reasons orphan black is the most amazing thing to ever amaze [1/?]: felix + helena being precious af in 2.10 by means which have never yet been tried.

Helena. Did you burn down the fish people’s ranch?

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100 More Rumours Concerning the Recon Squad Leaders, Erwin Smith, & Certain Members of the 104th Graduating Class

A/N: After missing my self-imposed deadline of snk-notes’ first year anniversary, I’ve finally managed to push through with the last few rumours. Huzzah for perseverance! Coming up with 100 rumours alone was definitely harder than I thought it’d be and damn did it take a long time.

Dedication: For gestahlt, my partner-in-crime when it comes to the irreverent practice of slathering crack onto everything you hold dear. Happy belated first-year anniversary to snk-notes!

For more rumours: 100 Rumours Concerning the Recon Squad Leaders, Erwin Smith, & Dott Pixis


More Rumours Concerning Captain Levi

001) Captain Levi almost killed a person during one of his cleaning sprees.

002) Captain Levi almost killed Squad Leader Hanji during one of his cleaning sprees.

003) Captain Levi once disemboweled a guy with the remains of a broken teacup.

004) They say that Captain Levi joined the military only because Commander Erwin promised him a growth-spurt and used Squad Leader Mike as an example.

005) Captain Levi can’t climb onto his own horse without assistance.

006) When Captain Levi visits the sick bay, infection rates drop by 30% immediately thereafter.

007) Captain Levi suffers from constipation. That’s why he always looks the way he does.

008) Captain Levi suffers from constipation. That’s why he’s so obsessed with shit and shit jokes.

009) At the last Annual Military Summit, Captain Levi attempted to polish Commander Pixis’ head with his cravat and nobody tried to stop him.

010) Captain Levi once won a horse in a card game.

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The Signs Pregnant By Each Other

(Half the signs are pregnant by the other half of the signs)
Aries: Cancer’s baby-daddy; is not ready to be a father and is sick of Cancer’s hormonal rages
Taurus: Virgo’s baby daddy; really nervous on the inside, really chill on the outside; trying to control Virgo’s extreme cleaning during the nesting phase
Gemini: Libra’s baby daddy; half committed, half still sleeping with other girls
Cancer: Pregnant with Aries’s child; super excited for motherhood; tends to have really bad mood swings and hits Aries for no reason
Leo: Pregnant with Pisces’s child; really drained; half excited half get the hell out of me
Virgo: Pregnant with Taurus’s child; her hormones make her go on constant cleaning sprees that kinda annoy him; he doesn’t like to wake up to her vacuuming at 6 am
Libra: Pregnant with Gemini’s child; trying to reason with the baby to stop kicking so much cuz it’s annoying
Scorpio: Aquarius’s baby daddy; excited for a baby Scorpio; ready to teach his son everything he knows or treat his daughter like a princess
Sagittarius: Capricorn’s baby daddy; is actually, surprisingly excited and ready to be a good father
Capricorn: Pregnant with Sagittarius’s child; keeps blowing up at him for not bringing her enough ice cream
Aquarius: Pregnant with Scorpio’s child; daydreaming even more than usual; has really high hopes for her baby
Pisces: Leo’s baby daddy; really nervous that he’s not gonna be a good father, but a little excited; keeps putting his arms around the baby bump
*thanks to the anon who suggested this cool idea :) send suggestions to cancercornastrology or princessday-day if our ask box is full*

Holy shit guys, I just went down the rabbit hole of cleaning, and I haven’t been able to do that in SO LONG. Seriously, I was just trying to throw out the old broken chair that my 6 year old cut her leg on yesterday and replace it with a less old, slightly less broken chair. That’s it. But then I realized that I had to do so many other things just to facilitate throwing out this chair, such as:

~Remove the box full of gift bags from behind the back door so it can open properly

~Remove the box #1 of Christmas town from the top of the gift bags box

~Realize that box #2 of Christmas town is sitting on top of the replacement chair

~Closing the boxes only to realize they need to be labeled

~Finding my TARDIS lights and realizing that I need to find a place to hang them up, so I leave EVERYTHING where it lands and walk around the house looking for the perfect spot for the lights

~Find the perfect spot for the lights, nail them to the wall, then realize my wall light is in the way

~Get the cordless drill and plug in the battery while I find the lamp I know I put *somewhere* a couple weeks ago when we got back from IKEA

you see how this goes on and on and on? It went like this for 3 HOURS, and while I still have some cleaning to do, I’ve also done like 4 loads of laundry, 2 loads of dishes, put dinner in the crock pot, and managed to read a couple of 20K Sterek fics. Like, for the first time in years I actually feel accomplished! I only wish I had taken some pictures before the cleaning because it was particularly atrocious.

Kai and I did some serious unfucking of our habitat today.  This means I’ve cleaned a portion of the past three days!  That’s a record!  And I’ve had minimal complaints!

Today, I decided that every surface needed to be dust free within the bedroom before the end of the day.  I have exempted one shelf from that rule because I forgot about it until just now… when everything else was dust free.  But SERIOUSLY EVEN THE CURTAINS GOT WASHED.

I have run through all of my hankies due to cleaning sneezes… I’ve snotted on the floor several times, and I’ve had to clean out a clog from my vacuum cleaner AGAIN for the second time this weekend, but this time because the dog Falkor is so damned furry (and sheds so much) that his hair causes an immediate clog if you don’t sweep the [carpeted] floor BEFORE you vacuum.

We even re-arranged the bedroom.  Kai’s side of the room looks like it’s got a damned ocean of space.  My side’s still a bit cramped, but that may be different in a day or so… I’m going to see how I like it before I make a commitment.  

Too tired to finish this post.  

Another photo from yesterday’s cleaning spree. Everyone is always like “your house is so bare”. It’s actually not. A lot of the time I take photos in corners or move furniture. Like this photo for example, I’m sitting on the floor on the side of the bed. Behind the mirror are curtains that leads to an outdoor area. To the side of me, is an entertainment unit with a tv. 3 meters away from me is my bathroom and opposite that is my ensuite✅. ….It’s bare because I take photos that way. I don’t want anyone thinking “she has this and she has that”. I want you to see me as me. For me. Not for what I have, not for what I own or anything…. other than ME trying to help YOU. I will never brag. I will never make ANYONE feel like they are not good enough. You and I, we are the same. I will never put myself on a pedestal because i know that I wouldn’t be where I am without YOU. All of you 💛 #thankyou #thekaylamovement

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I spent the ENTIRE morning organizing and cleaning my daughters “room” for while we’re at my parents.  We were supposed to leave this summer but plans changed so we’re going to be spending another year here (my father is having surgery and they really need the help).  The futon is what she’s sleeping on and she LOVES that it changes from a bed to a couch!  I’m so glad i’m done the room!  Now if only it can stay clean with a toddler.