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Catch Me- Carl Grimes

Plot/Request: Anon requested- “Could I possibly request a Carl X Reader where They’re dating and both reading comics, but then the reader decides to play with him a bit like they did before the apocalypse (Like a game of tag/or just reader snatching his hat, lots of fluff remembering the old days of their friendship) P.S taking place in season 6″

Word count:



You ran around the house, a huge grin on your face. Carl chased you, trying not to slip on the clean floors as he whipped around corners. 

The two of you had grown tired of reading, and decided it was time for a little game. 

“You’re never gonna catch me, Grimes!” You yell, laughing as you dash into the large kitchen. 

“We’ll see about that, (Y/L/N)!” He threatens, chuckling with you as he follows you. He’d been running after you for at least two minutes now. 

You waited on one side of the counter, hoping to put him at a loss and also catch your breath. You huffed and puffed as did he, slowing down to face you from the other side. You laughed at the situation, and he gave you a knowing smirk. 

“What’s your move?” You taunt, rocking from side to side. Carl looks you in the eye before jumping over the counter and sliding onto your side. You scream and run the other way, but he’s too fast– catching your waist in a hug. 

“You’re it!” He laughs, tickling your neck. You throw your legs around trying to get lose but he continues his torture. You laugh uncontrollably and finally get lose, but only for Carl to turn you around. 

You face him, inhaling and exhaling deeply and slowly. He does that same. You both have large grins smeared across your faces, and meet for a kiss. But he suddenly breaks the kiss and dashes away. 

“Try to get me, (Y/L/N)!” 

jade gets an orchard. everything is right in the world

Sizzy headcanons

• Simon is always late running late for their dates because he can never find his Star Wars shirt(which usually is with Izzy)

• Izzy makes Simon clean her whip when he “forgets” to come to her baking sessions.

• Izzy and Simon find themselves on double dates with Clace or Malec and the always leave early because they absolutely CANT miss the next episode of Naruto.

• They end up cuddling in their PJs(Izzy rocks floral PJ’s,too!) and binging on black currant ice cream(Simon’s bowl is always left full because nothing can ever beat choco chip ice cream)

• Simon often takes Izzy to an old park he found and they sit on a bench with a sculpture of a small boy who looks just like Max.

• Izzy couldn’t stay there for long at first but now she finds herself walking to the park whenever she misses Max.

• Simon and Izzy talk about baby names(Maximus being their favourite because Maxwell is just painful)