Mutually Assured Dating

‘You were singing really loudly in the shower when I broke into your apartment but then i heard you slip and crash and oh god i should probably check on you in case i get done for murder instead of just robbery’ AU

It took all of fourteen seconds for Derek to realize he was in the wrong apartment.

First, he noticed the very large and scuffed up sneakers and boots ditched haphazardly kind of near the door but half into the living room. Cora was meticulous about her shoes and kept them neatly arranged in a shoe rack right next to the door. The only time they touched the floor was when her feet were in them.

Second, the stuff. There was so much stuff everywhere; clothes thrown over the back of the couch, dishes across the coffee table and all over the kitchen counters, books on every surface, a gaming console dragging wires across the floor and surrounded by games, in cases and out of them. Cora was an unintentional minimalist, in that she threw out anything she didn’t need and lacked a single sentimental bone in her body. Derek and Laura regularly made trips to wherever she lived to save family keepsakes and memories from her ruthless cleaning sprees.

Then he noticed the manly warble coming from somewhere deeper in the apartment, and Cora’s favorite topic of rant floated lazily to the forefront of his mind.

—but my neighbor, oh my god this guy! I’m going to kill him if I ever see him in the hall! His bathroom shares a wall with my bedroom and he sings in the shower, every shower, at all hours. Literally all hours, like 4am, and he only sings Christmas carols at 4am. I’ve had Jingle Bells stuck in my head for a week! 

Shoes, stuff, singing.

This was not Cora’s apartment.

