cleaning out my harddrive

The Dragon and the Shieldmaiden

I had almost forgotten this existed until I was cleaning out my harddrive Documents today.

hiilikedragons, remember this? Putting it on here in the hopes it makes you smile a little ;)

This is set in the universe of her ’fic ‘Wild Hearts’, a feral!Hiccup AU. Without further ado, here it is.

The Dragon and the Shield Maiden.

Her mother had warned her, though Astrid had scoffed, that once you became a mother, your life changed.

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ok so, back in like 2013 i was working in a co-op placement compiling marketing data and shit, and the usb i was using corrupted while i was there, which of course had all my schoolwork, some roms to play during lunch, and a few things id drawn on the laptop’s trackpad at my placement to send to my friends on my break. 

long story short: i got some super sketchy “recovery” software to try and retrieve my lost files and i only got a few back, with some being too glitched to even use. so after the placement i sort of copied all the files onto my external harddrive and forgot them, i moved to a new cpu this year and finally decided to clean out my external harddrive. 

this is one of the only files that was rescued.


It’s kind of ridiculous how tan I am during the summer (I think I went to the beach once, the rest is just from walking around/biking a lot) and how ghostly pale I look during the winter months. 

P.s. Don’t read Matched. It’s pretty bad.

P.p.s. I have SO MANY pictures of my own face (for thumbnail purposes), but they’re all from the past year. I really wish I hadn’t stopped taking pictures for 2 years when I got my first handycam.