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Warnings: None

Summary: in which things are actually calm

A/N: shout out to the groupchat babies for being like “hey…bonfire!Tom” also it’s so short and like I can’t write an ending to save my life but like heyyyyy

The fired crackled as smoke coated your hoodie. Behind you Sam and Harry argued over who was going to bring what foods outside followed by the sound of a plate hitting the floor of the kitchen. You turn around just to see your boyfriend Tom’s hands dropping and the twins rubbing the back of their heads. You laugh at the boys and hug the hoodie closer to your body the front of your body is now missing the warmth of the fire.

You walk back inside to help the twins clean up while Tom struggles to get chairs out of the closet without making all the clutter drop on top of him. By the time you finish picking up all the pieces of the plate you can see and warning everyone in earshot not to walk through there barefoot Tom has set up all the chairs and Harrison has taken the food, the twins didn’t drop, outside.

When you come back outside Tom is already seated and roasting a marshmallow. He opens his arms wide and invites you to sit on him. You gladly take him up on his offer and plop yourself on to his blanketed lap making him let out a breath.

“Love that’s my hoodie” he whines into your ear and wraps his arms around you putting his marshmallow back into the fire.

“Not my fault that we wear the same size” he props his head on your shoulder and waits until his marshmallow catches on fire. He brings the flaming object closer to you and you blow it out. “Tom if you want me to get the the rest of the stuff for s’mores you gotta let me go”

“But Y/N you’re so warm” and with that he pulls you closer. You eventually wiggle out of his grasp and walk over to the picnic table that Tessa is trying so hard to get on top of. You sneak her a little bite of the hotdogs Harrison grilled earlier before walking back to Tom and sliding his marshmallow off the stick then onto the graham cracker.

The night of little talks and inside jokes eventually came to an end with the fire died and the autumn air took over in the early hours of the morning. You shake Tom awake and your neck feels empty without his mouth letting out small snores into it. The snacks and chairs are left to be picked up in the morning while everyone slowly leave the group and proceed to their respective rooms. It wasn’t long before Tom was once again asleep and you were not far from it. You lay there running your fingers up and down your boyfriend’s arm taking in every moment of normalcy that you have left before he goes back to being famous again tomorrow.

“… well, I admit that it didn’t exactly go as planned…”

His eye twitched. “Didn’t go as planned? Your ‘pet’ killed a girl!”

“I was not aware that…a certain student would go wandering into this part of the school at that time…”

“It’s a girl’s toilet, Tom. Who do you think was more out of place there?”


- Tomarry [ Time Travel AU]

Having a Toddler With Tom Would Include:

anon request: can you do another Having a Baby with Tom? I loved it! Maybe like with a toddler or something

this was fun to write!!!! I’m getting some requests done but i have had a few ideas come to mind and I’m quite excited to start writing so lots to come!!

requests are open:))

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having a toddler with tom would include:

- tom is his favourite.

- when he gets home from filming your son mitchell is always the most excited to see him. 

- more excited than you and tessa.

- they play the spider-man a game they created. 

- basically tom runs around carrying your son from door to door since he is ‘webbing’ around new york city. 

- yes tom is singing the old spider-man theme song. 

- “spider-man spider-man does whatever a spider can" 

- his tongue would stick out as he focused on carrying mitchell and the lyrics. 

- "mommy mommy look!” your son would shout as he would run out of the shared bathroom with tom. 

- he would come out with his hair gelled back and a large smile on his face. 

- “mommy come here darling” he would mock tom in his horribly adorable british accent. 

- “are you mocking me mitchell" 

- tom would pull out his queens accent.

- tom would grab him and throw him over his shoulder as he looked to you.
- "y/n come here darling" 

- tom would pull you in for a hug and then kiss your forehead.

- "daddy put me down!" 

- you and tom would laugh as he pressed his lips to yours. 

- the noise of two lips moving together would be made.

- "mommy why does it sound like macaroni and cheese being stirred.”

- tom let out a loud laugh and you joined in.

- “let’s go make mac and cheese mitchy" 

- tom would carry the boy over his shoulder.

- mitchell would wanna help make the food and tom being the softie would let him. 

- mitch would pour in the milk and tom would do the powder cheese cause it could get "messy” if mitch does it. 

- lets leave it to tom. 

- “good job daddy!" 

- "are you kidding me tom" 

- mitch and you started laughing as tom would stand there looking down at the cheese all over the floor. 

- "tessa!" 

- tessa comes running in trying to lick up the mess. 

- "tess!” tom would scold her but not but won’t stop to the situation.

- mitch loves toms dog. 

