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I was supposes to go for a hike today but life (and shit) happens so I had to stay at home instead. I did an hour of pilates.

Breakfast: bread roll with home-made zucchini chutney and a soy sausage

Lunch: Crunchy peanut butter pasta

Snack: vegan protein with banana

Dinner: Red Lentil Soup

I also found a vegan ice-cream in our store so I had to try it and it is delicious!
Now I’m having a glass of wine and you know what? No regrets - I deserve the wine cause I’ve been working out hard all week and there is nothing wrong with treatin yourself 😊

~~~Things that I did to self care today~~~

• Had bagels with a dear friend
• Was open and honest with my therapist
• Finished a paper
• Cleaned my apartment
• Ate all meals and snacks
• Caught up with someone I’ve missed lots over dinner
• Put on a facemask and all my new Herbivore face products
• Ate truffles and drank tea
• Called my best friend from home
• Took my night meds
• Emailed my nutritionist
• Am currently going to sleep very early

Tomorrow will be a new day, beans 🌟

I am reading about rye bread and it may be a reason for causing the French Revolution because peasants ate rye bread with ergot, a fungus, that caused foodborne illnesses while the nobility ate clean wheat bread. So now I can’t help thinking of Francis throwing rye bread out the window when it’s in the house like nope, that’ll get heads cut off, not ready for another of those. And Arthur would be like “you dickhead, I was about to make toast ”.

Can you imagine, though? Like Arthur having to go out to find the fucking bread and depending where it lands, he either brings it inside or throws it in the bin. And I can feel his exasperation like “Not again, goddamn, this happens every single time. I hid it and he STILL found it.” And it’s not like Francis actively looks for the bread, but if he spots it, he’d freak out and instinctively throw it out, doesn’t matter if it’s fresh or a week old, it goes and it goes forever, much to Arthur’s disdain.

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For the prompt request, what about a Coldatom AU where Ray's also been seeing a hallucination/time ghost/whatever of Snart?

“Ya know, Raymond?” Leonard says, leaning on the kitchen counter. “For someone with a body like yours, I thought you’d stay away from processed foods.”

“We live off of food that’s made in a fabricator, I don’t think it even matters anymore. And for the record, I never really ate clean. Just two hours in the gym every morning and good genes.” Ray can’t believe he’s not only bickering with a hallucination of his dead teammate, but also feeling the need to justify himself.

“So modest,” Leonard snarks back.

“You’re not even real,” Ray puts down his favorite box of synthetic cereal that he was unceremoniously eating out of. “You are a figment of my imagination, a hallucination.”

“We’ve been over this, Raymond.” Leonard turns to lean forward over the counter on his crossed arms. “You’re not hallucinating, I’m a ti-”

“Time ghost, yeah, I know,” Ray says crossing his arms over his broad chest. “Not only does that sound ridiculous - and given that we’re on a space ship traveling through time, that’s saying something - but if you’re a ghost, then why are you only haunting me? You have an entire ship full of people you could be bothering.”

Leonard just shrugs. “Believe me, I’ve tried. I actually promised Stein I’d come back to haunt him, and I always keep my promises.”

Ray just scowls at him.

“Besides, I think I got lucky,” Leonard says, leaning up and forward so he’s level with Ray, “Who wouldn’t want to be the fly on Ray Palmer’s bedroom wall?”

The familiar drawl makes heat travel down Ray’s body, settling low in his belly. This is not happening, Ray Palmer is not going to be turned on by a time ghost or hallucination or whatever of Leonard Snart. He had a hard enough time keeping it in his pants when the bastard was alive.

“You watch me sleep?” Ray asks backing away from the counter, putting some space between them.

“Oh, I watch you do more than sleep, boy scout.” Leonard throws him a wink and Ray knows he’s blushing, can feel the heat at the tops of his ears and on his cheeks.

“In fact, I’m pretty sure my ears were burning last night while you were in the shower.”

Ray just shakes his head, and backs completely away from the counter, standing at the opposite side of the room. He has his arms crossed over just chest, trying to look offended, but only feels embarrassment.

“You can’t do that, Snart,” says Ray, but his words are weak. “You can’t keep showing up, letting me see you - or whatever is happening. It’s cruel.”

“No matter what this is, it hurts.” Ray’s eyes never leave Leonard’s. His gaze burns right through Ray, searing him completely.

“It’s not like it matters now anyway,” Ray says, softly, finally looking away from the other man, casting his eyes downward.

There’s a silence that hangs for a few moments, before Leonard breaks it.

“I know this won’t make things any better, but… I wish we had more time, Raymond. You and I.”

Ray looks up, but Leonard is gone, leaving nothing but an echo and a hollow feeling in Ray’s chest.

A chat with my husband (a professional sports coach) about my weight loss frustrations
