, Luna Lovegood, convinced you otherwise.

It was the night of the Christmas Party, and Luna was the date of nine other than Harry Potter himself, and you told Luna that you’d make up the lame excuse to anyone You asked that your date stepped out for a moment. You wore your deep green dress that you loved so much, and your hair was done beautifully, just the way you loved it. You looked entirely different now than you did usually, and it was an uncomfortable feeling.

You walked with Harry and Luna to the party, chatting lightly about Nargles and books and classes all together, with Harry being the better one to talk to. You didn’t mind Luna’s tangents, but sometimes it was nice to speak to someone who was able to keep a conversation with you.

Once you entered the party, you wanted nothing more than to bail. You glanced around at everyone and their dates, and you felt alone and insecure. But you fathered your courage and walked into the party, chatting lightly with whoever spoke to you.

The party was going relatively smoothly, until the question came up. “(Y/N), who’s your date?” Hermione asked curiously as she glanced around.

You swallowed hard but remained indifferent. “Oh, he stepped out for a moment.  Needed s bit of fresh air.” You dismissed and sipped your drink quickly.

She nodded and the conversation continued to flow, leaving you to be slightly relieved. You knew you’d have to leave soon, people will start noticing your “date” was never returning. Just as you were about to excuse yourself from your friends, a ruckus across the room startled you.  

“Get your hands off of me, you filthy squib!”  Draco hissed angrily.  

Mr. Filch didn’t even so much as flinch at Draco’s words as he yanked him towards Professor Slughorn.  “Professor Slughorn, sir, I just discovered this boy lurking in an upstairs corridor.  He claims to be invited to your party.”  Mr. Filch declared mighty and proud.  

Your mouth fell open as Professor Slughorn looked at Draco curiously.  You pushed to the front of the crowd and saw the annoyed, panicked look on Draco’s face.  Your words came before you could think about them.  “He is.” You told the silent room.  “He is my date.”  You insisted and walked forward, looping your arm through Draco’s and pulling him from Mr. Filch’s grip.  “He just needed a breath of fresh air, is all, right Draco?”  You asked him sweetly and glanced up at him.  

He looked at you curiously, but nodded.  “That is correct.”  He said and shot dagger glares at Mr. Filch.

“Very well.  Let the party commence.”  Professor Slughorn announced and the crowd dispersed quickly.  You glanced at Draco and pulled him by the arm you had looped out of the door quickly, into the corridor.  Once outside, you let go of his arm and looked at him.  

“I do not need your help.  I had the situation entirely under control.”  Draco seethed and towered over you once more.  

You hummed and looked at your cleanly manicured hands.  “Is that so?  A simple ‘thank you’ would suffice.”  You told him and turned, beginning to walk towards the stairwells.  

“Where are you going?”  Draco ordered, catching up with you and grabbing your arm, holding you in place.  

You looked at him with a small, amused smile.  “My Common Room.  It seems my night is over.”  You told him and checked the dainty watch on your wrist.  

Draco looked perplexed.  “It does not have to be.”  He propositioned and you stared at him, waiting for him to continue.  “We could go to the Astronomy Tower.  The stars are visible tonight.”  He said quietly.  

You hummed once more.  “We could.  Or we could to go the library.  I know a secret entrance.”  You told him and a small smile.  The library was much closer, and you enjoyed the solitude it provided.  

A small smirk formed on Draco’s lips as he nodded, leading the way.  

The walk was stealthy and quiet, and once you approached the library, you lead Draco to one of the tall, evil looking suits of armor against the wall.  You greeted it with a nod and pushed it to the side lightly, squeezing into the small space behind it.  Draco followed quickly and returned the suit of armor to its original position.  Once you crouched through the small opening and entered the library, Draco straightened out and glanced around the dark library.  “Do you do this often?”  He asked as you lead him towards a large window seat at the end of one of the long aisles of books.

“More than I should.”  You answered ambiguously and smiled mischievously at him. 

Draco chuckled as you sat on the window seat on the cold stone and leaned on the to your right, watching your every move.  “Why did you put your reputation on the line to help me?”  Draco asked as his face went slack. 

You shrugged lightly.  “You said you wanted to see more of me and so, I thought it was only fit to help you.  I am not sure what you mean by ruining my reputation, though.”  You told him honestly and bit your lip lightly. 

With a frown growing steadily on his face, Draco glowered out the window of the silent library.  “I am not one that people like to be associated with.  Only those closest to me don’t mind.  There seems to be a dark annotation to my name.”  He answered slowly, as if he were choosing his words wisely. 

