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Nanbaka Ch. 38 Translations

Ohh, what’s this? Two chapters in one week? It must be some kind of holiday or something lol.

Just the usual disclaimer,  but I have no typesetting or cleaning skills at all (I think I’ve gotten better though..?), and I’m doing this purely for practice and to have fun, so I’m sorry in advance for any mistakes. Hope you all enjoy!

Tsukiuta Manga Anthology: Strictness and Kindness

Artist: ぴゃあ (Pyaa)
Raw scans: 失落人形_手癌末期
Cleaning, Translation, Typesetting: ritsuki1130 (yours truly)

※Please do not distribute this to other sites without permission. Support the creators by buying the manga.

Finished Hajime’s chapter!! I have to do a lot of cleaning here but it was fun along the process. ^^ Please excuse if there’s any weird grammars or anything!! I’ll be doing Koi’s chapter next then!!

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