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as an SU fan, Lars’ character development was amazing and it showed he’s not really as much as an asshole as i thought he was 

but aS A WRITER 


Only Hope

Per this post and this other post - for @bonnie-wee-swordsman​ and @kalendraashtar​ (even though I could never rival their mastery of Outlander fic, I did a thing…)

The dank prison cell rustled and heaved slightly with the coughs and snores and groans of its inmates. Jamie tugged the rough blanket tighter around his shoulders, turning to face the heat of the peat fire.

It was the witching hour. It had to be. Because she was there with him.

He had awakened after a fitful sleep, sure that it was her arm around his middle, clasping his own hand. He could feel her breath, warm and light, on his neck. He had smiled, holding her hand to him, before waking in the hell that was Ardsmuir.

How long had it been? How old was the bairn now?

Casually wiping away the tear that trickled down his cheek, he only succeeded in smudging the dirt already present. Staring at him across the cell was Murtagh. Jamie wanted to feel embarrassed for this momentary lapse, but he was to tired and heartsick to manage it.

He shook his head, curling further inwards. His godfather clambered over the dozing bodies that crept ever closer to the fire for warmth. He sat next to Jamie and gazed into the flames.

“Aye, lad. I ken well what ails ye.” Murtagh picked at a spot on his bedraggled shirt and tossed it into the hearth.

“Why don’t ye tell me, since ye seem so keen and all.” Jamie gave up on sleep and straightened up; the blanket a poor substitute for his wife’s body heat.

“’Tis the lass. It gets ye in the wee sma’s, that fierce longing that gnaws and aches like a knife in yer guts.”

Jamie swallowed. He remembered his godfather had loved and lost, once upon a time. “It does, that.”

“Does it help… perhaps… to think that she’s nae dead, but simply gone?” Murtagh’s cough flared up, and Jamie pounded him on the back. “Through the stones?”

“Gone. Aye.”

“In her time—ye said. There’s food and peace and clean water. She’d be well cared for.”

“I hope so. That’s why I bade her go back.” Jamie hesitated. “Her and the bairn.”

Murtagh’s eyes grew wide. “Bairn?”

Jamie scrubbed at his face with his grimy hand, willing the knot in his throat to dissolve. “She was with child. She was starving with the rest of the army, pale, weak, and pregnant.” He cleared his throat. “We didnae think—after Faith. We never dared hope.” So the words he had held so dear to his heart for years, finally escaped with a shaking breath and betrayed the despair that held him fast.

“If she is in the future, as ye say, with physicians to tend to her—would she be alright?” Murtagh laid his hand lightly on Jamie’s shoulder, willing him comforted.

“I pray. Every moment. Even though I have no way of knowing. I pray she might be safe, her and the child.”

His godfather’s hand squeezed gently. “Then so will I.”


they have buckets? in our country these used to be built over a big hole and when it was too full you’d call a specialist with a truck that could kinda vaccuum it up. fortunately they all but disappeared by now


yup a bucket. back in the 1990s we just dug down the poo etc in the backyard forest, which we were not allowed to do really, but we had no where to put it. then we carried back empty bucket to outhouse, one assume (i was small child back then so i just have memories of watching my parents doing it in the distance)

nowadays we put a lid on the bucket and carry it to a special poo bucket dumpster. about weekly a truck comes by and pick that up.

but no specialists involved sadly. it is all about moving, cleaning, and taking care of that poo bucket yourself. THIS is why i voting for my families summer house to get one of the many other more technically advanced methods of dealing with poo. i just don’t want to carry that poo bucket to the poo dumpster….. haha

although i will propabably not be able to fully avoid dealing with the poo personally in some way. sweden is not much for specialists coming and cleaning away your dirt for you. everything is always so damn diy.

that beeing said, when i say bucket, the bucket is underneath a proper built toilett seat. so it is not like, we just poo in a bucket. there is an art to it. as previous mentioned romantizing of the outhouses shows. a picture of how the indoors of the outhouse is. the bucket is under the toilett seat. same kind of logic as a water closet kinda.

also i suspect we have outhouses with seperate buckets CAUSE if it would be ground underneath the toilett seat, it would freeze during the winter. and you would have a unpleasant “hacking lose human poo and pee from frozen ground” job infront of you. nobody want that. so bucket!

An illustration from the 1830s depicting a small Halloween gathering. The girl in the centre is taking part in a traditional Halloween divination ritual whereby 3 dishes are placed in front of a blindfolded person. One dish is filled with clean water, another with dirty water and the third is empty. The person is then made to dip their hand into one dish. If they chose the clean water they would marry well, if they chose the dirty water they would make a bad marriage and if they chose the empty dish they would die unmarried. The fervent belief in the power of these rituals can be seen in the concern the old man (presumably the girl’s father) is showing towards her choice of dish.

