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(( So I am pretty sure I sent all the asks out to all that requested to my post except one. Thanks for following the rules again. Though I really advise a few folks get a clean and clear tagging system and a reference page because searching through an unorganized blog is not… cool. 

I have been too lenient. Next time, I’m telling those who ask me with disorganization, you need to fix their pages if other people are too skittish to speak up. 

Also I been tempted to get a few interactions with Death himself but I am not looking for something that will be automatically confrontational. 

I am very picky about fight situations. I do not do this often and it can be rather tiresome to me as well as a huge turnoff because I would rather discuss these matters first hand instead of just being thrown into it. Don’t trust fight situations so much, too many experiences of the.. Godmod thing. 

If you’re interested, let me know. I know I am interested in a few I know he can hit along fine with and I may discuss with them later. ))

transcript of all the texts peter sent to happy

…Anyways, I’m out of school at 3 today
Need my assistance?
What is Tony up to?
Tell him I say hi!
Hey Happy!
Just checking in again.
Really miss our missions, hoping to do one again soon!
You think you’ll need me today?
Out of school at 2:45
Ready when you are!
Hey Happy
Just updating you on the latest!
Helped clear the road for an ambulance
Stopped a guy trying to mug an old man
Just being me, cleaning up Queens!
School is so boring
Wish I could be doing more
Just let me know!
This is your number, right?
Press 1 if yes, 2 if no
How’s Black Widow?
or should I say, “Natasha”
Big News! Quit Band Practice
Now I have more time for crime-fighting
Pretty big sacrifice
but I am completely committed
Hey Happy just checking in. I’m out of school at 2:45 PM 👊
Ready for my next mission!
It’s Peter BTW.


If You Love Me, Come Clean

by @dreamsmp3withthethieves on AO3

Pairings: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik/Liam Payne

Chapters: 15/15; 120k words

Rating: Explicit

Summary: “Can I help you?” Louis inquires, with a hand on his hip and the tone of someone who feels like doing the exact opposite. He’s already had enough of this character, and he hasn’t even said a word yet.

The tall and unkempt boy turns to face him. In a substantial contradiction to his overall rough appearance, his pale green eyes flash with child-like amusement. This only serves to agitate Louis even more.

“I don’t know, can you?” the yet-to-be-named boy utters with a teasing tone, striding towards him. Louis focuses on his voice, which is low, and husky, and not sexy at all. He sounds like a chainsmoker, Louis notes to himself, and this observation is in no way an attempt to distract himself from how incredibly disarming the boy looks up close.

Louis pulls his thoughts together in time to respond, “Well, that depends on how much of my time
you’re planning on wasting.”

Or, AU in which Louis works at a recording studio where Harry’s ‘up and coming’ and ‘exciting’ soon-to-be famous indie band has just signed a deal to record their debut album at, and Louis’ never even heard of them for Christ’s sakes, but that doesn’t stop him from repeatedly catching the eye of the raven-haired, eyeliner-wearing, and slightly dangerous-looking frontman (but he’s not interested, he isn’t.)

thank you to @louiswantstomarryharry for making me this edit and also thank you to @melmanpur for letting me use your manip!

And then they spent the Citadel Halloween party annoyed and avoiding each other for messing up their matching costume plans… Neeerrrrds.


it’s been a while, but he’s back

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That one fake Rick’s haircut felt awfully familiar.


Don’t have the time to clean these up at the moment, but I thought I would share anyways.

Anyways, I still want to wait until the game is complete before I decide what to do with this idea, I couldn’t help but play around with possible scenarios.