cleaning checklists

A cleaning checklist for the forgetful or slovenly


* Remove you from your bed linen, let it breathe, then put you back in

* Rotate shark tank

* Lightly burnish your ego


* Put the liquid on the thing

* Ventilate the gazebo

* Empty your pies and re-fill with delicious new piestuff

* Contemplate the dust that we shall all become at the end of days


* Re-dye any cats the same colour as your sofa to avoid unsightly hair patches

* Wipe down dungeon and remove corpses

* Evaluate your pipes for ferrets

* Vacuum your vacuum with a bigger vacuum to re-establish dominance

* Carefully wipe your memory clean of that nice Russian gentleman who you met for the first time this month, his suitcase and the envelope inside it


* Wipe down, always down, down until you reach the centre of the Earth and carry on wiping because the centre of the Earth is filthy, there is nothing there that would be welcome in a respectable drawing-room

* Rearrange the deckchairs on the Titanic

* Pull the sword from the stone if it has got back in there again somehow

Every Decade:

* Hike to some hard-to-reach areas and cleanse them of any state secrets that may have been carelessly been left around

* Open a portal to the eternal void and let its blissful nothingness wash over your neighbourhood, sucking all unrestrained mess into a bleak wash of intergalactic debris somewhere

Every 100 years:

* Cleanse your alphabet of any underutilised letters

* Dig up the box in the cave in the chasm in the mountains in the desert where you keep your heart and replace any tarnished fittings

Every 10,000 years:

* Defrost your bookmobile

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This app might be helpful for those of us who have trouble cleaning etc — it’s called the Real Simple Checklist and it comes preloaded with a bunch of lists. the one I submitted will probably be the most useful but theres lists for everything from “get out of debt” to “moving” to “new cat owners”. its more or less woman-oriented — well, think of the general readership of real simple magazine, haha. a few checklists are free & the rest are $3. it’s just nice to have big overarching tasks broken up for me instead of having to do it myself, you know?

That’s great. Thank you so, so much, jlr7245! I wish there were an Android version. Could you get on that, realsimplepromotions? My brother and I would buy, like, all the lists.


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Okay, so yesterday I was unable to get up and basically to do something because I was feeling bad, but in the afternoon I decided to knock anxiety and depression off and do something that makes me feel happy and productive. So, yeah, I decided to tidy and clean my room.

I was aware that my room was a mess and I was feeling down, so I thought ‘Doing some 20/10 would be okay’ and I was so disposed to do that that I ended up doing 11 20/10. I have to recognize that I have been distracted some times, but I finally made it.

My room would still be a mess (like my mind) but fewer than before. And I feel good with myself and well, I also have to organize this month to study so I guess tidying my room -somehow- is helping me to clear my mind and make this easier. But I still have to work on the coach (I have to buy some things for the things I have there.)

And, as you can see, in the mirror I have located the UfYH Basic Cleaning Checklist to help me (I hope you don’t mind). Well, I also have to say that I’ve been ignoring it for a few weeks, but this is going to change. And maybe lots of things. I’m decided to improve things.

Thank you so much for your reblogs because they have encouraged me to do this, and for the way you support us by your blog @unfuckyourhabitat

danielaruah:End of day checklist:
Face clean & hydrated ✅
Snuggly #hubby sweater ✅
Camomile tea ✅
Favorite honey from @blueashfarm ✅
—#goodnightworld #boanoitemundo
Lista do fim do dia:
Cara lavada e hidratada✅
Camisola do #maridão ✅
Cházinho de camomila✅
Mel favorito de @blueashfarm ✅


Note: Blue Ash Farm is COD’s brother Bill’s farm.