*randomly gets instant noodle craving at 2 am*

*goes to the storeroom to get some*

*opens drawer to find cockroach*

*slams drawer shut but is still hungry*

*risks life to get instant noodles*

*now happily eating instant noodles*

There was once a very great American surgeon named Halsted. He was married to a nurse. He loved her– immeasurably. One day Halsted noticed that his wife’s hands were chapped and red when she came back from surgery. And so he invented rubber gloves. For her. It is one of the great love stories in medicine. The difference between inspired medicine and uninspired medicine is love.

When I met Ana, I knew:
I loved her to the point of invention.

—  The Clean House by Sarah Ruhl

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia S11E05

Did you fix that pool filter? I tried, but it turns out it’s really complicated, and I didn’t go to school for that, you know?


HAIM sisters on Clean House S5E7 in 2006

Watchin’ today’s Minecraft LP when…

Huh, wonder what Jeremy was doing down there all by himself. Probably nothing that important, anyway.

Oh wow. That’s a lot of swords. That’s a little curious.

Then later.

Uh wait. What?

Uh… You okay there Lil J?

GOTTA KNOW:  Proper Bedding Care

They say you should replace your mattress every 7-8 years. With proper care, you can extend the life of your bed while maintaining a fresher, more cleanly environment. Here are our favorite tips on regular bed maintenance.

  • Flip and vacuum your mattress with the upholstery attachment every 3 months. Flip the mattress both head to toe and side to side.
  • Strip your bed when you go vacation to allow your mattress to air our.
  • Use machine washable, zipper enclosed pillow protectors under your pillow cases, and wash them once a month.
  • Wash your pillows (synthetic or natural fibers like down) every 4 months to remove mold, bacteria and oil.  Read each care label for directions.
I Am Drowning

Babes! Bare with me, I’m a little nervous.

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I’m not where I would like to be with my writing and at this rate, if I don’t get my head straight I will never write my book and become a published writer; and yes I’m taking this shit seriously. I need to stop fooling around and get to business.

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