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my fav part of the series is when someone says something  fucked up to ginko and theres a few moments of silence while he looks at them with a tired expression

+ another doodle i didnt want to post separately:

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They don’t deserve you.

Dear Newbies 2017

If your pred is mean/difficult/unresponsive:
If you can’t talk to your Regional Representatives/Block Leaders:
If you have no connections in your prefecture yet:
If you’re feeling crappy/culture-shocky:

My ask box is always open and always has Anonymous options turned on, and I’m not gonna judge you. If you chat me through the message feature on Tumblr, I’m gonna respond to you.

If you’re in a situation where you don’t feel right, or good, it is okay. That happens sometimes. And if for some reason you’ve found my blog and you’re lookin’ for a little sympathy, it’s more than okay to reach out.

I mean it’s ALSO really okay to message me to gush about how happy you are, how excited you are, about the good things happening. But I know sometimes the tough things are the ones we have trouble discussing. So y’know. Whatever you wanna do!

So people have been asking me how I make clean lines, (which tbh I don’t. I can’t do lineart at all so I jUST USED MY SKETH AS LINES SOBS….) But to at least make your linework look nicer, both digitally and traditionally, I’ll say only two words: 

Line Weight.

What’s Line Weight? It’s basically where you make some parts of your lines thicker/darker to make an illusion of shadow and add more depth to it! How do you do that, well:

Of course, always do everything in moderation, and generlally make lines thicker where you think the shadow is going to be. But line weight makes a lot, and I mean a LOT of difference in adding dynamic to a sketch.

Here’s some other example of line weight from my other works.

I hope that helps! ANd have a good day! :>

Elricest Week - Day 1: How do the brothers see each other?

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Happy pride from your local androgyne I’m gay!!