cleaning your teeth with a knife

Noise Complaints [2]

Summary: A Supernatural AU. Dean and the Reader are next door neighbours. Dean has an active sex life that keeps the reader up at night. One night, the reader decides she’s had enough and decides to confront Dean.

Pairing: Neighbour!Dean Winchester x Female!Reader

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Word Count: 3,029

Warnings: Language. Mentions of sexual intercourse. Jealous!Dean. Unedited.

Gif Credit: [x]

Author’s Note: Decided to write a second part after so much requests for it. Thank you for the love the previous part received, I hope this one receives just as much and that y’all will love it as much as I did writing it.

Noise Complaints Masterlist | Main Masterlist

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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anonymous asked:

Can you do HCs about Dallas saving you from being jumped by socs and keeps you over for the rest of the night?


- honestly lets be really he only helped you cuz he has had his eye on you for a while

- so like one night he would see you walking alone at night from his window at Buck’s and be like… ;))))))

- he would walk down and sorta kinda follow you but then he heard the car coming before you did and he hid 

- he watched the socs jump out and corner you and he was just a little (a lot) pissed off



- it would be Bob honestly, he’s a dick

- Dallas would lowkey freak out but try and act cool

- ‘Just give me the broad man.’

- ‘No i think ill take her.’


- you have a couple of scratches from the blade and a few bruises 

- ‘Hey its real late, man. maybe you should come back with me to be safe ya know?’

- you agree

- once you get back to his ‘place’ he is all like awkward and like sorry its not much but it works



- you guys had a moment 

- but the little shit ruins it with his smirk

- ‘You really got yourself in a situation huh doll?’

- ‘Ya but listen, thank you for helping me out there.’

- ‘Dont worry doll any time you need help ill be there.’

- he is such the little shit

- you guys migrate to his bed and you guys are kinda just sitting there staring at each other and he starts interviewing you

- and i mean like INTERVIEWING you

- name number address favorite color name of your first pet birthday

- tbh you are kinda worried he is trying to steal your credit card info (did they even have credit cards lol??? ok i did my research they were, they started in like the 50′s)


- you could tell he was getting tired but like he was still trying to stay up

- you were answering one of his many questions when he slowly leaned in and kissed you mid sentence and pulled away slowly smirking

- ‘You talk a lot.’

- he would lazily whisper ‘be my girl’ after that and oh mah gahd he is a tiny bug

- you guys fall asleep holding hands

- in the morning he is all excited and quirky but like is trying to hide

- insists he walks you home

LAST RESORT: What to pack if you're going to be on your own

 Some babies are in not-so-great situations. Momma doesn’t exactly condone running away, but if you are going to, at least be properly prepared!

  • Water bottles
  • Good boots
  • Phone
  • High-end garbage bags
  • Ear plugs
  • Multipurpose knife
  • Weatherproof backpack
  • Toothbrush
  • Baking powder (for brushing teeth, cleaning, and deodorizing your shoes.)
  • Multivitamins
  • Map
  • A light. A flashlight works, but a head-mounted one would be perfect.
  • Sleeping bag + compression sack
  • Layers of clothing made out of wool and synthetic materials. Cotton takes forever to dry.
  • UNDERWEAR. Preferably fast-drying.
  • Four pairs of good wool or synthetic socks
  • Set of dark clothes
  • Set of nice clothes
  • Small sewing kit
  • large ziploc bags
  • Water purification. Either a filter straw or the tablets.
  • A good TRAVEL towel
  • METAL cup or bowl
  • Hat with a brim to keep the sun away
  • Rain poncho
  • Tarp
The good news is the sun still rose even though every
news broadcast said it wouldn’t. Your name didn’t feel
like a paper weight on my chest today. I continued to
breathe even when my lungs were weak from all the
running. I held a knife by its handle and didn’t think
about touching the blade. The birds did not fall from
the sky and the apocalypse got moved to a later date.
My teeth didn’t grind up the words I needed. I got the
blue paint off my hands. I said clean and we both knew
what it meant. You said the fire burned out and I really
was happy for you. I watched you walk away and let
you get so small that it was easier to find perspective.
You had a mouthful of apologies and for the first time
I didn’t want any of them. Without you, I remember
the magic of my own hands. The good news is dying
stars are always the most beautiful.
—  Good News, Angelea Lowes
[Miraculous Ladybug]: Never Make Deals with Mermaids

i just spent forever outlining this fic up until the very last chapter. i don’t think i’ve ever been this committed to anything :P i will do my very best to get these chapters out on a semi-regular basis, but in the meantime enjoy the next chap

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Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: Never Make Deals with Mermaids
Pairing: Adrienette (Adrien x Marinette)
Summary: The only reason Adrien came up with such an elaborate trap for a mermaid was to sell her on the market, rake in some gold, and get a new ship to help him carry out some business. Simple as that.

The plan wasn’t for this mermaid to attack his crew, hold him at sword point, and steal his maps for some ridiculous mission involving magical stones, egomaniacal pirates, and a plot to stop the end of the world.

This beautifully dangerous creature was certainly going to be the end of him.

Chapter 2: Due Respect

“Is this altogether necessary?”

Adrien shrugged as he leaned against the rail of the ship and kept picking the dirt out from under his fingernails with his knife. “I don’t know. I’m not the one who cannibalized my crewmembers and insisted on catching a ride after you finished picking your teeth clean.”

Marinette rolled her eyes. “I’m not human, so it’s not technically cannibalism.”

“I’m not here to debate semantics with you, my Lady. I’m only here to make sure you don’t cause a fuss.”

“Surely you’ll admit that all of this showmanship is overkill, won’t you?”

Adrien tipped his head in thought. “I dunno. Nino, what do you think?”

Nino cocked the pistol he had pointed directly at Marinette’s head, his gaze stern but wary. “I’m perfectly comfortable, captain. Ivan?”