  • Me: I was SO GOOD this month! Ate clean, kept my calorie count low, worked out 5 or 6 days a week, balanced out cardio with lifting, and I only lost half a pound after two months of plateaus!
  • Husband: I know! I've paid attention! It looks like you've lost more than that, though. You look great and I can tell your energy is way up!
  • Me: Thanks hon... It's just frustrating to work so hard toward a goal weight and make so little progress.
  • Husband: You've been doing this for about a year and a half, right? And how much weight have you lost?
  • Me: 22 lbs
  • Husband: Ok, so, that's about 1.5 lbs a month, yes?
  • Me: Yeah, sometimes more than that, sometimes nothing, but on average, yeah.
  • Husband: Do you like working out at the gym?
  • Me: Yeah, I do! It's my me time!
  • Husband: And all that running you do to train for that marathon, are you enjoying that?
  • Me: Oh you bet!
  • Husband: Are you planning to quit eating clean or were you just doing it temporarily?
  • Me: I don't feel like I need to ever go back to eating junk. I've found a good groove!
  • Husband: So how many pounds do you think you need to lose to get to your goal weight?
  • Me: 22, I'm halfway there.
  • Husband: So let's say your metabolism is slowing a bit and a half pound a month is about the average of what you can expect. That means it could take 4 more years to get there.
  • Me: Oh no! Oh my god! That's too long!
  • Husband: Oh so all this effort was just temporary? You were planning to give up after a while? Stop exercising at some point? Eat junk again someday?
  • Me: Of course not!
  • Husband: Well, do you see yourself enjoying running, getting your "me time" at the gym, and eating clean foods for another four more years?
  • Me: Sure do!
  • Husband: So what's the problem then? You're having a blast, you look GREAT, you're feeling better than ever, you're making progress... What's four more years?
  • Me: I see now why you're such a great coach 😊

(The first photo was taken in June 2014 and the second photo was taken last month.)

Throughout my entire life, I always the “biggest” kid. My double (triple) chins were more evident than my friends’. When I would try going on diets, I would end up giving up & overeating after a week. Throughout high school, I went through an extremely difficult time. I would eat and smoke to cope with my feelings, which caused me to become over 200 pounds.
Last May, my friend took a picture of me for her photoshoot (not the photo above). I knew that I was always bigger than my friends, but that photo completely disgusted me. I felt so fat that I went home and cried. Little did she (or any of my friends) know, the day after that photoshoot, I decided to make a huge change in my life. I worked out, ate clean, stopped smoking, and actually stuck with my plan for months. Right now, I’m about 50-60 pounds less than I once was. I’m still extremely insecure about my body, though (It took me months to post this).
After slacking off a little, I’m finally back on track and have a goal (to lose 25 pounds). But on days like these where I’m feeling unmotivated, I like to look back at old photos. They remind me why I started this journey and that I should be proud of my hard work. If anyone has any workout tips/ healthy recipes they would like to share, message me! Thank you for taking the time to read this and remember: If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT.💞

do you ever have days where ur like “i just took great care of myself today”


More crawfish please! Here’s Odin showing some feeding mode behavior he’s smelling around for some more food after he got done eating those crawfish. When he is in this feeding mode he will bite anything that smells like food or chase any small moving objects.

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After Ender had gotten dressed, cleaned up, and ate, he went back outside to Konoha Village. He made sure to wear a coat over his armor since he didn’t want to make a scene with the other villagers. Even though he had been here for a while now, he was sure not many people would get used to the fact that Ender wasn’t from around here. Not even from this place, but this planet. Or this universe. And how do you explain that to a bunch of ninjas?

But, someone saw through his rise pretty well and, interestingly enough, he became good friends with her. Sakura Haruno. The first person he came to truly interact with upon his arrival. She treated him rather well, for someone that didn’t belong in this world.

He heads up to her place to visit her, since she would tell him about the history her world and he to her on his. They would both learn something new about each other’s worlds and it was interesting to compare. He would benefit from his research and she would be the first person to interact with an average New Yorker in a world filled with ninjas.



3/15/2017 - Hey everyone! So, I got in a good workout today. Did some cardio and got in a good arm workout. I also spent about an hour doing some meal prep. What’s not shown in the photos are more containers of food that was prepped ahead. I’m feeling really good about working out and eating better! I DIDN’T CHEAT AND I ATE CLEAN TODAY!