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Tatiana Nikolaevna of Russia (10th June 1897 - 17th July 1918)

Second daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, Grand Duchess Tatiana was one of the five tragic Romanov children who today stand for the innocence lost on the part of aristocracy in the turbulent times of the Russian revolution and civil war. In her life Tatiana was said to be introverted and reserved, dutiful, humble and with great need to look after others. From the earliest age she was her mother´s confidant and often managed her younger siblings, for which she was teasingly nicknamed “The Governess”. 

Her most glorious moments, however, came during the Great War. She was only 17 years old, but pleaded to be allowed to train as a Sister of Mercy, and subsequently went on to become a capable nurse in one of the palace hospitals, never avoiding any task from changing bed linen, dressing open wounds to cleaning the operation room. Level-headed, hard-working and deeply devout, Tatiana Nikolaevna seemed to have found her calling in the care of the wounded and sick.

On her birthday, let us spare a thought for Tatiana Nikolaevna - the young woman who was always ready to serve and help others.

“Listen, Brat!” Levi X Reader

Pairing: Levi X Reader

Words: 1847

Genre: Action, fluff(?)

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              He was the very first one to ever call me a brat! Can you believe his nerve? But I need to learn to ignore him. There is no way I’d quit or let him kick me out – not after what happened.

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Fukushima plant owner decides to dump 777,000 tons of nuclear waste into the ocean

Water tainted with tritium, a radioactive form of hydrogen, is to be released into the Pacific Ocean, says the head of the company responsible for the Fukushima clean-up operation. There are around 580 of barrels containing the radioactive water which was used to cool the nuclear plant’s damaged reactors.  Local residents are furious at plans to release the radioactive tritium from the 2011 Fukushima nuclear plant, which suffered a triple meltdown, into the sea. “The decision has already been made,” said Takashi Kawamura, chairman of the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO). Debate has raged over the disposal of almost 777,000 tons of waste containing tritium.

iKon Reaction to When He Is Tough to the World But Gentle to You {Mafia!au}

anonymous asked: Omg i loved your ikon mafia au!!!! Could you do one where he’s you know tough to the world, but gentle towards his girl?

Trigger Warning

Kim Jinhwan (Jay)

Jinhwan was pissed. Some of his men had lied to him about how much booty they had gotten from their last raid, and if there was one thing he hated  it was when his own, loyal men were being dishonest. “What the fuck did you think you were doing?” he whispered, relishing the scared looks in his men’s eyes. In an instant, Jinhwan had pulled out his gun from his jacket and pinned the leader of the team against the wall. With a dangerous growl, he hissed, “Don’t think that I will go easy on you just because you are one of my best men.” Keeping the man immobile, he locked eyes with each of the other team members. “The same goes for all of you. If you make one more mistake, no matter how trivial, I will make short work of you all.” With these words, he let go of the leader and turned his attention to you who had been watching the scene from a safe distance. You were already used to seeing Jinhwan like this. He had told you at the beginning of your relationship that he needed to keep his men on a short leash to ensure absolute obedience. Now, he came over to you, a frown blemishing his features. “Do you think I went too rough on them?” he whispered, unsure about what was crossing your mind. You shook your head, knowing that Jinhwan was only doing what he needed to do. A relieved smile appeared on his face, and without paying anymore attention to his frightened men, he took your hand and left the building. He was already talking to you about that new movie which came out recently and that you two should take a hot bath in the evening to relax and forget about your everyday worries. You could only look at Jinhwan in amazement, wondering how he could switch from being a badass gang leader to being a loving husband in a matter of seconds.

Song Yunhyeong (Song)

With a curse, he punched the wall of his apartment before he closed his eyes, a painful expression crossing his face. He had spent all afternoon negotiating a deal with one of his rival gangs, but although they had spent hours locked away in an abandoned factory, the efforts had been of no avail and had even worsened the relationship between him and the other leader. A loud groan escaped his lips as he took of his jacket and violently tossed it into an empty corner. Only then did he notice you standing in the door frame to the living room, watching him with worry. He immediately felt regret washing over him, mentally scolding himself for showing you his angry side. “Sorry,” he whispered, “I just had a really rough day.” He came over to where you were standing and wrapped his strong arms around you, holding onto you as if you were a lifebuoy in the stormy sea. You stood up on tiptoes to give him a gentle kiss and tell him that you didn’t mind his outburst, hoping that it would make him feel better. That evening, he would almost literally cling to you and deluge you with his hugs, kisses and other sweet gestures, trying to forget about his nerve-wrecking job and enjoying your warmth and affection.

