clean soil

Someone called me “baby” today.

I thought about how I eat through apple cores, how my soles are rough from using my feet to climb and run, how I dig with my fingers in the soil, clean things with bleach, spread my body out and feel good about it, expel all my breath and sit with my eyes open underwater.

How I drink poison, how I like chemicals and carefully calibrated equipment, how I don’t wish I was quiet or mysterious anymore.

And he called me “baby.”

Leo Viv (In Progress)

This is a step-by-step setup of Kharjo’s (the leopard gecko) bioactive vivarium (still a work in progress).

First, gravel for a shallow drainage layer, and a basking rock placed directly on the glass, over the Under Tank Heater (UTH).

Next, I cut out a piece of black trash bag (clean), to prevent the soil from mixing in with the gravel and defeating the purpose of the drainage layer.

Then I poked holes in it, so it would still drain.

I added a thin layer of peat moss, to aid in drainage and to offer the plants some nutrients as it eventually breaks down.

Then I added the main substrate:
2 parts soil (which is primarily clay), that I collected from my yard and baked to sanitize.
1 part play sand
1 part peat moss

Finally, I added Aloe Vera, and some Sansevieria and created a dry and humid hide out of flat stones.
(I don’t have the whole cleaner crew yet, so it’s not exactly bioactive yet. So I spot-clean)

It’s still pretty basic, and would benefit from a nice 3D background, but that shall have to wait for another day.

Lesson 3: Witchcraft 101

Terminology and Basic Theory

By: Headmistress Trick

Live class date and time: 1/3/2017 @ 4:40pm

As with all things in the pagan community, I advise you research twice then come to your own conclusions. Your craft is YOUR CRAFT, this may not be a perfect fit for you, that it okay. We are all  the tailors of our own spiritual clothes.

This course will cover basic terms and tools, the beginner’s theory and practice of simple rituals and how to construct your own spells.

Things that will NOT be covered in this course: In-depth explanations of the various areas of magic. I will provide a basic grand overview, but the purpose of this class is not to delve into any one concentration of practice. If something you hear strikes your interest, please feel free to ask me for more information. If I don’t know about what you’re asking, I’ll find someone that does.

The Basics

The only thing you need to cast any spells whatsoever, is a witch. If you’re sitting in for this course, that’s probably you. You can call yourself any title you choose, practitioner, wizard, sorcerer, magician, crazy person, spiritualist, whatever… Anyway, to perform magick, that is the manipulation of energies to bring about an intended result. This can be done with or without the assistance of deities or entities outside one’s self.

Generally all workers,  even secular ones, have some sort of altar to use as a work space. These are highly personal spaces. They can be simple, grand, portable, stationary, cluttered, clean, whatever you like. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. In traditional Wicca, every tool has a place on the altar. This is by no means is something most practitioners still prescribe to. What you choose to have and use in your practice can be as minimalist or extravagant as you like. You can have all the tools or none of them. It is entirely up with you.

Statues, fetishes (these are small carvings,) or some kind of physical representation of gods or goddesses. Many consider this to be the house that you invite spirits, deities, or entities to inhabit when calling them for spells or rituals. Obviously if you’re secular this won’t be part of your practice.

Candles- Let’s be honest, an altar without a single candle, led or traditional, is a rare one indeed. They’ve a million uses in spells and have their own branch of magic aptly called candle magic.

Bowl- For keeping stuff in. When doing an elemental spell this is usually used to hold water, sand, salt, or dirt, but it can hold anything that needs containing.

Athame- This is a ritual knife. Some people use swords or daggers, some people use a grubby old pocket knife given to them by their great uncle. This is generally used for cutting or directing energy. It is not always sharp and there is a little bit of argument about whether it should be used for non-ritual purposes. Some say daily use dulls the magick inside it, others say it enhances it. I say, it is your knife, use it for what you like.

Bolline- A utility knife actually used for cutting physical objects. If you use your Athame as a functional knife you probably don’t need this.

Cauldron- If ever there was an image of a witch it was an old crone bent over a cauldron stirring away at something nasty bubbling over a fire. These can be used for bubbling toil and trouble, but also for a holding place for burning things.

Wand- Generally a thin stick thing for pointing and directing energy. This can be a myriad of objects from one’s fingers, pencils, spoons, actual sticks or specially crafted wands. Don’t let anyone tell you something can’t be a wand.