- at first you weren’t sure what tessa would be like with a child but she is the most loving around mitchell and she is so protective of him. 

- “tom clean it up!" 

- "yeah tom clean it up!" 

- you and tom both looked at your son in shock. 

- did he just

- tom was about to burst out laughing

- mitch thought his face was red with anger. 

- "tessa get daddy!”

- mitch went running down the hall with tom chasing after him. 

- “ill get you mitchell" 

- you just shook your head at the two children in your house.

Dating Tom Holland would include...

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A/N: Horrible day to hate my baby boy Tom, lol sorry not sorry. Also, Izzy this is for you (I know you’re gonna read it ♥)

Writer: Jess

  • Probably meeting him at a party or something
  • Tom being pretty self conscious around you while you two are not actually dating
  • Purely because he wants you to fall in love with Thomas Stanley Holland, not Tom “Spiderman” Holland, you know what I mean? 
  • And the thought of opening up so much to someone is kind of scaring for him
  • But once you are dating him, things change
  • Tom being as lowkey as he can about his relationship with you, at first 
  • His fans starting to suspect as you’re always with him, Haz and Harry
  • Having to deal with both the love and the hate you start to receive from them
  • Tom losing his fear of what can possibly happen because “life is too short, love, I gotta show you off”
  • Him taking you to every single premiere he goes
  • Some of them you’re gonna be on the red carpet with him, the other ones you’re just gonna be around with Haz
  • But you’re always gonna be there
  • Flying around the world with Tom whenever he has a press tour to do
  • Him asking you for a good luck kiss before every and any interview
  • So please, make sure you’re always around him, otherwise he’s gonna be like “Okay, Harrison, I can’t find my (Y/N), you’re gonna have to kiss me”
  • Actually, you having to deal with how close Tom is to Haz - and you loving it, because coME ON?????
  • Spending a lot of time with Haz when Tom is busy with a photoshoot or anything like that
  • Being really close to his family, to the point that sometimes his parents only let his brothers travel with him because you’re going too
  • Defending Harry when Tom teases him about his crush on you
  • “Thomas, I’m going to leave you for him, leave the kid alone!”
  • Facetiming your family and Tom simply joining you by shouting “HI, FAMILY”
  • Him going to visit your family with you
  • Having little silly fights with him, just like every single couple 
  • Tom crossing his arms and clenching his jaw when he’s mad at you
  • Kissing all over his jaw until he cracks a smile or pulls you for a hot kiss
  • Sex with Tom being either totally funny, awkward, loud and quick
  • Or slow, passionate, deep, quiet and sweaty
  • Him giving you piggy back rides
  • Borrowing his jackets
  • Planing a super birthday party for him
  • Staying awake the whole night just cuddling and listening to music with him
  • Having tons of playlists with him
  • Playlist for when you two are sleeping, cooking, on the car, having sex, flying, cleaning the house
  • Plus Tom never letting you clean his apartment alone
  • Staying with Tessa when he’s on another city/state/country and you couldn’t go with him
  • Tessa sleeping between you two sometimes
  • Having your pictures all over his instagram because like I said, he wants to show you off
  • Tom mentioning you on interviews but never calling you by your name
  • Whenever he talks about you, you’re “my girl”
  • Him loving to kiss you slowly for looong minutes
  • Making out with him all the time - on parties, before premieres, before going to sleep, while cooking, etc
  • “Hey, do you wanna make out?”
  • “Sure”
  • Tom being such a sucker for the way you hug him that he basically loves hugging you more than anything else
  • Massaging his back after a long time at the gym because he just works so hard to stay on that shape
  • Blaming you for it
  • “You’re always craving for pizza and ice cream, of course it’s on you, (Y/N)”
  • Waking him up at 3am to go eat some burgers
  • And Tom being like “hell yeah, let’s go”
  • Tom hating to see you cry and kissing your tears away, always
  • Holding your hands when you’re sad so somehow you know he’s there with you
  • Him always sleeping shirtless and wraping his arms around you, no matter how hot it is
  • “Thomas, I’m sweating, let me go”
  • “Shh, I’m sleeping”
  • Eskimo kisses after waking up in the morning
  • Sharing tons of cups of tea/coffee with him
  • Saying “I love you” to each other at least once a day
  • Both of you being beyond the whole jealous thing because you know none of you are actually going to leave the other
Late Night Baking

MariChat May 27th: Baking


Marinette smeared frosting across Chat’s nose after a particularly bad pun about rising to the occasion.

Chat’s eyes crossed as he tried to look at the frosting on his nose. He heard Marinette giggle as he tried to look at it. Chat sneezed and the giggling stopped.

