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Be My Hero

Summary: Being Deadpool’s daughter isn’t easy, especially when you have the Avengers and X-Men watching your every move.

Parings: Peter Parker x Reader, Wade Wilson!father x Reader!daughter

Other Characters: Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark, Gambit, Mentions of other Avengers and X-Men

Warnings: Mentions of Suicide, Blood, Violence, Angst, Teasing, Rejection

Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters

Real Name: (Y/N) Nessa Wilson

Current Alias: Mortál

Age: 17

Citizenship: Canadian

Relatives: Wade Wilson (Father)
Vanessa Carlysle (Mother)

Affiliations: X-Men, Avengers, S.H.E.I.L.D, Remy LeBeau, Rouge, Sebastain LeBeau, Logan Howlett, Laura Kinney, Peter Parker

Education: High Park Middle School, Richardson Square Secondary School

Identify: Known to Authorities

Abilities and Powers: Regenerative Healing Factor, Superhuman Reflexes and Agility, Hand-to-hand Combat Skills, Expert Knife Thrower

“When’s this shit gonna stop, (Y/N)?”

Wade gripped the handle of his apartment door, pulling the front door shut with a loud thud.

“The shit’s gonna stop when you stop pushing, Dad. That’s how it works.”

(Y/N) chewed on the piece of gum stuck in her mouth dramatically, making the chewing sound with her teeth as loud as possible.

Plopping down on the blood-stained couch in her living room, she grabbed her phone from the back pocket of her jeans and began looking over the notifications that started flooding her screen.

“Wow, holy fuck! Look! I’m a teenage girl!” Wade mocked, whipping his head back, pretending to flip his imaginary hair.

“Ugh - I know you’re a little girl trapped inside a man’s body, Dad, I get it. That’s why I just tell people you’re my mother.”

Wade hummed, gripping the back of his mask and letting the red and black material fall to the floor.

Singing How Far I’ll Go from Moana, Wade twirled around the living room like a princess, sticking out his arms and fingertips.

He hopped his way over to his daughter, imitating the look of boredom plastered on her face.

“Look at me …” He teased, gracefully kneeling in front of her with an innocent, puppy dog look. 

“I’m (Y/N)-” He swiftly grabbed her cell phone from her fingers, tossing it across the room without looking back. It smashed against the ground loudly, Wade not even blinking as the crashing sound filled the framed living space. 


I’m all about long, sullen silences-” Wade rolled his eyes, mimicking her usual attitude. “-followed by mean comments, followed by more awkward silences.”

(Y/N) grunted, letting her head drop back against the dirty couch as Wade placed his hands on her knees, keeping her from going anywhere. “Can I go? Are you gonna let me go?”

“Aw, what’s it gonna be my beautiful daughter?” He ignored her pleads for freedom.“Long sullen silence, or mean comment? C'mon, go on.”

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Kitchen Favours - Part 2

You asked for a part two. I gave you a part two. Though its probably not as good as you wanted!
Prompt: After their moment in Pop’s kitchen, Jughead tries to confront Y/N about what happened. 
Warning: Smut reference.
Part One 

Originally posted by admireforever

The day after yours and Jughead’s heated moment you find yourself back at the scene of the crime. Back at Pop’s for yet another shift, one you were happy to work as it was one of the few where you didn’t have the dark haired devil that was Jughead Jones. A name that hadn’t released your lips since you moaned it in his ear just last night.
Oh, last night…
As soon as Pop’s entered the diner, you both fumbled trying to grab your shirts, sooth your hair before Pop’s saw the two kids he had known since they were children about to loose the last of their innocence on the kitchen counter of his own diner.

Neither of you spoke a word to each other after that. The flirty jokes which had become common between the two of you halted in an almost un-natural manner, one you hoped Pop’s hadn’t picked up on. You left the diner the second your shift ended, not even saying goodbye to the boy who had waited behind just to keep you company. 

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ok yall think the Snowbaz Proposal™ is gonna be big and extravagant really i expected more from you baz is a mess simon is a mess this fandom is a mess so i present to you how the proposal is actually gonna go down

• Simon and Baz are in the kitchen preparing breakfast (Baz is cooking, and Simon is obviously just eating the raw ingredients.)