Mortar and Pestle- A small bowl with a little club for crushing, grinding and mixing herbs and spices. Be advised that wood, plastics and porous stones can pick up scents and flavours from the things you put in them. Do not use the same set for non-edible items that you do for ones you intend on eating.

Chalice- Fancy cup. Usually used for offering drinks to entities or passing around the group in a coven ritual. Traditionally this is in a goblet shape, but I’ve used a coffee cup in a pinch. Make sure whatever you use is food safe and easy to wash. Do not leave offerings sitting it until they get fuzzy.

Incense- This is sometimes used to represent air in elemental workings. It is best to avoid purely synthetic scents when possible. These will require some kind of holder. A fireproof container filled with sand can serve just as well in a pinch. If working in a group please be sure to ask about allergies and sensitivities to scents.

Grimoire- This is a witch’s go to book for all things that are important enough to write down. Just like a woman’s purse, one should never open and look through another person’s grimoire without express permission. Taking things that are not freely given from it is dangerous at best.

Broom- Used for sweeping energies, especially negative ones. Is wonderful for dissipating said energies.  Not for flying on. Sweep your floor and get the dust out along with the bad stuff.

Drums/bells- Sound can be useful for wards, driving away negative energy and calling attention. They’re also great for keeping time when dancing in a group.

Baskets, bottles, bins- For keeping stuff in. Don’t laugh.

Bucket of water/fire extinguisher- Candles can go from representations of fire to “oh shit my house is on fire” very quick. Safety first.

Stones, crystals, cords, fabric, oils, herbs, salt, flour, chalk - spell ingredients. They’ll end up everywhere unless you contain them in the baskets, bottles and bins I mentioned earlier.  DO NOT CAST CIRCLES OUTSIDE USING SALT. IT WILL KILL WILDLIFE.

Ritual Clothes- Special clothing is by no means a requirement, actually some people say this separates them too far from their craft, like putting on a costume. Others say it enhances the ritual experience for them. Whatever you are comfortable wearing should be what you practice in. Skyclad is a way of referring to being naked, by the way.

Divination tools- Tarot cards, runes, scrying mirrors, crystal balls, tea leaves. Only needed when planning on doing divination.

While none of these things are required to perform any spells, they can be helpful. No beginner should feel they have to break the bank to get a bunch of items they may or may not use. Be wary of materials of anything that will be touching your mouth or eyes. Cheap antique metals especially can sometimes contain lead. Used bookshops, thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales can be gold mines for things to use in your craft.

Many practitioners believe in cleansing and consecrating their tools before using them. They feel any strange energies coming into their space that wasn’t invited can contaminate their spells. There are as many methods of purification as there are stars in the sky, but some common methods are

Ground, cast a circle and call whatever energies into play that you wish to work with. Hold the item above your work space and “sweep” or “cut” away any unwanted energies while calling for the negative to be dispersed. Then you can set the item down onto your altar and  fill it with good energies and intents.

Smoke cleansing, passing a fireproof item briefly through candle flame, bathing in water (charged, rain or crystal water are commonly used for this practice), leaving it in direct sun or moonlight for a few hours or burying overnight in clean soil are also common ways of dealing with negative energies. Some believe a simple spiritual wipe down is all you need.

I have heard some practitioners say the repeat this process any time they use a tool in a ritual, and some simply when they feel the need recharging.

Whatever process you choose, make sure it is safe for you to use on the item and that you feel completely comfortable doing it. If you go into it with uncertainty or negative feelings, you’ll just be imbuing those into the item instead of cleaning it.

Now that you know what kind of tools you might be using, you probably are curious what kinds of magic you can perform. I by no means believe this is a completely comprehensive list. I’m only human after all.

Astral work- The art of using one’s mind to expand your presence and travel beyond one’s physical body.

Black/Dark/ Left Hand Path- This generally is anything that falls outside of the realm of white magic. This can include work that deals with death, blood, hexes, and gathering of power. Not always evil, not always good. This sometimes includes working with demons or fae, but certainly not always.

Cosmic- The use of planetary or celestial bodies in influencing one’s magical workings.

Candle- The use of color and shape correspondences in spells that use candles extensively.

