My Kitchen Is In Shambles ...


All of those things on yesterday’s to-do list? None of them got done.

Instead, I decided that everything in my kitchen needed COMPLETE reorganization, which involved taking every single thing out of every single cabinet and drawer.

Things are SLOWLY getting back to a non-messy state, but HEY!! Everything that IS organized is looking FABULOUS now!!

Kai and I did some serious unfucking of our habitat today.  This means I’ve cleaned a portion of the past three days!  That’s a record!  And I’ve had minimal complaints!

Today, I decided that every surface needed to be dust free within the bedroom before the end of the day.  I have exempted one shelf from that rule because I forgot about it until just now… when everything else was dust free.  But SERIOUSLY EVEN THE CURTAINS GOT WASHED.

I have run through all of my hankies due to cleaning sneezes… I’ve snotted on the floor several times, and I’ve had to clean out a clog from my vacuum cleaner AGAIN for the second time this weekend, but this time because the dog Falkor is so damned furry (and sheds so much) that his hair causes an immediate clog if you don’t sweep the [carpeted] floor BEFORE you vacuum.

We even re-arranged the bedroom.  Kai’s side of the room looks like it’s got a damned ocean of space.  My side’s still a bit cramped, but that may be different in a day or so… I’m going to see how I like it before I make a commitment.  

Too tired to finish this post.  

Making space and clearing things

When I was a kid, I was always cleaning my room, throwing out stuff I wasn’t using, I was trying to have a room as empty as possible. I was taking pride in having a minimalist room compared to the other rooms in the house. Every month or so, I was filling a big trash bag and I was feeling better.

With time, it became only once a semester and after that, only when I was trying to recover from depressions. It was a way to cope with my mental health troubles, clearing my space was clearing my head.

Since I left high school, I’ve been so busy with work and classes that I haven’t taken the time to make space, or only when I was moving out. I knew it was impacting on my life and on my creativity, but I always had something else to do, so things stayed the way they were.

Then I found the great blog Be More with Less by Courtney Carver and it inspired me to change things, and I’m really thankful for that. While I’m not planning on adopting a minimalist way of life, it’s still a source of ideas, it helps me see how I can simplify my life and erase this “I’m-so-busy-I-don’t-have-the-time-to-do-anything” mindset.

To me, taking a hold on my life again was first getting rid of stuff that was parasiting my life. Trust me, you don’t realize how much stuff are polluting your life before you start your cleaning spree and global decluttering. I don’t necessarily talk about the mess in your hallway or the mountain of clothes in your bedroom – even if it definitely enters the category too – but about those annoying emails and newsletters you never wanted but never unsuscribe from either. I’m talking about the things people expect from us and about those Facebook ‘friends’ you don’t care about but don’t delete you don’t exactly know why.

I’m taking things slowly and it’s still a work in progress but here’s what I’ve accomplished so far:


  • Unsuscribed from newsletters I didn’t care about anymore or never suscribed to

  • Deleted useless internet accounts (twitter, thredup, threadless, threadflip, ymail, rad, flickr…)

  • Unfollowed a bunch of blogs and instagram accounts

  • Deleted people on Facebook I didn’t care about

  • Deleted several bookmarks from Chrome

  • Emptied my inboxes

  • Deleted stuff from my computer

  • Deleted stuff from my external hard-drive


  • Cleaned out my closet (I plan on selling or donating the clothes I’m getting rid of)

  • Cleaned out my bathroom

  • Sorted out my school stuff now that classes are over


  • Quit smoking (work in progress and it’s going super well)

  • Stopped drinking coffee (super bad for my health)

I feel like getting rid of all those stuff helped me open a new page in my life, feel “new”. I realized I was feeling kind of oppressed by all these things that were useless to me, that should have been thrown months or even years ago (I mean I still had assignments from the degree I started three years ago and gave up on three weeks after starting).

If you have trouble getting rid of things, I strongly recommend you Courtney’s blogs and especially those posts:

Some of our “healthy habits” aren’t as healthy as we think.

In fact, here are some habits that can backfire:

Habit #1: Doing chores when you get home from work. Like going on a cleaning spree as soon as we walk through the door. How can that be a bad thing? Because it keeps our stress hormone levels elevated. They’re high at work – during our commute – and then stay that way as we clean up at home. That can weaken our immune system and cause all sorts of health problems. That’s why psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo gives us permission to put our feet up and relax during the work-week……And save chores for the weekend.

The 2nd healthy-sounding habit that can backfire: Having small meals throughout the day – rather than 3 normal-sized meals. A lot of people think that if they do that, they’ll keep their energy up, and be less likely to overeat because they’ll never be ravenous. And in theory, that’s true…… The problem is, people who eat several small meals tend to eat more because their food intake is harder to keep track of.

Here’s a surprising habit that isn’t as healthy as it seems: Washing our pillowcases every week. According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, we’re wasting our time if we can’t remember the last time we also washed our actual pillows, too. Because dust mite allergies affect more than 1-in-10 people……And studies show that the greatest number of dust mites are found in the bedroom, because they feed on our sweat and dead skin cells. So, at least once a month, we need to wash our pillows in hot water – not just our pillowcases.

Today was a really good day except for my anxiety kissing my ass at my CPR refresher class. 8 hours!! 7-3!
Got home immediately had a glass of wine and started to clean. And something about cleaning with bleach is very soothing to me ( the safe kind, that luckily doesn’t turn my clothes white ha ha) it’s now almost 6, still cleaning, organized, we’ll still in the process of organizing my closet, did dishes, two loads of laundry, hung up and folded my clothes, moved some books around, swept, vacuumed and packed some more stuff away. Now getting ready for dinner.

Days like this ^ are so rewarding to me. Now for the rest of the night I’m gonna relax and watch some movies. Days like this definitely make me miss relationships for some reason.
Life is good.

So, the house I am moving into is kind of…a frat house. B’s dad is moving out and leaving us the house. Well, for the last 16 years it’d just been his dad, him, and various boys that stay, including Aj. Now L (B’s fiance) and I are moving in and are astonished at how DISGUSTING these men live. She and I are cracking down. The living room is nearly always clean now. a week ago I scrubbed the kitchen spotless. I just spent an hour cleaning out all the expired food and crap from the fridge and pantry. With our touch, the disgusting boys will learn to clean and live like half way decent men.