• Simon is sitting on the counter but it doesn’t quite work since he’s pretty tall, but not as tall as my boy Basil

• And so Baz is waiting for the pancakes to cook or the eggs to fry or whatever, and he just turns to Simon who’s sitting innocently on the counter, trying really hard not to bump his head on the cabinets

• So Baz turns to Simon and he smiles at him and they just c o n n e c t like they’ve pressed their temples together and they’re just grinning and laughing like the lovesick idiots they are and Simon is just so Smitten

• Mid-kiss Simon with his supersonic sense of smell gets a whiff of burnt food and Baz just groans and Simon is hysterical

• “Bloody hell Baz! That was my pancake!”

• “Piss off, Snow. You’re lucky I’m making you breakfast.” (But of course Baz is saying this with the Fondest Look Ever because Baz would cook breakfast for Simon everyeveryeveryday)

• And finally the breakfast is prepared and Baz is cleaning up the stove and Simon is still there sitting on the counter and he whispers,

• “Let’s get married.” Because he can definitely see the rest of his life like this

• And then Baz just eyes Simon and smiles a little, then turns back to whatever he was cleaning. “Yeah, let’s do it.”

anonymous asked:

What do you do when you feel disconnected from those around you or when you're feeling burnt out? What advice would you give to combat loneliness?

I write. I play music loudly. I put extra lotion on my face and hands, and I sing softly under my breath. I make myself dinner, usually something I haven’t had in a while. I try not to look at the news. I wear a sheer or lacy bra under a soft soft sweatshirt that has a hole in the right cuff. I take a long hot shower. I clean my stove. I call my mother. I put on make up and dance with my cat in my arms across the room. 

I grab a book and I go out and sit at the end of the bar and I order a double rye whiskey with almost no ice. I read and sip. I casually glance about. 

I play the music even louder and I take off my socks and I flex my feet. I revel in how many different places my feet have taken me. I might feel sad about the people who’s feel may have brushed mine. Whether it was my college best friend and I on the couch in my apartment sipping hot tea and laughing uproariously as our feet rested next to each other. Or maybe the first time my ex and I made love in the morning on the couch in his apartment and our feet kept brushing. Or the times my feet brushed against a friends as we stood close, or under a table in a crowded bar. 

I go through the packed and disorganized drawers in my house and find a matchbook from my favorite bar in Manhattan and I try and remember how I used the only two matches that are missing. I think about sharing drinks with friends at that bar and how nice it was to be familiar with Nolita and it’s streets and gems. 

I burn sage and incense. I don’t say a word for hours. I practice my signature and lament at the fact that Katharine never looks good compared to my rushed and crazed last name in pen. I water my plants and I rearrange all the furniture in my apartment. 

I text everyone who makes my soul sing, and never worry about them getting back to me. Just letting them know that they’re on my mind. 

Be kind to yourself. Excessively. Be sweet and gentle. Take time for yourself and do almost nothing. It helps. Then, take the time to be ruthlessly productive. Tackle your closet. Or a project you’ve set aside. Don’t stay still too long, but don’t rush. Just ride it out while staying aware. 

you’ve heard of RFA & Minor Trio proposing to MC, now get ready for: MC proposing to all these dorks ^^ hope you’re doing well btw

✿ sasjh ahh thank you for your ko-fi support, you’re all so generous. ♥ I tried a bit of a different format for this, please tell me if you like it!

You propose to Yoosung in possibly the most stereotypical way imaginable – by trying to spell it out on the high score field of your favorite arcade game.

Unfortunately, you and Yoosung share the same favorite arcade game (Honey Buddha Racers) and Yoosung is dense as a brick, so when you get the highest score on the game and input ‘Yoosung’ on the line, he finds it later, laughs at you and, thinking it’s some sort of joke, proceeds to beat your score and input your name on the top line. You beat him back, putting his name first again and thinking you should ban him from the game parlor until you’re freaking finished, but you don’t want to arouse his suspicion just yet.

