cleaning the floor


why are y’all trying to make “LOOK MR. KRABS, CLEAN FLOORS!” the hot new ytp when this one is vastly superior to all others in every way

An intelligent cape

“Well hello there.” (y/n) (y/l/n) was the part of the new London sanctuary and the one whose job was to keep the relicts at their best. It was no secret to anyone in there, that the woman treated them different than most sorcerers. For (y/n) the relict’s weren’t just the mere objects with a little of free will. She always treated them not only as her equals, but also her friends. Taking care of them was the best part of her day.
It wasn’t her only sanctuary. The Ancient One used to sway her once in a while from one sanctuary to other. (y/n) doesn’t mind really. She loved the fact that she got to meet the other relicts always happily getting to know them and spend time with them.
Right now, the woman was sitting on the floor, cleaning the sword that she got from one of the glass-cases, speaking to it calmly and telling it about one of her days from her life.

Doctor Stephen Strange came into the London sanctuary and greeted it’s master. He was informed by Wong, that he should get there for the person who would take care of the relicts in New Your, for them to have a lack of attention for a long while now. An expert, as he called the person.
The master of the sanctuary, tall man with pale skin, looked at him amused when he told why he came there, but didn’t say anything, interested what the doctor will tell the moment he meet the said expert.

“Go down this hallway and at the end turn right. The relicts are at the end of it.” Strange nodded in acknowledgment, walking in the said direction. Not even half way there, hic cloak started to act weirdly, pushing and yanking him in direction of room, as if it couldn’t wait to get there, smacking him in the face every time Stephen tried to keep it in place.
Now when he thought about it, cloak started to act this was when Wong told them about getting an expert, already excited, and they didn’t even left Kamar-Taj at that moment.

The cloak finally stopped its frantic movements when they got to their destination. Not seeing anyone in the aim light of the room, looking around. Out of a sudden, his cloak yanked him hard enough to pull him with itself, surprisingly strong, even for it.
Stephen was shocked when he feet the pull, but it was nothing compared to what he felt when his back collided suddenly with something… or more likely someone, taking the fact that it squeaked at the contact. As much as the cape let him, Strange looked behind him at a (h/c) haired woman, who was giggling at his cape, which was tightly wrapped around her, as if it was hugging her.
“Capey! I haven’t seen you in a while. Would you be so kind to let me go thought?” The cape only tightened around her, pulling her more to Stephen in the process. Woman opened her eyes and looked at sorcerer with slight blush on her face. “It looks like we will stay like this for a while. I’m (y/n) (y/l/n) by the way.”
“Doctor Stephen Strange… the cape seems to like you.”
“Yeah, well. I was taking care of it while I was in New York. We are friends.” She was looking at him for a while. “You are its new human, right? It always have been picky.” Doctor smiled slightly at her words. “What are you doing here by the way?”
“I was looking for an expert of relicts to take him to New York.”
“Her. I am the said expert.” Strange raised his eyebrow at her statement.
“You doesn’t look like one.”
“Well I am thought. The relicts like me.”
“Yeah I did noticed that.” Stephen looked at the cape, which still was wrapped tightly around her frame. (y/n) only smiled at that.

Three hours later, the whole back-to-back situation started to feel awkward for the both sorcerers, who still were standing in the same spot. When Stephen tried to move or unwrap the girl, the cape’s collar started slapping his face, so he simply gave up.
“What have you done to the cape, that it likes you this much?”
“I don’t know. I treated it just the same was I as very other relict.” Strange sighed, looking at the celling. After three hours, his legs started to hurt. Who in earth is this woman for cape to love her so much, and yet not to choose her as it’s master when it had an occasion?
(y/n) on the other hand thought about the time when she was in New York, and her interactions with the cape. She really wasn’t sure why it acted that way towards her… it indeed was hugging her when it had an occasion, but it never was that long. It had to know it was awkward, it was an intelligent cape after all, and yet it was like this.

