cleaning out my photos

No one wanted it.  No one asked for it.  But here it is, literal human garbage!  I’m cleaning out all my saved photos from the last 4,000 years and queuing them up so prepare for your dashes to be alive with the sound of sin again.  I’m sticking to Tumblr-exclusive artists for the time being until I have the time and the want to ask more Pixiv artists for permission.

Thanks for sticking with me and somehow amassing over 1k followers while I was on hiatus!

Was doing a bit of a room clean and decided to put all my babies out for a photo. It’s 5 years ago tomorrow since I did my first RunDisney race and I have done one (two last year) every year. The only one I’ll likely be able to do this year is Paris but I might need to take a year off. Expensive and addictive hobby I would never change!