The next day, you manage to get just under your high-score and input Will, but you have some trouble getting the other words to align right (including being undermined by some jerk who apparently was obsessed with getting onto the leaderboards) so you can only get two parts of your message before your prescribed playing time for the day is over.

The third time you try, you dedicate your entire Saturday afternoon to setting up your proposal, and approximately fifteen minutes before you’re supposed to meet Yoosung for dinner, you finish. Pleased, you go out to a restaurant with him, and then casually say you should check out the arcade afterwards.

He agrees. You both go in and, immediately he suggests a round of Honey Buddha Racers. You bring him to the machine, and on the screen, is…






“What?” Yoosung asks, squinting at the screen, and you clench your fists, seething and cursing to yourself. You were gone for like, an hour tops, and someone had ruined your proposal by beating one of your scores?


You get on one knee and propose anyway, because SCREW KEVIN, you were not letting him ruin your STUPID PROPOSAL.

(Despite the hiccups, Yoosung has stars in his eyes as he accepts.)

You propose to Zen with a smile, a rose clenched between your teeth and glittery flower petals strewn on the bed around you.

You’d gotten the idea from one of his musicals, specifically the one where Zen played a womanizing cat-boy who proposed to the female lead in the third act while wearing a diamond-encrusted speedo. Not to be outdone by your (soon-to-be) fiancée, you consume as many romantic movies, tv shows, and songs as possible in an attempt to melt down their contents and create the ur-proposal that would dominate all proposals for decades to come. They’d teach classes on your romantic ability, studying your silver tongue and your amorous passion! Stand aside, Cassanova! It was time for you to dominate history!

…Which is why you had a camera set up to record the entire thing.

Zen walks in to see you, in an exactingly pressed tuxedo, lying with one hand propping up your head and the other holding out a ring box. After a moment, you get up, and you do not climb off the bed, no – you billow. You sweep. You do a number of grand, romantic movements before you end up in front of him, on one knee, presenting him a diamond.

You whip the rose out of your mouth. You present it to him. He takes it, avoiding the spot that’s kind of shiny from your spit, and you recite a sonnet that you wrote and practiced extensively in the mirror specifically for him. You expected a lot of things – for him to swoon, for his knees to tremble, for him to grab your hands and say Yes, yes! Absolutely, yes! Let’s get married tomorrow!

Zen only does one of those things, instead bursting out laughing, putting his face in his hands… and saying that he loves you so much and that he will, without a doubt, promise to spend the rest of his life with you.

You propose to Jaehee with a cake.

Honestly, your planning could have been better. It was nothing to do with the cake itself! It was perfect! Handmade icing topping a perfectly moist chocolate body, gorgeous floral decorations, and a fondant that didn’t actually taste like shit with the words will you marry me? in a perfect, calligraphy-esque script on the top. It was her favorite color, favorite flavor, and your presentation was spot on, delivering it to her at the end of her shift along with a cup of coffee and a kiss on her cheek. No, your mistake was much smaller, much simpler than that.

After Jaehee squeals, hugs you, and says yesyesyes! About a million and one times, she asks you, like – not to be weird, but – where’s the ring?

And you look at the cake.

And you sweat, because you thought it would be cute to bake the goddamn diamond inside.

“Uh,” you say, and Jaehee facepalms and laughs.

You eat the entire cake during an all-day Zen musical binge, while making sure to take small, careful bites as you look for the ring.

[the rest are beneath the read-more!]

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Sing Along

So a little bit ago my lovely friend @nalusrainbowtree messaged me a little prompt and I’m honestly in love with it. 


You know what fic I need? One where lance is listening to his music but no one's around so he takes the headphones out and just plays it out loud. Bohemian Rhapsody starts playing and he gets really into well the other paladins hear and start singing with him word for word. Allura and Coran look at them in horror at the lyrics (‘momma just killed a man, put a gun against his head pulled my trigger now he’s dead’) 

I’m so excited to write this, I love Bohemian Rhapsody or anything by Queen. 

