clean water action


The fight for access to clean water is far from over and the media need to make sure it’s covered every step of the way. 


This is happening now, people.

In case I get arrested today, please everyone keep posting and sharing as much information as you can here and seriously go in person in a group to local media and demand that they cover this, civil rights violations are rampant, a mans hands were broken with a baton, 85 people arrested, several sprayed with bear mace, they released tear gas, they have a sound cannon out there just matter of time til they use it, they jam the cell and wifi signals and caused my phone to turn off at 40% battery for awhile.

the pipeline is 90%+ completed, this is the last stand on the sacred burial ground by the camps and under the Missouri river, energy transfer partner company wants it done by end of the month and the police are like their mercenaries. they built a larger holding cell so they can arrest more people, they stripsearch people in jail, they have been known to delete photos and video off of peoples phones. helicopters and planes fly around us and identify our faces, our livestream videos are censored, there are infiltrators causing disruption in the camps and informants telling them everything. the media made a blackout so if you searched standing rock nothing showed up.

Please take action to your local media and demand they cover this, dont they have a code of ethics as a profession?! north dakota is breaking so many laws and they need to be held accountable!

Please take action to your local government, demand that your senator and congress person address this.

they are treating environmental activists like terrorists, look at those photos and video who looks like the terrorist to you?

do you want to have freedom in this country?! then take Action! we need everyone everywhere to take to the streets and make calls and tell everyone you know and encounter about what is happening!

do you want clean drinking water?! then take action Now!

and Pray for us!

thank you I love you 

(from Lolly Bee at Standing Rock, North Dakota)

This is the real deal. This has been going on for months. Mainstream media is blocking it from being shown to the masses. In some cases, search engines are blocking out access to live footage. Some of it seems too audacious to accept, but it’s happening. It’s happening every day to the peaceful protesters who are fighting against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Unfortunately, the police has been targeting journalists and photojournalists for arrest and police brutality, so much of the footage taken has been confiscated. (Don’t believe me, check out what happened to Deia Schlosberg and Amy Goodman, along with countless of other journalists of smaller platforms). I did an experimental search on “bear mace” and “standing rock” and saw for myself that the last article about this brutality was from early September (even though there was a live video of it occurring once more just yesterday – and this was a Google search, people. GOOGLE.)

The unethical and abusive behavior by the armed officials needs to be shared and exposed. Please, do your part to share and reblog this so the world will see what is happening in North Dakota.

Basically, the fossil fuel industry has sent a raiding party into EPA and taken it over… I think he feels a kind of immunity from any kind of accountability because the fossil fuel industry so owns the Republican Party and so owns him.
—  Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, on EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt. From @politico Morning Energy.