cleaning up my stuff

So people have been asking me how I make clean lines, (which tbh I don’t. I can’t do lineart at all so I jUST USED MY SKETH AS LINES SOBS….) But to at least make your linework look nicer, both digitally and traditionally, I’ll say only two words: 

Line Weight.

What’s Line Weight? It’s basically where you make some parts of your lines thicker/darker to make an illusion of shadow and add more depth to it! How do you do that, well:

Of course, always do everything in moderation, and generlally make lines thicker where you think the shadow is going to be. But line weight makes a lot, and I mean a LOT of difference in adding dynamic to a sketch.

Here’s some other example of line weight from my other works.

I hope that helps! ANd have a good day! :>

Forever Tags Open

So, below are the ppl who have asked to be tagged FOREVER

It’s easier for me to have a forever tag list because I mostly tag from my phone. If you want to be added, please REBLOG this post so I can add you.

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I hate when you can tell that someone is lying about believing in you. I know you think it’s too far-fetched, I can tell. Please just be honest instead of pretending I can’t see through you, just tell me I’m not good enough and let’s move on, shall we?