Also slight homesick Lance because I had too 

Lance was cleaning his lion, he needed to keep busy. Being still made him too fidgety. It made him feel lazy, like he was suppose to be doing something, so he started to clean. 

He started with his room, making his bed, dusting his shelf, washing his closes, organizing his bathroom and vacuuming the floor. Yet Lance still felt like he hadn’t done enough so he moved into the kitchen. 

Hunk usually kept the kitchen pretty clean but Lance still found things to clean. He scrubbed the stove a few hundred times, he washed the dishes and wiped down the counters. 

Lance hummed as he cleaned, he felt more at home than he ever felt on the castle. Lance leaned back and rested his elbows on one of the counters, his eyes fluttering shut and he sighed. Just like home, cleaning. Now I’m just missing music and my family dancing and singing. Lance’s eyes flew open as he thought about what he just said. “MUSIC! I need music!” He looked around the kitchen, “now where are Pidge’s headphones?” 


Lance was on a roll, he had already cleaned the common room, the bridge, the star room and was now making his way down to Blue’s hanger. Music was pulsing through his veins and he could feel the beat in his bones. Lance had his phone on high volume and swayed to the beat as he strolled into the hanger. 

Blue immediately perked up at her paladins presence and Lance gave her a huge smile, pulling his headphones around his neck. “Hey beautiful, ready to be cleaned?” Lance heard her purr and started to wipe down one of her front paws. 

Lance started to scrub at some of the dirt but found himself working up a sweat the longer he scrubbed. Man this stuff is really on here. He felt sweat fall down his face and soon pulled off his headphones and unplugged them from his phone. “Well Blue, I hope you like my music.” Lance was off again, his music echoing off the big room and Lance’s voice blasting through the music. 

Lance’s mom always liked his voice and Lance liked signing for her, she always encouraged Lance to sing everywhere and he fell in love with singing. Every time he sang he felt closer to his mom and the hole in his chest filled in a bit more. 

Lance was so lost in thought thinking about his family that he completely missed the first words to one of the best songs ever. His brain focused on the words around, “Is this just fantasy?” and without hesitation Lance immediately started to belt the lyrics. 

Caught in a landslide! No escape from reality!” Lance started to dance around the room, the familiar harmonies fill his ears. 

Look up to the sky and seeeeeeeee!” Lance heard another voice join him and looked toward the door, seeing Hunk smiling as he kept singing. 

Lance ran towards his best friend and they both continued the lyrics. “I’m just a poor boy!” 

I need no sympathy!” Pidge ran into the room and immediately joined the two boys in their singing. The three of them sand “To meeeeeee,” and without fail both Keith and Shiro entered the room, singing the piano part, keeping their voices light for the piano. 

Lance gave a giggle at what they were doing and immediately composed himself to sing the most tragic part. “Mamaaaaaa, just killed a mannnnn. Put a gun against his head, pulled my trigger now he’s dead. Mamaaaa life had just begun!! But now I’ve gone and thrown it all away!” 

The five paladins kept on signing, filling each word with emotions for the story that they were telling, all completely oblivious to the two Alteans who entered the room to check on the noise and their horrified expressions. 

“Coran! Did the paladins kill a man?” Allura whispered as she grabbed onto the older man’s arm in fear and concern for her paladin. 

“I do not know princess.” Coran stared at them, “maybe they finally lost it?” 

The paladins kept singing, all of them swaying to the beat keeping the mood heavy. “Too late, my time has comeeee. Sent shivers down my spine,” Lance moved his hand down as to motion the chimes and Keith smiled widely at him. “Body’s aching all the timeeee. Goodbye everybody, I’ve got to gooooo.” 

“Are the paladins leaving? Coran they can’t leave they need to defeat Voltron! And why are they singing to their ‘mama’?” Allura stepped forward to questioned the paladins but Coran stopped her, she didn’t understand the stroy at all. 

“Princess, let’s not jump to conclusions, maybe they are just having fun?” Coran voice was low and he didn’t even believe himself. 

“Killing a man is fun?! Oh I do not wish to visit Earth.” Allura placed a hand on her head as the group moved on to another part of the song. 

