cleaned by me

i went around the house, from hallway to dark hallway, with a cardboard box under my arm, and gently picked up all the remnants of my old poetry;
i got all the loose bathroom tiles, i picked up the broken pens and burnt notebooks, all the stapled manuscripts with missing pieces;
i went into the kitchen, got a plastic bag, and somehow, someway, scooped up some vomit that had been laying around on the living room carpet;
i vacuumed up the throw-aways: dust and crumbs and pills;
carefully picked up all the broken shards of glass that somehow glowed bright against the coming of the night, reflecting and refracting every little light;
i even found the dirty polaroids behind the couch and ripped those up, because there was a new dawn coming in a few hours and i wanted the house ready and clean to meet it;
the tv had a big stuck stuck through it; i resolved to replace the tv later, i had done enough cleaning for one night
—  spring cleaning (in the summertime) // every little light

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Whoops I spilled my drink on ya, sorry! (pleasedon'tkillme)

As she walked around, she was surprised by one of the guest at the ball “accidentally” spilling a drink at her. She tried to not get much on her face as she looks towards the guest. 

She then looks at herself, seeing how her dress also got stained, she furrowed her brows and debated. ‘I rather not make a scene out of this’ she thought to herself and sighed.

“It’s fine..I’ll just go find somewhere to wash off the stain….Enjoy yourself.” she muttered as she calmly walks off, feeling a bit bitter about this. “Way to spoil an evening..” she muttered to herself as she avoid much contact so no one would see her looking miserable and well…stained.

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talk to me about serial killer sammy who's obsessed with his big brother and will hurt anyone who tries to go near him. sammy who loves having dean's cock inside of him whenever he can, and in his mouth when it cant be. :))) pls

i could talk about this all day long because god, i love this. so much. i am all for sweet, little, innocent sammy not being as innocent and sweet as he seems.

he likes hurting things and he’s not sure why he does. it started with small animals, you know. and when sam came to dean with tears in his eyes because he knew that it wasn’t right at all for him to hurt these things but he can’t help it, dean helped sam clean the blood from his hands and pushed his hair back from his face and told him that it was going to be okay. that nothing bad was going to happen if dean was around and honestly, if sam liked hurting things, that was okay too. it wasn’t normal but then again, their lives weren’t normal.

it got worse after that. sam started killing bigger things and dean was always there right behind sam, cleaning up after him, making sure that sam was okay and that’s where sam’s obsession grew. dean was the only person that was there for him. through everything, after everything that sam’s done, dean’s been the only one who stuck around and sam realized that was the way that it was supposed to be.

just him and dean.

neither of them can really remember who started their relationship. it was probably sam, completely at ease with himself and those feelings and it was probably after the story of the girl that was found dead in some alley somewhere. dean didn’t really know the girl. he remembered seeing her in the library and she seemed to be into dean but dean wasn’t interested and that was the extent of their relationship. sam on the other hand, knew that she was danger. she was threatening to take dean away from him and when she went home that night, sam followed her and dragged her in the alley and well… the police found her the next day.

but it was probably after that when sam cornered dean, his eyes blown wide with want and the moment that sam kissed dean, dean was completely gone for his little brother.

when sam killed, dean cleaned up after him, making sure that his brother’s secret was still safe and sam would always pin dean up against the alley wall and whisper filth into dean’s ear and beg dean to fuck him. that he just needed dean to be inside of him and sometimes they don’t even make it back to the motel.


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how does Lob feel the first time he meets other Ricks and their Stans??

Lob comes from an alien subspecies where everyone looks the same, and has never been to Earth, so when he initially visited the Citadel he assumed it was perfectly normal. He has only seen other humans in media, and presumed they were just other subspecies with thousands of duplicates as well. It doesn’t help much to clarify this confusion when Ricardo hops dimensions constantly and knows multiple versions of the same person.


just imagine…
the moment Lance learns how to unlock his bayard  :’)

slightly older Lance with different guns like, Pistols? Long Sniper rifle? pow pow 
Lance would ACE bc he is a fantastic sharpshooter.

The Wedding 

dedicated to freak-is-the-new-princess

incredibly specific things about Bakugou’s wardrobe that i have noticed:

  • he owns lots and lots of black/dark blue tank tops
  • loves wearing baggy pants and probably buys them all a size or two larger than necessary just so he can pull off his Look™
  • wears an incredibly bright orange belt to hold up his way too large pants so they don’t fall down around his ankles. however he still wears his pants way too low despite the belt. child is dedicated to his Look™
  • owns way too many skull/Punisher t-shirts. i’m 98% sure he still wears the same brand that he wore as a child. refuses to change looks. will buy any t-shirt as long as it’s black and has a skull on it 
  • only ever wears loafers. sometimes boots. but always loafers
  • never wears socks (b/c the only time he wore them he got kidnapped. both times.)

((First and foremost, I’d like to say that this guy’s beard impresses me greatly

I couldn’t pass up the chance to draw @asktheinkdemon‘s Henry design because he is aN ADORABLE OLD CINNAMON ROLL THAT NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS))

Clean Me, Daddy | 30.03.17
  • Phil: "Why aren't you cleaning us?" said Candice. Oh...
  • Dan: Excuse me?
  • Phil: Last time I did a live show, I accidentally ordered 300 cleaning wipes.
  • Dan: I know. I've seen them.
  • Phil: So, you can have the honour of cleaning them.
  • Dan: Excuse me?
  • Phil: The webcam. It's a bit grubby, so you know give them a clean. Give them a wipe. Someone just said "clean me, daddy".
  • Dan holds the cleaning wipe with regret. Phil burst out laughing and Dan starts speaking in a high pitched voice.
  • Dan: Yeah, I read that too. What is this?
  • Phil: It wasn't this weird when I did it!
  • Dan: There's a section of your live show where...
  • Phil: No, it's not a section!
  • Dan: ... you clean them?
  • Phil: No, I'm just saying we're slightly blurry and they'd like to see us in 1080pHD quality.
  • Dan: No, you planned this. It's a section where you clean the audience. Now everyone is saying "clean me".
  • Phil: They liked it. Just do it! I'll make the sound effect.
  • Dan: There's dozen of tens of thousands of people saying "clean me" right now.
  • Phil: Dan, clean them. Clean them!
  • Dan: Jesus Christ.
  • Phil: Do it! It's what you signed up to do.
  • Dan suppressing a regretful chuckle, Phil grinning so damn wide.
  • Dan: Oh my God, stop! The chat! Frick. Even the YouTube comments are going to be ruined. Oh, whatever you fricking..
  • Dan wipes the webcam while Phil makes the sound effect.
  • Phil: That's the noise of the cleaning wipe. Look how clear we are now though. My pores are here.
  • Dan: And yet, I feel dirty.