Ivan had his sword drawn and kept it pressed directly against the hollow of Marinette’s throat, ready to thrust it forward and plunge it into her neck should the need arise. “Feeling great.”

Marinette snarled and struggled against the ropes that were keeping her tightly bound to the mast of the ship. “This is ridiculous, there’s no need for this! I already promised you that you and your crew would be safe.”

“And I appreciate the promise from the bottom of my heart,” Adrien swore. “But my crew isn’t convinced of your willingness to spare their lives, and they would feel much better if they could keep an eye on you until you’ve proven them otherwise. You don’t seem like the type of person that follows directions easily.”

Marinette raised a brow and smirked cruelly. “Does that intimidate you?”

“On the contrary, I find that incredibly admirable,” Adrien chuckled. “Unfortunately, it works against me in this situation since it doesn’t help paint you as a particularly trustworthy person. Hence the ropes, the guns, and the swords. I hope you understand.”

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Magnetic Chapter 25: Taking Care of Business

Dean Winchester x Reader

1200 Words

Chapter Summary: After Dean is poisoned by a Siren, you try to take it out.

Story Summary:  After your Dad was killed, you were shocked to learn all about his hidden life. Deciding to follow in his footsteps, you turn to a life of hunting, surprised at how well you adapted. Then comes along Sam and Dean Winchester, turning your life upside down. You and Dean don’t get along at first, but then things soon start to change.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

The hit was hard enough that it knocked you off your feet, losing precious seconds as she took control of you, wrapping her arm around your throat, pressing a blade to your skin. “I could poison you, but that would be too easy. I want you to suffer, then have your lover boy kill you.”

“You do know that we’re not really together, right?” You wheezed, your head pounding from the hit it had taken.

“That doesn’t matter. I can see what’s in your hearts, and the feelings he has for you. Wow, it’s a shame he has them so deeply buried.” She answered as she pulled you through the door. You glanced around, hoping there was someone to help you, but the walkway was empty as she pulled you to her car.

“Really? A car? I figured you would have had powers to transport us or something.” You sassed, regretting it the moment she slammed your head into the door frame, knocking you unconscious.

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Blood Lose

pairing: Dean x Reader

fandom: supernatural

request: Hey 😊 Could you do a reader x Dean where the reader lets Benny drink some of her blood to help him heal after being seriously hurt and Dean gets super jealous? Thank you!! 

@nekodemon73 @kumpmk @is-that-not-something @un-education @bookswillfindyouaway

When Benny came back, blood was streaming down his face, slowly trickling to the ground where it gathered in a little pool.
He was a vampire and strong but even the most powerful person couldn’t survive that much blood lose.
“Oh my god…Benny!”
You hurry over and catch him before he hits the ground full force. There wasn’t much that could help him. He wasn’t a human, simply patching him up wouldn’t work.
Blood. He needed blood.
The blade you always carry at your side slices open the inside of your arm without thinking and you press it against his mouth to let him drink.
You sat slouched against the wall with Benny in your arms, not really knowing what to do until the door finally opened and Dean walked in. His gaze quickly found yours, looking shocked for a moment before he completely took the scene in.
“What happened here?”
“I have no idea he came home like this…Dean I didn’t know what to do. Will he survive?”
“What did you…?”

He looks at your bleeding arm, an odd expression crossing his face.  
“I gave him some blood. I thought that might help.”
“He’ll live don’t worry. Go get cleaned I take care of him.”

You quickly took a shower to clean off all the blood and sat down on the couch with some bandages in hand.
“Here.” Dean holds out his hand to take the bandages from you after he joined you.
“Is he okay?”
“Yes but you aren’t, don’t be so reckless all the time. You could have bled out there too if your knife went too deep or…”

“You worry too much.” You smile at him while he cleans the wound and patches you up.
“You don’t worry enough.” He puts everything away, leans back and regards you with a strange look that you can’t place.

Dean moves fast. In one swift motion you’re pushed down with your hands above your head, unable to move.
“Don’t get me wrong, I love that you always want to help everyone but…” His mouth connects with your neck, sucking the soft skin between his teeth, “…you shouldn’t get too close to strange men.”
Benny was Dean’s friends and you highly doubted he considered him strange. Still, there was something about his gaze. He wasn’t mad more like…jealous. Was he jealous? Of Benny of all people?
You quietly laugh with amusement which earns you a faint bite mark and a soft kiss on the same place.
“Men are assholes, you should just stay away from them.” He smirks, his voice taking on a joking tone.
“Does that include you?”
“No. There always has to be one exception to the rule.”

*Requested - Reader finds Rocket trying to leave and tries their best to stop him.*

Rocket muttered under his breath angrily.
“They call me rodent…rat… vermin. Then they insult my guns! Well not anymore!”

It wasn’t new information that Rocket found it hard to get along with people. Everyone always seemed to gang up on him and he was sick of it. The newest case of this happened when Rocket found himself in a heated debate about whose weapon was more superior.

“They only do one thing though! No variety of ammo, no explosions! What’s the point if they’re no fun?!” Guns always were one of Rocket’s passions.

“I find the slicing of my enemy’s flesh to be one of the most satisfying feelings. It makes for great entertainment in the art of battle.” Drax said polishing one of his knives.

“I’m going to have to side with Drax on this.” Peter said placing the Milano on autopilot.

“You don’t even use knives Quill, why are you defending him?! You’re not making sense even for you!” Rocket asked in confusion.

“Because any weapon is better than your’s.” Peter laughed.
You could tell he was just trying to get a rise out of Rocket and it was working. Groot looked at you and you could see he was ready to prevent a fight if it broke out.

“Shut up Quill! You aren’t even part of this discussion! Just go back to badly flying the ship or whatever it is you do!”
Drax laughs hysterical and pauses cleaning his knife.