Lance took this part over, dramatically falling to his knees. “I don’t want to dieeeeee! Sometimes wish I’d never been born at allllll!” The paladins all played invisible instruments and Allura looked like she was ready to slap some sense into her paladins, hoping they would explain the song. 

“Does Lance really think that?” 

The paladins still ignored their guest and soon broke out into piano playing, switching between the notes for Gallieo. Pidge taking the high notes while Shiro took the low notes. Lance went solo for the next part and his friends covered the background notes. 

I’m just a poor boy nobody loves me.” 


The paladins unconsciously split into groups, Lance, Keith and Pidge singing the first “LET HIM GOOOO!” While Hunk and Shiro sung, “BISMILLAH! WE WILL NOT LET YOU GO!” This followed to the hard guitar playing and the paladins screaming at the tops of their lungs, feeling the high fall down towards the end. 

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN STOP ME AND SPIT IN MY EYEEEEEE? SO YOU THINK YOU CAN LOVE ME AND LEAVE ME TO DIEEEEE?? OHHHH BABY!” The paladins played intense air guitar as they danced around the room, ignoring the words and stopping when the song started to come down from its high. 

Nothing really mattersssss, anyone can see. Nothing really matters. Nothing really matters. To meeeeeeeeeeeee.” The group stopped where they started, only then realizing Allura and Coran horrified faces. They all caught there breath for a minuet and Lance waved them over. 

“Hey you guys, did you like the song?” The paladins smiled at the two of them and Allura couldn’t contain her emotions anymore. 

“That was the most confusing sing ever! You killed a man then sang to be let go??? I have so many questions.” She leaned against Blue and heard laughter around her. 

“Join the club Princess.” 

Does anyone actually understand this song????? Jk

I based this off of how my sisters and I act when we sing this song, it’s a family and school classic. 

I had so much writing this and I really hope you have fun reading it!!!!

I recommend that you check out this song if you haven’t heard it before! 

Thank you so much for letting me write this

I hope you like it! Sorry it took so long!!!!!

there was no milk, so i poured soda in my cereal

prompt request by @the-space-cows-keep-mooing

reddie oneshot (lowercase intended)


richie and eddie were best pals, everyone knew this. despite the constant arguing and name calling, the two could never abandon one another. that’s why 5 nights a week, eddie would wake up on richie’s brown stained, clothing ridden floor to the sounds of his animal-like snores. he was still bitter that richie denied him the privilege of INNOCENTLY sleeping in the bed with him, richie’s excuse being “i don’t wanna catch aids from your drool,” but deep down he was just nervous about being that intimate with eddie. was it gay to share a bed with your best friend who you want to hold hands with and kiss on the cheek all the time? richie struggled with that question a lot.

eddie woke up this morning the same way he normally did, squeezing the sides of the worn pillow richie lent him to his ears to block out the sound. the moment his eyes fluttered gently and he finally began to fall back to sleep, his stomach let out a GIANT growl. eddie was never one to ignore his bodily cues, fearing if they’d gone untreated he would explode or something along the lines of that.a pout on his face, he rolled himself up and and came to his tube-sock clad feet, turning his back slightly to glance at richie. the boy was sprawled as far out as he could on his unmade twin mattress, his glasses still on his face and pressing a mark into his cheek. eddie was unaware of the smile that danced it’s way onto his own lips as he waddled out of richie’s room, through the hallway, and into the petite kitchen.

richie’s parents weren’t home, nor were they ever, but eddie knew his way around the tozier household better than his own. the only thing that he didn’t know about the house was that in the top shelf in the cupboard above the bathroom sink was an extra inhaler that richie kept for emergencies. another growl pronounced itself and eddie pushed himself up onto his toes to grab the box of lucky charms in the cabinet above the greasy gas stove. a clean bowl was already laid out for eddie, blind to the fact that richie cleaned one for him last night because he knew he wouldn’t eat breakfast out of one of the nasty bowls piled in the sink.

as eddie pulled open the refrigerator and reached his hand in to grab the milk, he was hit with a realization; there was no milk.

