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Imagine toddler!Gavin finally meeting his baby sister

Child birth, one of the most painful activities a woman can experience. It leaves them exhausted, sweaty, fatigued, and in a hormonal rage. One minute they are cursing their husband for getting them pregnant, but the next they’re begging for another child.

You, on the other hand, didn’t really pay attention to the exhaustion when the small child you brought back to life came running into the room and into your lap with Crowley attempting to keep up. “Mommy!" 

"Hey, baby!” you smiled.

“Where is she? Where is she!” he asked excitedly. Nine months. The poor child had waited nine long months to meet his baby sister. Holding his ear to your stomach wasn’t good enough. Gavin wanted to hold her and run the halls of Hell with her, and now, small Penelope was here.

“Penelope is still getting cleaned up, baby.”

He whipped around to look at you. “Who?”

“Penelope, your sister. Her name is Penelope.”

“No,” he said seriously, “her name is sister.”

Crowley chuckled and shook his head. “Gavin, you call her sister, but her real name is Penelope.”

Absolutely refusing to accept this new information, he shook his head and crossed his arms. The door opened and two nurses carried in a newborn baby girl swaddled in a pink blanket. Ever so gently, they laid her in your arms causing a new swarm of emotions to take over. As the tears fell, Crowley kissed your temple and Gavin held onto Penelope’s small hands. “So tiny,” he mused.

You nodded. “And very fragile…”

“So we’re easy…?”

“Yes, very easy,” Crowley agreed.

Penelope sniffled before wailing out into the room decorated in white. “Sister!” Gavin yelled out before kissing her face repeatedly. “I’ll protect you, Sissy…I promise.”

Catch Me- Carl Grimes

Plot/Request: Anon requested- “Could I possibly request a Carl X Reader where They’re dating and both reading comics, but then the reader decides to play with him a bit like they did before the apocalypse (Like a game of tag/or just reader snatching his hat, lots of fluff remembering the old days of their friendship) P.S taking place in season 6″

Word count:



You ran around the house, a huge grin on your face. Carl chased you, trying not to slip on the clean floors as he whipped around corners. 

The two of you had grown tired of reading, and decided it was time for a little game. 

“You’re never gonna catch me, Grimes!” You yell, laughing as you dash into the large kitchen. 

“We’ll see about that, (Y/L/N)!” He threatens, chuckling with you as he follows you. He’d been running after you for at least two minutes now. 

You waited on one side of the counter, hoping to put him at a loss and also catch your breath. You huffed and puffed as did he, slowing down to face you from the other side. You laughed at the situation, and he gave you a knowing smirk. 

“What’s your move?” You taunt, rocking from side to side. Carl looks you in the eye before jumping over the counter and sliding onto your side. You scream and run the other way, but he’s too fast– catching your waist in a hug. 

“You’re it!” He laughs, tickling your neck. You throw your legs around trying to get lose but he continues his torture. You laugh uncontrollably and finally get lose, but only for Carl to turn you around. 

You face him, inhaling and exhaling deeply and slowly. He does that same. You both have large grins smeared across your faces, and meet for a kiss. But he suddenly breaks the kiss and dashes away. 

“Try to get me, (Y/L/N)!” 

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Donut anon: SILLY YOU SAY?! How about dazai and chuuya's s/o cosplaying them and copying their abilities. Like while having a bath and scrubbing she would take off her glove scrub while chanting chuuya's ability for corruption?

meme: send me shitpost-y requests and I’ll do a 5 sentence response!


You giggled as you tripped over the lengthy, tan trench coat. Clearing your throat, you lifted your hand which was messily wrapped in bandages. “Have an energetic and clean suicide~!” You whipped around and held your chin in your hand, “After all, I am Dazai, the Agency’s most trusted and reliable-” You yelped out as you were lifted from the ground and tugged against your lover’s chest. 

“Were you serious about that suicide offer?”


“Oh, grantors of dark disgrace - do not wake me again,” you mumbled dramatically as you wiped the soap suds off of your hands. Within the next second, you were tossing soap balls across the bathtub, mocking Chuuya’s ability. 

“What the hell is all this-”

Chuuya walked into the bathroom, hearing your ridiculous giggling.

But not before getting assaulted by a soap ball landing in his face.

But It's Where We Eat!

Rating: 18+

Requested: Anon asked - Sherlock x reader where the he is so horny he fucks the reader on a table

Plot: Sherlock comes back from the his current case and finds the reader in only a bath towel.

Warning: Smut, language

As Sherlock’s room mate, you didn’t really expect Sherlock to be back in the middle of the day. So, after your shower, you didn’t expect to find Sherlock in the living room with multiple connecting pictures across the wall above the sofa.

Since you were still slightly wet from your hair and, oh yeah, STANDING IN ONLY A TOWEL, you tried to get to your room without Sherlock noticing you. 

But, sadly, your clumsiness had to ruin your plan. As you tripped over something on the floor Sherlock failed to clean up, Sherlock whipped around to find a clear view of your naked ass.

Instantly, Sherlock felt emotions he had never felt before. He thought he felt… what’s the word?… aroused. Horny, almost. You stood up from your laying position on the ground to find Sherlock a few inches away from you.

He pressed your body against the wall behind you quite roughly, his hands landing on your ass. From that, you felt turned on. Sherlock crashed his lips against yours and roughly kissed you. One of your hands flew to Sherlock’s curly hair, the other going behind his neck.

His kisses trailed from your lips, to your jaw, to your neck. You moan as Sherlock kisses the sensitive skin just below your ear. He nibbles on the skin, satisfied by your pleasure. 

His lips travels down your collarbone to just above your towel. “I don’t think we need this,” he says seductively into you ear. He lifts his hand to the crease of the towel, letting the piece of cloth fall to the floor. 

