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Third Date - Zach Werenski

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Notes: Hi again!! So here’s another cutie Zach W one, that I love. I have another Zach one coming up soon that may connect to this one some how, but we shall see. Hope you enjoy!! Also italics are flashbacks!

Mentions: Dylan Larkin, Auston Matthews

Warnings: None!

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Teaser: “I really wanna kiss you right now.” He leaned down to murmur the words in your ear, a gentle blush taking over your cheeks that was hidden by the darkness of the room.

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The Fiancée: Kylo x Reader drabble

A/N ok so this was an idea I had… not sure where to take this. I’m leaving it up to my padawans. the intent is to imply that Kylo is up to no good and so is the reader. this is not my first time writing but this is my first time writing a drabble. if you want a part two just lemme know!

warnings: none. future cheating? forbidden love?  

words: 1.5k

Drabble and One shot requests are NOW open.

Today was a big day for Armitage Hux. He made sure every detail of the finalizer was in place and he made sure every inch of the ship was clean. cleaner than usual. He had his room redecorated twice; never satisfied with how it looked. He showered longer than usual and groomed himself slowly so that no hair on his copper head was out of place. He sent for his boots to be shined and his uniform to be pressed. Armitage made sure to keep his cat Millicent away from his clothing. He kept her in her cage; which he never did but it was only necessary to make sure her fur didn’t cling to his crisp clean uniform. Today was a big day… today was the day his fiancée came for a visit.

The shuttle she was on would be landing soon, and he couldn’t have been any more excited. It had been just about six months since they had last seen each other. They kept in contact when he could but he had been so busy with the plans for the first orders new weapon and the tantrums of the Commander that he had become distracted and forgot about his dearly beloved. Armitage felt bad for neglecting her so he had arranged for her to stay with him for as long as she pleased. Once they were married she would have to become familiar with the finalizer, for it would be her new home along with Starkiller base once it was completed.

Smiling genuinely, he stood tall in the docking bay as the shuttle touched down. As the ramp came down he only smiled wider. Out stepped some of his men carrying her things and marching straight to his quarters. They saluted as they passed and he nodded his head. He could have cared less if they had stopped to acknowledge him; he was focused on something else, and when she stepped out last he nearly lost his composure.

Walking elegantly as if she were gliding on air, she moved to him. Removing the scarf from around her head she let her beautiful curled long (y/h/c) locks flow freely. Her ruby red lips curled in a smile and her eyes sparkled. She was just as beautiful as ever.

“Hello, my darling kitty.” sighed Hux happily as he kissed his fiancée’s cheek.

“Hello, my love.” She greeted back.

Armitage gently took her hands and kisses them both as well, before finally kissing her plush lips.

“Was the flight well?”

“A bit rough but nothing I couldn’t handle.”

“Excellent, Allow me to show you my- I mean our quarters.” He winked.

Once she was settled and relaxed he took her to the bridge of the ship so he could carry out his business and still spend time with his darling kitty. She had no business being there other than she was the future Mrs. General Armitage Hux, and no one was going to tell her to leave. She stood center out of everyone’s way, but her Klein blue beaded dress made it hard for her to go unnoticed. She was the most colorful thing in the room and her positive ora brought joy to the officers around her. When Hux was happy they were happy, and his fiancé being there was a blessing to them all… all but one man. The one man that hated everything, Commander Ren.

He was heavy on his feet, and suddenly the room was filled with tension and anxiety. He marched straight for the general saying something almost un-audible to her ears but the General seemed to understand it. His smile was gone and his eyebrows were creased in anger. He looked to her then to Ren and sighed.

“Kitty, I am most sorry. It seems something has come up. Stay here, will you? I won’t be long. Commander Ren here will keep you company.” He turned back the man in the mask. “Mind your manners, Ren.”

If he could have seen through the Commander’s mask he would have seen him roll his eyes. The Commander honestly didn’t care. He had no vendetta against her and she had done nothing to deserve his backlash. Though he was not a kind man, the Commander knew if he left her alone the General would leave him alone and that’s all he wanted.

She stood with her hands crossed in front of her. “It’s very lovely to meet you, Commander Ren. I’m (y/f) (y/l)-”

“I don’t care.” He said simply, voice covered in layers of synthetic sound.

“Oh well alright,” she smiled then nodded, “those are very lovely robes you are wearing. A bit more tattered for my taste but I’m sure they have great stories to tell.”

The Commander looked down at the woman to his left. She was so small compared to him and he could crush her like nothing if he wanted to. It wouldn’t take much of the force to break her delicate neck. He played through the scenario of killing her and determined it wouldn’t be a fair fight. She was far to petit and defenseless to protect herself. The Commander wondered if protection and safety were why she chose the General.  Kylo Ren wasn’t one for emotion but he wasn’t blind. She was attractive. far too decent looking for Armitage and far too nice.

“I like your helmet. It really does intimidate.” She said softly to the Commander, and he tilted his head intrigued.

(y/n) smiled; eyeing him up and down. “You know- not many people can pull off black but you pull it off very well, Commander.”

“Must you speak to me?” He muttered, rather sourly.

“Yes, who else will I talk to?” She countered.

Kylo growled taking a step to his left. “You’re standing too close to me.”

“Dearest apologies, Commander.”


“Stop what?”

“With all the politeness!” He gestured with his hands.

(y/n)’s jaw dropped as Kylo’s hand flew in the air. She snatched his hand squeezing it in her own. 

“My- What large hands you have, Commander! Amazing!”

“Ok, no touching!” He hissed pulling himself free.

Interrupted, (y/n) was approached by an officer who bowed awkwardly.