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{Special} College!AU Taeyong
  • major: medical laboratory science 
  • minor:  mathematics 
  • sports: tennis team 
  • clubs: was a part of math club and won a regional competition when he was only a freshman,,,,the math dept begged him to switch majors but he said he wouldn’t be able to handle a degree that made him a teacher,,,,,because schools can be,,,,,,,a mess  
  • taeyong is like the model student and everyone in his major thinks he’s a genius,,,,,,,,,,,,but in reality he just stays up three nights in a row neurotically drinking coffee and listening to edm remixes of like jazz songs,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,like that is the Truth of his college life
  • was originally going to go into pre-med,,,,but when an emt came to visit and was like “sometimes blood just gets everywhere! and i mean EVERYWHERE” taeyong was like,,,,,,,,,,well he first got out his hand sanitizer and decided then and there that working with machines and in a lab was his aesthetic instead
  • having random people cough on you in the ER is not
  • like blood is cool in the study of hematology and taeyong will get enthusiastic over working with new specimens in his microbiology lab
  • but ,,,,,,, he’s a theory person,,,,,,he wants to help doctors figure out why someone is sick and then the doctors can treat them
  • taeyong is a-ok being behind the studying and lab work,,,,not on the front lines
  • which is baffling to most people because taeyong puts effort into going unnoticed but,,,,it’s Impossible to not notice him
  • even in his lab coat, thick framed glasses, and the usual perfectly bland outfit of black jeans and a button down,,,,,,someone might be like haha what nerd
  • but,,,,,,,one look at his face and it’s like WOAH WHAT 
  • and countless times on his way to his internship or when he’s out getting lunch wtih jaehyun and ten people will be like excuse me,,,are you a model? a site model? a idol? are u on some tv show?
  • and taeyong seriously doesn’t get why he gets asked this so many times,,,,every time humbly apologizing that he’s not the person they’re looking for and getting a little anxious when people are obviously taking photos of him
  • like the amount of times jaehyun has literally had to get up and sit in front of taeyong so people wouldn’t be noisy is insane
  • and the amount of times ten has started an argument on taeyong’s behave is even more because ten is always like taEYONG YOU HANDSOME FRIEND OF MINE I GeT THAT u R BEAUTiFUL but WhY DO peOPLE JusT DISREGARD UR prIVAC-
  • and taeyong always has to calm ten down but all of their friends agree that it’s super weird and gets out of hand
  • but taeyong is too nice to shut it down himself,,,,,so most of the time he slips on those glasses and a hat when he goes out and avoids looking people in the eyes
  • johnny once came over to his dorm and was like “bro i got you this wig. wear it if things get too creepy.” unfortunately the wig was the bright color red and mark was like hey johnny i know ur a senior and all but,,,,,,is ur head in the game,,,bro,,,please,,,
  • is the designated mom of his dorm’s floor because he has evERYTHING on hand from extra chargers, to a first aid kit, to pain killers
  • and every time someone comes into his room (taeyong begged for a single bed,,,,roommates can get a Bit) they’re always amazed at how a boy in college keeps his room sparkling clean
  • and i literally mean sparkling his bed sheets are white, his desk is completely free of everything except his laptop and a cup to hold pens in,,,,,his closet is organized by color: white, black, grey, and brown
  • and he has a little whiteboard where he writes due dates and everyone is like ur seriously a star student why cant i be clean and organized like u
  • except they don’t understand,,,anytime before finals the clean room turns into disarray,,,,,like taeyong literally pulls all his covers off the bed and takes power naps at his desk only to wake up with post-it notes stuck to his face
  • and when finals are over he goes on a cleaning spree in which he offers to do the laundry for everyone on his floor because it calms his nerves
  • he’s a sweet, polite, hard-working kid tbh with the face of an actual god which makes some people think he’s stuck up when he’s the absolute least from it
  • like taeyong is that kid that tutors his seniors for FREE in subjects they should be tutoring him in like what an angel?????/
  • anyway you’re taking organic chemistry with him this semester but the only problem is ,,,,,,you transferred in the middle of the year and therefore are completely falling behind
  • to the point where you don’t even care about saving your grade because no one wants to help and the teacher is super like “well,,,,,,,,,,do it urself im not doing it for u” kinda stick up their butt situation
  • so u start skipping class
  • because everything else ur doing fine in,,,,u have people sharing notes and teachers who get ur situation but organic chem????? the Devil
  • until one day as ur standing in line at the school cafe and u feel a tap on ur shoulder 
  • and u turn around to see this guy,,,,,who u know but ur not sure from where until he’s like “taeyong,,,,im in your organic chem class.” and you roll your eyes at the name of that class but then ur like sORRy,,,,,it’s just that class is so,,,,,
  • and he’s like “ive noticed you’ve stopped coming,,,,,is the material too hard?”
  • and you kind of are taken aback because this chem class isn’t ,,,,,,small it’s a lecture hall full of like 150 people and he noticed,,,,,,you?
  • but you shrug not wanting to come off like ,,,,, obvious and ur like “i transferred and a lot of things didn’t make sense,,,,so i gave up? ill just retake the class next semester.”
  • but taeyong frowns and for a moment you think to yourself: how does someone still look so attractive frowning wth
  • but ur like “it’s whatever, it can’t be helped.” but taeyong is like ,,,,,,,if,,,,if you still want help,,,,,,i can help you
  • and for a moment you’re gonna laugh because there’s like four weeks left of classes,,,,,,the only way to save your grade is to ace the big course final
  • but taeyong seems to fidget a bit when u don’t answer and he goes “b-but if it’s weird,,,,if i seem we,,weird,,,,,,im sor-”
  • and you’re like no no it’s not you,,,it’s just,,,how can u teach me so much in so little time ?? it’d be a lot of work on ur part and we don’t even know each other?
  • but taeyong seems unfazed by the amount of work,,,,tbh he smiles a little when u mention how it’ll take hard work and u dont know because ur new to the school but it’s because every1 always tells taeyong he does too much and works too hard,,,,,but to him it’s all fun like he has fun in his major
  • and he shakes his head and looks at you and again u catch urself sinking a little into his dark,,,pretty eyes and he’s like “im in ,,, if you’re in.”
  • and the line has moved up and the bored looking girl behind the register asks what you’d like to order and ur like ,,,,, one sec- and she’s like i don’t have time tell me so you say ur order,,,turn back to taeyong and ur like “ok,,,,let’s try.” and he’s like “meet me in the library at 8.”
  • and you watch him give a little bow and turn around and for a moment u cant be really sure that just happened,,,,,,,most people in college dont waltz up to others to offer to tutor them,,,,,
  • but as u pay the girl for ur coffee she goes “don’t try asking taeyong out. he never dates.” and ur like ????? what a guy like him definitely has a significant other????? right?????
  • so 8pm comes around and u bring a fresh notebook and the textbook u bought for the class and find that u dont even have to look for a seat because u can see taeyong already at one of the tables
  • and he’s got his lab coat over his chair,,,,his laptop open with some charts up and a heavy looking medical dictionary ,,,, he looks like a straight up doctor tbh 
  • and u sit down,,,startling taeyong who’s glasses slip down his nose just a bit until he’s chuckling and closing his laptop 
  • and u think how good of a tutor can he be to help someone as hopelessly lost as u,,,,,,,,,,,,but the minute taeyong begins to explain it’s like,,,,it’s like everything makes /sense/
  • nothing is complicated or abstract,,,,and u can’t help but be entranced by his smooth, slightly deep voice and the way he points out keywords and writes down formulas in near perfect handwriting 
  • like everything about him is so Professional he’s like,,,he’s like a professor,,,,
  • and it’s kind of super cute how when u ask him to repeat something he doesn’t get ticked off,,,no he gets excited because it’s obvious,,,,this is something taeyong loves
  • and at the end of ur first study session u feel so much better about everything
  • to the point that u even show up to ur class the next day and taeyong doesn’t look up from his notes,,,,,so u cant say hi but,,,,,suddenly it’s not like the teacher is talking nonsense
  • and every other day taeyong comes to the library to teach u,,,although he moves the time up to 10pm and ur not sure,,,maybe classes or clubs
  • and by the sixth time as ur packing up to leave taeyong goes “i see ur coming to class, that makes me happy.” and u don’t know why but,,,,,,,
  • just saying that,,,,,,,,it,,,,,it makes ur heart skip a beat
  • but u remember the words of the girl from the cafe about taeyong never dating and u itch to ask him,,,,but u don’t want to make this relationship more awkward
  • which is why the only time u do ask is when u end up in another class of urs partnered up with yuta and taeil,,,,two boys who immediately go “you’re the one taeyong is tutoring right?” and you’re like,,,yes??? and yuta scratches his head and is like “for organic chem or for immunology? or wait,,,,he’s giving someone tennis lessons too right taeil??” and ur like wow,,,taeyong sure helps a lot of people
  • and taeil nudges yuta but nods and is like “taeyong is really too nice for his own good,,,,,,,,,,” and u nod and try to focus on the project,,,but taeil gives u this like ???? knowing smile
  • and ur like ,,,, w-whats up and taeil is like “u want to know if taeyong is seeing someone?” and u straighten up because ur like ,,,,, UM,,, no-
  • and yuta laughs into his palm and is like “it’s ok,,,i know taeyong as a fellow pretty boy everyone always asks us that” and taeil rolls his eyes but he’s like “he’s not, he hasn’t dated anyone in college.” and from the shock on ur face yuta can only nod his head and go “i know,,,it shocks all of us,,,,,,hot girls and hot guys and everyone else all the hot people on campus have made moves on him but he just,,,,,,”
  • and yuta throws up his hands in defeat and taeil shrugs and for a second u think,,,,,,,,well what kind of chance to i stand,,,,,,,but u shake it off and ur like “maybe he’s just waiting!! he’s really nice i hope he finds someone.” 
  • and with that u leave after class,,,realizing that taeyong is helping u from the goodness of his heart,,,,,not because he might harbor something towards u,,,,and u need to accept that
  • but what u dont realize is that as u head toward ur dorm,,,,,taeyong is waiting in the library and when u don’t show up,,,,he goes into a panic
  • and the next day in organic chem he comes rushing up to
  • and for the first time his perfect face is scarred with worry and his hair is a mess and he looks like he hasn’t slept and he’s like,,,,,a,,,,are you ok?? and ur like yes wh- and he seems to calm down and even get embarrassed a bit as he steps back and is like “wi-will you come to the library tomorrow??” and ur like ofc omg 
  • and as ur trying to concentrate,,,u look over to see taeyong dozing off,,,,something he never does,,,,and u wonder why he didn’t sleep
  • and when u go for tutoring taeyong seems a little more reserved,,,,like usually if u make a joke he’ll laugh or if ur fingers brush it’s nothing
  • but now it seems like he’s keeping his distance,,,,,a bit more than usual and u want to ask if something is wrong,,,,,
  • so when ur done with the problem set he has and he gets up almost as if he’s in a hurry,,,,ur reach out and ask him if he’s ok and taeyong,,,looking down at your hand on his wrist ,,,, mumbles that u didn’t show up to tutoring so he thought he’d messed up but u explain that it just slipped ur mind,,,,,,taeyong could never do something wrong
  • and taeyong,,,,looks up at you and smiles just a bit and he’s like “if i do do something wrong,,,please tell me and ill fix it.”
  • and,,,,,,,like,,,,,,,,the pureness of his voice,,,,the way he’d gotten so worried over you,,,,,it makes your heart burst because where else could someone find such a damn near perfect boy
  • and before you can think and stop yourself from speaking you ask; “the final is in a week,,,,,after,,,,,would you want to go out?”
  • taeyong seems to need a moment to register what u mean,,,,but when he does,,,,it’s like all the heat in his body has rushed up into his face and he stutters over an answer until he just goes “im sorry,,,,,,,” and that’s enough for you to get the hint
  • you apologize at least ten times and ur like thIS is awkward,,,ill go and make a dash for the door as quickly as possible
  • because everything is so damn EMBARRASSING and ur like WHAT WERE U THINKING @ yourself the whole time u go to your dorm
  • and for a good hour u just lay down with ur head in ur pillow like gkhdlfjssdf whY DID I OPEN MY MOUTH
  • but taeyong,,,,,who also gets to his dorm just sets down his laptop and tries to think himself,,,why,,,,,,,why did he say im sorry?? when he wanted to say yes,,,,,
  • and the week goes by and the final comes and goes and at the end u want to ball ur eyes out because well one that final was hARD AS HELL but thanks to taeyongs help u feel like u did decently,,,,,but also the whole time u couldn’t help but look over at taeyong and not once,,,,,,did u guys cross eyes
  • and ur convincing urself that he’s forgotten about it,,,,,about you and helping you,,,and every night u spent in the library getting closer and god dammit if u hadnt gotten all worked up over him saying he was worried thiS wouldnt have happened
  • until you walk right into someone and they’re like “woah! watch yourself” and you look up to see the familiar face of taeil and ur like oh right whoops we got an A on our project did u get the email? and taeil nods but he’s like “more importantly,,,,,,,,hows taeyong?”
  • and ur like ?????????/ idk im not his frie-
  • and taeil is like ur not??? taeyong literally tutored u right after his internship for four weeks straight sacrificing his time for u and ur not even friends? doubt it
  • and ur like wait what
  • and taeyong is like yEAH why do u think u had to meet so damn late the poor guy had a class load + an internship in a lab + tutoring and believe me as kind as he is,,,,,,he wouldn’t go to such lengths for a stranger
  • and u can’t believe it,,,,like at all,,,,,,but u feel like such an asshole and ur like “do u know where-” and taeil is like “bus stop near the gym. he should be going there n-” and ur like thANKS SEE U LATER TELL YUTA WE GOT AN A BECAUSE HE NEVER CHECKS HIS EMAIL
  • and as u run u can see taeyong,,,holding his lab coat and his shoulder bag at the stop and u don’t know how much time u have till the bus comes
  • but when u show up in front of him,,,huffing and puffing taeyong immediately worries and tries to offer u his water and ur like no no listen to me 
  • and he’s lie ???? with wide eyes and ur like “im sorry. i never thanked u for tutoring me and we left of on an awkward note and it was sUPER embarrassing but if we could push it aside like i really like u,,,,,,,,but like i want to be ur friend first and foremost because i think ur great and u helped me pass that satanic class and i just didnt know u were staying up so late to tutor me and i just i have a lot more to say but most of all thank you so much taeyong. i appreciate what you did for me.”
  • and u cant believe u had enough breath for all that but taeyong,,,,taeyong is smiling,,,,,,,and it’s the smile that makes his usually stoic, handsome face turn somewhat childish and warm
  • and he puts his hand out to carefully take yours and he’s like 
  • “im happy i could help, but also i,,,,,,,,,”
  • and you think he’s holding ur hand in like ???A friendly way??? but taeyong is literally also shaking??? and ur like is he nervous???
  • but taeyong finally swallows the lump in his throat and goes “but also i don’t want to push what you asked me aside. i,,,,,,,i want to take you on a date,,,,,,,can i?”
  • and you can hear the bus approaching and you can see taeyong’s eyes flash between yours and the road and you know you need to answer
  • but ur like stuck and the bus doors open and taeyong is like “i need to let go but tell me-”
  • and he’s halfway up the steps when you get up into the bus with him and the driver is like ? and you lean up to kiss his cheek and you’re like 
  • “yes,,,,,,,please take me on a date. it would make me really happy.”
  • and the bus driver is like hello are u also getting on and taeyong turns cherry red but he tells u he’ll call - but wait ur number - and ur like oh !! message taeil he has it we were partners and taeyong is like ok!!
  • and the driver is like AHEM but this nice old lady is like “don’t ruin their moment”
  • and basically,,,,you get off the bus and wave to taeyong in the window as it leaves and practically skip back to school because oh my god the undateable taeyong,,,,,,just asked you on a dATE
  • and the date,,,,,,is so simple and sweet 
  • everyone thinks taeyong is some stuck up snob with high taste but nooooope in reality u two go to a cafe that specialize in board games and u guys play monoply on ur first damn date and then some connect four and when u beat him at jenga ur pretty sure he might cry
  • but ur like “taeyong,,,,,,top of ur major and yet,,,,,,,bad at jenga?” and he’s like !!!!!!!! im not rematch!!!!11
  • but u win again and poor taeyong has his head in his hands but he’s having fun and gladly does the penalty (which is buying u guys two more drinks)
  • and it’s like afterwords u learn that taeyong is not flashy,,,,,he takes so much happiness in just walking u to ur dorm afterwords and when u tease him about jenga he just bites his lip and mumbles that it just wasn’t his night tonight,,,,,,
  • and when you lean up to kiss him gently taeyong mumbles against your skin if it’s alright to take u out on a second date and u think how cute,,,,but completely agree
  • and two dates turn into more dates and before u know it u and taeyong are dating with matching couple rings to prove it 
  • which yuta thinks is cheesy but taeil just tells him to shut it and be happy for taeyong 
  • but on a real note taeyong takes dating as seriously as his studies,,,he puts his efforts into making you happy and learning more about you
  • and it’s so adorable when he’ll point something out and be like “it reminds me of you!” and,,,,it’s like,,,,,,,what an observant, caring boyfriend 
  • you tell taeyong once you don’t like this specific kind of fruit so when u guys get a fruit salad he asks if u want him to pick out the ones u dont like and u just laugh and go i can just not eat them!!! and he gets red,,,,but like it’s the sentiment that counts
  • taeyong works most of his week and studies super hard so u don’t get to go out a lot and taeyong apologizes for that
  • but you just hold his face in your hands and tell him that no. his studies come first because it’s his future
  • and once taeyong mumbled that he hopes ur his future too and it made ur heart,,,,,,,,,it literally made ur heart burst and you were like taeyong don’t say things like that and he was like im sorry,,,but why not
  • and u were like because it makes me want to kiss u and u have calculus homework right 
  • people that took pics of taeyong when u go out always just get super long glares from u and at one point u were like “that’s illegal i can sue on behave of my boyfriend”
  • and taeyong was like ,,,,angel it’s ok,,,,,,,but u were like anyone who wants to disrespect him come @ me i will prote-
  • u and ten get along really well just fyi
  • taeyong introduces u to mark and ur just like !!!!!! wow!!!!! so adorable and taeyong is like rIGHT he’s so cute he’s my son and mark is like ??? but both u and taeyong dote on him and sometimes he’s like guys,,,,please,,,,
  • but most of the time he likes it because u and taeyong will cook for him if he asks LOL
  • for someone who hides behind his glasses taeyong sends u selfies whenever he’s with mark because he’s like !!!!!! look how cute
  • but also sometimes he sends some of himself and he’s like ‘i look so bad ive been studying for 4 hours’ but in reality. he doesn’t look bad. he looks like a model. what the heck. what the actual heck
  • taeyong keeps his desk super clean but he’s recently let u put up some photos in frames,,,one of them is his sister ,,, another his parents,,, then one of him and his friends ,,,,,,,and then one of u guys,,,,shyly holding hands under fireworks and it’s cute
  • because before he used to keep everything completely in check but when u doodle a heart on his whiteboard he can’t erase it,,,,he just thinks of u and smiles
  • doesn’t share his hoodies but it’s ok because when u hug him his smell gets stuck in ur clothes and u love it
  • u taught taeyong how to use emojis the right way because when u sent him a bunch of hearts he was like ‘isn’t one enough’ and u were like taeyong no i love u much more than one heart emoji and he was like oh! i should sent more too because i love u so much and it was cORNY but so damn cute
  • his pda is kept to a minimum because taeyong sees intimacy as something very special and he always wants to make sure it’s shared between you and him 
  • and he’ll like it when u take control because taeyong wants to do anything to please u and sometimes u have to remind him that it’s ok for him to indulge
  • and he’ll just shyly hide into ur neck but it’s ok because when u run ur hands down his spine u can hear a low sound from him and it’s,,,,,,hot
  • also loves being kissed on the back of his neck like the nape it always makes him really soft and if he’s overworking himself 
  • ull like come up from behind while he’s hunched over a book and kiss his nape and he’ll completely kind of loosen up and let u drag him out for a snack so he doesn’t die in all his class notes
  • and taeyong tells u after sometime that dating,,,,,and being close to people always worried him because he didn’t know if he could make someone happy
  • but you tell him that he makes u the most happy,,,,even if he has quirks about him and gets excited over math,,,,,that’s so adorable to you
  • like you’re the one person that taeyong should never be scared of hurting,,,,,,because you know how much effort he puts into his work and u know he’d never do anything to harm u or his friends
  • and it’s cute,,,,,,u wait for him to get back to campus after his internship and taeyong is always like !!!!! it’s cold and dark dont 
  • but ur always there and when he gets off the bus he makes u wait till it leaves but then u guys kiss and it’s cute and u laugh against each others lips
  • and although taeyong doesnt like to share his clothes he’ll pull his lab coat over the two of u and be like “kiss me again” and ur like ooo someone is actually more into pda than we thought?? and he’s like shy,,,but also u do kiss him and it’s soft
  • my conclusion is college!taeyong is soft ok everyone please be nice to him