At the front of the table two other Halloween love divinations are represented with two essential Halloween foodstuffs: apples and nuts. An apple is being peeled into one long strip so that the peel could be repeatedly thrown into the air then land to spell out the name of a girl’s future husband. Two nuts would be placed near the hearth, named after two individuals in a relationship, and then watched to see if their movements could predict the couple’s future. If they stayed still the couple would have a stable, prosperous life together, if they moved and bounced apart the relationship would soon fail. 

1. Man, my stomach just hurts reading these stories about Chris Cornell. I’m really heart broken and affected by the whole tragedy. A lot of his songs carry a lot of memories for me and so does the way he died.

2. In sort of a related story, B warned me that the end of 13 Reasons Why may trigger me so I’ll be steering clear of it. It’s good I have someone who gets it and looks out for me. So many men and just some people in general think you can’t be affected by scenes in shows or movies but you definitely can be.

3. Today is burger date day!!! I’m so excited!!! I wait all week y'all, alllllll week!

4. I’ve sold some more things from the shop and I’m so happy. I’ll be taking that money and going out to find more things. Plus, the soap is getting some traction. I think it’s because every $2.00 spent on it goes to a charity that provides clean water wells for villages in Mozambique. I really know some amazing and giving people.

5. This weekend should be good. Lots of cleaning and hanging out with myself and then a belated Mother’s Day with my mom. Yay!

Happy Friday!!!

fighting back 101

you too can help organize a local paramilitary.

because this is going to come to violence, and right now the people with all the guns and training are on the side of fascism. instead of fighting to be allowed to join them, help defend your own community. if you don’t have a community worth defending, find one. if you’re willing to uproot your life for the USM, you should be willing to uproot it in service of fascism’s targets

and for the record? if you’re not willing to stand with ALL marginalized people, if you’re not willing to fight with & for black folks, immigrants, american muslims, women, queer people, people with disabilities, everyone this regime wants to destroy, your willingness to resist fascism is utterly hollow.

let’s talk about some of the things you can do if you’re not willing to participate in actual bloodshed, or like me are physically disabled to the point that you’d be no use in combat. because we don’t talk about these things enough. and that’s fucked as hell because they’re so much more important than shooting people. only a minority of personnel ever see front-line duty; the majority are needed to keep the whole ugly machinery of war and survival running.

this is actually an advantage we have over right-wing paramilitaries. if the actual USM comes after us we don’t stand a chance of winning in outright conflict, but as the people we mainly have to worry about at this stage are the lone wolf nazis and fascist paramilitaries. and the cool thing about fascists is that they’re idiots. they’re obsessed with blood and guns and glory. they’re all about waving their dicks around and making a show of how powerful and masculine they are. they don’t operate on sound military strategy; they operate on what will make them personally feel good.

i can’t say that this tendency never arises on the left, but i think there’s still hope for us to get over it and exclude our egos from the military planning process.

so, without further ado, here are some absolutely vital non-combatant roles we need people for:

  • be a medic. people are going to get hurt and we need personnel capable of stitching them up when they do. take first aid classes, stockpile medical supplies. bandages, painkillers, antiseptics, antibiotics. the prescription-only shit you can find on the dark net and it’s not even illegal to possess most of the important ones; controlled substances are the only thing you need to worry about getting caught with. (just don’t fucking use antibiotics cavalierly, for the love of god.) even if you can’t learn battlefield medicine yourself, stockpiling resources for those who can is still valuable. which brings me to my next point:
  • run a safehouse. violent resistance movements need places to regroup. if nothing else, you can offer up your home and keep it well stocked for combatants who need to take refuge there. keep rations (MREs are good) and clean water stocked, as well as medical supplies and weapons, if possible. resistances need networks of safehouses to be able to operate effectively. note that operating a safehouse means getting good at opsec. the entire point of a safehouse is that the enemy doesn’t know it exists, and that can easily be compromised by spreading need-to-know info too widely. don’t advertise online. work with local cells, and only give out your address in person to personnel you know to be reliable and to have the same respect for operational security you do. also, be realistic about what information you need to know. make sure people who trust you don’t share intel with you that you don’t need to know. you don’t generally need to know where other safehouses are you. you sure as hell don’t need to know about troops movements that don’t affect how you’re running your safehouse. understand that as the person whose name is on the contract or property deed, you’re the first person the cops will grab if they find out people are operating out of your home. make sure you have covert signals in place to indicate whether it’s safe to crash at your place or if you’ve been compromised and allies need to stay away. this can be as simple as lighting a candle in a window every night that your home is safe to approach, but it needs to be something self-limiting, so you don’t need to personally intervene to shut off the signal. if you’ve been compromised, you won’t have the opportunity to.
  • be a mole. this is one of the hardest jobs in any resistance, arguably more than front-line combat, and extremely dangerous, and you genuinely should not even *try* if you’re not already in a position where you have access to government intel and materiel. being a mole means being extremely careful with the information you provide. don’t give out anything that could identify you - you don’t want to wind up like Reality Winner. even if you’re willing to take a bullet for the cause, remember that you’ll be able to do much more good alive than dead or in federal prison or a CIA black site. being a mole also means carefully respecting the need-to-know status of all intel. you should know as little about the people you’re helping as you need to know they’re trustworthy. remember that this is a fight, not a social club, and that knowing your place could mean the difference between life and death for the people you want to help.
    • and if you’re working with a mole, understand that they’re in the cold. you have a close network of fellow travelers to keep you steady and on course. they don’t, out of necessity. respect the enormous dedication it takes to work behind enemy lines, but don’t lose sight of the fact that they might turn, or just not be steady allies. lots of moles, very understandably, are conflicted about their allegiances. consider the provenance of all intel with care before you act on it. make sure you have covert signals in place by which your contact can indicate they’re compromised, because they can and will be used to feed you false intel if that happens.
  • do social engineering. like i said, our main enemies in this war are total dumbasses. this means a good bit of con artistry can go a long way if you’re good at manipulating people, consider using that to squeeze intel out of the enemy or lead them into traps. hell, you might even be able to get two different factions of fash (because the militia freaks aren’t quite as buddy-buddy as you might think) into a shooting war with each other, neutralizing two nests of vipers without firing a single shot. good conmen are crazy vital to any resistance.
  • run comms. the internet is great but it’s damn near impossible to use anonymously, and it’ll be the first thing to go in any urban warfare. get good at radio. establish encrypted radio links with other members of your cell. teach people voice procedure, because trying to run shit by radio is a mess without that. have backup codes and frequencies in place in case one is compromised. like i’m not gonna lie, being a radio operator is probably going to be like the most vital job when we start fighting back. coordinating operations citywide will give your cell the ability to respond rapidly and effectively to new intel.
    and speaking of intel:
  • just straight up fucking be a spy. this is not some extremely glamorous and dangerous position, and it’s actually one of the safest and easiest jobs for anyone to do. you don’t even need to do it full-time. all it involves is reporting intel (even *publicly available* intel like when you see a cop car heading down the street) to people who might find that intel actionable.
  • provide transportation. lots of the people who might be willing to fight on the front lines are not going to be able to mobilize easily. if you have a car, or better yet a van, then helping transport personnel is one of the most valuable things you can do. vehicles are also great places to set up comm centers because they’re harder to identify, cut off, and secure than buildings just by virtue of being able to move from place to place.
  • work as a specialist. the revolution is going to need tech support. they’re going to need counseling. they’re going to need lawyers. they’re going to have a million different civilian needs. but you can’t just hire a civilian plumber when you’ve got a couple of revolutionaries hiding out in your spare bedroom. you can’t just call geeksquad when your hard drive is full of sensitive compartmentalized intel. having trustworthy professionals to call on when disaster strikes can be the difference between success and capture.
  • support morale. fighting back is going to suck, and the people in the most stressful positions need to be reminded why they’re putting themselves on the line. art, songwriting, speeches, all the traditional propaganda forms are invaluable here. so are reporters, people who will follow up after actions your organization participates in and tell your people exactly how much they accomplished, present the stories of the lives you’ve altered for the better - and remind you to do better when you screw up. don’t let anybody forget what you’re fighting for - especially your leadership.

on a more personal note, something we all need to understand is that the psychology of war is ugly. you need to be prepared for depression, despair, breakdowns. it’s so important for people to feel like they’re making a difference, and to be able to retreat to civilian comforts when necessary.

and there is going to be drug use.

this is something you need to be prepared for. you can’t expect people to stay clean and sober when they’re sacrificing their comfort and potentially their lives for the cause. so a culture of harm reduction when it comes to drug use by the troops is absolutely vital. don’t kick people out of your safehouse for shooting up heroin. but also make sure you’re not letting people head into combat or other situations that require alertness and steady reflexes while high or drunk or otherwise chemically impaired, whether that’s infiltrating a precinct or just driving to the grocery store. and your medics need to be prepared to handle overdoses. and withdrawal.

the better you support the morale of your personnel, the less you’ll have to worry about this.

finally: if you yourself have military experience, particularly within the US military, your skills and knowledge are absolutely invaluable, even if you aren’t personally fighting on the front lines. we need people like you we can trust to be dedicated to the cause to train and lead others. we need people who have experienced the psychology of combat, people who know what they are and aren’t capable of, so we’re not just throwing a bunch of civilians into the meat grinder and hoping a few capable soldiers emerge.

please feel free to spread this document in any format you see fit. i’m also happy to add people’s suggestions or answer sincere questions.