“Oh, I love your uniform.” She complimented.

“Thank you, ma'am. It’s the same as everyone else.”

(y/n) laughed. “Yes, but you wear it differently- dare I say better than everyone else.”

The officer blushed. “The General has requested your presence for tea.”

“Oh, I do love a good tea!” (y/n) clapped, knowing exactly what that meant. “Commander Ren, would you mind helping me back to the Generals quarters? I’m still getting familiar with the corridors.”

Kylo shrugged and lead the way.

He was silent the entire walk to the General’s private quarters but she was not. He was irked by the spring in her step and couldn’t stand the way she complimented the officers every time they passed on in the corridors. She even found a way to complement each stormtrooper individually; no two compliments were alike.

When they had reached the destination Kylo sighed in relief.

“My darling kitty, just in time for tea.” Smirked the General as he stood in the doorway. “I was beginning to think I’d have to have a cup alone.”

She laughed. “As if you’d ever start without me.”

Armitage took (y/n)’s hand and gently kissed. “Is that one lump or two?”

“We shall see how I feel after the first cup of tea.” She winked before stepping in.

Suddenly Kylo realized it wasn’t tea they were talking about at all and he shivered in disgust.

“Was he good to you, kitty?” Armitage said, more for Ren then he did as a question for (y/n).

“Oh most definitely-” She smiled as she poked her head into the doorway. “-So kind he is, and a great listener too!”

“Really, a good listener?” Hux sneered. “Wish he listened to me as well as he did you.”

(y/n) kissed Armitage’s cheek and looked at him with a fake pout. “Come now darling, the tea.”

Kylo stood awkwardly; it wasn’t like he needed to be dismissed. The General had already walked away and he had already escorted her where she needed to be.

“Goodbye, see you tomorrow commander Ren.” She smirked, blew him a kiss, then shut the automatic door.

“See me tomorrow?” He thought to himself in a far to chipper tone.

Why in the galaxy did she plan on seeing him tomorrow, but why in the galaxy did he get excited?

Title: Never be

Jon Snow x reader

Hope everyone who reads, enjoys.

(Found gif on google, though gif credit to whomever made it)

You sat with the snowy white direwolf, it was getting pretty big since the last time you saw it, which happened to be the other day. Your first thought was it was going to bite your hand off, but instead it laid down beside you; you felt relaxed. It was a hot and cold animal, one day it liked you and the next it growled fiercely at you. So when it just lied down next you, you ran your fingers through its coarse fur.

“There he is” Your head snapped up as Jon came running, the direwolf at your side just turned to look at Jon “Jon Snow, this is your pup?” You asked as you kept petting the direwolf.  

“Yeah, Names Ghost” He told you and you raised a brow. “That’s a good name for him” You smiled as Jon sat down in the mud with you “Haven’t seen you around, much” He whispered as he reach over and ran his hand through the pups fur.

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Hey can you do 35 with Sherlock??

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Reader x Sherlock

35. “I may be drunk and you may be Spider-Man but will you marry me?”

You knocked on apartment 221b in your sweatpants and Spider-Man sweatshirt ready for another lazy day with your boyfriend, Sherlock.

He swung the door open, giving you a lazy grin. Sherlock’s hair was tousled as if he had just woken up and his five o’clock shadow was prominent, even in the dimly lit hallway. “Y/N, hello, Y/N.”

“You seem to be in a good mood.” You looked at your boyfriend, amused at his good mood and walked in. It was clean- cleaner than normal. The mantel was rid of papers and case files and the knives were all tucked away in the drawer. “And the apartment is clean. Sherlock, what’s going on?”

“I tidied up a bit.” He shrugged, grabbing your arm and pulling you next to him on the couch. “I clean sometimes.”

“Only when you’re drunk.” You reminded him.

Sherlock grinned, laying his head on your shoulder. “I still cleaned. You should be happy, Spider-Man.”

“I’m Y/N.” You rolled your eyes. “How drunk are you?”

“No, you’re definitely Spider-Man today.” Sherlock drawled on, pointing at the superhero on your sweatshirt.

“Don’t tell anyone, okay?” You bent down and whispered in his ear, not wanting to spoil his good mood.

“I won’t.” Sherlock reassured you. “Besides, it’s easy to see that you’re normally Y/N. You’re just in disguise today.”

“Congrats, Sherl, you just solved your first superhero case.” You laughed lightly.

Sherlock lifted his head up ever so slightly and stared at you. “You’re beautiful. I mean you’re always beautiful, obviously, but today you’re extra beautiful.”

“Thank you.” You blushed. It wasn’t everyday that Sherlock gave you compliments, so you intended to cherish every last one of them.

“And I would hate for such a moment to be put to waste.” He told you, continuing.

“What do you mean?” You asked as Sherlock jumped off of the couch and ran over to the mantel. He came back and gave you the biggest smile you had ever seen before getting down on one knee.

“Y/N,” Sherlock opened the box, revealing a ring. “I may be drunk and you may be Spider-Man but will you marry me?”

“Yes!” You jumped onto Sherlock without warning. The two of you fell back onto the floor laughing. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Sherlock placed a kiss on your cheek and took the ring out of the box, slipping it onto your finger. He pulled you into his arms. “I knew from the second I saw that ring that it belonged on your finger.”

You looked back at him and gave him a short, sweet kiss before looking back at your ring.

“Mrs. Holmes.” Sherlock said. You could feel him smiling against your skin.

The ring sparkled as the moonlight from the window hit it. You couldn’t believe what had just happened. You were going to be Mrs. Holmes, and you couldn’t be happier.