Crystal/Stone/Lapidary- The use of correspondences of types of stones and gems in spells, using the natural energies found within  rock.

Herbalism/Green magic- The use of growing things to make your potions, spells and other magical workings. This generally includes gardening at some point.

Kitchen/Hearth/Cottage- This is household magic. Spells are woven into everyday cooking, cleaning and household tasks. This is a very vast area of magic that can encompass many other sections.

Knot/Cord/String- The use of string and cord for creating spells or charms. A very portable type of spellcasting.

Music/Sound- The use of singing, humming, playing musical instruments or otherwise creating sounds for spells.

Divination- Attempting to foretell the future through various means such as tarot, runes, scrying, reading tea leaves or palmistry.

Sigils, Symbols and Runes- Visual representations of concepts and intents in one’s craft. This can include esoteric alphabets and occult imagery.

Elemental- Working with one or all of the elements to bring about one’s intentions.

Weather- Working in conjunction with and influencing the weather

White/Light- Generally any magic that does not fall into the somewhat unsavory realm of “bad” magic. This does not mean this is the only right kind of magic to do.

There are literal hundreds of types and branches of magic, including specific pantheons of deities that I am not going to cover here, and ethnic or regional types of crafts. I always encourage you to seek out more information on your own.

Before we wind down I want to go over some other common terms that may or may not come up

Familiar- A companion, usually animal, that serves as a host to a spiritual entity or energy. They assist with workings and are generally good to have around. Please take good care of your familiars if you have them.

Coven- A group of witches or practitioners. You do not need one if you don’t want one, but they can be a great support group.

Spell- The working of magic itself.

Incantation- The spoken bit of the spell, absolutely does not have to rhyme, though that can help with memory recall. This can be in any language, though one you’re familiar with would probably be best.

Charm- An object that is created to hold an enchantment, usually carried or worn by the intended recipient.

Channeling- The controversial process of becoming host to another spirit of entity.

Three Fold Rule- The idea that whatever you send out will return to you three times over. This applies to both the good and the bad.

Potion- A mixture of ingredients usually meant to be swallowed by the person the magic is supposed to effect. Please never make a potion out of toxic or dangerous ingredients.

Ointment/Salve- Lotiony sort of stuff that goes on your skin.

Poultice- Soft wet mass of stuff you put on your skin. Usually contains herbs and other ingredients bound together with moss, gauze or flour and held on with a cloth wrapped around the body part

Correspondence- The relation between an item and the energy it influences. Like a type of stone being handy for working with psychic energies, or healing. Black candles being good for banishment and cleansing.  These are not always agreed upon by every magic user.

Enchant- to fill an item with energy or intention

Grounding- The release of negative energy and reaffirming one’s personal boundary of energy and influence

Sabbat- A festival, holiday or gathering for celebratory or ritual reasons

Pentagram vs Pentacle – If you are involved in craft that uses the star in the circle emblem, you should know that a pentagram is just the star, the pentacle is the whole thing within the circle. Calling it a pentagram makes you look like an ill informed goth kid. Always be a well informed goth kid.

Casting a circle- the act of creating both physical and metaphysical barriers for energies.

Shielding/ Warding- the creating of a protective barrier between your target and bad/unwanted things.

Binding- The attempt to hold someone or something and keep it from performing any harmful or unwanted actions.

Banishment/Purification- Casting out of bad energies or influences

Calling the Corners- The concept that the cardinal directions correspond to guardians or spiritual entities and calling upon them to serve as protectors for a ritual

Offerings/Sacrifices- Objects that are surrendered to an entity. Do not perform any kind of animal or blood sacrifice without fully understanding what you are doing and warning anyone else that might be involved in the process. Food, drinks, gifts and offerings of effort are generally more than enough to appease deities or spirits.

Please if you have any questions, please let me know. I will not be answering any questions about specific regional or cultural craft that I am unfamiliar with, but will try to find you resources or someone to speak to about them.

We will be reconvening for class on Sunday to do basic spellwork and go over some common correspondences. We will be doing a simple protection charm so please find an item you wish to enchant. It can be an item you use and keep on you daily or a found item. Any other things you would like to bring to share with the class of your own workings would be wonderful. Thank you and I hope you learned something new.

