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Personal Hygiene for Women [A 1943 Training film]

This is another vintage video. This training film was made by US Navy along with the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery. This training film outlines for the Navy enlisted woman the routines she must establish and the habits she must acquire to remain in the best physical condition for performing her assigned duties. Advice is given on diet, sleep, exercise, relaxation, posture, girdles, shoes and stockings, foot-strengthening exercises, foot care, care of shoes and clothing, bodily cleanliness, body odors, skin, hand, nail, and hair care, skin diseases, head and body lice, care of the teeth, constipation, reproductive system, the menstrual cycle and care of the body during menstruation, douching, and vaginal discharges. Women are shown properly performing the above hygienic routines. Shots include: women navy personnel at their various assigned duties. Animation and three dimensional models are used to illustrate some anatomical structures and functions.


From this request: Could you do one where the reader has a prosthetic hand and dean keeps taking it playing a game called “how long until y/n realizes her hand is missing”


Hunters got hurt. That was just the nature of the job. But you’d sustained an injury that was above and beyond anything the Winchesters had ever experienced.

During a fight with a demon, your hand had gotten crushed, absolutely obliterated. You’d continued the battle and defeated the creature but the fight left you in a compromising position—your hand was beyond repair. Thankfully, your parents knew a good surgeon. He cleanly detached your hand, cutting as low as possible. He was then able to hook you up with a wonderful prosthetic hand that moved almost like a real hand.

You’d carefully tested the waters after that, seeing what sort of hunting you’d be capable of. You could do a good portion of it, but you knew your limits.

You found the Winchesters and they let you into their lives. You found them staring at your hand occasionally but it didn’t bother you—after all, practically everyone stared at it. You knew the boys were only staring out of curiosity—what if they ended up like you?

Sometimes, when Dean was drunk, you would take your hand off to mess with him. The first time you’d done it, he’d freaked out so hard that he’d fallen out of his chair.

But sometimes, Dean liked to get back at you. He’d learned how your hand attached and often when you were napping or showering, he would sneak in and take your hand, hiding it around the bunker. You would frantically search the bunker for your appendage while Dean laughed and hid from you. When you found your hand, you would attach it and immediately find Dean and punch him in the arm.

“Ow,” Dean would complain. “Watch it, Bionic Woman.”

“You got yourself into this.”


One day, Sam walked back into the bunker just in time to hear Dean yell at the top of his lungs (almost like that time in Colorado when that cat jumped out of the abandoned locker…). Sam’s hand immediately went to his gun as he ran towards the sound.

Dean ran around the corner and nearly ran into Sam’s chest. “Jesus, I didn’t know you were back!”

“What’s happening?”


“What’s wrong? What happened? Is she hurt? Is she sick?”

“Sick in the head, maybe,” Dean said. He was really shaken, slightly pale. “She… she…”

“She what?”

“She touched me with her nub!”

Sam took a moment to understand Dean’s words. “She… what?”

“I took her hand and hid it and to get back at me she ran her little nub across the back of my neck.” Dean’s hand darted up to his neck as if he could still feel it. “God, it was weird. One of the most uncomfortable things I’ve ever gone through.”

Sam tried to hold his laughter back as he stuck his gun back in his waistband. “You brought it upon yourself, Dean.”

“Yeah, but… she’s never done that before.”

“She’s probably just sick of your shit.” Sam paused. “Where is her hand, anyway?”

“In her toilet tank.”


“Don’t worry, I put it in a bag first.” Dean suppressed a shiver, the feeling still ghosting over his skin. “God, I need a drink.”

Things that are not OCD

-double checking you locked the door
-arranging books in an aesthetically/logically/whatever pleasing fashion
-being annoyed by mess
-washing your hands OH MY GOD

Things that may be an indication of OCD symptoms:

-a reoccurring, generally distressing thought pattern (obsession) that results in some form of action to relieve that distress (compulsion)

Stop calling yourself OCD because you line your pencils up neat or something!?!!???

Do it.