Essays in Existentialism: Business Trip

I don’t know if you’re taking prompts at the moment, but if you are, could you maybe write a domestic AU piece about Lexa being welcomed home after a long business trip by a very caffeine hyped, paint covered Clarke? I’m a sucker for cute AU stories and I very much enjoy your writing, so thank you in advance if you take this prompt. :)

The house was clean. Cleaner than clean. Not a speck of dust, not even the high up shelves that were never touched, not even the backest part of the cupboard, not even the deepest corners of the closet escaped her unending and restless need to keep busy. When she stood in the spotless kitchen, Clarke surveyed and realized that she hadn’t recognized what she’d been doing until it was all done. 

Everything was cleaned the first night Lexa was gone. By the next day, Clarke was digging into spring cleaning in November. She slept horribly in the empty bed and was up earlier than she could remember and thus the house was cleaner than when they moved in, all courtesy of a four-day business trip across the country. 

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Adventures in Croatia

The charge was lead by me, bleached out brown hair curling at the roots, curvy at the hips from olive oil, bronzed skin from European sun so polite it had tapped me on the shoulder and asked to warm me up.

The old town of Dubrovnik was exactly what you hope Europe will be - a world away from smog, skyhighs, soy lattes. Medieval and romantic. 

The overwhelmingness of cream stone dazzles you – cream stone pathways met by cream stone buildings, a cream stone city wall visible down a cream stone street ahead. The cream stones were clean, cleaner than what you expect a tourist hotspot like Dubrovnik should, in all logic, be.

I know a place, I’d told the troupe of boys bold enough to follow me on the adventure.

Maybe they wanted to sleep with me, so they’d just come along just to see what I’d do. A patchwork of guys, two tall, one half-something with caramel skin and a nervous energy.

Trawling through the identical alleyways, Croatian women fanning their faded laundry out windows high above us. Croatian men with slippery grins luring us to restaurants with the promise of cheap foreign beer and a free entree.

On we walked until we found the restaurant, tucked away and inconspicuous. 

We ate two platters of seafood, filled with crunchy crab legs, salty crunchy whitebait, juicy tempura prawns and plenty of garlic-laden aioli that made us all lick our fingers and burp.

Once we were fed we continued, our destination looming far above us – the highest peak of Dubrovnik, a trek that is usually hiked with time to spare.

Outside the cream stone of the city walls, we asked an English-speaking guide with sunglasses obscuring his eyes to flag us a cab. 

He laughed when we told him where we were heading – it was 5:15pm he scoffed. You’ll never make it up there in time for sunset. He puffed his chest. 

The light began to fade.

Out of sheer determination quietly born from a sense of communal responsibility, you assured your patchwork of men that the trained professional was wrong.

You flagged a cab, negotiated a rate, clamoured inside. It smelt like boiled eggs and damp cloth. The cab trundled up the pathway to the peak, climbing altitude that made you all swallow to pop your ears. You laughed together, loud and hopeful. 

The light faded. 

You think idly of how difficult it must be for babies who don’t know to relieve mounting pressure.

You’re all jovial, joking and sipping cans of beer you picked up cheap, a time before you realised you had underestimated time.

The light is fading from the day.

Finally you reach as far as the road will go, and you all half-skip, laughing and joking, nervous energy across the rocks to the apex.

The light continues to fade.

You hastily stumble across a decaying brick wall – one drop would derail your whole trip, but you’re invincible so you don’t think about that.

The light fades.

You burst onto the grassy viewing area together, and the whole world opens up before you, stopping you short.

The Dalmatian coast, a dollop of islands, maybe five, littering the inky ocean to the left.

A cluster of mountains to your right. A sun, brilliantly orange, loitering on its way down to the horizon between the two. Like it had been waiting for you.

A sky, with colours only dreamt of. Husky dewy pinks intermingle with a brilliant gold sheen, while orange desert sand tones stretches behind and a purple wave of clouds on top, washing over the burnt colours like a frozen surf.

A quiet moment. Cans are sipped from. The murmuring stops.

Four people sit, one by one.

The mosaic of colours ahead continues to mingle and morph, but it’s so slow that no one notices.

A little like aging. A little like falling in love.

It happens slowly, then all at once.

The orange orb dips so low that it flirts with the mountainous ranges that meet the sea.

The Datamation coast is there still, but now it’s only illuminated by shadows.

The violet hues take over the sky. It is a clear triumph. The gold has relinquished. You all breathe out. 

The light had faded.

Dusk is a fleeting feeling.

You can’t really explain dusk to a person.

You just have to feel it.

The Benefits of being Friends

AN: So this takes place years after the animated series ended. Everyone is older and mature.. So yes, love it or hate it.  Mature level teen because of adult content obviously. 

Raven exhaled loudly through her mouth, her emotions and body getting the best of her in that moment. She was restless and couldn’t focus on a damn thing. As she put down her book she noticed that her sudden outburst had caused the Changeling who was sitting near to gape at her.

It had been a slow day. Slow for the Titans at least. Dick had been called out Gotham leaving the four in charge of Jump City. So the group was ready for a big fight since that was the perusal whenever Dick got called away… however today seemed slow. Star had left the room hours before and from what Raven could tell was doing something with her pet larva. There was faint undertones of love and mothering coming from the east side of the tower.

After being beat four times in a row in a violent video game Cyborg huffed out of the room most likely going to find something to take his mind off the fact that Beast Boy kicked his ass…. this time.