Your hands come from behind his head to the buttons of his shirt. It was your turn to mark Sherlock as your own. Your lips attacked his neck, nibbling at the skin. This action caused soft growls come from his Cupid’s bow lips. The sound made a sense of wetness flood between your thighs. 

Sherlock picked you up from the ground, wrapping your legs around his waist. He carried you towards the kitchen table as you tried to undo to last two buttons, resulting in you tearing the shirt off, breaking the buttons off.

He laid your back against the cool wood as he smirked down at you. “Couldn’t wait, could we?” he said in a very sexy voice. He undid his pants buttons, pulling them off.

“But Sherlock, we can’t just have sex here!” you say. Sherlock crawls on top of you. “Does it really matter that much?” he asks into your ear, nibbling your ear lobe. “But it’s where we eat!” you exclaim, pulling him down towards your face.

You could feel the tip of his long member touch your thigh as you moaned into the kiss. Sherlock pulled away and aligned himself with your entrance. His eyes traveled up your body, looking into your eyes, asking for permission.

You chuckle as he looks at you. “You shouldn’t be asking me, considering I’m not the virgin.” Sherlock leaned down and made another hickey on your neck. He pushed into you as you called out his name, not realizing he was THAT big.

Sherlock waits, grunting, you both getting used to the feeling. Soon after, Sherlock takes his first thrust. Then another, slightly faster. Soon enough, Sherlock is pounding into you, the room filled with your moans.

You feel the familiar twist in your stomach as you feel your climax coming along. “Sherlock! I’m-I’m gonna c-cum!!!” You scream. Sherlock grunts one last time as you both cum at the same time.

Sherlock pulls out of you, picks you up in his arms, bridal style, and walks to his room. He lays your naked self on to the bed then joins you soon after. As you were about to fall asleep, you hear Sherlock whisper, “I love you, Y/N.” With that, you snuggle into Sherlock’s warm body and fall asleep in his arms.

Hello Goodbye (2)

one two three

Young Eunha 

        “Shit I’m late!” I cursed when I peeked at my watch which was wrapped nicely on my right wrist. I was in the middle struggling to put on my sneakers, knowing that I had much time left I decided to let both of my heels wrapped improperly and rushed to get downstairs.

        “Where are you going, honey?” My mom greeted when she witnessed me rushing on my way downstairs and passing her territory, her precious and forever always clean kitchen.   

         I whipped my head to her direction and grinned innocently, “I have to meet Yoona, I’m late.”

         “Have your breakfast first, honey. It’s too early to go, and it’s Sunday anyway.” My mom shook her head. I usually go with my bestfriend, Yoona at Saturday or Sunday. But it usually happened at evening, not six in the morning. That’s why my mom looked at me questioning.     

         She looked at me from head to toe as if she inspecting me; I wouldn’t go jogging with Yoona because my clothes wasn’t suitable for that and for anyone who went to jogging wouldn’t bring big backpack like me. I looked like someone who wants to run away to another country and change my identity.            

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Dreamy Skirts (Spencer Reid fluff/smut-ish?)

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note: this is old but gold and you will probably hate me after this….

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I work at Target, and today some girl from my school came in with her uggs and Starbucks. There was a wet floor sign that she tripped over, successfully dumping her drink all over her. My coworkers were laughing so hard we had to go to the back. Apparently the janitor had just cleaned up a dropped whipped cream carton. Not about an ass but funny.

That is perfection. I love it.

Things I associate with hogwarts houses


Burning candles, huge slumber Parties, standing up to bullies, a room filled with half finished books, wearing athletic clothes all the time, stacks of old magazines, video games where you finished all the side quests but not the main story * cough * fallout * cough *, trying to sing the back up vocals along with the main, sparkly bath bombs, trying not to swear, 50% phone battery, coffee with mountains of whipped cream, “clean” rooms with all the stuff just under the bed/in the closet.

jade gets an orchard. everything is right in the world

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My character was abused as a child, and as an adult is captured by someone who knows about it and is trying to "recreate" that abuse (i.e. torture). This involves isolation, verbal and emotional abuse as well as beating with a belt. The torturer is very concerned with not ever breaking her skin because he does not want her to be susceptible to infection. So, she cuts her own self in an attempt to force him to get her medical attention or otherwise force his hand. (1/2 -k)

(2/2 -k) What would be the best way for the torturer to deal with an open wound that would avoid infection? i.e. is it best to stitch up the wound, bandage it, cauterize it, pour disinfectant into it, etc? It could be a deep or shallow wound - that’s not important to the story. The point is just that she’s trying to force him out of his “plan”. Sorry if this is better for ScriptMedic - I didn’t want to ask her a torture-themed question b/c of her specific ask rules. :) thank you!

Yeah I’m sorry that’s not something I can answer because I’m not a doctor and I know nothing about preventing wound infections.

I can give you feed back on the situation and a little bit about what victims go through psychologically.

If the main thing you want to know is how to prevent infection when the character can’t go to the hospital I’m sure that’s a question ScriptMedic will have answered before. The context of the story and the reasons why this character can’t go to a hospital don’t really impact on how someone outside of a hospital would act to prevent infection. So you don’t need to detail the torture the character’s going through to find out how to prevent infection.

I know you haven’t asked for feedback on your scenario but you should know that belts break the skin. So if that’s a big thing for your torturer then that’s probably something you should adjust. Something like a riding crop would be less likely to break the skin. Another thing torturers use that doesn’t break the skin or leave lasting marks is repeated slaps with an open hand on fleshy areas like the belly.

I could comment on this a bit more, but your scenario is generally pretty reasonable and I’m aware that you haven’t asked for feedback on the scenario.

Sorry I couldn’t help more.