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anonymous asked:

Antis make it really hard to be a Finnrey shipper on Tumblr. I don't ship Reylo but I wouldn't be surprised if we get a love triangle honestly. And Rey wasn't physically hurt in the interrogation room like Poe was, and yes she was crying but it was because her memories was painful to her. Look at Mara Jade and Luke, their relationship started out no different at all. Hell, she even knocked Luke out. What do you call that???? There's no excuses! You guys need to grow up🙄 This is ridiculous!

oh look, a bunch of points that have already been addressed by many other blogs a million times! im not going to explain everything in all the detail i could because frankly youre not entitled to my time and energy, especially when others have explained this before. but i’ll go ahead and give you the gist:

1) how do antis make it hard to be a finnrey shipper? calling out content that is racist/misogynist/whatever? because thats what ive seen.

2)haha yeah buddy we aren’t getting a love triangle, a lot of evidence points to reysky and even if that doesnt become canon, a movie with a large audience of children isnt going to be all “dark and edgy” by having the villain and the hero get even KIND OF romantically involved

3) this has been addressed a million times? kylo hurt rey, and even if you want to argue not physically bringing up traumatic memories like that to make her cry still is not okay and is still abuse

4) i cant comment on the mara jade/luke thing because i honestly couldnt give less of a shit about the old eu and i havent really read those books but like? dont bring up a ship that i dont ship as a “ha got you” because if i dont ship it that really doesnt make me a hypocrite

also its funny how youre telling me to grow up when youre the one sending anon hate

it makes me laugh when people blindly love gay guys just because they’re gay … or people of color just because they’re not white … like yeah don’t be a bigot but you also gotta realize that white people and straight people aren’t the only ones who can be gross

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