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Domestic Gorillaz Headcanons
  • Russel is the best at cooking (and he enjoys it as a hobby), so he’s usually the one who cooks dinner.
  • Noodle is a good cook too. Every now-and-then, she likes to cook the guys some authentic Japanese dishes, like Sukiyaki, or Okonomiyaki. 
  • The only things 2D can cook are mac n cheese, dinosaur nuggets, and maybe canned soup, BUT he’s trying to improve his cooking skills. He asks Russel and Noodle for some tips.
  • Murdoc is god-awful at cooking…he burns everything. However, the ONE thing he can cook well is chili. 
  • Katsu (Noodle’s cat) loves to cuddle with everyone. His favorite sleeping spots are on top of Russel’s stomach, 2D’s chest, by Noodle’s head (like on her pillow), and by Murdoc’s feet. 
  • 2D has an assortment of house plants. 
  • 2D is the first in the house to wake up. Therefore, he likes to make tea in the morning. He keeps it warm on the stove for the others as well. 
  • Russel has the cleanest room out of all of them, and he takes pride in it. 
  • When Murdoc is doing things around the house, he likes to have music playing as background noise. 
  • Once on a full moon, Murdoc will goes on a huge cleaning spree. 
  • Noodle and Russel like to garden sometimes.They like to grow some fruits and veggies too, like tomatoes and carrots?
  • Noodle feeds the feral cats outside. She has names for all of them. 
  • 2D likes to do laundry. It’s a relaxing task for him. 
  • Noodle has an obsession with scented candles. 
  • Murdoc likes creepy garden gnomes, and has them sprawled throughout the yard. 
  • Once a month, Russel likes to cook a really good breakfast for everyone (and himself). 
  • Russel still buys those “kids” fruit snacks (ex.scooby doo fruit snacks) mostly because Noodle still loves them. 
  • Noodle likes to do splatter painting, and she lets Katsu help her with it. 
Curiosity Stroked the Cat

