cleaning out my photos

i was tagged by @lz-01 for a selfie tag!! 

i’m tagging @ygismyeverything (it’s like a double dog dare now you gotta do it), @plutosmom, @caedenofspace, @ladyshayla, @taevhyung, @marco-dolo and all the cats in the world

Having a productive day!

By 9:30am I’ve:

  • Checked emails, replied, made phone calls regarding them
  • Made a healthy breakfast & uploaded to Instagram
  • Uploaded & interacted with social media for work
  • Cleaned out photos from my phone
  • Completed the last part of a massive assignment & submitted!
  • Contacted Apple’s customer service about problems with my account

Was on a roll but now I’m stuck on hold to Apple :( 

Next up is making lunch, getting ready, going to work, and completing more business or musculoskeletal work!

anonymous asked:

Hiiiii! okay I have a Larry (proof?) not really a proof but whatever so I have this friend (she's deaf) and I went to see the boys back during tmh and my seat where next to the stage but at the side so I could see them when they went backstage and we all know Larry sign to each other but I took a video of Louis signing something to Harry... (harry was standing at the backstage part and Louis was on stage facing him, I know some sign but like not that great so I recently came across the video --

– as I was cleaning out my laptop, (since I put all my videos/photos from your on it) for college and I watched it and I was like wtf are they signing so I sent it to my friend and asked what it was cause I wasn’t sure and she said Louis is signing to Harry that it looked like ‘I’ll give it to you tonight’ 'just wait love’ & I was like GIVE HIM WHAT??? & then I found another video of Harry doing the sign or sex (I wasn’t sure but I doubly checked with my friend & it definitely is what he signed –

– take it with a grain of salt and all that but yeah ~ E

hahahah you need to show mee that video E, i need to see those horny dorks!


I’m currently editing new videos for my YouTube channel…..aaaaand cleaning out my photos lmfao so if you haven’t seen my look or how I dyed my hair these colors just know they are up on the channel ✨💕👽 makeup is @sugarpill #sugarpill

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