The Colorado ranch AU (WIP)

What’s the word for writing an AU of your own AU?  Self-reflexive? Ridiculous? “Book of Spells (The Shortgrass Prairie Remix)”? In any case this seems to be happening.  Here’s a bit.


When they reached the barn, they found Pimienta calmly licking her newborn foal.  The foal lay with legs folded, not yet trying to stand.  Stubby wings strained loose from the slick dregs of fetal membrane that clung to them.  The markings on its hips were like its mother’s, a white blanket painted with splotches of bay. 

“That’s my girl,” said Percy.  "Well done.“

He examined mother and foal as Credence cleaned up the soiled straw. Having seen to the hinny, Mr. Scamander approached and peered with obvious pleasure through the slats of the stall.  

"Does the little one have a name?" 

Percy glanced at Credence.  The set of his mouth didn’t change, but his eyes warmed like brandy in the sun.  "It’s your turn.  To do the honors.”

“I want to think about it first,” Credence said.

They left the barn.  Percy went up to the house to wash, leaving Credence to lead Mr. Scamander to the pasture’s edge.  They passed the henhouse, passed the garden rife with radishes and lettuces and pole-beans, coaxed by spellwork to disregard the earliness of the year.

Presto was riding thermals, tawny wings bright on blue sky.  When he caught sight of Credence he whickered and came cantering to earth.  He beat his wings showily and ramped as he landed, aware of the picture he made.  As usual.

“Your farm’s namesake,” Mr. Scamander guessed.

Credence nodded.  He ducked as Presto leaned over the fence to nose at his head.  Mr. Scamander’s mouth twitched.

“He seems quite fond of you.”

“He’s not my horse,” protested Credence, batting a hand as Presto lipped his hair.  The soft muzzle tickled his earlobe.  He didn’t dare laugh–it might set him coughing again.  He didn’t want to have one of his fits in front of a guest.  "He’s Percy’s.“  

"Perhaps that’s why,” said Mr. Scamander, so mildly that Credence almost thought nothing of it.  Mr. Scamander was looking out across the prairie, toward the buttes.  "Beautiful country.  If desolate.“  He paused.  "Is it just the two of you here?”



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nalu 6

More Than Words

Pairing: Nalu

Word Count: 700

A/N; This has been sitting half done for over a wek now whoops lmao

6) “Alright but you gotta promise you’re not gonna be mad if I tell you what happened.”

“Alright, but you gotta promise you’re not gonna be mad if I tell you what happened.”

Lucy cocked an eyebrow, pausing mid-wipe as she cleaned the gash above Natsu’s left eyebrow. She hummed in agreement, continuing on before she cleaned the soiled rag and tilted Natsu’s face to look at the growing bruise along his jawline beside his right ear. 

Natsu sighed before speaking again. “I got int’a fight.”

“Really?” Lucy drawled sarcastically. “I thought you had thrown yourself down a flight of stairs for fun.”

Natsu pouted at her words, flinching as he tried to cross his arms in front of his chest, freshly relocated shoulder forgotten momentarily. Concern flitted across Lucy’s brow as she gingerly rubbed his bare shoulder, light massage helping the tender muscle. “Why were you fighting?”

There was no judgment in her voice. Lucy was usually the first to point out both the flaws and ingenious of his plans, and Natsu was shocked to hear such neutrality coming from his best friend. Embarrassment crept up under his skin as he avoided her look, unsure what to do under such trust and acceptance. Lucy didn’t even know why he had fought yet, but Natsu knew in his bones that she wouldn’t mock him like his other friends would. 

“A group of guys were bashin’ the centre.” Natsu admitted, peeking up at Lucy to see her eyebrows pinch and her lower lip pulled between her teeth. Lucy always bit her lip when she was upset. 

“Not everything is your fight, you know.” 

Natsu shrugged, not knowing the words to explain himself. Fairy Tail was his home, the only people he considered family in his life anymore. How could he stand by as a bunch of assholes talked about them like they were trash? He couldn’t stand it, something inside him just…

It didn’t sit well with Natsu.

Natsu startled when he felt a weight rest gently on his shoulder, Lucy leaning into his body and leaning her temple on his shoulder. Gingerly, he wrapped an arm around her, swallowing heavily as Lucy settled further against him.