“The rodent is outnumbered once again! This is very amusing! Your weaponry is inferior just like your species although your flesh is most delicious when roasted of a fire!”
You frowned at Drax’s words, you expected better of him.

Rocket’s ears flatten against his head and he bared his teeth in a snarle. No one insulted his weaponry or him and got away with it. Rocket readied himself to pounce on Drax. Seeing this Groot quickly intervened by grabbing Rocket and taking him back to their shared room. Peter laughed smugly and you shot him a threatening glare. He laughed harder at that and flashed you one of his signature smiles before returning to flying the ship. Drax was still laughing and you leant over the table grabbing him by the throat. You were similar to Drax in strength and your action had him gulping for air.

“I’ll deal with you later!” You shouted before letting him go. You walking out of the room in silence.

You waited a while before going to see if Rocket was okay. Even you had grown bored with Peter’s games. You couldn’t help but feel sorry for Rocket… He had been through more than all of the Guardians aboard the Milano combined and yet they treated him like he was some kind of joke. The sound of banging and clattering that came from Rocket and Groot’s shared room had caught your attention. Quietly you had followed the noises and without knocking you pushed open the door. Rocket hurried around his room grabbing anything that had any worth to him. Groot was sat on the edge of his bed watching helplessly. You noticed one of Rocket’s old backpacks lying half empty on the floor and pieced together what he was doing.

“You can’t just leave, you know?” You said crossing your arms over your chest while leaning their against the doorframe.
Groot looked over at you and a small glimmer of hope flickered in his kind eyes. Rocket laughed bitterly and glanced over his shoulder.

“Oh yeah? Who is gonna stop me? You?” Every one of his words were dripping in venom.
He returned to picking up tools and bombs he found scattered around the floor.

“I might.” You replied simply walking into the room and closing the door behind you.
Rocket laughed again.

“Well, I’m about ready to bite someone’s throat out so I wouldn’t bother if I were you. Just leave me be. Pack your things Groot; cone tomorrow we’re out of here.”
Rocket kept his back to you and Groot. He really didn’t want to talk to you right now because if there was anyone on this ship that could change his mind it was you.
You take a seat next to Groot on his bed and stay quiet.

“I am Groot.”

“I don’t care if they are your friends! What about me huh? You too good for me now?” Rocket snapped angrily throwing one of his inventions across the room.
With a heavy sigh Groot stood up and began picking up some of his very few possessions. Groot would always follow Rocket’s lead, even if it did mean leaving the closes thing to a family he had ever known. You couldn’t blame Rocket for the way he was acting. Some of the things that were said to him were bound to cut deep.

“What about me?” You asked, finally ending your silence.

“What about you?” Rocket tried his hardest to sound unfazed.

“Though we were close, you just going to leave as if I don’t mean anything to you?” Rocket froze where he stood amd you were pretty sure you saw him flinch. You remained calm and allowed Rocket some time to think of a response.

“You wanna come with us be my guest - but I’m sure as shit not staying here.” The fact that he still had his back to you annoyed you.

“Why won’t you look at me?” You ask from across the room. “I don’t remember saying anything horrible to you back there.”
Slowly Rocket turned to face you and then it made sense. His eyes were filled with sadness and he was doing his hardest to hide it.

“Rocket,” you sigh “we both know you don’t really want to leave.”

“You don’t know anything about me (f/n).” He narrowed his eyes and flattened his ears back.

“I think we both also know that isn’t true, don’t we Rocket.”
Rocket’s eyes soften and his ears relax. He lowers his head to try and avoid your gaze. He hated how calm and patient you were being with him. You always were when it came to talking to him, sometimes he just wished you would shout at him the way the others did. At least he knew how to react in that situation. He wasn’t used to the care you took when handling situations like this, no one ever tried as hard to be his friend the way you did, apart from Groot of course.

“I don’t want to be here anymore.” Rocket whispers honestly looking back up at you. “I’m tired of being laughed at. I want it to be how it used to be; me and Groot on the road. No taking shit from people who are meant to be my friends. You could come too, it would be fun, better than this anyway. Come on (f/n) we can make money from bounties and we can really jack up our prices since we are galaxy savers.” The sadness in his eyes was momentarily replaced with a flicker of excitement at the idea.

“I could never leave Rocket.”
Rocket’s eyes brim with tears and he quickly turns to keep packing.
“They are practically the only family I have ever known and you are a part of that family too. Please don’t leave Rocket, we all need you… I…” You paused wondering if it was wise to continue that sentence.
Rocket froze again and turned back around.
“You what?” He whispers. He needed to hear it, needed to know at least one person on this ship, other than Groot, cared about him.

“I need you. Please don’t leave me Rocket.” Some how you managed to keep the sadness you were feeling at bay until that moment. The though of him actually leaving was starting to frighten you and you couldn’t hide the tears that were starting you.
Hesitantly Rocket placed one of his bombs down on the floor and scampered over to you. He hopped up onto the bed next to you and wrapped his arms around you as best he could. You returned the hug and dragged him onto your lap.
“You can’t take what he said to heart, we all know Drax isn’t the smartest of people and he doesn’t think before he speaks. And Quill, he’s an asshat that is just looking to get a rise out of you.”
Rocket laughed at your choice or wording.
“You know,” you whispered gently into his fur. “If you stay I have a way to get back at Drax and prove that guns are better…”
Rocket laughed quietly and snuggled his face into the crook of your neck.

“Yeah?” He mumbled.


“And how exactly are you going to do that?” He asked lifting his head to look you in the eyes. Your noses were almost touching and you smiled at him.

“I suppose you’ll have to stay and find out won’t you.”
Rocket looked down and considered it for a while.
“…Fine. But only because guns are better than stupid knives.” He smiles but his eyes tell you he is lying about his reason for staying. You had him wrapped around your little finger and he knew it.
Groot smiles and starts putting everything back in their proper places. He knew you would be able to talk Rocket round.