That left him and just her, sitting in the common room. Now in the past Raven would have rather cut off her pinky then sit alone in a room with the green one. But maturity took it’s course and both of them finally seem to realize the other wasn’t so bad. The pair got to know each other and as the months followed it wasn’t that strange to see the two of them sitting on the sofa together Alone.

Today Raven had been trying to read but her mind was stuck on one subject and as the minutes ticked by she eventually sighed and looked at Gar.

“Can I ask you something?” She stated in a plain voice. “I know that males are perverts no offense but what do men do when they have a… desire? Or a need and they don’t have a significant other to… ease that desire?” Her voice was monotone sounding almost computer like. She knew he’d answer honestly it was never in his nature to lie anyways.

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Laundry Day

Originally posted by justanothereverydayfangirl

Characters: Reader, Sam, Dean

Word Count: 1305

Warning:  Fluff everywhere

Request: Could you please write a fanfic where you wake up in the morning after a tiring hunt and since you feel dirty you decide to take a shower. But because you’re still tired you accidentally grab Dean’s shirt instead of yours, but he insists that you keep it on. Then Sam gets jealous of Dean so he tries to get you to change into his sweater instead. Then can it end with an embarrassed reader who ends up changing back into her pajamas since all of her day clothes are dirty? I love you please write it

A/N:  @thereaderoffanfics, sorry it took me for-fucking-ever to write this.  I’m fairly confident future requests will not take so much time.  I feel like I’ve kind of got my mojo back. Also,I suck at speaking or writing in Spanish.  I’m well aware.  

You woke with drool gluing your wild hair to your cheek, feeling like death.  Blearily you looked around the motel room.  Dean was still sleeping on the couch and Sam must have left for a run.  You stumbled to your feet and hoped he would at least bring you back some coffee.  On your way to the shower your grabbed a spare shirt to change into.  

When you were clean and only slightly more awake you tugged on your shirt, a soft, worn black and while flannel.  There was something wrong with it that you couldn’t place.  You looked down at the sleeves of your shirt, flapping your hands slightly.  The excess fabric billowed, the hem extending past your fingers.  You shrugged, and in your sleep starved state simply began to roll the sleeves and wandered out of the bathroom.  

Sam had returned from his run and had, to your infinite gratitude, brought you coffee.  Dean was awake now, though just barely, and sat across from his brother at the small motel table.  You snagged your coffee and grunted in thanks.  You sunk down onto the edge of Sam’s bed between the brothers and inhaled a deep breath of coffee, sighing contentedly.  When you looked up, two shocked faces were staring back at you.

“What?”  You looked between the two surprised faces, sipping your coffee.  Dean looked at his brother, shrugging and Sam returned the sentiment by raising his eyebrows and tilting his head.  You loved these two, but boy if their silent conversations weren’t irritating sometimes. You winced as the coffee scalded your tongue.  Finally, Dean seemed to lose their unspoken argument and turned to you again, pressing a hand to his thigh, elbow sticking out absurdly.

“Is-is that my shirt,” Dean asked, his eyebrows folding together, stubble sparkling as he smacked his lips.  You looked down at the flannel shirt and your black athletic shorts peeking out below the hem.  It suddenly occurred to you why your shirt had magically grown several sizes overnight.

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Thank you for your request and thank you so much for waiting!

Originally posted by grayground

CL drummed her fingers impatiently against the arm of her desk chair. They had been working for hours now with only laughable results and Gray could feel her eyes boring into him. He tried to tell himself that he was over thinking it, remind himself that she was actually a sweet person despite her stage persona, but he always found himself being extra cautious around her.

“What’s wrong with you today?”

“Nothing,” he mumbled.

He made a feeble attempt at concentrating. Even putting a hand to his headphones like he was listening for something. CL rolled her chair towards him, her legs practically brushing against his, so that she could study his face more closely.

“We can work on this another day,” she said. “When you’re feeling more up to it.”

She stood up to leave but Gray motioned for her to stay.

“I told you nothing’s wrong. I can do this.”

“Gray, I’ve seen you produce a beat from scratch in five minutes. You’ve been working on just the base for over an hour.”

He dejectedly tossed his headphones on his desk and buried his face in his hands. She was right. He’d come to work this week with the full intention of being productive but his mind kept wandering to all the things he’d been neglecting lately. His social life, his sleep, but most importantly you. What he wouldn’t give just to hear your laugh again.

CL wasn’t his first choice to talk to about what was really going on. But she was there and she was listening which counted for something.

“There’s someone I’ve been talking to lately. I haven’t seen her in a while and I guess I just, you know, miss her.”

“I knew it!”

She let out a short laugh as she relaxed back against the chair, waiting for him to continue.

“You knew it?”

“Just look at your office. It’s so clean. Cleaner than Jiyong’s at least,” she corrected herself when she saw the trashcan nearly overflowing with Soju bottles and food wrappers. “You don’t keep a lot of sentimental stuff around. Except for this one birthday card.” She picked it up to demonstrate. Gray held out his hand to take it from her but she ignored him. “I already read it while you were in the bathroom.”

“You went through my stuff?”

“Just the card. I had to know what made it so special.”

No wonder people are afraid of you, Gray thought as he snatched the card away from her and placed it carefully inside his desk drawer. He saw the guilt flicker across her face just before she looked away and he knew that this wasn’t her idea. Their friendship had never developed the same candidness that she had with the others.  Someone had put her up to this, most likely Simon, but that didn’t make him want to humor the conversation any further.

“So..,” she said hesitantly.


“What are you going to do about it?”

He didn’t have an answer for her, not the one he knew she wanted to hear, so he turned his attention back to his monitor as if that could make the conversation dissipate. As if stopping her meant everyone would leave him to bury his intentions until he had time to fathom them out for himself. But that wasn’t possible. Not when the rest of the crew had clearly decided something needed to be done on his behalf.