Kim Jiwon (Bobby)

You were casually leaning against the counter of the bar, sipping on your cocktail while watching your husband “taking care” of one of his clients who had not paid his protection money on time. This was not your first time accompanying Jiwon and his men to one of their “clean-up operations”, so you were not surprised when he knocked over one of the tables, causing a loud clang to resound in the dark room. Although you knew what was coming next, your body tensed involuntarily when he pulled out his gun and confidently pointed it at his client’s head. Would he pull the trigger tonight? You averted your gaze and stared at your drink, just in case Jiwon would, but when a few seconds passed without the sound of the bullet piercing through human flesh, you relaxed noticeably. Tonight, your husband was just playing with the other man. After a few more minutes, Jiwon came over to you with a tired smile on his face. “Sorry for taking so long, that guy didn’t want to stop talking until he saw my gun.” He pulled you into a tight hug, kissing you forehead and taking your hands in his. He would either go back home or take you out on an informal date to make up for the lost time together.

Kim Hanbin (B.I)

Tears were streaming down your face as you ran outside the building to get some fresh air. You could hear him yell at his gang members from afar, making you feel even more miserable. You were trying to stifle the sobs that escaped your lips again and again, but you were met with little success. A few moments later, you heard footsteps coming your way and you already knew who it was. Two strong arms wrapped around your waist and your body was pulled into his muscular chest. Hanbin buried his face in your neck and when he spoke, the worried tone in his voice almost made you flinch. “I am so sorry, I thought I had told the other members of my team to take you somewhere else if the negotiations would get too intense. I didn’t want you to watch how my men aimed a knife at the other gang’s boss.” You shook your head vigorously, not wanting to make your husband feel bad for something he did not have control over. After all, it was not his fault that the other guy had threatened to eradicate your husband’s gang. You were still learning to stay calm in precarious situations like these, and you were thankful that your husband was there for you in moments when you were not strong enough to withstand the pressure of his dark business.

Kim Donghyuk (DK)

A scared “Shit” slipped out of his mouth when he saw you. The terrified look on your face told him that you had seen everything: how he had tied the man to a chair, how he had given him a whipping while interrogating him about his actions and how he had finally knocked the helpless man unconscious. Donghyuk did not have another choice: this was usual business to him, and a disobedient client needed to be punished and intimidated. However, he had never intended to let you see his dirty work. He had expected that you where still at home, getting ready for the date night he had planned, but apparently you were ready early and wanted to surprise him by coming to his hideout. He hurried over to the other side of the room where you were standing, an apologetic look in his eyes. “I am so sorry you had to see this, Y/N. I didn’t expect you to come here. Let’s leave and quickly forget about this incident, okay?” He took your hand in his and squeezed it softly, leading you outside. Wanting to make up for the discomfort he caused you, he would hug you more than usually this evening and whisper all kinds of sweet things into your ear in an attempt to prove that he was not the cruel man you had seen in the hideout a few hours earlier.

Koo Junhoe (Ju-ne)

You did not notice that he was home until a pair of strong arms wrapped around you from behind and you could feel his hot breath right next to your ear. From the sigh that escaped his lips and the way he was leaning against you weakly, you could tell that he must be extremely exhausted. You placed your hands on top of his and asked, “Junhoe, are you alright? Did anything happen?” He did not respond immediately and only tightened his grip around you. “I had a really long day… I don’t want to talk about it. Can we just cuddle tonight?” You turned around to face him, a frown spreading on your forehead. “What about dinner? Are you not hungry?” Junhoe shook his head, wanting nothing more than to go to bed. He took your hand and lead you to your shared bedroom, too tired to even take a shower. Barely taking off any of his clothes, he fell onto the bed listlessly and pulled you down next to him. Before you could adjust your position, he had already snuggled up to you and buried his face in your neck. A content hum escaped his lips as he muttered, “You always make the worst days better… Did I ever tell you that you are the most precious person in my life?” You blushed at his words and smiled shyly, thinking exactly the same about him.