The next day the you all landed on Knowhere. As everyone else went to gather supplies and haggle for equipment you and Rocket began setting up your plan.
After finding a high point close to the ship with coverage you found Drax talking to a stall owner using the scope of Rocket’s favorite stun gun. The stall held a variety of knives ranging in all different sizes. Rocket sniggered as he heard the clunk of his now loaded stun gun and aimed it at Drax. He waited for just the right moment when there was a parting in the crowds of people and then pulled the trigger. Drax screamed and fell to the floor entangled in bright white lights. He convulsed for a few minutes before the effects wore off. He jumped back up and began looking around angrily for who had shot him.
“I’d like to see a knife do that!” Rocket shouted.

You and Rocket laughed manically about how Drax screamed like a little girl and ran back to the ship awaiting everyone’s return. Rocket smiled as the pair of you finally made it back to your room and slammed the door, making sure to lock it incase Drax figured out who it was. You pulled Rocket into a hug still laughing. Rocket clung to you and closed his eyes, he couldn’t be more glad he had decided to stay.

Pt.1 of that tfc wicca au that i said id write a year back but never did

Pt. 2

He came in with five different crystals hanging from his neck, a sweater twice his size, and hair the color of roses. He was attractive in a way that could only mean trouble, and Andrew went back to mopping the floor with only one eye on the mystery man and twice his usual caution.

But then the man turned his head and Andrew caught a glimpse of his eyes that made him freeze and had his mop crashing to the ground as Andrew stared, mesmerized. Maybe it was the late hour, maybe it was the sugar binge the other day catching up with him, or maybe it was the leftover brain damage of happy pills and head injuries making him delusional, but Andrew could have sworn that the moment his eyes met the strange mans’ he saw his own death.

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a lick and a promise

“Nice place,” the boy comments.

           Angela declines to reply, neatly giving the speaker her back—still keeping him in her line of sight by using the reflective surface of a stainless steel tray she has propped up on the counter for this exact purpose.

           He cocks his head to the side, and she watches in the reflection as his matted hair falls unevenly into his glittering, coal-dark eyes.

           “You ain’t one for talkin’, are ya?”

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Sweet Heart

Originally posted by mnkxv

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Warnings: cute playful fluff
A/N: @ifindyourlipssokisssable I’m so sorry this has taken me so fucking long! You have been so incredibly patient and sweet, you are actually the best!

Sweat pricked the skin just above your furrowed eyebrows as you took a deep breath, glancing up from your position you saw Dean with a smirk on his plum lips. Cocking an eyebrow, he gave you a wink before taking a drink of his beer.

It seemed like the whole world had slowed around you, letting out a breath your hand slid forward making the pool cue hit the ball. You bit your lip in anticipation, watching as the ball ricocheted off the side of the pool table and into the hole, making you win the game.

“Ha!” You shouted jumping up, sticking your tongue out, and pointing a finger at him. Dean leaned against the table, watching as you danced around the pool table relishing in your one victory to his three.
Your shirt rode up a little bit, exposing your Anti-Possession tattoo and the branded scar that almost covers it. Chuckling softly, Dean set his beer down and wrapped his arms around you and pulling you into his chest.
“Good job, sweetheart” he smiled, placing a kiss on your forehead.
“I was good wasn’t I?” you asked, cheekily, smiling brightly. A chuckle left his lips as he threw his head back and laughed; a sound so pure and genuine that it made your heart swell.
“Come on, lets get out of here.” Grabbing your hand he pulled you out of the dingy little bar and drove you back to the bunker where Sam had been reading up on a new case.

You hated being undercover. You hated pretending to be things you weren’t, and you definitely weren’t a wealthy trophy wife who needed to attend a charity banquet in hopes of catching a very sneaky vampire. You had to wear a gown and heels and pretend that you knew how to keep up conversation about art with these pretentious snobs.

Sighing, you barely escaped conversation with Constance over how the board is under paying her surgeon husband, to meet Dean at the open bar for a drink.
“Hard night?” he asked, raising an eyebrow when you took his whiskey out of his hands and laid your head on his shoulder.
“They’re all so… so.. boring” you whined, smiling when he wrapped his arms around you.
“Come on, lets dance.” It was completely out of character for Dean to ask you to dance, but you figured that A) you were undercover and had to pretend to fit in with everyone else and B) you didn’t get this chance too often so you were going to take it.
With one hand in yours and the other on your hip, Dean swayed your body with his on the dance floor.
“You look beautiful tonight” he whispered quietly in your ear.
“Oh yeah?” you asked, quirking an eyebrow, looking up at him.
“Yeah,” he smirked, lightly tapping his forehead on yours.
“Do I look better tonight than I usually do?” you asked teasingly; giggling when he scoffed at you and rolled his eyes.
“No, I like normal you better”
“And why is that?” He gently spun your body out and then brought you back into his embrace.
“’Cause you wear these really form fitting jeans and leggings and I can just stare at your ass all day” he growled the last part in your ear, sending a shiver down your spine.
“Yeah well, yours isn’t so bad either” you giggled, watching as his cheeks turned a light pink. 

The case took a turn, and when things became too much it was already too late; there was a knife in your thigh and a vampire about to sink its teeth into your skin. Before you could really think to do anything, the head of the vampire was clean off and Dean was pulling the body off of you while Dean held you in his arms.
“How bad is it?” you asked, clutching onto the tight black shirt on his body.
“Not even that bad, sweetheart,” you could hear the uncertainty in his voice.
“Yeah, Y/N, just a scratch” Sam smiled, opening the car door so Dean could slide you in. Sliding in behind you, Dean laid your head in his lap, stroking through your hair slowly.
“Hey Dean?” you asked, closing your eyes to relish in the serene feeling of his fingers in your hair.
“Do I still look pretty?” you asked. You could feel the small rumble eliciting from his chest as he chuckled softly.
“Yes, sweetheart, you still look pretty.”