“Ignoring things won’t solve your problems, Gray.”

“Maybe,” he shrugged. “But it won’t cause any either.”

“It already has. At least from what Simon tells me.”

Knew it.

“You can’t just string her along like she’s a toy,” she continued. “Both of you care about one another. That much is obvious even to me but there will come a point when knowing you care won’t be good enough. You need to say something or do you not think she’s worth it?”

“Of course she’s worth it!” He didn’t mean to yell but losing you was not something he liked thinking about. “Why do you think this is so hard for me?”

“But what are you so afraid of?”

“That I’ll say the wrong thing. That I’ve misinterpreted our friendship. That I’m asking too much of her too soon.”

“That’s you trying to rationalize being selfish.”

“Then what would you have me do?”

“Stop thinking and just do it. No planning. No speeches. And no clichéd song writing.” Seeing Gray cringe at the mention of song writing made CL smile a bit. She moved closer to him; taking hold of his hands before he could shy away from her. “Practice with me.”

It felt weird confessing to her. Gray tried his best to visualize you instead but his words came out stunted and awkward like lines he’d plagiarized from a poorly scripted movie. There was no trace of passion behind them. Only the distinct urge to get this over with as he rattled off words like “love” as if they meant nothing.

If only he hadn’t been too wrapped up in his own embarrassment to hear the shuffling of footsteps outside his office door. Jay’s voice saying your name a little too loudly to give him a warning. You standing frozen in the doorway, your arms laden with food for them all, as you listened to him confess to someone else.

He stood up the moment he noticed you. You let the bags of food fall to the floor before he could say anything as you turned on your heel to leave. By the time Gray called after you, you were already at the lobby. You couldn’t bring yourself to turn back and face him. Your strength was like paper but the one thing you were determined to do was not let him see you cry. You loved Gray and if that meant letting him be happy with someone else then so be it…


Gray fumbled with the keypad to your apartment. He couldn’t stop his fingers from trembling despite the small wave of relief he felt when he heard the door lock click that you hadn’t changed to code already. None of this was supposed to have happened and the only thing he could think as he hurried through the doorway was that somehow he was going to make things right.

You heard the door and tried to go hide in your bedroom but Gray was quicker than you anticipated. He blocked your way before you could even leave the living room and you both stood there in stunned silence for a moment.

He noticed how you flinched when he said your name and his chest tightened. The betrayal you felt was evident in your eyes in the brief contact you managed to make with his. What was he putting you through? He didn’t even want to imagine the things that had been going through your mind in the time it took him to recover from you running out of the studio.

CL had been right. The things he’d left unsaid too long had caused more damage than he could have anticipated. But he wouldn’t let that happen next time because he didn’t want there to be a next time. He didn’t want to categorize his life from now on as before and after losing you.

Before he could think, Gray was crossing the room and wrapping his arms around the small of your back. His lips were on yours in a heartbeat as he pulled you against him. You were too stunned to reciprocate but he kept trying; his mouth gently imploring you to forgive him.

It was only when he felt your hands pushing against his chest that he realized he’d fucked up. That in his desperation he’d only succeeded in widening the rift between you. His grip tightened in response. In his head he was already scrambling to memorize the details of your face, the sound of his name in your voice, the way you fit in his arms because he knew when he let you go those memories would be all he was left with.

“What the hell, Gray?” You shouted when he finally let you go. Your voice was trembling. Hot tears were streaming down your face but you didn’t care if he saw them anymore.

“I love-”

“No,” you cut him off. “You don’t get to say that to me. Don’t you dare.”

He tried stepping closer to you but you backed away in response. He looked panicked like he was genuinely at a loss as to what to do next which made two of you.

“She doesn’t mean anything to me. She never has.”

“Is that supposed to make me feel better?”

“No you don’t understand,” he said, running his fingers through his hair in an exasperated gesture. “She was trying to help me. Ask her. Ask any of the guys and they’ll tell you the same thing. You’re all I think about. You’re the only one that makes me feel grounded. Whenever I picture my future it’s always me standing beside you because that’s all I want.”

Your face softened as he spoke. The Gray you’d become accustomed to was always so reserved. He only showed what he was feeling in a series of subtleties that’d you’d learned to pick up on. Even after everything that you’d seen, there was something about the way in which he spoke then, how raw his words sounded, that made you want to trust him.

“Please just say something. Anything. Even if it’s that you hate me.”

Gray let his head fall as he braced himself for your response.

“I could never hate you,” you whispered which made Gray perk his head back up.

“You believe me?”

“You’re a lot of things, Gray, but you’ve always been a terrible liar.” You gave him a half smile. This time you didn’t move away when he chanced another step towards you. “But I’m still royally pissed.”

“I know. I’m sorry.”

“You had to go and have our first kiss while I’m angry with you.”

You both couldn’t help but laugh at the situation and you leaned into Gray’s embrace as you tried to wipe the tears from your cheeks. Gray kissed the top of your head, one of his hands rubbing your back to help soothe you, as a smile plastered his face. It was only when your breathing steadied that he broke the silence.

“Are you still mad at me?”

You nodded.

“In that case, I’m sorry again,” he said as he tilted your chin up and kissed you for the second time. Only this time you kissed him back.

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Hi! Can you do SCM reaction when MC hurts her fingers while knitting a scarf for the gods for ichthys, karno, zyglavis and aigo?

I will used back the same prologue and link to previous gods is found below.

