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just imagine…
the moment Lance learns how to unlock his bayard  :’)

slightly older Lance with different guns like, Pistols? Long Sniper rifle? pow pow 
Lance would ACE bc he is a fantastic sharpshooter.

justice league: the male gaze at work

So, I saw Justice League this afternoon, and I could get into an examination of the issues that have been discussed in numerous critical reviews already – shoddy CGI, thin plot, forgettable villain, not enough time to get to know characters that haven’t been previously introduced before throwing them onto a team – but that would just be a retread. Instead, I want to focus my post-movie thoughts on one aspect in particular: the obvious presence of the male gaze.

The male gaze in superhero film, in film in general, is nothing new; because the majority of movies have been, and are still, directed by men, this is something that has been around since the dawn of cinema. It’s so ubiquitous, in fact, that the average moviegoer thinks nothing of it. Having the camera linger on a woman’s butt or breasts is just accepted, and a woman’s… woman-ness is commonly the primary attribute of her character.

I’m not here to claim that I’ve made some profound observation about the way that women are typically treated in film for the first time. I’m here to talk about how coming on the heels of this year’s Wonder Woman (directed by Patty Jenkins), the contrast is stark.

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givin ur bf his fav spicy treat got the dokis in high gear

One Day At A Time feels post

Odaat deserves so much better than it get now from Netflix. There is no promo whatsoever while other (white and het) shows get hyped up like crazy.

First of all, the plot is great for a sitcom in these times. It’s not too cliché, but it still had has some traditional sitcom elements. There’s the funny one liners and ridiculous situations mixed with some tender moments that make this show a perfect balance of laughter and cooing.

Secondly, the characters are complex and diverse without losing hilariousness. They’re not completely stereotyped either. For example in Friends there is a clear distinction between the comic relief, the weirdo, the pretty one which is fine, sure, Friends is a really great show, but it’s also very white. It doesn’t deteriorate the image of a whole group because of their whiteness. Plus, having those characters be a caricature of their traits can often lead to more flat characters. That doesn’t seem to be happening here.
All the characters are very well-rounded and complex. They have their dominant trait, of course, but the lines between who is which stereotype is more blurred. Everyone gets a lot of funny lines as much as they have intense moments. On top of this, it’s such a victory that the majority of the cast are women of colour.

Next, I find that the dialogue is so well balanced and well written. It’s belly-laughing for a lot of it, but it tackles bigger societal problems too. A first example is Elena and her coming out which was so well written and genuine. It was heart warming and heart wrenching at the same time. It made me laugh and cry. It made you feel so many different things bc of all the different reactions from her family. And all of those reactions were so real as well. The writers were really able to show an array of what could happen when coming out and they made it believable.
A second example is Lydia’s migration. She is normally a more funny character, but when she talked of fleeing her country, it was such a vulnerable moment in the show. The actress did an amazing job portraying her story.

They did an absolutely amazing job with that show and I’m glad it’s getting another season. I hope Netflix will keep making more season after the second one. This show is one in a million and if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it.

Dua Request

So there was this rlly amazing sister that would always end up in the prayer room at the same time as me. She would always pull treats out of her bag and wouldn’t let you leave without sharing some with her because she wanted to reward of sharing and eating together. She was honestly one of the kindest and warm people I have ever met in my life.

I didn’t see her for a while so I figured she left or moved or something… But one day a close friend if hers stopped me on my way to class and told me she had passed away. She didn’t have any family and lived alone… So can you guys do me a huge favour and pray for her? Her name was Maryam

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jacksonwang852g7: No matter what, it was always there right beside me. Thank you so much for walking with me till this point today. All the scars you have, the fact that you have to bump against all other luggage cases, also the fact that you have to carry heavy weights all the time, it was all because of me. I am sorry. And I couldn’t even imagine about leaving you. Sigh… actually when I bought my new luggage case yesterday, after cleaning up all the stuff out. I felt so sad after looking at you standing at the corner of the room alone with all the scars you have. Thank you so much my luggage case,and I promise, no other luggage case will replace you. Thank you again and I love you.

Nicky gets a hold of one of those instant cameras, and immediately makes it his mission to snap as many cute pics of Neil as he can before he gets murdered
(ps. See that little smile? He’s thinking about Andrew, what a dork)

I’m actually stunned that there’s a few of you who are liking the akayona Irish dance au, lol, so since I now feel like I should clean up my existing sketches a bit before I post them, in the meantime here’s a drawing of an older Yona I did a few weeks ago but never got around to posting.