New Balance pt 2 - Vernon

Originally posted by carol12lopes-blog

Your brother had been at the rehabilitation center for about three weeks which meant he had only a few more days before he could come home, which also meant you had only a few more days to get yourself and your stuff out of his apartment. You had spent every minute of your free time there, cleaning up, cooking, watching movies, studying and every other thing the human body could do except for one thing. 

  “Ugh, where are you going,” Vernon groaned at the loss of contact with your skin under the covers.

“I have to start packing up,” You fought him effortlessly as he pulled up back forcefully into the bed.

He refused to open his eyes out of fear that the sun from the bay windows would blind him but he didn’t need his sight to know exactly where each part of your body was. He had spent the whole month exploring and becoming familiar with your body, learning which spots made you weak differently from the spots that resulted in one of your life threatening reflexes.

You checked the time on the digital clock beside the bed, 12:08pm, and as comfortable as Vernon’s bed was, you weren’t one to sleep in. You waited a few minutes after he drifted off into sleep again and carefully slid out of the covers shuddering when you felt the cold breeze hit your bare legs.

You looked down almost disappointed at the fact that you were still in your night clothes, you always woke up in your night clothes but went to bed hoping he’d be the reason they weren’t there the next morning. Vernon had indirectly promised you that he would “take care of you” but never got passed certain points. You made out with him almost every day, and the sessions were almost too heated. He’d reach under your shirt and hook his fingers under your bra straps or reach into your shorts and palm your entire crotch but the second he realized you were beginning to get highly responsive to his touch, he’d stop.

You walked into the bathroom and stopped to look at yourself in the mirror leaning into your image inspecting your skin and brushing your fingers along your cheeks carefully, desperately wishing it was his hands and not yours. You looked behind you in the mirror and weren’t the least bit surprised to see Vernon sitting up in the bed staring at you, he did it often.

You ran your finger down and up your neck slowly and rested it on your bottom lip, taking it into your mouth all the while still staring at Vernon in the mirror. Just come to me, please, you internally begged him hoping he would read your mind and come through. He cocked his head to the side, still staring at you, and pulled his bottom lip in between his teeth but released it shortly afterwards, smiled and fell back into the bed to continue his sleep.

There really was no solution, nothing you could do to seduce him enough to get what you wanted, and as messed up as that sounded; it was the reality of the situation. You were needy.

You had proceeded to get cleaned up, brushed your teeth, took a shower, washed your hair and got cozy in one of your brother’s jerseys in time to go help Vernon with dinner in the kitchen.

You peeped around the wall to innocently spy on him which seemed a bit creepy to you at first, but paid off greatly. He had on a muscle shirt that didn’t really serve its purpose as a shirt at all and a pair of basketball shorts. It wasn’t exactly a chef’s first choice in attire but it didn’t stop him from concentrating on cutting the vegetables.

“Enjoying the view?” He kept his focus on the knife and food and chuckled at the thought of how startled he made you.

“Uh, I just got here,” You obviously lied emerging from the darkness and walking shamelessly towards the kitchen.

He lifted his head for a split second to take a glimpse of you but let his stare linger on you for a lot longer than planned. He eyed you from head to toe stopping to stare longer at where the hem of the jersey was, a little higher than your mid thigh almost fully exposing you. He gulped loudly and attempted to get back to cutting the vegetables but failed miserably resulting in him slicing his index finger, a small one, fortunately.

You rushed over to him and took his hand in yours inspecting the cut carefully, “Idiot,” you whispered before letting out a light chuckle.

“It’s really not that bad, see, it even stopped bleeding,” he whined, which only reminded you of when your brother got cuts that you had to dress despite the huge age difference.

“You’re right, a kiss should fix it,” You smiled up at him then gently placed your lips against the wound and kissed it softly.

He pulled his finger down your lips slowly and you released his hand just to make sure he was the one controlling his movements. “Why’d you do that?” He asked almost sounding disappointed in your action.

“What?” You barely uttered the words, too lost in the frail brushes of his finger down your figure that rested on your stomach.

He hooked his arm around your waist and pulled you into his frame forcing your gaze to stay on his face. His hand travelled from your waist and down to your ass gripping it tightly causing a small gasp from you. “Don’t make me do it,”

“Do it,” You brought a hand around his torso to return the favor he so readily gave to you, “I dare you,”

Vernon tilted his head backwards in frustration and groaned in frustration, “Aaahhhh fuuuuck meeee,”

“Is that an order?”

He brought his head back down to look at you with a broad, sensual smile plastered across his face, “Why are you so eager? Do you want me that badly?”

You scoffed in annoyance, rolled your eyes and attempted to push yourself off of him but he wouldn’t have it. He spun you around and sandwiched you between his body and the graphite counter so fast that you didn’t see it; you really didn’t see it happen.

“I feel you looking at me in the nights sometimes when you think I’m fast asleep, hoping I’ll open my eyes and turn around,” He dragged his words along the side of your neck and simultaneously pulled one of his hands up your inner thigh, “You’re just hoping I’ll forget the instructions from your brother and crawl between your legs and –

He sunk his teeth into your neck and sucked on the spot mercilessly which only made your legs weak causing you to fall into him. A small moan escaped you and he squeezed your thigh in response. You felt his erection press into your back and it was tempting you to reach around and grab it and suck him off, but you didn’t want him to stop.

He brought his hands higher up your thigh and moaned softly when it came in contact with your pre cum that was running down.

“Holy fuck, you’re wet,” He whispered to himself but you were able to hear the temptation and need lining his words.

“Are you going to do something about it?” You managed to sound as seductive as you’d hoped, leaning your head backwards to rest on his shoulder.