Marinette stood before him, now splattered with frosting, and gaped at him.

Chat stared at her a moment before he completely lost it. Marinette joined him a moment later.

Chat paused in his laughing and looked around the kitchen. “Marinette, how long before your parent’s get up?”

Marinette blinked her laughing tears away and glanced at the clock. “Uh oh.” She muttered going pale.

Chat looked scared. “Uh oh? What do you mean uh oh?!”

Marinette looked sheepish. “We have about half an hour.” They both took a look around the absolutely wrecked kitchen.

Chat shook his head. “We’re screwed.”

Marinette nodded.

Touch of Your Love

 Hey guys! This is an imagine based on this textpost: “when his hands are so nice u just want him to put his fingers in your mouth.” When I saw it, I was like…. me @ Tom…? Basically, it’s as smutty and fluffy as they come, so I hope y'all like it!

Touch of Your Love

She loved his hands because they always engulfed her own.

She loved his hands because they were always warm, but never sweaty, or ever cold.

She loved his hands because they would always be there to guide her to safety.

She loved Tom’s hands because of all the things they did to her in the vehemence of their everlasting moments together.

They would wind themselves like vines against her skull, softly aiding her to wherever he wanted her the most. Sometimes, if Tom couldn’t wait, they’d hold her down against his touch while he worked his fingers, tongue, or hips against her.

Pressing her legs together, she cursed herself for thinking of Tom’s hands when she should be focusing on her professor’s lecture.

There was an in-class discussion occurring about Tennessee Williams’s play, ‘A Streetcar Named Desire,’ which happened to be one of her favorite plays, but she just couldn’t get Tom’s hands, and everything she’d like them to do to her, out of her head.

Her mind wandered to their morning together.

Whenever he was in town, they’d always stay together, no matter what the two had going on individually the next day.

Tom awoke earlier than she did, even though he didn’t need to be up yet because he had a rare free day from work, and he’d turned off her alarm and instead kissed her awake.

After he’d managed to untangle her from him, Tom had gently pushed her hair from the nape of her neck to pepper it with kisses. Then, he pressed hot, wet, open-mouthed kisses down her body, and over the sweater she’d stolen from him to wear bed.

Stirring slightly, she shifted in bed, causing the fabric of the sweater to reveal her midriff. Tom thanked the goddess of love for this blissful opportunity, and began trailing his fingers up and down her body.

She moaned in her sleep and Tom smirked, cracking his knuckles.

He dipped his calloused fingers into the sweet, pink panties she wore and tapped his forefinger against her clit, moving his mouth up to tease her neck with warm licks and kisses.

“Wake up darling,” his voice rasped against the base of her throat.

She awoke, wide-eyes and wet, with Tom’s untamed curls tickling her collarbones and Tom’s fingers preparing to curl inside her.

“Look at you, so lovely and ethereal.” Tom meant it too. He just couldn’t wrap his brain around how she always managed to look like an unearthly, delicate fairy when she awoke, while he resembled an exhausted bear. “Let me give you something to think about while you’re in class.”

Barely rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she burrowed her head back into her pillow and whined.

Tom didn’t make any move to further her pleasure, instead he propped himself up on one elbow to observe her clearer.

Wiggling her hips around, she tried to make Tom understand that she so desperately wanted him to give her something to think about in class.

“You know what I need.” Tom said.

She knew that Tom was waiting for her consent to go further, just as he always did. He always wanted to make sure that she was okay with what they were doing, so he always gave her time to agree or disagree.

“Please Tom,” she finally breathed out, curling her own tiny hand around his wrist.

With that, Tom moved in to kiss her, dragging her off the pillows, so that she’d be closer to where he needed her to be.

Her hair had fanned out around her head in an oh-so-fitting halo, Tom thought.

His mouth pressed urgently against her soft lips and his hands pushed her underwear down and she kicked them off the bed.

Tom hitched one of her legs around his waist, and cradled her hips to his own, his morning wood pushing against the warmth of her center.

Bringing a hand up to his mouth, he sucked three fingers into his mouth to slick them with saliva. She could’ve moaned at the sight.

Tom snuck his fingers back down to where she ached for him, and he pressed one against her clit.

“Fuck,” Tom groaned, doing his best to maintain his cool, “you’re fucking drenched for me. Did you wake up with this in mind, sweet girl?”

Her eyes rolled back when Tom slid a finger inside of her, doing his best to help her prepare for his others.