Request: “Ok ok hear me out, what if Peter is out with Ned, and comes back home later to see that the reader is wearing his suit, and gets immensely turned on. Is this even possible to make? Cause I’d live for this!”

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 2.7k

Warnings: Smut

Snuggling a little tighter into your jacket as the chilly breeze sifted through the streets of Brooklyn, you turned the corner to find yourself in front of Peter’s apartment block. It was becoming a common occurrence to end up here after you had decided to get fresh air to think, your feet always managing to lead you to the greatest source of comfort in your life. After learning about his big secret, it had just felt so much easier to lay your own out on the table, since there was nothing in your life that surpassed the severity of holding on to a secret identity that important.  

So, tugging your heavy boots into the front foyer and up the stairs, with a light rap at the door, Peter’s Aunt was greeting you with a warm smile.

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Stress Cleaning (ALiL Deleted Scene)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you’re too stressed to get any schoolwork done so Bucky offers an alternative plan.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,370

A/N: An anon requested The reader is really stressed and Bucky helps her calm down. It’d be cool to see them clean the kitchen together and joke around. This occurs between “The Little Things (Part One)” and “The Little Things (Part Two)” I should be doing work and preparing for finals, but I was too stressed so I wrote this instead

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

Originally posted by calif0rnia-lovers

You stare at your textbook, willing the words on the page to somehow become more interesting. When they don’t, you move the book from the table onto your lap in the hopes that this new angle will help you absorb what you’re reading. After you catch yourself skimming over the same paragraph for what is now the third time in a row, you slam the textbook closed in frustration.