Jung Chanwoo (Chan)

You knew that your husband’s work was more than extraordinary, and you had also been the one who had asked him to take you to one of his gatherings at his hideout. Although he had looked at you strangely, you had insisted that you wanted to join so that you could support him and his work better in the future. Nevertheless, you were still surprised when you saw the way he was interacting with the other members of his gang. There were lots of coarse jokes and vulgar language coming from Chanwoo’s mouth, a rough side that you had never seen before. You felt out of place in this overly masculine setting and almost regretted your decision of coming along to the meeting when your husband suddenly turned toward you, flashing a warm smile in your direction and taking your hand in his. When he saw the concerned look on your face, he frowned and asked in a low voice, “Are you alright, Y/N? If you are uncomfortable, you can leave and wait for me in the hallway.” Seeing how he cared about you and easily shifted between his macho and soft behavior, a smile appeared on your face and you shook your head in reassurance. No matter how tough he had to act when he was doing business, you knew that he would always treat you affectionately.

(request for grumpy reaper and his kids and lover to cheer him up)

The day was shit.

He woke up cold and alone firstly, Athena chiming in that Jack had been sent on a mission in the wee hours of the morning and Jack had not awoken him to find out. Then his legs started to hurt something so god awful that his first steps almost made him topple over. He managed to get his braces on and swallowed some pain pills before shuffling out of his room like a zombie in search of warm food at least.

When he got to the kitchen, he saw that some of the operatives were cleaning up the now thoroughly trashed and destroyed kitchen. Apparently someone had forgotten to take the tin foil off of something before using the microwave and it had exploded, destroy or singeing most everything there. That meant cold cereal for breakfast. His morning did not get much better as he listening to the people complaining about having to clean the kitchen as he was forced to ingest whatever gross and slightly stale cereal had been left forgotten in the cupboard.

Then he tried to just sit somewhere quiet to try and calm down, thinking that his heating blanket would help with his still aching knees. No luck, as it turned out, because when he went looking for where he normally stashed his blanket it was nowhere to be found. After a mad witch hunt for it, he finally found it on a rec couch… the controls broken. No one would fess up to breaking his heating blanket and in a fit of rage he threw the holo-projector that everyone used out the goddamn window and to the unforgiving concrete bellow before storming away.

Even in the sanctity of his room, his day got worse. When he pulled on his favorite hood a seam up the side ripped right open and he had to sit for two hours and stitch it shut to save it. After that he tried falling into bed and the frame gave and broke and he had to manhandle one into the room to replace it and then toss the old one out with the larger garbage. Finally he accidently knocked over a hidden coffee cup and stained the carpet which he took another two hours to set to make sure that it did not stain permanently.

By that time, he was sure that his bad mood was common knowledge on base. He had sworn up a storm, destroyed a window and a holo-projector and was seen getting stain fighters and hauling out a broken bed frame while threatening to kill anything that got too close to him. At least Jack was back when he had finally settled for stewing underneath the covers.

“Come on,” Jack said, peeking up the covers to look at him.

“What?” He grumbled, not wanting to move.

“Come on, follow me,” Jack said, tugging the covers away from him so he was forced to move. Jack took his hand and led him out to the rec room where the window he broke was mysteriously fixed and a new gleaming holo-projector was. Sombra, McCree and Genji were waiting on the biggest couch for him.

“Here, papi,” Sombra smiled, holding out a mound of what looked like a thick blanket. When he unfurled the dark material, he realized that it was a black and skull print heating blanket to replace the broken one and it was larger then the last too. While he wrapped his legs in the blessed material, McCree clicked on some remote and his favorite movie started playing on the projector.

“…geez, you guys,” He sighed, though with a smile.