Inktober 2015 #003 + #004

I asked for Inktober requests a while ago and @roirence requested P3 Protag! I wasn’t sure which one :3c so I drew both lol 

I’m still taking requests! No guarantee I’ll get to them all at the pace I’m going at but you can just fire me an ask or fanmail if you wanna…

DIY tip 2: old cans 🤓
1) clean well with water & soap
2) remove sticker/lable
3) make sure all the glue is removed
4) put pens in!
5) done!

Today’s #Health Command: Drink Water

Recent recommendations are to consume half your weight in water.

I’ve got bottles of water on my night stand, kitchen and desk at work to help me remember to drink water through out the day. It’s really the only drink I consume anyway.

Reblog to remind other Fitblrs.

“Don’t look at my wife” - Bucky x Reader - Part 2

Heyo, my potatoes! Maybe I won’t upload anything tomorrow, but Friday there should be either a one shot uplaoded, Part 3 to this or Part 2 to “Past, present and eternity”. Maybe even more than one ;D I hope you enjoy!

Part 1Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

Summary -  Your husbands words still ring in Bucky’s ears. He actually didn’t want to look at anyone’s wife’s backside, but unfortunately he couldn’t take his eyes off you. You on the other hand had nothing against it. You thought it was quite entertaining.

Words - 1,563

Warnings - slight sexual tension your butt’s just amazing, omega!Reader x alpha!husband, domestic abuse and mentions of rape - if I forgot anything please tell me

Originally posted by marvel-dirtbag

Bucky’s POV

“As a punishment you have to stay another hour”, Steve whispered to Bucky, watching Alderman follow his wife and Tony. “But I wonder if it’s still a punishment.” He smiled at him inappropriately for a moment and he just rolled his blue eyes, still gazing at you.

“It’s not like-” “You stared at her ass, even though she’s married”, Steve interrupted him. “Language”, Bucky hissed at him. “Really? You, too?” He shook his head a bit dissappointed. “Anyways, you should keep your distance.”

With that said Steve made his way over to the bar and talked with this man, who had his black hair gelled back. Bucky followed him but stopped at the other end of the bar and ordered a beer.

In the corner of Buckys eye, he could just look past Steve’s arm and see you. You sat down on a bar stool moving so gracefully, it left him breathless. He just realized he held his breath, when the bar keeper gave him his beer.

From time to time Bucky thought you were looking at him, smiling. “Yeah, we provide the third world with our newest technologies to upgrade their healthcare system and even created an organization for people wanting to help them locally, like building hospitals and we provide them with food and clean water as well.” Bucky rolled his eyes again, slugging down his beer and ordering a glass wodka. This guy sounded like a saint, but Bucky knew this was all show.

“And you provide our soldiers with weapons. But that’s another talk, isn’t it?”

You turned around, leaning on the bar with your drink in your hand.

“(Y/N)”, Eric mumbled angrily. Bucky grinned to himself, saying to you in his mind “You go, girl!”.

Hastly Eric changed the subject and Bucky blurred out. He looks at you again. He’s just faszinated by your grace. Bucky asked himself, why you’re married to that dumbass, who was talking with his best friend.

The moment your eyes met his, he looked back to his glass. He felt your eyes were resting on him, so he looked back to you again. You smiled.

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so picture Ronan jumping in the shower after Adam trying to be all playful and sexylike and then immediately jumping back out with a yelp because Adam’s accustomed himself to showering in a “luke-cold” temperature so as not to waste the hot water.

Aperture Overgrown Test Ambience
Aperture Overgrown Test Ambience

I really wanted some ambient Aperture sounds, so I figured out how to get Portal 2′s sounds and mixed various background noises for this. 

Supposedly .mp3 files can’t loop for reasons but tumblr doesn’t allow uploading .wav for reasons, so .wav (+ .mp3) download here. Image from the Portal wiki.)

( let me know if anything’s wrong with the audio, most audio posts don’t sound for me for reasons unknown)