Midterms are upon you and what you should be doing is studying for the exams you have this week. Unfortunately for you, your brain is not in compliance with this plan. It wants nothing to do with the study guides, outlines, and index cards you’ve created. You had hoped that switching gears and reading straight from your textbook might work, but that attempt failed just as badly as the rest.

You lean forward and rest your forehead on the edge of the cool, wooden table as hopelessness and frustration overwhelm your senses. The last thing you should be doing right now is nothing, and yet, nothing is all you can bring yourself to do.

“Hard at work I see.”

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Okay so i wanted to show y'all what I’m working with in terms of a computer

 This is our baby, The Frankenstein. 

 Frankie was purchased as a new, shiny Gateway Laptop waaaaaay back in 2012, 5 years ago.

 Actually, we didnt get Frankie. We got his parts, Jack and Diane.

 See, Frankie is a horrific amalgamation of two different laptops spliced together. 

Jack and Diane were Christmas presents that suffered a series of accidents. After a couple of fatal ones (charger port breaking, water damage, screen bustings, etc) we spliced them together into one working laptop and reinstalled our files off a USB drive. Jacks body, Dianes power cord and battery, some of her circuitry, and her screen since Jacks got busted in a fall. 

 However. At some point around 2014, dianes screen ripped entirely off of jacks body. So then we hooked him up to an external monitor, very old one, could only use VGA(?), not HDMI 

 And then frankies files got corrupted and he slowed to a crawl and a bunch of his keys broke off 

 So we stored him away 

Come 2016, we had another computer (Shoveguts, named for the fact that i had to go in now and again and shove his internals around to get a charge/get it working) fall apart on us and were working entirely off Squishy, a little chrome book that @trash-bot sent us 

When during a cleaning spree, from the depths of the closet rose a box containing Frankie 

So we got out a bunch of cords and hooked him up to a large HD TV as a monitor, wiped his memory, and plugged in all sorts of life support shit (bad speakers so now hes got a speaker system, cant charge so constant power, bad internal  mic so an old rockband USB one, etc)

So anyway thats what i have as a computer. It runs Steam, internet, Paint Tool Sai, and records video and shit so thats all i really need. 

INTP is on a Cleaning Spree

INTP: *gets out of the shower*
INTP: Wow, our bathroom is filthy
INTP: *proceeds to disinfect the entire bathroom*
INTP: *proceeds to vacuum the entire house*
INTP: *takes another shower*
INTP: *continues to vacuum their room 5 times a day, every day*
INFJ: INTP, what’s with all the vacuuming?
INTP: I think I have a brain tumour


Yesterday after I got off work, I just wasn’t feeling very motivated to do anything. So @gradschoolforty and I decided to do a cleaning challenge! Since I clean when I get anxious, I didn’t honestly have much to do with my room, so this is the corner I fixed!

Obviously these are before and after pictures. So I took my sweatshirts and hung them up, moved my little bench and tv dinner table into my closet along with all of my extra pillows and this giant box of blankets. I also took down my photography projects from my wall to give them away. They just don’t hold any significance to me anymore and I was sick of looking at them.

So anyway! I’m sure we’ll think of another goofy thing to do today to motivate each other, stay tuned!

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Hey hey, if you're willing, I have a headcannon request! So like, how would the RFA members go about confessing their love/attraction to MC? A̶n̶d̶ ̶p̶o̶s̶s̶i̶b̶l̶y̶ ̶h̶o̶w̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶w̶o̶u̶l̶d̶ ̶g̶o̶ ̶w̶i̶t̶h̶ ̶J̶u̶m̶i̶n̶ ̶x̶ ̶Z̶e̶n̶ ̶o̶k̶a̶y̶ ̶b̶y̶e̶ ̶s̶o̶r̶r̶y̶

i’m sorry if this isn’t great? i’m trying to write differently than their confessions in game. i hope you enjoy ^^ jumin’s is unnecessarily long (again)

also idk wtf happened with saeyoung’s but whatever

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  • okay, so
  • this boy is nervous
  • like full-on sweaty back nervous
  • he invites you out for dinner somewhere nice, but not really fancy because he’s broke
  • he’s all dressed up
  • flowers and all
  • after a cheesy yet romantic date, you’re both in front of your door
  • he’s stuttering a lot and looking around nervously
  • he says “iloveyou” so fast you almost miss it
  • very happy when you let him know you return his feelings
  • smiling for the next two weeks


  • well
  • we all know he’s a romantic
  • like in the game, he would probably confess to you at night, under the stars
  • he’s got some romantic music in the background, along with the stereotypical candles and chocolate covered strawberries
  • he’s slow dancing with you when he actually tells you he loves you
  • and he’s all glowy in the moonlight
  • and the candles’ reflections are sparkling in his eyes
  • you’re kinda dumbstruck tbh wow
  • gets nervous when you don’t respond and starts talking really fast about how you didn’t need to return his feelings
  • you have to kiss/hug him to get him to shut up


  • ok so this could go two ways
  • it would probably be a bit easier for her to confess if you were a guy
  • if you were a girl, she’s gonna be nervous that you don’t even swing that way
  • but regardless, she would still confess probably the same way
  • it’s valentine’s day
  • she’s got some homemade cookies in the shapes of hearts and flowers in this really cute box she made herself
  • jaehee’s cookies are like an orgasm for your mouth, alright?
  • there’s a lil card inside the box too
  • she did her best calligraphy and drew a couple hearts to be cute
  • it says simply “i love you very much, MC”
  • then she asks you herself to go out with her
  • you would not believe the rush of relief that runs through her stressed-out body when you accept


  • we all know he’s into buying you extravagant gifts, ok?
  • but
  • i think he would not simply give you something expensive and say “i love you” 
  • he’d be nervous on the inside because wow what if you reject him
  • it’s not impossible
  • it’s not even improbable
  • it’s actually pretty likely, right?
  • no jumin please calm down
  • he’d take you to a fancy-ass restaurant for a dinner, which isn’t too unusual, so you don’t know that anything is different
  • until you notice his fingers twitching a lot
  • and him tapping them against the table
  • and him clearing his throat a lot
  • he’s trying to be cool in front of you, but you know jumin, so it’s not easy to fool you
  • so, you know something’s up
  • after dinner, you go out to like a… park?
  • pretend there’s a park
  • anyway, you go to this park
  • you’re really wondering what’s up because this isn’t really jumin’s style?
  • parks are really nice, but in the middle of the night?
  • then the fireworks happen 
  • and they’re all like pink and red
  • and in heart shapes
  • and then wow oh my god
  • “i love you, MC” is sprawled across the sky for the entire damn city to see and you are going to die of embarrassment but also because jumin is a sweetheart and you love him
  • which you tell him
  • he’s very very happy