“They’re my family too Natsu. You all accepted me, even if I’m taking up room someone else needs mo-”

“Your father is an ass and we’re your family, ya said so yourself Luce. You belong at the centre as much as any of us.” Natsu cut Lucy off, glare fierce as he stopped her dangerous train of thought. I had been a struggle for Lucy to open up about her past, coming to a head when some members from a street gang had recognized Lucy from an heiress magazine and tried to kidnap her to extort money from her father. 

Natsu had not taken it well. 

Worse, actually, than he had when he overheard a different group of dickheads talking shit and planning to jump some of the kids that stayed at the centre. But Lucy didn’t need to know that. Natsu had dealt with it. 

He was good at dealing with it.

“I don’t like seeing you hurt.” Lucy said quietly, her smiling falling from gentle amusement to a strainedness Natsu never liked seeing on her face. “It scares me. What if I’m not able to be there to help you?” 

Natsu stayed quiet, bumping his forehead against hers. He grinned at the jolt of surprise his motion brought out from Lucy. She sure was skittish and weird around him lately. Natsu didn’t really mind the light blush that coated her cheeks or the ways her pupils blew wide at thier closeness, if he were being honest with himself. 

The silence around them was warm and thick, slowing time like a bubble rising in honey. Thier own little piece of the world, sealed away from the rest of reality in the nursing station after hours. 

Lucy closed her eyes and leant into Natsu, her nose brushing his as she relaxed. Natsu didn’t really care how long they stayed like that. It was a perk of being bestfriends with Lucy. Sometimes, words weren’t needed to show what Natsu needed or what he wanted to say. 

He was pretty sure the feeling of his lips resting on hers was more than enough. 

The Girl in the Log

I always hated visiting my grandpa’s old cabin. That might make me seem spoiled or ungrateful. What kid doesn’t enjoy seeing her grandpa? Especially considering he was the only grandparent I had ever known. Both of my mom’s parents were killed in a car accident before I was born, and my dad’s mom walked out on him when he was very young. He still doesn’t know where she is or if she’s even alive. So that only leaves my paternal grandfather. My parents desperately wanted me to have a good relationship with him. My dad insisted that, although Grandpa was stern and quiet, he really did love me. He just didn’t know how to express it. I figured that was probably true, but it didn’t change the fact that trips to his house were filled with idle hours watching television and reading while he worked during the day, followed by awkwardly silent dinners in the evenings. I rarely saw him, and he seldom spoke in any loving way. He just kept a wary eye on me, like he was waiting for me to break something of his or talk out of line.

Still, my parents insisted on sending me to spend a week with him every summer since I was ten- old enough to look after myself for the day. I had visited his isolated cabin in the woods several times before with my parents, but this would be the first time I stayed overnight by myself.

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I got a new succulent a few days ago.
I think I’m gonna stick with naming him “John Egbert”. (he kinda dirty in this picture cuz I haven’t dusted the dirt off him yet.)

Also, if anyone can identify exactly what genus and species he is, I’d thank you lots! It doesn’t say on his pot ): (he’s not naturally blue btw, he’s painted.)

he’s washing clean // his soiled soul.

6 word story // learning ways he didn’t know.

wounder and wounded // salted flesh stings.

now freed spirit sings // he’s sprouted wings // art of balancing missing and living. 

he didn’t know this was the way he would grow // sure and slow // patience grilled in // blow by wild unknown blow. 

bruises burning new fire phoenix rising glow.

xxx SirPup Kingston // 04.14.2017

Procuring grave dirt.

Grave dirt is a massive component in death magic and necromancy, in this lecture i will cover how it can be procured:

Basic method or “stealing”:
Enter the cemetery and find a stirred grave, a hand depth hole is dug and the mage collects what he needs.
This is the simplest manner of acquiring grave dirt and yields the least potent soil. Carrying soil gained in this method can encircle you with death energy and sometimes even the presence of a spirit, annoyed by your intrusive actions.

Only to be used if you do not need to use the soil but only carry or store it for a short period.
One enters the cemetery and searches for a grave fitting the purpose of the necromancer.
When the right grave is found, dig a hole 13-20cm in depth at the top left quadrant of the grave using a garden spade, athame or ones own nails (with power increasing with each) . When this is done, dig up the soil from the hole and fill your vessel while whispering sweetly:
“My dear Brother/Sister, if you can lend me this soil and your blessings, i will return it in so and so many days”
And one fills the hole and returns in the said amount of days, silently returns the soil and leaves without looking back or wandering the cemetery.

