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EDIT: I didn’t specify it in the post, but I’m annoyed at Pet smart-the-corporation (who decide what labels to use), not its employees.

Made a comment about it in the tags on that last post, but in case any of you were unaware of just how bad Petsmart is at labeling fish:

Here is the tank label

Here is the fish

(*jingle plays* …one of these things is not like the other…)

For some reason - even God doesn’t know why - both of these fish share the common name “Butterfly Pleco.”

The problem is… the real species isn’t just not a Pleco - it’s not even a kind of catfish!

And from below:

These little cuties are members of the genus Beaufortia (or a few closely related ones - the bottom picture has one B. sp. and two other genii… all of which look the same without careful observation) a group of loaches mostly found in East Asia, which took a Google search and under thirty seconds to find out.

PetSmart rating… weak.