Jack got wrapped in the heating blanket with him as his pseudo adopted kids squashed themselves even on both sides, practically smothering him. But it could not break the grin on his face as he just relaxed and enjoyed himself.

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All owls in the genus Tyto are basically recolored barn owl ocs

I mean you’re not wrong

B.A.P Yongguk AU ‘The Righteous and the Wicked’

A/N: By all rights this should be fleshed out a bit more but it was getting so long and I didn’t want to commit to another multi-chapter fic when I have so many other things I want to write. OTL Please let me know if you like it guys. ^^ WARNING: Some violence.    

It was a mistake going up. 

Never go up when being chased. Because when you run out of room there’s nowhere else to go. It wasn’t the first time that night you’d done something stupid. What was supposed to be a simple slip inside an empty building had turned into a mad dash for your life.

Running up your seventh flight of stairs your legs and lungs were on fire. The only place left to go was the roof. Using your shoulder you slammed through the door and entered the open space. Clearly somebody had designed it as a gothic garden of sorts. A refuge in the midst of the sprawling city. Large potted plants and ivy decorated the dark stone square as well as a handful of gargoyles posted on the ledges.

Eyes searching for something to barricade the door, you found nothing. In desperation you peeked over the side of the building. There were no balconies, no other roofs within jumping distance and a fall from this height would undoubtedly kill you.

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I’m running around in the emprise killing dragons and I can’t help but be disappointed that there wasn’t an operation to clean up all the hot springs and have a hot spring resort for travelers

There are zero downsides to this:

The ridiculous rich orlesians get to come soak in hot springs that the Herald of Andraste once fought dragons for and find some way to brag about that at parties

Tired travelers can relax for a bit after their long journeys

The hot springs would likely help the local economy and therefore help rebuild and restore the area

The inquisition would have a hot spring???!

Blood Money BTS | part 2

Pairing: unknown

Summary: When everything goes wrong one fateful night you find yourself suddenly a member of the notorious gang Bangtan in less than 24 hours. You just wanted a quiet night with your beloved cat Apple Pie and a netflix marathon.

part one | part 2 | (part 3 next week 9:00pm Central Timezone!)

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Breathing in you tried to calm your nerves, they wouldn’t stop staring at you and it was starting to get uncomfortable.  

Taking out your phone you wanted to check the time, but before you could even turn it on a boy snatched it from your hands and smashed it so badly it was unusable.

“hEY!” you said angrily,  glaring at him “What was that for?” you snapped, before he looked you straight in the eyes, and promptly threw your phone out the window. Into the river. leaning you got one last glance at your phone getting carried away by the water. Eye twitching, you clenched your fists. Looking, no staring daggers at Jimin he smirked.

“What? You could’ve called the cops or something.” he shrugged, only making you angrier, much much angrier. Unbuckling your seat belt you shoved a sleeping Hoseok off your shoulder, at least you think that’s his name. Then, you stomped right on over to the asshole that threw your phone out the window, before straddling him in silence. “Is this all sweetheart?” he jeered, knowing he made you angry. He knew you wouldn’t do anything, you were too scared. “What? You too scared?” he kept taking jabs at you, you clenched your jaw so hard your teeth just might break. Grabbing the back of his neck you got real close to his face.

“I fucking hate you, I had years worth of work on that one cellphone, and you threw it in a fucking river.” you snarled, before pulling your arm back, and punching him right in the nose. The whole van was brought to an abrupt stop and the boy in the passenger seat turned back to see what the commotion was about. Then he saw you slap the poor boy so hard his head whipped to the side before you got up and sat back down in your rightful place. Everyone eyed you cautiously, before someone named Taehyung snickered. 

“Dude, I think she broke your nose.” he couldn’t keep the grin off his face, the pink haired boy leaned in and inspected it, before you all turned as Jungkook collapsed next to Hoseok, then everyone noticed the blood pouring out of him. You med skills kicking in you were next to him in a flash, already inspecting him. Gasping, you found a deep cut in his side and other injuries, going to help him you suddenly got yanked back by none other than the asshole you slapped.