You will need to bring a candle of any color, a lantern to hold the candle if the weather may blow it out, and an offering of food, drink, tobacco, incense, candles or coins (all of equal value and in quantities of 3,6,7,9 and 13 as these numbers are magical im necromancy.)
One enters the cemetery and searches for a grave fitting the purpose of the necromancer.
Bend knee and look at the grave, in the dry tone of a business person, say these words:
“I have come to buy soil and a blessing from you Spirit N, as i have need for it in my working[s] of ____. In return i will pay you ____. Come forth spirit N. And strike a deal with me.”

And when the last words are said, the candle is lit and the necromancer watches intently. If the flame flickers violently, the spirit wishes to speak with you, If the candle seems to blow out completely only to light up again, the soil may be taken free of charge (do *not* attempt to pay), if the candle is blown out, light it again and recite the incantation above, if again it is blown, get up and leave without question.
However if the candle stays lit for three minutes or more, the mage is free to take the soil as follows:
a hole 13-20cm in the center of the grave is dug using a garden spade or athame (you need not use your nails for this one).
Collect soil from the hole and fill your vessel. Once this is done, food, coins or tobacco are placed in the hole, drinks are poured into the hole, and for candles and incense, the hole is filled again and the candle or incense is lit upon the soil you have stirred.

Cleaning grave soil:
The soil is laid to dry completely before the necromancer grids in in a mortar, optionally chanting softly
“Soil of grave, this gift they gave, unto I, a humble mage. Spirit in the soil, now with no toil i command you come to me.”
When the soil is well crushed it is sifted thoroughly until only a fine powder remains.

A bone found in your soil is considered the highest gift and you should return to the grave in question and give yet another offering.
A worm in your soil is a sign that it should be used in curses, the worm is dried, powdered and kept until a suitable target can be found (likewise can be done with all creatures found in your soil)
And lastly, Stones or wood found in graves are kept for talismans and tools.

Best of luck


They’d bleach the sky if they could, you know. Suck away all the blue and pink, kill the fiery red and orange of the evening and the deep purple of the morning.

If they could capture the storms that roll in from the North, if they could bottle up the clouds and the lightning, they’d do that too. They’d hide all the thunderheads and rainy days away in warehouses, perfect rows of would be puddles locked inside little glass containers.

If they could, they’d kill the plants and flowers, they’d torch the whole earth for good measure, they’d call it sterile, clean. Soil like gray ashes, stretching for decades.

And if we let them, they’ll bleach us. Capture us, bottle us up, hide us away. Perfect rows in warehouses, would be beauty locked inside little glass containers. Sterile, clean, skin like gray ashes, and we’d stretch, we’d stretch for decades…

Distance Makes The Heart Fonder

Nalu Love Fest Day 7

Prompt: Sexting

A/N: I’m so glad I get to participate in the love fest this year! This is my first nsfw post and I couldn’t be more nervous BUT I’m mostly happy with this so I hope I have sinned to your satisfaction. :)


Natsu flopped onto his bed with a heavy sigh. It had felt like years since he had seen his girlfriend although it had only been a day. They hadn’t been away from each other this long since they started dating a few months ago. It was unavoidable, though, since Lucy hadn’t been to visit her parents since the semester started. He was left all alone in his small apartment, grumbling into his bed sheets while he waited for her to come back.

“Only one more night alone then she’ll be back tomorrow.”

Just as soon as he was sure he was going to drown in his own self pity, his phone vibrated. His mood immediately lifted when he saw who had texted him.

“I miss you” it read. He smiled as he quickly flipped over onto his back and typed his reply.

“I miss you too, Luce.”

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Time To Get Home

This is a Spencer x reader requested by a lovely anon where Spencer picks you up, drunk, from a girls night out with Penelope, JJ, and Emily. It’s pretty fluffy idk Spencer is pretty great- please enjoy, guys!

Originally posted by mentallydatingspencerreid

“Y/n?” Spencer asked aloud, moving from woman to woman at the bar, examining each’s questioning gaze before moving on, “Y/n?” He announced for a final time as he came across a familiar band of women: Penelope, JJ, Emily, and, yes, you.