You hummed and tilted your head to the side.  All of this was true, there was no denying it, but you didn’t mind.  “Although that may be true, I do not see why that would matter much to myself.  If you are kind to me and show no signs of wanting to maliciously hurt me, why should a silly reputation get into the way of an otherwise astonishing human being?” You asked him with a gentle smile on your face.

Draco remained quiet for quite some time after you spoke, and you began to not pay attention to what he was doing.  He remained stony still, staring out of the window behind you, and soon, you did the same thing and turned, facing out of the window.  What took you by surprise was that as soon as your head was turned, you felt large, warm hands on your face and Draco turned you back to him, kissing you passionately on the mouth.

You were surprised, to say the least, but you soon melted against his lips as if you had kissed thousands of times prior.  Your hands rested on the front of his suit jacket, and as the kiss became more intense, you gripped the lapels in your hands and pulled him closer to you.  After what felt like a decade to you, Draco pulled away with his face just inches from yours.  “You, my friend, are the astonishing human being.  I am nothing compared to you.”  Draco mumbled as a small, gentle smile formed on your lips. 

John and Esther Pt 7 Heading towards NSFW

It is Saturday so today we must make sure all is clean and tidy, all chores finished and enough food prepared to keep us all fed over two days, for tomorrow is the Sabbath. There is no work done on that day not even the cooking of food, it is a day of Church, Sermons, Bible reading and boredom.
Master Proctor has driven into Salem town to buy dry goods and though she’s unwell he has taken Susannah with him to by small goods for Elizabeth. Mistress Proctor insisted, for she would rather discomfort Susannah than have me accompany John. All last night Susannah kept herself and me awake with her hacking cough and in truth she does look sickly, with pale skin and a high colour on her cheeks. They will not be back until Super

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Hot Chocolate Party {Lafayette x Reader}

I literally got this idea from when I was babysitting because the kid was like ‘let’s do something fun with food/drinks’ and I was like ‘like what’ and she was like ‘how about a tea party but with hot chocolate’ and I was like ‘so a hot chocolate party.’ You are welcome for that play by play

Word Count: 739

Summary: You have been working a lot lately and Lafayette makes you take the night off for a much needed break, which includes movies and cuddles.

Warnings: um i called someone a dick so idk what to label that as, but other than that it’s just fluff

As you pressed the closed door button on the elevator after pressing the floor number, you couldn’t wait to just sit down for a minute and breathe. Your job has been making you work around the clock and you couldn’t seem to catch a break. You were working major overtime and it was getting to you. The bags under your eyes were no longer designer, but a dark purple due to your lack of sleep. You just couldn’t find a way to catch up.

What you needed was a break, but finding time for one seemed to be impossible. That is until your dear boyfriend decided that you overworking yourself had gone on for too long. Tonight, Lafayette said that it was a mandatory movie and cuddle night, also known as a tea party because the two of you always drink many cups of the warm liquid throughout the movies. No matter how many times you tried to tell him that you just couldn’t afford to not work during that time, he would not ease up. You kept trying to get out of it until he became somber and explained that he missed you. He pointed out that you were not only neglecting your health but also him. And that’s how you are finally taking a much needed break.

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The Magical Whump Fairy has blessed us with another grand tale… and here’s the post where I have collected all the individual posts for your reading ease and enjoyment! The lovely cover image above is courtesy of @cocohook38! Thank you for the picture, love, and thank you Magical Whump Fairy, for this amazing and wonderful tale of adventure, intrigue and… WHUMP! <3

And without further ado, here is the story in its entirety…

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A Blog from the Bag Lady with Crohn’s

A Big Bag Can be a Life Saver!

If you are like me and live with Crohn’s and the unpredictability of flareups, you will relate to why I ignore all the fashion critics commenting on my choice of “luggage”.

My big bag has saved me from many a possible disaster, because I always carry an IBD emergency kit. It is not just for accidents, but for the possibility of the bathroom being out of TP, for needing to get fresh, and all the “stuff” I need to keep me going and keep me out of the bathroom – like water and meds! And believe me, I have supplied many other people with “treasures” unearthed from the depths of my fashion faux pas.

So, just what is within the depths of the big bag?

  • I always carry an extra set of bottoms – underwear, pants, skirt, shorts, tights – whatever is needed.
  • Moisturized, flushable wipes  – for personal cleanup, when there’s no TP or when the facilities leave something to be desired in terms of cleanliness
  •  Hand sanitizer  – self-explanatory
  • A folded scented kitchen size trash bag – for any soiled items
  •  A small travel size room deodorizer – my favorites are Poo Pourri and Ozium
  •  An “I Can’t Wait” card I got from the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America – explaining I have a medical condition and need access to a bathroom
  • Vitamin-rich lotion – diaper cream is great to protect irritated and sensitive areas
  • Water bottle
  • Medications – any prescriptions plus over-the-counter meds for heartburn, nausea and pain
  • Poise – believe me, it is better to be poised with Poise, or any brand of adult diaper – just in case

I hope you ignore the fashion critics too and the contents of my bag can help some of you as much as it has helped me! 