“I’d love to baby,” He kissed your temples softly, “But I’ve got pepper on my hands,”

He gently released you and walked away towards the sink to wash his hands. Finally. He must be cleaning the pepper off his hands so he could come and finish what he started. You bit your lip more out of impatience than need for release and watched intently as he walked back over to where you were standing. He picked up the knife he had set down with one hand, took up a stalk of celery with the next, and proceeded to finish not you, but the fucking vegetables.

Everything but your toothbrush and clothes for the next day had been packed neatly in your duffle bag and placed at the door of the apartment. You decided to leave two days earlier, without telling Vernon of course, just…because.

You sat in the couch in the living room with both knees pulled you to your chest staring at the television but not really watching it. You were so cold that you didn’t want to come out of the position to reach for the blanket. Maybe the camisole and underwear wasn’t the best choice of attire.

“Seriously, you’re being petty right now,” Vernon strolled from the hall towards the apartment door and took up your duffle bag to throw it over his shoulder, “You’re not leaving,” You sprung from the couch and jolted towards him to grab your things but he beat you to the door locking it behind him.

“Open the door,” You banged hard on it out of anger and slight annoyance, “I’m not in the mood,”

He threw the bag out of sight and went to stand right in front of the door, but not opening it. He silently unlocked it just so you wouldn’t hear and barge in. “Why?” He joked but you weren’t having it, you genuinely wanted to leave.

“Just open the god damn –

The door flew open within seconds and Vernon came sprinting through, grabbing your waist and sending both your bodies crashing into the adjacent wall. Before you could properly open your mouth to utter any faint cries of pain, he reached down to grip both your legs and lift you unto him.

“And where the fuck did you think you were going?” He whispers into your neck before bringing his lips up to massage yours. The kiss became more and more passionate with each second that ticked by. You held a tight hold unto his shoulders and locked your heels around his back to ensure you didn’t fall to the ground because of the intensity of the kiss.

He sent a trail of small pecks down your chin to your neck then latched on to the skin like a leech bruising every area he could find. You brought your hands up to comb through his hair and cursed the small, weak moans that escaped you.

An unforgiving knot grew in your stomach as a result of fear that he might end this, but more out of the immense pleasure you were receiving from it. “Please…oh, please don’t stop,” You moaned into his ear and simultaneously received a hard poke from the erection fighting its way through the material of his shorts.

Vernon didn’t respond, instead, he moved you off of the wall and threw you down lightly unto the floor not once disconnecting his lips from your skin. He lifted his torso to remove his shirt and you instantly got soaked at the sight of his bare chest. He shuffled to position himself between your legs then took a long stare at you while resting his palms on your knees.

“Hmm,” He furrowed his brows and twisted his head as if he was contemplating the most life dependent decision in the world. He ran his hands down and up your thighs slowly. You squeezed your thighs together when the tips of his fingers started to travel under the material of your shorts.

He let out a small chuckle and you smirked along with him but your heart stopped for a second when you saw his face completely transform into a stern frown. He gripped the hem of your shorts and yanked it so hard that both your legs involuntarily went straight up in the air so the shorts could be removed and gracefully on either side of him.

“Holy fuck,” He groaned out when he realized you hadn’t been wearing anything under the shorts and you playfully widened your legs so he could get a better view.

“I was really trying to figure out how I was gonna fully get you in the mood for this,” He placed his finger on your pink nub and rubbed gentle circles into it, “But your already so wet for me,” He brought the finger up to his lips and moistened it with your juices.

He brought himself down to hover over you placing his lips on top of yours, “Suck it,”

You quickly pulled his bottom lip into your mouth and savored in the sour, sweet taste of yourself. He lifted himself off of you and pulled you from the floor throwing you over his shoulders.

“Where the hell are you taking me?” You laughed.

“Somewhere that’ll take that smile off of your face,” The seriousness in his voice was almost intimidating but it was turning you on just the same.

Vernon put you to stand between him and the coffee table in the living room. He pulled on the hem of your top and you raised your hands eagerly to let him take it off you. You were standing before him completely naked and insecure but completely relaxed somewhat.

“Strip me,” He whispered the command and you brought your hands forward, freeing him from his shirt and shorts slowly. You began to shorten yourself so your eyes were on the same level as his waist, but he picked up what you had in mind and stopped you in the process, “Do you want to?”

You nod your head and continued to go down, resting your knees on the carpet of the floor. Your fingers danced up his thighs and wrapped around the base of his member. He looked at you, face already contorted in pleasure even though you hadn’t done anything just yet.

You placed the tip of him on your lips and slid it all the way down never taking your eyes off of his and placed a palm on his back to support him. He moaned and grunted your name softly. He ran his fingers through your hair and alternated rubbing the center of your head, it was soothing and stimulating and everything it was supposed to be.

“Come here,” He held on tightly to your shoulders bringing you up to meet his face and pressed a hungry kiss into you. He lowered you unto the coffee table and you spread your legs wide for him using your feet to bring him closer to you. You were both dripping, anticipating contact from each other so much that it was driving you both crazy.

He pulled away and stared at you lustfully, pupils dilated, heart racing, hand wrapped around the base of his length begging you silently for permission to slide in. You closed your eyes and gasped loudly not expecting his tip alone to stretch you so much. He put it in an inch more and sent it all the way in with one rough push that had you screaming and moaning on impact.

He built up a more than satisfying rhythm within seconds and intertwined his fingers with yours to try to calm you down. He too was letting out moans that mixed with yours to create a deafening masterpiece Beethoven himself couldn’t compete with.

“I want you to come…come for me,” His filthy words spilled out of his mouth, into your ears and straight to your core. Every nerve in your body was on a frenzy. Every organ in every system was vibrating. Beads of sweat raced down your face and cries of his name flooded the room as you come undone. He slowed down his pace so you could properly descend from your high.

“Can I?” He asked through pants.

“Can you what?” You moaned out, not really caring what the favor was.