  • ok this guy is a dope
  • but he’s a sweet dope
  • so you come over to his bunker one day and once you get inside, it’s like no one’s home, right?
  • you’re wondering where the hell saeyoung is
  • did he like, electrocute himself in the bath?
  • did all the sleep he miss finally catch up with him in the form of death?
  • then you see the trail of
  • honey buddha chips
  • you thought i was gonna say roses right? think again fiend!
  • they led you to his computer room thing, which was actually clean for once
  • ah, vanderwood must have gone on a cleaning spree again
  • all of the screens were pink, with these pixel hearts and roses floating on screen
  • and one of them had a message for you, apparently
  • “Dear MC,
  • 01001001 00100000 01101100 01101111 01110110 01100101 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00101100 00100000 01110011 01101111 00100000 01110111 01101001 01101100 01101100 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01100010 01100101 00100000 01101101 01111001 00100000 00110110 00110000 00110110 00111111″
  • of course, you had no idea what fuck that said, so you spent about 10 minutes typing it into a binary translator
  • and of course, once you realized what it said, saeyoung popped out of nowhere, looking uncharacteristically nervous
  • “so?”
  • he was twisting his headphone’s cord again
  • “of course, you dummy”

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Itachi and Kakashi as husbands?


•Honestly a great husband. Little to no drama, always understanding, always considerate, always ready to provide for you. Itachi wouldn’t want to get married until he had dated his s/o for a long, long time. So of course by that time, he’s completely devoted to them 

•The very definition of a sacrificing spouse. He’s selfless, always. Would really do anything for his spouse

•Protective of course. Once he’s a husband, he knows it’s his responsibility to take care of his spouse even more than he did before. One main example of this would be when it comes to his father. Fugaku could very well disapprove of this marriage. And it’s probable that he would slander Itachi’s spouse in an effort to try and deter the marriage, maybe try to change Itachi’s mind by pointing out all their flaws. But Itachi doesn’t allow that. There aren’t many situations where he really takes a stand against his father, even at the risk of disrespecting him, but these are one of those cases. He doesn’t tolerate anyone talking down on his spouse. Especially not for the sake of trying to scorn their marriage. He sticks up for his spouse no matter what

•Shisui was his best man at his wedding. Just saying. Maybe Sasuke. But probably Shisui

•Speaking of Sasuke, he also has a role in Itachi’s marriage, in a way. It might be a little odd, but Itachi hopes that he can set an example for Sasuke. Itachi isn’t full of himself, he’s not haughty, so he’s not going to claim to be the world’s best husband. But he knows he takes care of his spouse. And he hopes that Sasuke can learn from both his achievements and failures. Itachi is always looking out for his little bro, even in his own marriage

•The only negative to Itachi’s marriage is his work. Because of his sense of duty to the village, he might not be around all the time. He’d take month long missions, even though he knows his spouse will be lonely. Weeks will go by where he comes home in the middle of the night, and leaves early in the morning, so his spouse hardly sees him

•It’s difficult to say whether he would apologize for his absences. He acknowledges how it might be affecting his spouse, but he also expects them to know that he has Konoha’s best interest in mind. He can’t apologize for wanting to do right by his village


•Being married to Kakashi isn’t much different from dating Kakashi. He’s still laid back, still requires a little push every now and then in terms of functioning in a relationship. It’s kind of like you’re dating a ‘man-child’. It’s an annoying title, but it’s true in Kakashi’s case

•He lazes around the house, doesn’t bother cleaning, probably expects his spouse to make him food. It’s not done in any way to belittle or walk all over his s/o, but he just feels like since he’s married now, his partner will happily tend to him. He of course returns the favor though. On some days, he goes on a cleaning spree so his spouse comes home to a clean house. He’ll make an attempt at dinner. He’ll wake up early and make them breakfast. So it’s not entirely one-sided. But still, he sometimes acts like he can’t function on his own. He’s just lazy

•He doesn’t tell anyone about his marriage tbh. Three years into it and he’ll casually mention his spouse in a conversation and someone will be like “Wait, what? You’re married???”

•Kakashi probably wouldn’t get married until after his days as a sensei are over. Married life is retired life in his mind. All he wants to do is lie around the house with his spouse and avoid responsibilities

•When people come around the house looking for him, and his spouse answers the door, Kakashi—only semi-jokingly—tells them to say he’s not home. His spouse has to be involved in his antics most of the time

•Kakashi isn’t the best at remembering anniversaries. He’d probably forgot the second or third one. It might have led to a fight, a pretty bad one if his spouse was that hurt by it. From that year on though, he remembers it down to the very hour

•He has a bad habit of using his spouse’s things. He’ll steal their toothpaste and use it all up. He’ll use their brush, get silver hair everywhere. Probably even takes their clothes. He believes in the ‘what’s mine is yours’ mind set

•On an angsty note, Kakashi still might not have opened up to his s/o about his traumatic past even well into their marriage. Maybe he’s just waiting for the right moment. Maybe he doesn’t want to scare them away. It’s one of his hidden insecurities. Even if he trusts them with all his heart, he doesn’t know if they’re ready to hear about his father, or Obito, or Rin, and everything else

upcoming recovering the password to his instagram account (@jonghyun.948) jonghyun has went on a cleaning spree of the accounts that he follows on the count. he is now following twenty two accounts, rather than over thirty like before. below is the complete list of accounts he now follows along with the accounts that he unfollowed and one account that he newly followed:

complete list of followed accounts:
515sunnyday (snsd’s sunny)
bambijin90 (wefreaky’s sojin)
beatburgerjae (shim jae won)
cnbluegt (cnblue’s jonghyun)
crush9244 (solost - crush)
dlwlrma (solost - iu)
essential14 (clothing brand??)
gucne (mixing engineer for sm)
hermosavidaluna (f(x)’s luna)
hotsoostuff (snsd’s sooyoung)
hydrayuge0 (producer - greg hwang)
iammingki (davichi’s minkyung)
jayjoonkim (designer - kim jae joon)
minhyun85 (actor - baek min hyun)
philtre (planet shiver’s philtre)
taeyeon_ss (snsd’s taeyeon)
vousmevoyez (f(x)’s krystal)
younha_holic (solost - younha)
yulyulk (snsd’s yuri)
xodambi (solost - son dam bi)
xolovestephi (snsd’s tiffany)
ziont (solost - zion.t)

newly followed accounts:
taeyeon_ss (snsd’s taeyeon)

accounts that he unfollowed:
callmegray (soloist - gray)
junggigo (soloist - junggigo)
luvlyzzy (after school’s lizzy)
mightyirony (soloist - iron)
mminam0425 (actor - kang min jong)
mr.mpm (dgna’s hyunmin)
oncelime (the nuts’ song jung)
satgotloco (soloist - loco)
shy_1120 (director - yoo seung hyun)
simonjakops (dmtn’s simon)
sy_911120 (myname’s seyong)