“shit..” he muttered to himself, a slight panic kicking in. he figured he could just pour the cereal back into the bag as he shut the fridge, opening up a different cupboard, only to find it was empty. he sighed, moving on to the next; empty. then the next; empty as well. and finally, the last food cupboard in the house; nada. at this point his abdomen was cramping, unable to go much longer without food. this final moment would lead him to a decision he didn’t want to make. he opened the refrigerator door a second time, his eyes scrunched closed at first in fear of seeing what it beheld. after the door had screeched open, he slowly opened his eyes and to his horror, he saw that all the fridge contained was a half empty can of mountain dew

eddie gulped, readying himself for what he had to do. his shaky hand reached in to grab the soda can, pulling it out and setting it down next to the bowl of sugary cereal. he made a quick mental prayer, silently apologizing to his blood sugar levels for what he was about to eat. taking the can in his hand once more, he tipped it over the cereal bowl and quickly let out a shrill scream. ᴀ ʟᴀʀɢᴇ sᴘɪᴅᴇʀ, okay well, a spider smaller than a penny that eddie believed to be  ᴀ ʟᴀʀɢᴇ sᴘɪᴅᴇʀ , hopped out onto one of the rainbow marshmallows in the cereal bowl. several more screeches followed afterwards as eddie sped back down the hall, hopping directly onto richie’s back, tears streaming down his face.

richie jolt awake, grumpy but also concerned as to why eddie was riding his back. “what the fuck is your problem?”

THERE’S A FUCKING GIANT SPIDER IN MY CEREAL I SWEAR TO GOD IT’S OUT TO KILL ME THAT ASSHOLE HAD FANGS THE SIZE OF MARS JESUS FUCK,” eddie was out of breath at this point, heaving and having trouble catching his breath.

richie blinked his eyes a few times, quick to react to eddie’s breathing struggle and running into the bathroom to grab the inhaler on the top shelf. he returned to his room where eddie crouched in the top corner of his bed, and scrambled over to him only to shove the wrong end of the inhaler into his mouth with his other hand gently rubbing eddie’s back.

eddie reached to adjust the inhaler the proper way, quickly realizing that this wasn’t any of the 3 he had in his fanny pack he brought over. it took him a moment to understand that this was one richie had given him, leading him to find out richie kept one for him. his breathing evened out in this moment, making eye contact with the bug-eyed-boy in front of him. eddie had no words.

a few seconds later, richie had noticed that eddie was fine now. he nervously sniffed, stepping back off the bed. “so, where is this son of a bitch spider you’re telling me about?” 

it’s in the kitchen, it came jumping out of the mountain dew can. i swear if you don’t go down and ki-

why were you pouring mountain dew? i thought you were allergic to that shit?

there was no milk, so i poured soda in my cereal.”


SO THIS IS MY FIRST ONESHOT… AND MY FIRST REDDIE ONE, AT THAT okay sorry i’ll stop typing in caps but this took me a good 3 days maybe! i think it’s kinda cute! thank you @the-space-cows-keep-mooing for sending in this prompt starter! i had a different idea at first but i think this turned out pretty decent. 

please feel free to send me your feedback, any suggestions, constructive or destructive criticism, what you liked, etc will be highly appreciated!! also feel free to suggest me more oneshots or prompts or just send me any sort of message (:

My horoscope for today said “Get the chores done in the void morning hours” and I know they meant like, the empty hours in the morning, and also that’s good advice.

But I couldn’t help reading it as “Get the chores done in the void” and I immediately thought to myself, damn, do I still have to clean the stove even in the void?

Post Your Spoonie Foods

So if you have a chronic illness, cooking can be difficult to say the least. While we might have different dietary needs, we’ve all got some creative solutions for quicker, easier meal-type foods. I thought it might be helpful if we all shared those things.

So what do you eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner that’s not too tough to cook/heat?

Rice a Roni microwave cups:

I wish these were cheaper. They’re about $1 per 1.9oz cup. I need at least two to feel satisfied. But they’re not tough to make by virtue of you just open, pour in season packet, add water, and microwave. No cleaning a pot, no stove time. Heat, Eat and toss out the container. They do seem to be brand specific? I’ve not found similar rice cups in another brand. If anyone else has let me know.