XF Fic: ‘The Wonder of You’

Notes: Written for @leiascully’s X-Files Writing Challenge. The prompt was music… it takes a while to get to the music because some smut got in the way first, but it’s there. This is my first story from Mulder’s point of view, so I’d love some feedback. :-)

Rating: NC-17.

Summary: Mulder and Scully move into their unremarkable house and make it official. 

When Mulder first sees Scully standing on the front porch of the house in Virginia, he is overcome.

“Wait,” he tells her, as she puts the key in the door and turns the lock over, ready to swing it open and step into their home.

He takes the stairs two at a time to catch her, grabbing her right wrist with one of his hands and putting the other on her cheek. She looks up at him with that curious expression she’s been tossing in his direction for more than a decade and he kisses her, soft and sweet and slow.

Then he reaches down and scoops up her compact little body into his arms.

“Mulder,” she says, part warning and part invitation, and she grasps her arms around his neck.  

He kicks the door open gently with his foot and carries her over the threshold. She laughs a little, and he does too.

“It doesn’t count if we’re not married, Mulder.”

“I don’t care, Scully,” he responds. “We’re home.”

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but i dont mind (6661 words) by firepixel
Chapters: 5/5
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)
Rating: Mature
Relationships: Jean-Jacques Leroy/Otabek Altin
Tags: #JJBek week 2017 #5 plus 1 without the plus 1 type of fic #unless someone convinces me to write the plus one as ‘first time they fuck’ #Firsts #why does ao3 recommended tags not ship jjbek jus wondering #first meeting/dance/date/kiss/confession, in that order #Fluff

jjbek week day 1, prompt: firsts

jj looks good in neon, otabek pines, gross romantic dates happen and they fall in love sometime in between

dedicated to lia @otasucc who dragged me into this hell in the first place. thank u, i guess. i suppose. maybe. thing is under cut for those who hate ao3:

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This calls for a new drinking game ...

From this comic forward, Nate decided to stop wearing shirts.

[X-Force #12,page 7]

He was fully clothed last issue … but he has spontaneously decided to have this confrontation with Domino-Cat shirtless.

There’s a lot of completely unnecessary shirtlessness in this panel.  I fear for your leadership skills, Nate.

He’s also wearing gloves. 

Why are you wearing gloves, Nate?

But wait!

One page over …

[X-Force #12, page 8]

The gloves are gone! 

Did he take off his gloves to dramatically pound desks?

Will he use them to slap Domino-Cat about the face and challenge her to a dual?  I wish! She’d win.

At the end of the issue, Nate is still shirtless.

[X-Force #12, page 14]

Nate, are you on strike?  Does a woman’s betrayal make you think back to the days of your youth?  When you ran wild and free and shirtless? And infinitely better drawn?

Suddenly you have gloves, though … is the cleanliness of your hands more important than the cleanliness of your chest?

[X-Force #13, page 4]

The base is being attacked!

I can think of no legitimate reason to put on shoulder pads and NOT put on a shirt.  Wouldn’t it chafe?

There aren’t even any guns in those shoulder pads!

[X-Force #13, page 11]

For some completely incomprehensible reason, Nate decides to get dressed in the MIDDLE OF THE FIGHT.

Not just a little dressed … A WHOLE LOT OF DRESSED.

Layers like the layers of an onion!

[X-Force #14, page 2]

The base has exploded!  Quick!  Take off all your gear –

Oh, shirtless again. 

Those pants are mysteriously intact.

So are those gloves.

[X-Force #14, page 7]

Then he gears back up … shirtless.

[X-Force #14, page 7]

Flies this plane … shirtless.

[X-Force #14, page 18]


Just when he’s going to have to fight Deadpool … he puts on a shirt. 

Nate.  I’m concerned over your understanding of clothes.

Someone needs to intervene.

[X-Force #14, page 22] 

Not that kind of intervention.

This kind.

Things that are not OCD

-double checking you locked the door
-arranging books in an aesthetically/logically/whatever pleasing fashion
-being annoyed by mess
-washing your hands OH MY GOD

Things that may be an indication of OCD symptoms:

-a reoccurring, generally distressing thought pattern (obsession) that results in some form of action to relieve that distress (compulsion)

Stop calling yourself OCD because you line your pencils up neat or something!?!!???

Do it.