“Don’t fucking touch him.” he snarled, staring at Jungkook, you gaped at him, the boy  was gonna die soon if not from the blood loss. 

“He’s gonna die!” you yelled, as he held you back.

“You’ll kill him!” he screamed, staring at Jungkook in shock. “You’ll kill Jungkook then leave like nothing happened, you’re just like every other woman out there!” Jaw locking you spotted a knife on the floor of the van. Reaching for it you threw Jimin off you and sat by Jungkook’s side, slipping the knife under his shirt, Jimin stared as you cut the this fabric. He grabbed your arms trying to stop you, “You’ll hurt him oh my god!” he wouldn’t stop screaming! 

“BOI back off before I punch you again!” you snarled, already ripping the shirt into bandages while looking for some sort of sterilizer. Sighing, you grabbed a vodka bottle and opened it, before you poured it over Jungkook’s wound warning him. “It’s gonna sting but you’ll be fine, okay?” you said, he nodded, hissing when the alcohol met the wound.

“YOU’RE HURT-” Jimin didn’t even finish the sentence because you smashed a beer bottle against his head, knocking him out and effectively shutting up the yelling. You carefully wiped the wound and bandaged it, before looking up at the other five guys staring at you.

“What, I’m an Intern at the hospital.” you said shrugging. Shaking his head he sped away to the hideout.

The minute you the van stopped you were already ordering the boys to find something while Taehyung-who you confirmed was his name-helped you get the poor boy inside. 

“I need rubbing alcohol, bandages a needle and thread along with gauze and the first aid kit.” you ordered, walking quickly through the house and shoving all the papers and a cup onto the ground shattering it. Setting Jungkook down you wet a rag and carefully removed the bandages, staring at the wound it was about an inch and a half deep, it’d definitely need stitches. You carefully cleaned his face cuts before finally attacking the gash. Taking the rubbing alcohol from pink boy you dumped it onto the wound, Jungkook had passed out from blood loss or pain. You threaded a needle before pausing as the door opened to reveal Hoseok and Namjoon carrying a still unconscious asshole into the living room. Closing your eyes you calmed down, before starting to stitch up the idiot. It had been about an hour and a half when the asshole-you learned Jimin was his name-finally woke up. Groaning he looked around, before pausing. 

“Dude what the hell happened?” he asked, before Jin snickered, about to tell the boy about how he got beat up by you when you walked in, sending a groggy sleepy Jungkook to rest.

“Hey, dumbass get in here I need to look at the damage.” you said before disappearing. 

He froze, before groaning.“Do I have to?” he whined to Jin, “Why is she even here anyways?”

“Be glad, if she wasn’t then our golden boy wouldn’t be breathing. He’d be dead.” he snapped, before lightly pushing Jimin into the makeshift first aid room. 

“Sit down, I need to look at your nose.” you said quietly before wiping the blood away. Jimin thought you’d be rough with him because of how he treated you, so he was surprised when you were so gentle to him. Once he was fixed up you shooed him away and cleaned up. Soon the kitchen was clean and operational again so you walked into the living room. Everyone looked at you, before Namjoon cleared his throat. 

“Y/N,” he paused, as you grabbed your bag, dress still somehow intact.

“I’m leaving, Jungkook should rest for a couple of weeks, don’t let him move around.” you said, “Jimin be careful with your nose, you can take the bandages off in a month.” you then proceeded to the door, ready to leave this mess. Hoseok yanked you backwards and threw you into a chair, before Namjoon continued.

“You can’t leave.” he said staring at you. 

“excuse-what?!.” you said, confused “I’m not gonna tell anyone i swear but I have a shift at the hospital tomorrow so…”

“No, you know too much, you’re staying. You’re joining the gang Y/N.” he replied, “If not you die.” he shrugged, “you choice darling.” they left alone sitting in the living room.

“Can I at least go back and grab my belongings?” you muttered before sighing.

You wandered around for a while till you found Namjoon who you assumed was the leader of this so called gang. “Hey, can I talk to you?”