RFA + V & Saeran stuck home alone all day
  • <p> <b>Yoosung:</b> "Don't play LOLOL. Don't play LOLOL. Don't play LOLOL." Haha. Guess what. He actually avoids LOLOL, but only because there was this one online game he saw advertised a few times and decided to try it. When he completes the demo, he realizes that he forgot to do *insert chores here* and panics. He manages to finish just a few minutes before you get home.<p/><b>Zen:</b> He is constantly spamming your phone with messages and selfies. Plays musical furniture. Manages to take a 2 hour nap at some point but wakes up dehydrated. He tries channel surfing for a while until he finds a tabloid show talking about Jumin and he throws the remote at the tv. Eventually gets the bright idea to go for a ride on his motorcycle, but stays out for longer than he realizes and comes home to find you worried to the bone.<p/><b>Jaehee:</b> Goes on a cleaning spree and finishes halfway through the day somehow. Drinks a load of coffee to fill the void that gently whispers "what do we do now...". She crashes before you get home, and you find the kitchen is a mess, and the experimental treats she made taste better than they look.<p/><b>Seven:</b> Home made battle bots competition. Cat robot is the host and seven imitates commercials when he's not controlling the bots. He doesn't even notice when you finally get home.<p/><b>Jumin:</b> Like Zen, he messages you quite a bit, but more of conversational rambling than spamming. He's fine with having the day to relax, but feels so lonely without you there with him. He starts pretending you're there and acting out what he would say and do (which includes dancing together and cuddling with Elizabeth the 3rd). When you get home, he meets you at the entrance and gets really clingy once you guys are in the elevator.<p/><b>V:</b> Manages to stave off boredom for the majority of the day by looking through old folders and photo albums. Just for the fun of it, he looks for terrible romance novels online that really shouldn't have gotten past the pitch. He saves some of the most amusing parts to show you when you get home. <p/><b>Saeran:</b> He is literally sitting by the window all day waiting for you to get home. He does go on quite a few trips to every single food storage thing in the house, usually coming back empty handed. Occasionally calls Seven to see if he's as miserable as he is. When you get home, you find him sprawled out on the floor face up, staring blankly at the ceiling. "Hey Saeran, it sounds like MC is home. Yeah, I think you're right Saeran." He very clingy for the rest of the night.<p/></p>

* Alexander Hamilton x Reader
* Modern College AU
* 204: Is there a special reason as you why you’re wearing my shirt?

A/N: So here’s a random idea I had when someone decided to mess with my laundry while I was off in classes. As for two stories in one day, yay! I had very little homework but this weekend I’m going on a cleaning spree. Plus I haven’t looked at my request recently so I don’t have any real pressing or even good ideas right now. But I digress. I hope y’all enjoy this silly little, fluffy story.

Word Count: 2,134


Co-ed dorms weren’t the best. True, it was more calm than the freshman dorm, but now you had you had to deal with guys all the time. The worst was the laundry room. Guys clothes were everywhere. They spread out as if it was their laundry room at home and they didn’t have to share it with a building of other people.

You walked into the room, your basket balanced on your hip. You winced at all the clothes on the floor that must have missed when getting tossed into the machine. You hoisted your basket up onto a machine and started sorting and loading your clothes. You started the machine and and headed back to your room and hoping your laundry wouldn’t be messed with.

You delved into some homework.You wrote a couple of papers, pausing only to switch your clothes over to the dryer. You finally went to go retrieve you now dry clothes. You grabbed the basket without a second thought and carried it back to your room. You started folding your clothes and putting them away. You furrowed your brow when you found a pair of jeans that were clearly not yours. They looked like they’d be a bit baggy on you but not too long. They were mens pants, judging by the appearance and deep pockets.

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Have any thoughts on the batboys cleaning habits?

Actually, I have thought about this- 


  • Is the cleanest of the Robins. I think that growing up his homes were probably dirty (even with his best efforts as a little kid) and then he ended up living on the streets and slept on cardboard in substitute for a bed. 
  • And in effect, I think Jason wouldn’t take having a place of his own for granted. I always pictured Jason cleaning up after himself and taking care of his apartment(s) because he would take pride in it
  • I also imagine Jason making fun of the other boys because he is the only ‘self-officiant one and he does Alfie proud.’ 
  • Though, I do think there are some random safe-houses that Jason doesn’t give a crap about, and those are probably really gross, and I picture him only going to those safe-houses, when he is punishing himself, or when he needs to be allowed to break furniture and throw stuff into the walls without repercussions. 
  • Jason however, does not have any problem messing up other people’s homes. He will get mud on the carpet, leave dishes on the floor, and pretty much be the definition of a rude houseguest if he feels the desire to be so. 
  • He is usually clean when in Tim’s apartment though…


  • I think Damian would be pretty clean. It’s illogical to not put things back in their rightful place after you are done using them. That was how it was when he lived with the al Ghul’s, and that is how Damian was trained to be, self-sufficient and out of the way.
  • So dishes go in the sink, books in the bookshelf, shoes in the closet, and clothes in the hamper. That is the system, and it works. Damian sees no reason to change it.  
  • So Damian’s messes wouldn’t be the normal ones, I think his messes would be bigger dirtier ones. Like getting mud everywhere after going out to the stables to feed Batcow, or letting himself bleed all over his clothes to prove a point. 
  • Damian’s messes would be far and few in-between, but when he does make them, they are large and give Bruce migraines, and Alfred a lot of cleaning up to do. 
  • (though Dick forces Damian to help Alfred clean up) 


  • Dick is an overgrown toddler, and I think that shows in his apartment. 
  • I think Dick has similar cleaning habits to my own. Where he is tired and stressed so the last thing on his mind is cleaning up. So the laundry builds up and the dishes pile higher until finally, it is too much and then he goes on a crazy cleaning spree
  • And then he spends the next week or so trying to keep the place clean because ‘cleaning up little messes is so much easier than cleaning one big mess’
  • But in the end, he loses the battle and the circle repeats itself over and over again. But Dick can’t seem to break the habit. 
  • Though, I think Dick would be a very considerate houseguest when it comes to cleaning. He may get in your personal space and force you to watch Disney movies until 2:00am, but he’ll make sure to fold the blankets and wash the dishes before he makes his leave.
  • But while Dick’s apartment might be the messiest out of the four boys, I think he is probably the most well groomed and put together, clothes and hair wise.