“I’m just going to pretend you just said yes,” He pulled out of you and lifted himself off of his elbows. He took a good look at you with a smirk decorating his face then held on to your waist to flip you unto your stomach.

You let out a small moan in pain but he seemed to have ignored it for he didn’t stop to ask if you were okay. You felt him press himself into again and your breath hitched in your throat when he started to move right away. You began to lose yourself under him once again completely in disbelief that you were about to come again so quickly.

You felt his body halt abruptly and he let out a long, soft, “Fuuuuck,” while massaging his thumbs into your back. You felt the warm, thick liquid coat your walls and you bit back a moan but clenched your walls tightly around him. He let himself slide out of you before he did anything again and gently flipped you back over, pulling you to stand up and lean into him for support.

“Want anything?” He smiled and wiped the sweat off your forehead, “Or are you okay now?”

You chuckled lightly and cupped his cheek while trying to regain your strength and breath, “Just a massage,”

Run |2|

I completed the story?? I don’t know how?? It’s probably really rushed bc I’m not used to writing action/romance stories but here’s part 2; part 3 and the epilogue will be out soon as well!

Pairing: Yuta x reader

Genre: action, angst

Word Count: 1.7k

Your gang is dead and only one person knows you’re alive. Since you know nothing but the gang world, you turn to working for those who killed your family. It doesn’t really bother you, but your identity gets found out by the wrong person on one of your… excursions. 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Epilogue


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daddysassquash  asked:

You should do a sis Winchester where she has some sort of ability like how sam had premonitions

You sprinted to the other side of the warehouse but she was gaining on you each step you took. You made the mistake of turning around to see where she was behind you, and she took that slight hesitation to dive at your legs and tackle you. The silver knife slipped out of your hand and skidded loudly across the floor. You caught yourself on your wrists to avoid smacking your head on the concrete floor and you heard the crack of one of them as you went down.

Your scream of pain was drowned out by her bellow of rage as she flipped you onto your back. She jumped on top of you, holding you down with her sheer body weight and before you could throw your hands up and fight her off she grasped her hands tightly around your throat; growling and baring her teeth in your face simultaneously.

You scratched and clawed at her arms and feebly kicked your legs out at her but it seemed to do nothing. The werewolf pressed harder on your throat, cutting off blood to your brain.You could feel the world around you getting fuzzy. You vaguely wondered where your brothers were; probably still checking the other buildings around the warehouse, oblivious to the fact that you found the werewolf you all were hunting.

You reached up and grabbed a wad of her blonde hair and yanked on it, knowing it was a weakness of most girls, especially with girls with long hair. Sure enough, she loosened her grip enough for you to shove her off and knee her in the stomach. You scrambled away, clutching your aching wrist. You were in no shape to fight her. Especially with your dominant hand out of commission.

You were so angry at her. Mad because she had gotten the jump on you when you stepped foot into her domain. Mad because you let her chase you instead of immediately going after her with your knife. Mad because she had already killed six people and you were afraid to be number seven.

You just wanted her to be in pain.

And it seemed like you got your wish too.

When she stood to come and get you she immediately fell back to her knees. Her breathing became fast and heavy and her pupils were huge and dark. She scratched at her chest like she was trying to claw her own heart out. Her nails left deep, red lines in her white skin.

Pain. And then she screamed. It was the definition of blood curdling; shivers ran down your own spine as she fell sideways with a loud smack as her skull hit the concrete.

Her nose started bleeding, dripping fat drops of blood onto the cold floor. She opened her mouth to scream again and more dribbled out of the side. The screaming echoed through against the walls so it sounded like there were five others screaming along with her.

Pain. You had your eyes on her the whole time, it was like a bad accident; you couldn’t look away. She was shaking and pleading and writhing like she was on fire. And the wailing..

Footsteps echoed behind you, and you broke eye contact for a moment to look around. Dean was standing over you with his gun out. He grabbed your arm gruffly and yanked you to unsteady feet. The look in his eyes were wild.

“We thought it was..” He trailed off.

Sam spun you to him and his eyes searched your face.

“What the hell happened?” He asked. You looked back at the werewolf, the girl, who was lying at your feet. She was on her back and no longer moving now. Bloody tears had trickled down her face.

Without the claws, and the sharp teeth she was no older than you. You felt a little sick.

“Y/N, what happened?” Dean asked again.

“I.. I.. I don’t know.” You whispered still looking at her. “But, I think my arm is broken though.”

You stepped around her and grabbed the knife that had fallen out of your hand earlier. The blade was clean, and that felt wrong.

You all headed back to the Impala. You kept throwing looks over your shoulder at the building, and your brothers kept throwing looks over their shoulders at you.

You slid into the back seat and Sam turned around and nodded at your arm, which you held tight to your chest. “Don’t worry, we’ll get that fixed up.”

You nodded faintly and looked down at your right arm. The wrist was bruised blue and purple but otherwise looked fine. You gripped the sides of it and squeezed; a dart of pain shot up your arm. Pain.

The mere thought of that word made your stomach turn. What the hell had happened?

You remembered thinking of wanting to see her in pain for all that she had done. And then she was.

A thought crossed your mind. Could you possibly be the cause of what happened to her?

“Oh my god, Dean, stop the car.” You begged. Your eyes were screwed shut as waves of nausea bombarded you.

Dean swung his head around and looked at you. “Wha-”

“Seriously! I’m going to be sick.”

Dean slammed his foot on the brakes and you were out of the car before it even stopped. The good thing is, you didn’t actually throw up. The bad thing is you had that gross feeling before you vomit where you almost wish you would just get sick so it would go away. And it didn’t help that your brothers were fussing over you.

You leaned against the car but that took too much effort so you slid down to the ground with your back against the wheel. You covered your face as best you could with one and half hands.

Sam pulled your injured arm away from your face, and examined it, thinking that it was that pain that made you feel sick. He looked at you in the eyes. Seeing him so worried about you made you stumble over your words to get them out. You had to tell them what happened.