“So… will you come with me…” Cape once more slapped the Doctor. “I mean with us, to New York?”
“Well yeah. It’s part of my position to change sanctuaries from time to time.” After her words, cloak loosened its grip, letting her go. Girl smiled at that and stretched, turning around to face the master of New York. “Let me just get my things.” The cape pushed Stephen forward, which made him loose his balance and flew forward, right on her. Girl squealed when the booth of them laughed on the ground, Strange’s face right in front of hers blushing one. The cape’s collar stroking her cheek lovingly.
“I’m sorry for that.”
“Yeah…” Still laying in the ground, their eyes meet, pupils in both of their eyes dilated. “I think… I know what the problem…” Before she was able to finish her sentence, cape pushed Doctor’s face forward, making him connect their lips and keeping them like that in an awkward kiss. When finally cape let go, Strange stood up quick, blush on his face.
“I’m really sorry.” He helped her up, not looking at her.
“No. It’s my fault. I always talked with cape about my not-so-good relationships… I think it’s shipping us.” (y/n) looked away, blush on her face.
“It’s… strange.” Girl smiled at his words. “A little awkward, but… maybe you will wat to… I mean…”
“I know a good café in New York… the cape is dancing…” Levitation Cloak indeed danced slightly behind its human’s back.


“f-fuck off”

the personality for these is really fun to come up with, but actually drawing out the concept is always so difficult ^^;;

here’s what i have in mind for their personality:

  • stoic on the outside
  • A N x ie T yy on the inside
  • obsessed with outerspace & conspiracies (they’re out there)
  • glow in the dark stars
  • INHALES ANY WARM BEVERAGE (tea and coffee and apple cider)
  • L A Y E R S
  • body temp is v inconsistent
  • says mean things on accident
  • only has one snakebite bc they’re too scared to get the other one
  • is a huge mess, but obsessed with cleaning???
  • their floor is covered in clean laundry
  • weakness for small animals (birds&guinea pigs)
  • will flip u off while stuttering
  • s k i n n yy
  • super dark under eye circles
  • chews on hat strings
  • c-can’t tie my shoes, but i can f-fuck your bitch
  • meditates (loves peace and quiet)
  • can and will kick ur ass

> [ K2 Fusion ] <

Day 3/100 of productivity

I actually rearranged my desk today, so proud of myself! I also gave my room a huge clean, I brushed my floor. I know it doesn’t sound like much but believe me, it is a lot of productivity for someone like me!
I also read a couple of chapters from my law textbooks💓


└ The “weakness” in Sho-kun’s heart is apparent in the the weakness of his pen strokes too. (^_^)

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 21.01.2017

Catch Me- Carl Grimes

Plot/Request: Anon requested- “Could I possibly request a Carl X Reader where They’re dating and both reading comics, but then the reader decides to play with him a bit like they did before the apocalypse (Like a game of tag/or just reader snatching his hat, lots of fluff remembering the old days of their friendship) P.S taking place in season 6″

Word count:



You ran around the house, a huge grin on your face. Carl chased you, trying not to slip on the clean floors as he whipped around corners. 

The two of you had grown tired of reading, and decided it was time for a little game. 

“You’re never gonna catch me, Grimes!” You yell, laughing as you dash into the large kitchen. 

“We’ll see about that, (Y/L/N)!” He threatens, chuckling with you as he follows you. He’d been running after you for at least two minutes now. 

You waited on one side of the counter, hoping to put him at a loss and also catch your breath. You huffed and puffed as did he, slowing down to face you from the other side. You laughed at the situation, and he gave you a knowing smirk. 

“What’s your move?” You taunt, rocking from side to side. Carl looks you in the eye before jumping over the counter and sliding onto your side. You scream and run the other way, but he’s too fast– catching your waist in a hug. 

“You’re it!” He laughs, tickling your neck. You throw your legs around trying to get lose but he continues his torture. You laugh uncontrollably and finally get lose, but only for Carl to turn you around. 

You face him, inhaling and exhaling deeply and slowly. He does that same. You both have large grins smeared across your faces, and meet for a kiss. But he suddenly breaks the kiss and dashes away. 

“Try to get me, (Y/L/N)!” 

you bring out the best of me (pg-13, 3k)


“When I was homeless,” Cas says one day, like he does sometimes, like it isn’t a big deal, just a thing that was. “I would both dread and look forward to the rain.”

Dean looks up from where he’s counting the cash in the register, pen hovering over his thick red notebook. The rain outside drums heavily on the windows. It’s a dark autumn evening, the sky overcast and thick with cloud. Good for business; people are more likely to stop by and browse the books if it’s raining. Something about the warm glow of the store and the smell of percolating coffee draws them in, windswept and dripping on Dean’s clean floors.

“What do you mean?” Dean asks. The first time he saw Cas was in the rain, on the corner of Main and 10th. He’d been meeting Sam for lunch and Cas had been hunched in the doorway of a long since abandoned toy store, a scruffy tan and white dog curled up beside him. No one was even looking at him, but Dean did.

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