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Billy Bush=Ignorant Uninformed Asshole.

Saying Zendaya overreacted and from lack of a better word the “Ringleader” in the entire situation is bullshit. 

Number one, people found an issue with the comment the second it aired. Zendaya did not release a statement until hours after it was trending on Twitter. 

Everyone trying to defend why this “isn’t about racism” is missing the entire point. 

 If you took the time to learn the entire situation you would know that two weeks prior Giuliana praised Kylie Jenner (for all intensive purposes, a white girl) for her faux dreads, labeling them “edgy”.

The problem with it is, when referring to the dreads on Zendaya (a young black woman) they automatically went from “edgy” to “smells like patchouli oil or weed”

He seems to be on the slower side, so here is a translation:

  • Associates White Girl W/ Locks With Edginess & Trendy & A Unique Fashion Sense
  • Associates Black Girl W/Locks With Sloppiness, Not elegant, And Drug Use

That is what makes the situation a racial issue. Do your research before you try to check other people. Ignorance at it’s finest.