“Oh child, don’t put that in…” 

Zenyatta sighed as you nibbled on the hard light toy Symmetra had gracefully left you with. He gently extricated it from your mouth, cleaning it with a towel.

“Please be careful.” Zenyatta said and gave it back to you. “Hard light is a construction material, after all. It may be har- Oh!”

The toy cracked at your touch, shattering into a cloud of shimmering pieces. You two watched as the light dissipated into little specks in your vision. Just as you felt remorse burn your cheeks, you felt a gentle had on your shoulder, and Zenyatta’s soothing voice in your ear.

“No need to fret, child. There is something beautiful, even in disorder.” 


Begrudgingly, Reaper carried you to his quarters, and washed you with no small amount of exasperation. You had practically rolled outside in the mud, tracking dirt all through the base. 

Once you were clean, he slipped you into one of his shirts, the hem draped over your toes like an evening gown.

“Now stay out of trouble.” Reaper grumbled. You laughed, and opened your arms, asking for a hug.

He stared at you for a long moment, and sighed. Reaper reached over, and ruffled your hair.

“I mean it, kid.”

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