It has been 6 months since both of you are dating, so you want to give him something that is handmade. You knit him a scarf but hurt your fingers since this is your first attempt.

You went into Ichthys’s room and place the gift on his bed. You do not want him to see how hurt your fingers are. However, he reached home just when you about to leave. He is surprised to see you but happy that you are here.

“What happen to your fingers?” He asked worryingly, as soon he found out.

“Well… I knitted you a scarf. Hope you like it.” You muttered softly, before taking the gift from the bed and passed it to him. Ichthys stared hard at you and the gift before pulling you into his embraced.

“You are just so cute that I love you so much. Let me heal your fingers first.” Ichthys said sweetly to you. He holds your finders in his hands and heals you in no time. He kissed you deeply before pushing you down on the bed.

You just finished wrapping the gift when Karno walked into your house. However, he already holds your hands in his before you can pass the gift to him.

“What happen to your fingers?” He asked worryingly.

“Well… You will know once you open the gift.” You put on your best smile and gave the gift to him. He opened the gift with great care and stunned to find the scarf that you handmade for him. He pulled you and kissed you gently on your lips.

“Thank you! I will treasure it. To make you feel better, I will spoon feed you until you fingers recover.” He smiled lovely at you.

Although you insist that it does not hurt that much, Karno insists feeding you and pamper you under you fully recover.

Zyglavis stepped into your house and find you bandaging your fingers with plasters. He immediately holds your hands and asked you what happen.

“I knitted this for you. Hope you like it.” You handed him the scarf. Zyglavis looked at the scarf and immediately know what happened to your fingers. He pulled you into his arms and kissed you deeply on your lips. After a while, he pulled back and caressed your fingers with care.
“It must hurt a lot. It hurt my heart to see you hurting yourself.” Zyglavis said sadly.

“For you is worth it.” You replied shyly.

“I will settle all your housework for you until you recover. You are not allowed to hurt your fingers further.” Zyglavis insisted.

True to his words, he helped with the housework and your house is cleaner than when you cleaned up yourself.

You stepped into Aigo’s room and found him sleeping as usual. You take out the scarf and quietly wrapped it around his neck. He was woken up by your movement and you simply smile at him.

“I make this for you. Hope you like it.” You smiled shyly at him. The scarf is soft and he smiles happily at you. You know immediately that he likes it but his face start to frown when he saw your fingers.

“You got hurt knitting this. Am I right?” Aigo holds your hands gently.

He sighed and pulled you down on the bed with him. He then wrapped the other side of the scarf around your neck and embraced you tightly.

“Let enjoyed the scarf together. I am going to hold you in my arms the whole night. This will make your pain go away.” Aigo whispered sweetly to you.

Everything in sight is immaculate.

I am cleaner than Mr. Clean himself. By nature of the title, I have now inherited the name “Mr. Clean.”

You may call me Nagito Clean.


“Please Take Care Of My Vanity Desk 2” - Leeteuk Reveals His Home & Routines ~

You and Mr. Barnes - Chapter 5

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

I’m going to be back in America tomorrow!!! It’s been a wonderful vacation, have to say. But I’m just glad to be back.

More Bucky and Reader interaction in this one, so enjoy it. I’m taking my family vacation from the 9th to the 15th, so I’ll probably most one or two more chapters before that… Wi-Fi is expensive as hell on a cruise ship, don’t you know.

Thanks to everyone that is reblogging and liking this, even if it’s just a few of you. Seriously, you guys are the best.


Your phone’s deep rumble on your coffee table woke you up. Another text from Brock.

Open up your kitchen window at 12:24 a.m. Bucky will slip inside soon after. Keep quiet. You will escort him to the bank at 11:00 am the next day. Don’t die. B.R.

It was 12:15 a.m. By all accounts, you should have been asleep for the night as a whole, but with a nap and an adrenaline rush, there was no way in hell you were tired. You slapped yourself awake and paced around your kitchen island waiting for 12:24 to arrive. When it did, you gently slid the window up and stepped out of the way. Straining your ears, you picked up a grunt and a loud metal clang that reverberated in your soul. You heard the softest grunt after that. Was something going happening on top of the roof? Your apartment roof?

You were about to stick your head outside when the large figure that you knew to be Bucky swung into your kitchen and slid out of sight behind the island. An ambulance siren, several actually, sounded from the street, and you took that opportunity to gaze outside. They were all rushing toward the apartment complex about a block down from you, and you wondered what it was about. Did it relate to Bucky? It had to. Regardless, you gently and ever so quietly shut the window and closed the curtains.

“It’s safe,” you whispered, flipping on a light.

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This is... (TW/SPN) [Part One]

Imagine introducing your boyfriend (TW) to your brothers (SPN). Boyfriends include Stiles, Scott, and Derek Hale.

Don’t put too much thought into the timeline lmao.

. . .

Scott: “Sam, Dean,” you greeted, trailing off awkwardly. “This is my boyfriend, Scott.”

Next to you, Scott was trying to remain cool, but you knew he was super nervous about meeting your only family.

“How long’ve you been dating?” Sam asked, eyebrows furrowing slightly.

“1 year, 3 months,” Scott breathed out, a dreamy smile on his face that made you giggle.

Dean, on the other hand, was surveying everyone’s actions with an unimpressed grimace.

“Nice to meet you,” Sam stepped forward and shook his hand. Your brother was at least 6'4 and Scott was a short 5'10. In other words, Sam practically towered over him.

Scott took an unsure but friendly step towards Dean, “I’m Scott -”

“Right, right,” Dean droned, “so I’ve heard.”

