Deadpool's Post-Credit Scene

Dear lovely people who made the Deadpool movie,

I am an usher at a movie theatre and have worked almost everyday since the movie came out. It has been crazy busy. I haven’t seen the movie (yet) but I have seen the post-credit scene. Many times.

Whoever thought of having Deadpool basically tell people to pick up their garbage is a fucking genius. Picking up the garbage is the most unnecessary, time-wasting and gross thing ever. Deadpool has been selling out, and yet pick-up has been the easiest I have ever seen for this type of crowd and its size.

Other movies, follow the example.
Deadpool, you are fucking awesome.

An extatic usher

Cleaning Candle Holders

Cleaning candle holders is probably one of my least favorite things to do, but recently I’ve started collecting left over wax to use in other projects (a post for a much later day) and I was entrusted with a few extra candle holders to clean so what better use of chore than to make a blog post about how I get it done.

There are A LOT of ways to clean candles. This is just the way that I like doing it and I prefer to do things in batches anyways because I’m all about saving some time. 


  • candle holders that need cleaning
  • a large pot or bowl
  • a knife (or something you can poke wax out with)
  • paper towel/something to wipe the candle holders down with
  • hot water (I boiled my water in my tea kettle and poured it into my bowl)


  1. Use a knife to cut slashes into the wax still in the candle holder
  2. Place candle holders in a large pot and pour hot water into candle holders and around them. Leave sitting for about 15 minutes.
  3. Leftover wax will either float to the top or be soft and cool enough to pull out with a knife
  4. You can either soak them in a fresh batch of warm water or you can wipe off the excess wax with a paper towel (I used the paper bags we save from last minute store runs)
  5. You can set aside the wax for a future project or toss it!

This innovative ocean garbage collecter could save us all

Boyan Slat’s solution for ocean pollution came to life on Thursday when a prototype of his product — a system that uses the sea’s currents to collect debris — was put to the test for the first time.The floating ocean cleaning device arrived in the North Sea on schedule and everything went as planned. When devising a name for his potentially revolutionary prototype, Slat asked the internet for help — and the result was hilarious.

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hi! it’s vivian. as my first text post, i’m going to explain how i clean out my binders at the end of each semester + year!


  • 1 large binder (minimum 3-inches)
  • dividers
  • sticky tabs 
  • pencil/pen/fine liner
  • 1-inch binders

large binder organization:

i use a large binder to keep all the notes that i don’t need to carry around in my backpack anymore. using the dividers, i section off my classes (e.g. math, english, physics)

after each unit:

once a unit is completed, i transfer all the papers related to that unit from my 1-inch binders to the large binder, and add a sticky tab in order to section off the unit.

after each semester:

once the semester has ended and i’ve finished the final exam…

  • step 1: 
    • transfer everything from small binders to large binder and organize them with sticky tabs.
  • step 2: 
    • make three piles:
      • re-use #1 - this pile is for the lined papers that are still blank on the back, and can be re-used for future rough drafts.
      • re-use #2 - this pile is for the same purpose as the one above, but for blank papers.
      • recycle - the papers that cannot be re-used
  • step 3:
    • go through the large binder, and remove all the papers that you most likely won’t need again in the future. for example: assignments (projects, repetitive worksheets).
  • step 4:
    • recycle everything in the recycled pile, and store the re-usable papers in separate folders, boxes, etc.

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Your kitchen sponge works hard and deserved a good night’s rest. Tel Aviv-based designers OTOTO (previously featured here) recently unveiled Clean Dreams, a delightful sponge holder that’s shaped like a bed frame, complete with two fluffy pillows and a sponge serving as the mattress. It also fits most other standard size sponges.

Clean Dreams will be available later this month. Visit the OTOTO website for additional info.

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Bedroom Cleaning Cheat Sheet

So I have been thinking about starting an organization and home etc. blog but I wanted make a tester post to see if it would be worth the time and work. I find that a lot of people have a hard time cleaning and maintaining a neat and clean bedroom, so i wanted to share my personal system that I use. If it helps you and you like the tips please like or share. Good Luck!

Step 1 Dishes

Out of all the things that should not be in the bedroom, kitchen and food items are definitely on top. Gather all of your dishes and utensils and bring them to the kitchen. Don’t worry about washing them right now, it can wait. Also collect any take out containers (chinese, pizza boxes etc.) and toss them in the garbage.

Step 2 Make Bed

Making your bed instantly gives your room a much cleaner look. If your sheets are clean simply make the bed. If its time for a wash gather them up and toss them in the washer for a quick clean, or place fresh linen.

Step 3 Strewn Clothes

When we are looking for clothes it can be easy to forget to put things back and eventually your can hardly see your bedroom floor. Lets start by gathering every single piece of clothing on the floor. You can either make a pile for them in an empty space, section off some closet space for them or if you can, purchase those clothing racks that you can get at most department stores and hang them there. Just keep them separate from your other clothes for now.

Step 4 Sections

Now your going to section your room into either half or in fours. I suggest fours but it all depends on your room size and what you personally prefer. Now this is not literal. You don’t have to move or do anything. This is just a way to mentally divide up your room so the task of cleaning it doesn’t seem so hard. Steps 5 and 6 your going to repeat for each section and then move on.

Step 5 Garbage

Armed with a trash bag collect any thing that needs to be tossed out. Mainly anything that can’t be swept up. 

Step 6 Kept Items

Now your separate your KI’s (kept item aka anything thats not garbage) into piles. For example makeup, pencils, lotions etc. Then place them in their appropriate area one by one. I suggest keeping a small Misc. bin for items that don’t have a place at the moment, but don’t leave them there for too long or else you’ll end up with a stockpile.

Step 7 Repeat

Now your going to repeat this for the rest of the sections

Step 8 Tidy Up

Now that each section is done start by sweeping the entire floor then go over it with the vacuum. Afterwords wipe down all surfaces and windows. 

Step 9 Clothes

Now that your room is clean and you have a clearer space, begin going through the clothes you collected earlier and toss anything that needs to be washed in the hamper and place back all other clean items.


I suggest opening all windows for 5-10 minutes to freshen and clear the air. If its nice out leave them open. Spray some light room mist or burn a gentle candle to tie everything together!