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Martch madness, or something.

I’m endlessly inspired by the Sterek/Hobrien fandom’s creation of fresh and beautiful content. Looking forward to there being more AU and crossover works in this genre. Give me all the fic of Marty being unexpectedly patient and soft whenever Mitch grows too distant, or gently drawing him back when he becomes too obsessive. (Let’s face it, I’m weak for the ‘anchors’ trope whatever ‘verse we’re talking about.) Just Mitch and Marty sharing stories and a morbid, fucking weird sense of humour about the really shitty stuff that no one else can understand. The two of them stealing kisses in quiet moments between training and missions while they still can.

Men were always waiting for something cataclysmic—love or war or a giant asteroid. They wanted to focus on just one big thing, leaving the thousands of smaller messes for the women around them to clean up.
—  Bonnie Jo Campbell, American Salvage

Lizzie Liddell!

Long story short, Alice leaped off the table (after specifically being told not to) and knocked something off a table during the process. Nanny left just 10 minutes ago, so guess who had to clean up!

anonymous asked:

If you're still taking prompts, how about a threesome between Matthew, Alfred and Arthur, where Alfred is bad at giving blow jobs so Arthur has to teach him how to do it right and Matthew is the practice dummy. Thank you!

Oh gosh, anon, I really am so happy you sent in a prompt for this threesome!! (owo) So have them in a poly-amorous relationship! Maybe the early days where they’re still working out the whole sexual things and what feels good for who and really focusing on being open and communicating with each other. I think in this threesome, Matthew would be the ultimate Cock Sucking King. Sorry this took so long to get to, but I hope you enjoy it!! Your very long and very NSFW fic is under the ‘Read More’! Smooch smooch and thank you for sending in the prompt!!

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American Apparel is finally cleaning up its act

Looks like American Apparel’s about to get a whole new attitude.

After withstanding a tumultuous PR crisis, which included sexual misconduct allegations that got CEO Dov Charney tossed from the company he started, the brand’s new leadership just announced a major sea change.

And it’s an incredibly welcome one.