You put a hand on your hip, an annoyed expression gracing your features. “Dean, what’s the issue? Shake his goddamn hand.”

Your older brother let out another chuckle, before walking an eerie circle around Scott in his ‘gangster’ cowboy boots. “There’s something not right about him.”

Glancing over at Sam, you gave him a look that said ‘help me’, but he didn’t provide much sympathy. “He’s right. What aren’t you telling us, Y/N? And don’t say nothing.”

Scott’s eyes widened, he looked at you with head turned to the side a little in panic. He didn’t know about their profession, and you didn’t want it to get to the level where he’d need to.

“Jesus Christ,” you groaned. “He’s a werewolf. Happy, now?”

“Yes!” Sam yelled back in response as though it was a key detail. Which it sort of was, but at the same time, he’d only just met him.

At the same time, Dean had screeched, “a fucking werewolf?!”

You ran a hand down your face in annoyance, while Scott just looked poor and afraid. Basically, like a deer. A deer in headlights, a deer that just watched his entire family of deer suddenly get their hearts ripped from their chest as though it was casual. Overall, he was just looking conflicted.

“Relax, he isn’t rabid!” You placed a hand on Scott’s bicep to comfort him. “He’s an alpha,” you told them as you admired your boyfriend.

Sam’s eyes nearly left his head, “he has a pack? A pack of werewolves? That murder people in the freaking night?!”

“No. No one is murdered. It is generally traditional that an alpha is born by a beta murdering his own alpha or by rising in the pack over time. Other than that, there is no need for death besides an occasional loss of control.”

Your brothers blinked.

“What, are werewolves your weakest suit? C'mon, you’ve really only experienced them those … two times?”

Dean chose to ignore you, tugging on the collar of his heavy dark jacket. “So, your boyfriend, he murdered to become an alpha? Is that what you’re telling me?”

Scott shook his head rapidly, “I’m a true alpha.”

When Sam gave you a totally confused expression, you elaborated. “A true alpha means he’s possesses alpha-like qualities, without murdering to become one. He was given the power because of his leadership skills. It’s a rarity. It’s extremely, extremely rare.”

They blinked again.

“Well,” Dean said finally, “it’s nice to meet you. I’m Dean Winchester.”

Stiles: “What if they kill me? What if they hate me? Ohmygod. Y/N- I don’t know if I can do this,” Stiles vented without pausing between words. You laughed, but gave him a joking scared face when a knock sounded on the door.

“Oh my god, oh my god, Y/N, please, no. I’m too awkward for this! No. Wanna hear it in spanish? No.”

You rolled your eyes, heading towards the door after fiddling with your hair. It was done up really nice, and it took nearly all afternoon. But it was okay, but Stiles was tearing apart his entire wardrobe in the meantime.

“Y/N. You wanna maybe, I don’t know, open the door?”


Opening the door, you gave both your siblings hugs before they observed your apartment. It was relatively clean. Cleaner than where ever they were staying, that’s for sure.

“So, you adopted a baby brother in our absence?” Sam questioned, nudging his chin towards Stiles.

He cringed in response. “That’s my boyfriend,” you sighed, closing your eyes in dismay.

Dean broke out into hysterical laughter, while Sam pursed his lips. “This,” he tried to catch his breath, “I your boyfriend? Really, Y/N?”

“Stop being rude, Dean. I assume you’re still banging the possessed demon’s sister and/or anyone else cheap enough?”

Now Sam was breaking out into hysterical laughter. Stiles was frozen in place and you felt bad.

“He’s cute,” you said sweetly, grabbing your boyfriend’s hand which made him blush. That was even cuter.

“I’m cute.” Dean shrugged, “and?”

“He’s, like, the normal kind of cute. You’re like the rugged, annoying and haunted kind of cute that doesn’t really matter because you’re ignorant personality evens it out. I’m quick with the comebacks, huh? You should see Stiles in action.”

“Stiles?” He sputtered, “his name is Stiles? What’s a Stiles?”

“Your name is Dean!” You scolded. “That’s not even a fraction hotter!”

Dean rolled his eyes, reaching for his flask in his pocket. You shifted your gaze to Sam, who was checking out Stiles. Not in the creepy way. Hopefully not, at least. That would definitely be weird.

Sam met your gaze, “what’s up with him?”

“You know, you can’t catch a disease by talking to the actual fucking person.” You grinned sweetly, reaching to fix your hair, again. Dean twisted the cap back on his flask, smiling fondly at your statement.

“What’s your story?” Dean questioned, rummaging through your fridge. When Stiles didn’t answer immediately, he gave him a look of expectation.

Stiles shrugged in his loose navy zip-up hoodie, “you know, the usual. I was temporarily possessed by a Japanese trickster demon, of sorts. It was actually pretty sick, now that I think about it. But still fucking frightening at the same time.”

Now it your turn to cringe. “I’ll set the table…”

Derek: “Relax, Derek, they aren’t the average type.” You told your boyfriend as you knocked on the door to where Dean and Sam were staying.

Your brothers, shockingly, offered to make dinner because they insisted on meeting Derek.

“Y/N, hey. This-This is your -” Sam’s eyes widened as he spotted Derek, who stood behind you with a relatively friendly smile. He was trying.

“Yes,” you laughed lightly. “This is my boyfriend, Derek. You jealous? Huh, is that it?”

Sam shook his head rapidly, “N-No.” He redirected his gaze to Derek, “I’m Sam. Nice to meet you.”

Derek shook his hand and they exchanged a few words as you ran inside to find Dean.

“Brother!” You squealed, trapping Dean in a tight hug.