“Dreamt about you last night sweetheart. You were on this bed, lingerie and heels, all for me. Said you’d been a fucking bad girl and needed a punishment, so I had to drag you over my knee and spank you till your ass was cherry red.” Tom knew she loved being talked to in bed.

Tom couldn’t figure out why, but she was still shy and a little uncertain of herself when she was with him, and it made her feel better, and less embarrassed, to know how badly Tom wanted her too.

He rubbed the palm of his hand against her clit and used his other hand to press her bucking hips back down onto the bed.

Tom guided another finger into her and she gasped his name.

“And then I wake up, and see you looking like a fucking angel, all curled up against my chest, and it was too much, darling. I could feel you breathing, and hear you gasping in your sleep. And then I thought, I gotta fucking have you before you go to class, you’re too much, baby.”

Her thighs squeezed him closer to her and she kissed him, ever so softly, on the throat, her hands guiding themselves up to the nape of his neck.

Tom could tell that she was close, she always held onto him when she came.

“You’re getting close, aren’t you angel? Let me see you cum, darling, I need something think about after you’ve gone too. Come on, darling, let me see you finish.” Tom curled his finger inside her and mercilessly rubbed her clit.

She screamed and tried uselessly to lift her hips off the bed to force his fingers to delve deeper inside of her.

“Tom, please, please please.” Her eyes were fluttering, unable to stay open because she was too focused on Tom’s hands.

“What is it, m’love? Want another? Ask me politely and I’ll give it to you. You know that I’d give you everything, you just need to ask.” Tom kissed her lips and used the hand on her hips to trace hearts on her bare skin.

“Tom,” she was barely breathing, “please, I need another one.” She tried to shift her hips up to meet his hand, but Tom only smirked and held her down firmer.

“Of course, darling. All you had to do was ask.” And with that, Tom slid in another finger and began to use his thumb to draw the words, ‘I love you,’ on her clit and he wanted her shake, and moan, and grip his shoulders.

“Cum, my sweet girl, you’re alright, I’m here. Cum.” Tom ordered, and with that, she did.

Her legs shaking, and her body trembling, and countless ‘I love yous’ fell freely from her lips.

Tom wished that there was some way to bottle up those words, so that he could hear them, breathed into his ear whenever he wished.

He held her close and rubbed her back while she recovered from her early morning orgasm, and he counted each freckle that painted her skin.

“Wanna help me clean up?” Tom asked, bringing the hand that she’d gushed all over, up to her lips.

She tipped her head back opened her mouth, clearly understanding what Tom meant, and he dipped his fingers into the wet confines of her mouth.

Her lips closed behind his hand as she sucked and licked his fingers clean of her.

“Holy fuck,” Tom groaned, rubbing himself through his boxers.

She released him with a pop and Tom hurled himself at her, winding his hands into her hair as her pulled her on top of him.

Sitting so she straddled his lap, she smiled at him.

“I love you, I love you, I love you.” Tom murmured, looking up at her and lovingly stroking her thighs. “Go on and get ready, or else I won’t be able to let you leave.”

She clamored from his lap with shakey legs and crossed to the bathroom to begin her morning routine.

Tom laid back in bed, tugging at himself softly while she pranced around the room, removing shirt after shirt, before finally cheekily smiling at him over her shoulder as she settled on one of his sweaters.

He removed his hand from his pants and walked to the door to kiss her goodbye, promising to pick her up for lunch after school.

As she walked to her friend’s waiting car, she looked back and blew him a kiss before rushing to the vehicle.

When Tom had finally seen her off, he leaned up against the door and jacked himself so hard that when he came, he shouted her name.

Little did he know, that now, in her lecture, all she could think about was wrapping her pretty, pink lips around the length of his cock.

Going down on you (headcanon) | +18 only

requested: yes (I love when you are sinfuls)


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Tom goes down on you:

-Them images of yesterday night are dominating your mind as you’re sleeping peacefully next to Tom;
- You are wearing the T-shirt he had before you took it off of his toned torso and a pair of clean panties;
- Tom is already awake, and stares at you sleeping, the way your hair decorate the pillow and your angelic expression;
- Everything’s like usual, until you call him in your sleep;
- At first Tom don’t understand it is a moan, so he keeps brushing your hair with his fingers;
- A few second later, his name escapes again from your lips followed by a grunt;
- Now, Tom fully realizes what it’s going on: you are having a wet dream.A wet dream about him;
- At first he chuckles, and promises himself to mock you forever about this, but then he decides to take advantage of the situation;
- I’m 100% sure Tom is a tease also when you’re not fully aware;
- Like, at first he caresses your right leg, from the ankle to your hips until his fingers find the lace of your black underwear:
- He would do the same with the other leg and, before removing the piece of cloth, he makes sure to touch you;
- Smirking because just the thought of him made you that wet, imagine how you can be when he actually does something;
- He opens carefully your legs and positions himself between them and I bet at first he would take his time, like kissing your inner tights;
- He focuses his attention on your folds and then he starts with kitten licks to see your reaction;
- As his tongue touches your center, you start squirming under him;
- Tom smiles at himself and blows his hot breath between you, knowing how crazy it drives you;
- “Tom…” you say again, but this time it’s more like a plea;
- “Good morning princess”
- “God, Tom. Why do you have to torture me since the early morning?”;
- Coming back to business, I bet he knows every inch of your body and he knows how and where to touch you;
- I also think that one arm surrounds your waists so that you can’t move as his tongue deepens into you;
- Eye contact is a must, trust me;
- He lives to see your pleasured expression;
- And I’m pretty sure that turning you on is his best turn on (if this makes sense??);
- Lots of “If you move, I stop”;
- But also “Does it feel good, Darling?”
- And of course he does his best to make you squirm under him;
- One of your hand between his curls and the other grab on to the sheet;
- “Tom, I really need more” you begs him;
- Only now Tom focuses on your clit;
- He uses his hands as well because bxbcgjxn he’s a fucking tease;
- He would go miserably slow because he wants to enjoy every single moment;
- “Tom if you don’t make a fucking move I swear I’ll kill you”;
- Doing magic with his lips as you start trembling;
- I think he can turn into Dom!Tom in a matter of seconds: like, at first he was delicate and the moment later he is devouring you;
- Praising…
T- aking good care of you even when you’re done: cleaning you up, opening the night stand, helping you wearing a new pair of panties;
- “Good morning”;
- Lots of giggles;
- “So… tell me about your dream…”
- Ok I just want to say that I wrote it when I woke up (literally, I was still in bed under the covers) and this makes me so sad;
- Should I write a part two about the dream? 

Eddsweets is here! (Eddsworld bakery au)

Hey peeps! Cartoon/Car here! As I said earlier I was working on my own au called Eddsworld bakery au (You guys can also call it as Eddsweets)! Well, here it is. This is a post that explains pretty much everything so you guys can get what the au is about! My English and explanation might not be good so… if you have any question about it then just simply send me an ask!

I’m currently working on the ask blog so please check it out! @ask-ew-bakery-au

So in this au, we focus on these 3 bakeries. Eddsweets, Eduardoats, and RedApple.

Eddsweets is located in 27 Durdam lane. Eddsweets has this event called : This week’s special ㅡ They basically make a cake or some type of dessert that explains an eddisode. Fun Fact : They secretly sell Smirnoff.

Eduardoats is located right next to Eddsweets. Eduardoats and Eddsweets were rivals since 2010. Fun Fact : Every time customer leaves, they say “Eddsweets sucks” as goodbye.

RedApple is the most popular and recommended bakery in the au. RedApple is located really far away from Eddsweets and Eduardoats so they don’t really know who works there. Fun Fact : It is rumored that if you say something related to sunshine, lollipops and rainbows in the store you will never make it out alive.

Edd is the leader, and the main baker of the bakery. He can pretty much bake everything! He is also a good artist! He sketches designs for desserts and sweets so he can bake it later.

Tom sometimes bakes but he mostly does deliveries and keeps an “eye” on storage so Matt can’t steal food. Tom also cleans the store.

Matt is a cashier and advertiser because he has good looks (mmmm). Plus, he sucks at baking. He sometimes can’t here what other customers are saying because he’s to focused on his mirror. Matt’s favorite food might be cinnamon roll because he smells like it.

Eduardo is the boss/cashier of Eduardoats. He’s grumpy all the time but is really kind to customers.

Jon is the main baker because he’s really shy to face other people than Eduardo and Mark.

Mark is the guard/storage keeper/delivery guy. He’s popular to kids because of his chin. Mark don’t speak much.

Tord is the boss/cashier of RedApples. He’s generally rude to people (including Paul, Patryk) but people seem to like him anyways. Tord hates sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. It is rumored that he keeps his guns inside his hood. Tord is the youngest in the group.

Paul is the guard/storage keeper. Everyone but Pat thinks he has a crush on Patryk, but Paul denies it. Paul always have a cigar in his mouth, no matter his inside or outside of the building. He always has his name tag upside down.

Patryk is the guard/baker. Patryk sees Paul as his closest friend, and is a bit scared of Tord.

- This post might be edited later on. Thank you for reading such a long post everyone! :D