“Sure, what?” he said turning around, 

“I’m not gonna tell anyone I promise-” you started

“You can’t leave sorry honey.” He cut you off before turning around to scribble more incomprehensible notes on a worn notebook.

“Can I at least go to my shift for the hospital, if I don’t I’ll get kicked out of college. This means a lot to me,” 

“No.” he responded curtly.

“One of you can even drive me there and pick me up but I need to go!” you pleaded, yet he still shook his head. Anger spiking you grabbed his chair and whipped him around to face you. “Listen you pompous jerk, If I don’t go not only will someone call my apartment and find me gone, but the next time one of your little gang buddies get’s injured I won’t be there to save him. You’re lucky I even knew how to patch Jungkook up so I advise you,” Staring him down you snarled, “Let. Me. Go, Now.” he narrowed his eyes.

“Don’t order me around like that, things won’t go your way sweetie.” he sneered. 

“You can’t keep me here. I’m going whether you like it or not, I’ll be back once my 48 hour shift is over.” you growled before slamming the door open to reveal six boys eavesdropping. “Excuse me I have a shift to catch.” you said before walking past them and past the clean kitchen.

“Don’t let her escape!” Namjoon roared, sending everyone into action. Jungkook being the first to grab you, luckily your mom made you take self defense classes. You grabbed a small knife on the counter and pointed it right at his wound.“If any of you try to stop me, I won’t hesitate to reopen his wound.” you said quietly, making everyone freeze in their steps. “Jimin, go start the car, we’re going back to my apartment to change my clothes then you’ll drop me off at the hospital.” you said, he didn’t move, “Now.” then you applied minimal pressure making Jungkook hiss in pain. Now that got Jimin moving. “I told you,” you stared at Namjoon, “I am going to the hospital I worked hard to get a spot to be an intern and nothing’s going to stop me. Not even a famous Gang leader.” He stared right back at you, everyone could see the tension and struggle for power. Then, you hit Jungkook strategically with the blunt end of the knife making him cry out in pain red blossoming at his wound before shoving him forward. Jin reaching out to catch him, by the time Jungkook was upright you were gone already in the car.

“What makes you think I’ll drive you anywhere?” Jimin spat glaring at you.

“If you don’t you’ll never know how to help your precious Jungkook.” you shrugged before telling him where to go. He groaned hitting his head against the steering wheel before driving off. After taking a well deserved shower and shedding the tattered dress and destroyed heels you changed into a plain shirt and leggings before slipping on sneakers and a hoodie. Grabbing your bag Jimin drove you to the hospital, “the day after tomorrow at 3am, come pick me up, that’s when my shift ends.” 

“Wait how do I help Jungkook?” he asked, grabbing your wrist.

“Undo the bandages, clean the area around the stitches with a warm cloth then rebandage him but not too tightly. Make sure not to actually touch the stitches, I didn’t have anesthesia so it’s going to be very painful if you irritate them. When I get back I’ll check to make sure you did everything right.” then just like that you were gone disappearing into the hospital. Sighing Jimin drove back and entered a quiet house. 

“Did she really go to the hospital?” Namjoon asked, everyone sat in the living room and he didn’t look very happy.

“Yes, she told me to pick her up two days from now at three in the morning.” Jimin paused, “She also told me how to help Jungkook.” then he led the youngest back the kitchen and did exactly what you told him not wanting to hurt the boy. 

“Why does she seem unbothered by us kidnapping her?” Namjoon wondered, 

“Um actually, about that…” Seokjin started, looking embarrassed. “She’s well, she’s my younger sister.” Everyone gaped at him, disbelief showing on their faces.

“WHAT?!?!” Taehyung screeched, before laughing. “Damn, no wonder she knew how to throw a punch.”

“Yea…” Seokjin just sighed, “She recognized me which is probably why she doesn’t care much, then again she’s usually pretty chill about a lot of things. I even broke her favorite mug once and she just shrugged it off, saying it was an accident.” he paused, pondering on a lot of things. “She’s probably not as bothered as you guys think.” he then shrugged before walking to his room. 