He grunted jokingly, before spinning you around. He was generally all tough, but you were the baby sister, so it was different. “So, your boyfriend. Is he gonna be all short and hamster-y? Or should I get my gun?”

You didn’t have a chance to answer when Derek suddenly popped up in the doorway. Dean gulped, “or-or not. I’m gonna get the gun…”

Derek waited at the table with you while Dean and Sam talked in the kitchen and prepared everything. You pressed yourself against the wall to hear what they were whispering about, your boyfriend shaking his head at you with a smile. He didn’t really have to strain his ears to hear.

“I don’t know… he’s kind of, I don’t know, buff.” Sam shrugged, and Derek grinned.

“He’s tough. I wasn’t expecting that… But I can take him, you know, if we ever needed to.”

Soon, your brothers had all the food on the table. Steak, instant mashed potatoes, and frozen vegetables. They tried, at least. Everyone was sort of trying. That was a good sign.

Dean looked up from his plate. “So, Derek. What’s your interest in our sister?”

You groaned and buried your face in your hands. They were having a stare-off.

“That’s an interesting question,” Derek furrowed his eyebrows. “I wish I could answer that. Too bad it makes about zero sense.”

Your eyes widened and you knew this dinner was going to be hell.

“I could probably take you,” Dean said out of the blue. He gave a fake, short smile as he stabbed a piece of steak with his shiny silver fork.

Derek let out a dry laugh. “I’m gonna say no to that. No, you probably couldn’t.”

Sam exchanged an ‘oh jesus’ look with you. Every time you got a boyfriend it ended up with him being dead, hospitalized, or a demon in disguise. Or he got possessed to the point where he had to be executed.

“I’m a hunter,” Dean rolled his eyes. “Not a buff dude who goes to the gym everyday.”

It amused you how he thought he had some higher power over Derek because he hunted the supernatural. Little did he know…

Dean looked at you for a change. “You didn’t tell him? Oh god, this will be fun.”

“No, I did,” you grinned.

“Then why,” his eyes met Derek’s, “do you think you can take me?”

“Because,” Derek smirked. Then, of course, he growled and his eyes turned an icy blue, “I’m a werewolf.”

It seemed like they hated each other, but they actually became bestfriends. Like, if Derek was missing, you could check where ever Dean was and he was there. You actually got kind of jealous.

They were literally inseparable.

. . .

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Imagine Steve and Tony going out to dinner for the first time with Lily (about a month after she was born) and when she needs a diaper change, Steve goes into the women's bathroom all embarrassed, but none of them give him a hard time. Tony goes in there proudly with Lily

AN: I accidentally wrote something again. 

Steve stared at the door in front of him. The door seemed to stare defiantly back, if that were possible. In the carrier on his chest, Lily wiggled and let out a small noise of distress. 

“We’ve got this, honey,” he murmured, holding a finger out for her to clutch in her tiny fist. “It can’t be that hard, right? We just go in there, do our business, and get out again.”

“Steve, I can do it if you’re really that uncomfortable,” Tony called from halfway across the cafe where they were having a spontaneous lunch. “It’s just a bathroom; there are stalls just like in the men’s room. You’re not gonna walk in and see someone with their leg hoiked up on a sink or something.”

Steve grimaced a little at how crass Tony was being in such a public space, and with their one month old in hearing range. But instead of heading back to their table and handing her over, he took a deep breath and pushed the bathroom door open. 

Almost immediately, he realised that the woman’s room smelled… clean. Cleaner than any men’s room he had ever been in, anyway, and as he glanced around quickly, he realised the place seemed somehow tidier, too. 

Men really were pigs. 

“Okay, sweetie,” he sighed, spotting a changing table at the opposite side of the bathroom, past a line of sinks, “let’s go clean you up, huh?”  

He got halfway across the room when a middle aged woman appeared out of a toilet stall. He froze, face heating, and she also skidded to a stop, obviously surprised. 

“S-sorry,” he stuttered. “I know I shouldn’t be in here. It’s just - my daughter needs her diaper changed, and there isn’t a table in the men’s -”

“Oh, honey,” the woman smiled, nodding her head. “Go right ahead. You’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about. She’s a precious little thing, by the way.”

“I - thank you,” Steve replied proudly, and then stepped out of the way for the woman to get to the sinks while he carried on his way, breathing a little easier as he did so. 

Pulling the changing table out and locking it into place, he dropped their diaper bag onto one end and then carefully scooped Lily out of her seat against his chest. 

“I know, baby,” he cooed, pulling her in to kiss her wibbly bottom lip before placing her gently on the table. “Papa’s gonna make you feel good as new, I promise.”

Embarrassment fading, he quickly took her soiled diaper off, tossed it into the bin by his feet, and then cleaned her up and reapplied a new one with a little baby powder for the rash on her butt. 

“We did it!” he grinned, watching as Lily let out a little sigh. “Feeling better, sweetie?”

Scooping her back up, he gave her one more kiss before sliding her back into her carrier. When she was all set, he grabbed their bag and folded the table back again, and then made his way to the sinks.

“Papa’s gotta wash his hands,” he narrated softly, as he had found himself doing more and more often since Lily had arrived. “And then we’re gonna go back out to find Daddy, okay?”

Hands clean, and deciding to forgo the hand dryer in case it scared Lily, Steve wiped his hands on his jeans and then made for the door, thankful to find that he didn’t run into any more women on his way out. 

He couldn’t help but strut a little as he made his way back over to their table, proud of himself for reasons that he couldn’t quite understand. Tony rolled his eyes at him as he got closer, but still gave him a chaste kiss as he handed Lily over to him and sat down.