Release o18 + Recruiting

Hey again guys!

lol, I’ve had a rough week with some stuff, so I hadn’t release this one after 2 days of the first January release, but you know what? Better late than never, right? (lol, I apologize that I have nothing to say in this release, just that I don’t know what to say but hi guys, and how are you? XD)

Title: Shandy
Rating: R18
Fandom: Ao no Exorcist
Pairing: Yukio x Rin

additionally, we are still recruiting!

We are in need of:

♔ Translators (preferable japanese, since most of our projects are in japanese)
♔ EXPERIENCED Cleaners and Typesetters (Editors)
♔ Quality Checkers
♔ Raw Providers for both non-yaoi and yaoi projects

if interested, check our join us! page for more details :)

we’d love to have you work along side us!

|| caxiahtic ||