Birdseye microwave veggies:

Another easy microwave mini meal. They cook in the bag. So you can just pour out into a paper plate or whatever and eat. So quick & easy and these are usually cost affordable at $1.25 ish a bag. Lots of variety too. I’m not certain on brand specific of this, I think they make other brands for similar prices.

Quaker Instant Oatmeal:

I’m sure they make this in other brands. Just using what I’m familiar with. About $1.75 a box, you get about 10 packs. Depends on appetite how many you use for a meal. You’ll need a microwave safe real bowl or (sorry Earth) styrofoam bowls imho for these, if you need a disposable bowl. Plastic will melt, paper bowls deform. Only awful environmentally unfriendly styrofoam seems durable to the hot water. Either boiled in kettle on stove or microwave.

Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice:

Easy to make, but so far brand specific. About $1.75-2 a packet. Just tear open packet and microwave standing up. Then pour and eat. Different varieties.

Raman Noodles:

EVERYONE knows these. Comes in different varieties, manufacturers, etc. I’ve recently found the different manufacturers make slightly varied products. I prefer Nissin over Maruchan. But that’s me! Cheap, easy. Enough said!

Ok, those are my “easy” to “cook” mini meals. Please add your own if you have any!

Imagine having befriended Los Hermanos Gecko when you were younger, a friend who they lost touch with after Seth got sent to Prison and Richie fell off the grid. Though you kept up to date with Seth through letters for a few months during his Prison stint, you lost all contact and stopped wondering about them when the Police turned up on your front porch asking if you had any contact with the brothers. Spoiler alert, you hadn’t. But years later, should the Police ask you that question again.. well you couldn’t exactly give them that same answer.

Originally posted by qeckosfuller

Richie X Reader

“That last job was a shit show, Richard! We need to lay low somewhere off the grid, not plan another job.”

“Well what do you suggest, brother? In case you’ve forgotten, we’re criminals. We have no friends and our funds aren’t up to snuff.”

“We can always go back to Texas,” Kate suggests tiredly after a tense moment of silence. “I left my family home in the care of a friend in case I ever went back. There’s enough room for the three of us.”

“Dumb idea, Katie. Small towns like Bethel breed fast gossip. If you’re spotted around town again, people will know about it within hours.”

Kate sighs, curling up on the second bed in their shared room. Richie sits at the small kitchenette table cleaning weapons and Seth sits in a wooden chair while keeping watch through the closed mini-blind at the window. 

“Bethel is a dumb idea,” Seth eventually says. “Texas? Not so much.”

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orbingarrow replied to your post: I also got on a cleaning roll and cleaned out the…

Wait what??? Baking soda pulls up grease? Somehow I’ve missed this cleaning tip and my stove top is a mess and the spray stove cleaner I use is not very good at its job. I’m going to try it!

It was nothing short of astonishing. 

Wipe down the surface with a damp sponge, sprinkle with baking soda, scrub with the rough side of the sponge (you will need to rinse the sponge a lot). The soda soaks into the grease and turns into like, weird grease crumbs. Then once you’ve scrubbed it all up, wipe it with vinegar to pull up the weird white residue, then with a clean damp sponge again. 

Something Sweet {Part II}

Author: Zoe

(A/N: Been watching a lot of foodie movies lately. Also a lot of Masterchef and Kitchen Nightmares!)

Head Chef! Obi-Wan x Pastry Chef! Reader

Plot Summary: When Qui-Gon hires a new pastry chef for his dessert menu, Obi-Wan feels a slight sense of competition. Who do you think you are, just waltzing into his kitchen? He’s been running it for years, it doesn’t need to change. But, as time progresses, he realizes the sour beginning the two of you had is starting to turn into something sweet.

Originally posted by haidaspicciare

“Hello? Mr. Jinn?” You walked into the restaurant the next morning, your apron tied around your waist and pulling along your baking tools. Rolling pins, whisks, cake leveler, icing tips, icing bags, everything you ever need inside your case rolling behind you.