“I fucking did that to her.” You shook your head. The image of her writhing around while you watched without empathy was one you were never going to get out of your head.

“What are you talking about?” Dean asked you. He squatted down next to his brother in front of you.

“I said I didn’t know what happened, but I lied. I know what happened. It was me, I don’t know how but I did it.”

They exchanged looks so you kept talking.

“I didn’t even touch her!” You vowed. “I was mad. I wanted her to be in pain, I just thought it and look what fucking happened!”

A tear slid down your cheek. “What is happening to me?”

I use italics waaay to much.. Enjoy!! 

Mine / Chapter 7

When you came to your head was pounding in pain as your eyes strained to open. It wasn’t any use, darkness completely clouding your vision as you blinked your eyes rapidly and breathed heavily. It was no use trying to stay calm, fear was in your heart as soon as you woke up and you whimpered out at the aches finally making themselves known in your body.

“Wakey wakey~”

You instantly recognized the voice, your body reacting as you moved to get away from the direction it came from but it only served to put more strain on your limbs as your wrists screamed out in pain. “Please…don’t hurt me.”

You heard him coo to you, his hard voice next to your ear as it made you quiver down to your toes. “It only hurts when you resist.” Jinyoung whispered before chuckling darkly. “It feels especially good when your body is sexually aroused.”

“Just ask Sora.”

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self care tips

(for me, because i need them.)

  • brush your teeth. 
  • wash your face. if you can’t handle soap/water, use cleansing wipes and moisturize. 
  • brush your hair. finger combing is also acceptable. 
  • shower if you need it and if you have the time
  • make the bed when you get up.
  • drink water. 
    • if you’ve been crying, drink water. 
    • every time you have a negative thought, redirect and drink water.
    • just feel like shit? don’t reach for junk food; drink water.
    • if you’re hungry, have a drink of water, then get some food.
    • if you’re thirsty, drink water.
    • if the water bottle is empty, fill it. 
    • keep the water bottle with you.
  • have you taken your meds? 
    • no, really.
    • have you taken your meds?


  • can’t do all the dishes? pick a dish. just one. clean it. if you can handle another after that, do another. repeat until you can’t keep going. 
    • no space in the drying rack? forget washing dishes. put a dish away. if you can handle another after that, keep going.
    • are the dishes done? clear out garbage
    • garbage full? tie it up and put it by the door.
    • and so on.
  • can’t make yourself get up to do chores? trick yourself.
    • when you go to fill up the water bottle, clean something small.
    • when you go to brush your teeth or wash your face, wash a dish.
    • when you need to use the bathroom, run a load of laundry
  • have you eaten today?
    • eggs take <4 minutes
    • peanut butter on bread makes only one knife dirty
      • peanut butter toast requires no extra effort, and you can wipe down the counters while you’re waiting for the toast
    • rice bowls require no cooking
    • miso soup takes <4 minutes
    • microwaved frozen veggies = fiber and nutrients
      • add soy sauce and rice for a meal
    • oatmeal takes <5 minutes and requires only a bowl and spoon
  • if making a Depression Meal™, only make one portion. don’t give yourself the opportunity to binge.
  • go outside before 1600
    • check the mail
    • stand on the balcony
    • take out the garbage 
    • spin the pokestops across the street
  • if going outside, leave money/card at home
  • practice positivity
    • 3- or 5-minute meditation
    • practice therapy tips (CUT!)
  • send someone a message
  • open the windows. get a breeze going.
  • write 100 words
  • can you exercise? heck yeah, you can.
    • 5 minutes of yoga are better than no minutes of yoga
    • if you can do 5 minutes, you can try for 5 more
    • 5 push-ups are better than no push-ups
    • stretch out your legs and arms and back every once in a while

take a knife to the door and wedge it open;
some things split faster than you expected
and neater, a clean divide. block out
sweet light. press the first bees you meet
to the seam of your body, the crack
of your waist, seal the split with honey.
the dirt under the stairs has been packed firm
but still something grows there,
thick with light and green.
i want to be alone with my growth
and my winter-clean body, the mint
under my tongue and behind my teeth
to keep my skin from wilting.
planting can be simple if what you want
is hard to get; and i guess sometimes
i want to live. i breathe into the cupboard
under the stairs to stir some kind of wind.
if i stay tender, will the gentle things grow?
it is so hard to keep myself
from blowing away in this gust of dark.
i tend to the ground to try and bring forth
sweet leaves of mint. i want to clean
my body of whatever leaves it empty.

Another One.

Open your mouth one more fuckin’ time,

You’ll wish I just stuck to writing a shitty rhyme,

You’ll hit the floor harder than a bag of bricks,

Folded and crumpled just for pure kicks,

Such a repulsive and repugnant waste of life,

When it comes to you I’d gladly drop the knife,

Proceed to mash your teeth into the fuckin’ curb,

This is one demon you really don’t want to disturb,

Swear to your god I will leave you as a disgusting smear,

Inducing drain bamage and pure raw fear,

My knuckles hunger to break against your face,

And it won’t even matter if you hit me with bear mace,

I’ll just run up through the cloud and laugh,

Dust your jaw clean off and take a photograph,

You want to see true sickening hatred rear it’s head?

I can promise the only thing you’ll know after is dread.

Marry Me, Negan - Chapter 4

Title: Marry Me, Negan

Synopsis: Being tired of constantly having to fight for your life, you decided to offer Negan a proposal. A marriage proposal.

Characters: Negan x You/OC

Warnings: Slight NSFW, swearing, eventual smut


Chapter 4 - Towel on the Floor

When you awoke the next morning, Negan was no longer beside you. It was nothing new since he never really stayed until the morning whenever he slept in your room, but you still felt the same— dejected and disappointed. You rubbed the sleep off from your eyes and let out a long sigh.

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