For the next two days they stayed put, not wanting to go out and get hurt when you weren’t there to patch them up so they just lazed around the house. And by laze around I mean they worked out in the underground area. It was secret, where all their temporary rooms were with everything they needed. A kitchen, training room, small library and one vacant room that would become yours. 

Namjoon set his targets on a big corporation that they would take to get ransom money. It could be huge, so it required lots of planning. If he overlooked even the tiniest detail they’d all have a one way ticket to hell, except maybe you. You’d probably just go to jail but still. No one, and I mean no one wanted that.

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Last thing for the day…I know this a low res shot, and the lightning is iffy but…are they wearing gloves? And are those white parts around their necks bandannas? Because that’d remind me of an earlier scene

The Trost clean up operation, collecting and identifying the dead bodies after the battle-EP 13. I think Marlowe’s and Hitch’s scene may actually differ a little more than I thought from the manga-there, they attempted to talk to Goggles-kun from Squad Hange just as Annie was getting carried away, inquiring about the titan battle that had occurred just earlier. But here it seems they are in some way participating in the clean up–which makes sense. More time after the battle has passed, over 200 civilians were killed-Stohess was turned into quite the battlefield in the anime. Maybe they won’t even attempt to talk to an SC soldier this time around, and will simply reflect on what happened by themselves-the sudden titan battle, the damage done to the city, Annie’s disappearance. 

Ultimately its not an overly relevant change, but its still a detail with possible interpretation that I thought was worth pointing out. 

Six of Crows AU

So someone submitted an SoC quote to @incorrect-ti-quotes, and made me think up an au. I know TI already has a popular criminal au, but this one has magic and giant heists I couldnt help myself

  • Inien is the leader/brains of the operation, as well as a Heartrender. She’s Kerch born and raised, and like any proper Kerch gal places the accumulation of wealth as her top priority.
  •  A former member of one of Kerch’s biggest gangs, but was kicked out for reasons she refuses to disclose.
  •  Annoyingly enough (to her, at least), she’s not as famous as some of her teammates, despite being the one who plans out their heists.
  • Ashe is a Corporalki Healer, and fairly handy with combat knives. 
  • Though she’ll concede that Inien does put together most of their heists, Ashe refuses to acknowledge her as a leader and takes every opportunity to challenge her supposed authority. 
  • Born in The Wandering Isle, she left to escape her family’s pressures and expectations surrounding her Grisha abilities.
  • She resents her powers and suppresses them for a long time, and while she doesn’t become physically ill like most Grisha, it does affect her mental health.
  • Markus is a Ravkan Inferni, whose parents were servants of the Ravkan crown. 
  • He moved to Kerch to make a living as soon as he could both to get away from his father and past as well as avoid being recruited to Ravka’s Grisha army.
  •  Being the only Etherealki on the team, he holds the position of being a sort of magical powerhouse. 
  • Recklessly uses his powers constantly despite Grisha hunting and enslavement in Kerch, but how else is he supposed to always look ethereal?
  • Gregor is one of only two non-Grisha on the team, but serves as the team’s muscle and physical fighter.
  •  He’s half Zemeni and grew up in Novyi Zem. Both of his parents were Grisha, and were killed by Grisha hunters when he was very young. 
  • He was then recruited to a cult group of ex-druskelle before they were tracked down by the Fjerdan government and slaughtered, leaving Gregor as the sole survivor.
  • Kyr is their demolitions and machines expert as well as a Durast.
  • Despite not being an Alkemi, his explosive powders are commonly mistaken for being Alkemi work due to their potency. 
  • He prefers to work in private, but can turn almost any combination of solid materials into a war machine with surprising speed. 
  • Originating from a smaller island off the coast of The Wandering Isle, he spent most of his life an orphan teaching himself to build in his father’s old home.
  • Thog is the team sharpshooter and legal representative. 
  • He’s the one who arranges all of their heist deals with Barrel bosses and scopes out potential customers. 
  • When the team leaves any trace of their illegal activities, it’s his job to clean up the evidence and make it appear as if they’re running a completely clean operation. 
  • Much like Inien, he was born and raised in Kerch and was the first one she recruited to her team.