Qui-Gon stood up, exiting his office and shaking your hand with a warm smile. “You must be Y/N. Anakin mentioned you were interested in the job?”

You nodded, glancing to your tools. “Yes, I recently left my job working over at Supernova Sweets, do you know the place?”

“Ah, yes, I’ve tasted your pastries before. Quite extraordinary.”

“That’s high praise, thank you so much.” You smiled, as Qui-Gon gestured for you to follow him.

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lovebirds [sam wilson]

the morning after your first night with sam.

tagging: @redgillan, @mattymattymerduck, @avengerofyourheart, @wakandasoldier, @darlingbuchanan, @bemystucky, @idorkish, @iwillbeinmynest, @aubzylynn, @angryschnauzer, @almondbuttercup, @ipaintmelodies

warnings: referenced sexual content, innuendos

additional notes: i love sam so much. i picture him as one of those guys who plays is cool when he’s single but as soon as he’s in a relationship, he and his partner are insanely lovey dovey, at first genuinely, and then to just piss off the rest of the team. anyways here’s a little something for my favorite bird boy (sorry, clint). gender-neutral reader here. i originally wrote this as a black!reader fic but feel free to read it as ambiguous as you’d like! oh, also the reader here is a mutant with angel wings. they’re basically made of light so they can manifest them at will without having to fold them back in tight spaces.

“If you ever, change your mind…” You cracked another egg, catching the yolk in the shell before it could fall into the bowl. “About leaving, leaving me behind, oh, oh…”

“Enjoying yourself?”

You chuckled, sashaying over to the trash can and dropping the eggshells inside. “Yes, Buck, this is one of the best mornings I’ve had in a while.” And it was true. You’d tell him you didn’t know what had you in such a euphoric mood, but you’d be lying. The dull ache in your thighs and the fresh glow about your skin was evidence enough. “Why do you ask?” You flashed your friend a coy smile.

Bucky grinned back at you. He was sitting at the island, clad in a hoodie and sweats. “No reason. You just seem happy, s’all. Who’s this?” he asked, referring to the music playing softly from the speakers in the kitchen.

“Sam Cooke, ‘Bring It On Home to Me,’ 1962,” you replied seamlessly, returning to the counter to beat the eggs with a whisk. In lieu of singing, you swung your hips to the beat. “Add him to your list. Actually, Sam might have put him there already. Want an omelet?” You gestured to the one cooling off on a plate next to the stove.

“Sure. Thanks, doll.” He rose from his seat to take the plate and moved next to the fridge, most likely for some sriracha, you guessed. The man added the chili sauce to everything ever since you and Sam introduced him to it. “Looks divine.”

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Ha!! I cleaned today.. started at 11 after I woke up & ate a donut.. I didn’t do 20/10s today because it’s too hot so I just cleaned until I got sweaty.
I didn’t get through all my boxes because the ones that are there need to be shipped to Florida & I don’t have the $$$ for that!
Kitchen is all clean including the stove which can barely be seen in the photo but it was a greasy mess and the microwave was cleaned too!
In the bedroom I found out that the vacuum is broken 😭and I only own 1 set of sheets.. but all the stray trash & laundry is now taken care of!

persephone .one.

bughead fanfiction - unbeta’d - angsty - post breakup - ½


“If we aren’t capable of hurt,
we aren’t capable of joy.”
—Madeleine L’Engle

Her name is Sabrina.

The new girl at Riverdale High, walking through the halls of their senior year with an air of confidence Betty only dreams of having one day. With short ashy blonde hair and eyes sharper than even that of her gorgeous best friend Veronica Lodge, Sabrina Spellman has, and is, everything Betty isn’t— mysterious, sultry, and unnaturally ethereal.

The worst part is, Betty can’t hate her.

Sure, she’s dating her ex-boyfriend, but she’s also her lab partner. Betty comes to find Sabrina is actually incredibly nice and infuriatingly easy to talk to. She also notices that enigmatic glint in the other girl’s eyes and thinks, maybe this is what Jughead wanted all along.

Someone who wears her individuality with pride and isn’t afraid of making mistakes.

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