  • Growing up in a spotless and pristine home has left Tim’s cleaning habits a bit scattered. 
  • Tim’s house is usually pretty messy, but not with actual dirt, but more like random paperwork strewn about, and piles of ‘clean’, ‘kinda clean’, and ‘dirty’ laundry sitting around. 
  • Tim is almost the opposite when it comes to Jason, where Jason takes pride in having a clean home, Tim takes pride in being able to have a messy home.
  • He likes that it looks lived in, and he takes pleasure in being able to throw his clothes on the floor or being allowed to leave his suit slung over a kitchen chair. Tim’s not really sure why, but it gives him a bit of pleasure being allowed to be a bit of a slob. 
  • Tim is, however, weirdly organized when it comes to any of his Red Robin stuff. His flies and bunker are always very tidy and pristine. In Tim’s mind (though he probably hasn’t acknowledged it) for him to be taken seriously as a hero and to work effortlessly he should have everything in its place and know where that place is. 
  • So Tim Drake is a bit of a mess, crooked tie, and messy hair, but Red Robin is clean, crisp, and effortlessly without a trace. 
Mistakes Made

Yoongi Scenario

Warnings: Swearing, Mentions of cheating, Angsty, A lil’ bit of crying.

Words: 2.2K

Summary: Yoongi got an unexpected text from a stranger claiming you cheated on him.


Originally posted by iloveyoo-ngi

He knew he’d been more than busy lately. Spent his late nights at the studio or practise away from you. It’d been a few months and he knew working for so long on this comeback had put a strain on the relationship. Though he thought you were understanding of that and had decided to give him some space.

His mind had gone blank when he found out you were cheating. By the asshole you had cheated on him with, to add on to his humiliation.

The man had texted him with a plethora of screenshots exposing your infidelity, simply ending with a disgusting text ‘Your girls isn’t as faithful huh? I would know”

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Wishful Thinking - Auston Matthews #14.2

Originally posted by dallas41chicago88

about/request: Will there be a part 2 to wishful thinking? Because I need that in my life AND Wishful thinking part 2?! AND Please write a part two for that Auston wishful thinking imagine!!! AND I need a part two of that last Auston imagine pleaseeee AND Pt 2 of wishful thinking AND Omg can you do a part 2 for wishful thinking?? AND Hi can you do a second part to wishful thinking prettttyyy pleaassseee 💕 AND PART 2 OF WISHFUL THINKING PART 2 OF WISHFUL THINKING PART 2 OF WISHFUL THINKING PART 2 OF WISHFUL THINKING AND OMG! wishful thinking was amazing!!! i need a part 2 or imma cry!!! plz plz plz plz i’m obsessed AND Oh my goodness are you going to do a part 2 to the Austin imagine? AND Oh my gosh girl I neeedddddd another angsty part of Wishful Thinking !! It’s so amazing 😍😍😍  AND I loved that “Wishful Thinking” imagine! It was really deep and well written! Do you think there’s gonna be a part 2?👀 AND Are you writing a part 2 of wishful thinking? If so loved part 1 !!! AND Omg that wishful thinking imagine has my heart broken, pls tell me there will be a part 2!😭 AND can you do a part 2 of wishful thinking like it was so good that I needed more 

warnings: same as the last one, mentions of anxiety and stuff 

authors note: this was like all anyone wanted all day haha i don’t think i’m going to add anymore to it so i’m sorry it isn’t exactly a happy ending but it was originally a very angsty request. hope you like it!! 

word count: 1393

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Andre Burakovsky - Better

Originally posted by martinfrks

Could you do an Andre Burakovsky fic where Andre has a mental breakdown from the stress of Pre-season and the upcoming games and he feels like he’s slacking. This makes reader go into overdrive and she draws him a bath and takes care of him. Then let’s him talk it out while she makes food so they can eat and cuddle and watch movies. Just hella angst and fluff lol, thank you so much!!!!

Author’s Note: I’m queen of mental breakdowns lol. Enjoy!

The house was smelling fresh and clean after your two hour cleaning spree. You had just sat down when you heard Andre’s car pull in the driveway. You had grabbed your book off the table and began reading it as Andre walked in the house.

You heard Andre throw down his bag on the floor. You turned your head to see Andre leaning his head on the wall.

“Andre, are you okay, babe?” You asked dropping your book back on the table, before making your way over to his tall frame.

“I can’t do this.” He said.

“Do what love.” You said placing your hand on his back, so you could lean down and look at him.

“This.” He said shooting up and pointing towards his hockey bag than to him.

He had a crazy look in his eyes. You knew what was happened. You had many of these, during school, luckily you had Andre there. You knew that the best thing for him was to let it all out.

“Tell me.” You said calmly.

“I’m not doing as well as last year. I NEED to do better this year. I HAVE too, Y/N. The season hasn’t even started and I’m freaking out. I can’t do this. I can’t.” He cried out as he pulled at his hair.

You pulled him in for a tight hug.

“Andre, just like you said the season hasn’t started yet. You have so much to give to this team and you ARE going to be better than last year. You know why?”


“Because, you have spent the whole summer training. You have overcome so much throughout this summer. Even coach said so. You are putting, way too much stress on yourself and you can’t do that. This team needs you, but they also need everyone else. You can not fail this team by yourself.” You said holding his face in your hands. You wiped the tears from his face, before placing a kiss to his nose making him giggle.
“You are something else.” He smiled.

“Well I try.” You sassed back. “Follow me.” You said as you grabbed his hand and lead him to the bathroom.

“What are we doing?” He asked clueless.

“Bath time.” You smiled.

“You are wonderful. How did I get so lucky.” He smiled as he got undressed and in the warm water.

“Now, You enjoy. I will be right back.” You smiled.

You made your way down the stairs to grab some food, drinks and movies. Once you had all you needed you went back upstairs and into the bedroom and placed everything in place. Once that was done you changed into a shirt of Andre’s, before grabbing a butt load of blankets.

“What are you doing?” Andre laughed as he got dressed.

“Sit.” You said pointing to his side of the bed. Andre did as you said with a smiled plastered on his face. You then took the blankets and wrapped him up until you could only see his head.

“There.” You smiled. “Now The Lost Boy’s or Encino Man?”

“I could use a laugh.” He smiled up at you.

“Encino man it is!” You said popping the movie in. “Chip.” You asked holding a chip in front of Andre’s mouth.

“Come here.” He said moving his head.

“What?” You asked moving closer to him.

“More.” He smiled.

You moved closer to his face only to feel his lips on yours.

“Better.” He smiled. “Now chip me.” He giggled.

“Dork.” You smiled.