“Spencer!” The group erupted into cheers at the sight of your beloved coworker, awkwardly tall in the ramparts of the cramped, musty bar.

“Y/n, you called me, and you’re obviously very drunk,” Spencer’s eyes darted around the room, “What do you say I take you home?”

You stumbled out of the booth, intoxication fogging your brain and all of your cognitive functions, leaving you an incoherent mess, “Let’s go,” You laughed, falling against Spencer.

You let him prop you up, leaning into his side as he gingerly hoisted a lanky arm beneath your shoulders, “Do any of you need a ride?” He eyed the other women, genuinely worried for their safety and mental awareness. But, they waved him off, reassuring their much-younger cohort that even in their drunken stupors, they would get home safely. With that, the women watched as you moved to leave the bar, Spencer on your arm watching you carefully.

Okay, so girls night was definitely over now.

Carefully maneuvering your fellow drunks, Spencer guided you through the maze of tables and toppled drinks, then out into the fragile, chilly air that enclosed the bar parking lot.

“You’re really drunk,” Spencer observed aloud as you leaned your head contently against his warm forearm, an intoxicated hum bubbling up from your throat, “Y'know, 88,000 people die annually due to alcohol-related insta-”

“You have really nice hair,” You cut him off with an instantaneous giggle slicing against his words. You ran a drunken hand through Spencer’s mop of hair, not even noticing the crimson blush meeting Spencer’s flushed cheeks.

“Y/n, you’re really drunk,” He sighed, “Copious amounts of alcohol can cause-”

“Your eyes are really pretty, too,” You giggled again, only causing Spencer to blush harder.

“Y/n-” He warned, looking directly into your darting, distracted eyes.

“I like you,” Your eyes searched your own personal perimeter before finally landing on him with another giggle.

Spencer sputtered, his mouth agape, unsure of what to say again, “Y/n-” He started for the third time, cut off suddenly by a distorted gasp and suddenly you were keeled over and your stomach’s contents were released all across his shoes. Your head bobbed back up, throat burning, head turning.

“Okay, okay, y/n,” Spencer ushered you to his car, not even bothering to quite completely clean off his soiled shoes, “Let’s get you home,”

Spencer opened his car door, helping you into the passenger seat, ignoring your drunken groans of pain and annoyance, “We’ll get you home, y/n. Hang in there,” He told you quietly over and over again before finally situating himself in the driver’s seat, starting the engine, and making his way to your home.

The mingling tune of your throbbing head’s buzzing cadence and the cyclic hum of the car’s engine lulled you into a warm sleep tucked into the heated warmth of the car’s vents and the undulation of the car’s wheels underneath you riding against the road’s asymmetric bumps. By the time Spencer pulled up to your house, you were fast asleep. Nonetheless, Spencer gently lifted you from the his car, guiding his own feet to your front door, your sleeping arms dangling around his shoulders as his hands held you up from your knees, then further he walked into your house. He made sure to kick off his polluted shoes at your door. Spencer finally laid you down on your bed, doing his best to wrap your blankets around you.

“Goodnight, y/n,” Spencer whispered to you, tucking a hair away from your face before moving away. A hand reached out and grasped his wrist. Your hand.

“Stay,” You begged, half-lidded eyes peeking up at him, haunted by the ghosts of alcohol and a grasping sleep. Spencer couldn’t help but find your pleading incredibly appealing, and it barely took any internal convincing on his part to finally lay himself onto the cool, untouched half of your bed, making sure to keep a healthy distance between the two of you. You were drunk after all, and the last thing Spencer wanted to happen was something that you would regret.

So, lying in the silent breeze of your bedroom, feeling the electric buzz of your sleeping body mere feet away, a short enough distance where he could just reach out and touch you, Spencer thought about what you had said early. Yes, your words were slurred and uninhibited by the hinderances of alcohol, but they still seemed oh-so painfully sincere, and as Spencer fell asleep, he did so with a smile tracing his lips.

You liked him back.

Winter Warmth: A Spell For Warming Cold Emotions During The Winter

You Need:

  • A stovetop, or other heat source
  • A pot (any size)
  • Something to stir with
  • A bowl
  • Snow or Ice
  • Something to represent your heart/soul/inner self (A picture of yourself, a poppet of your heart made from paper or felt or something similar, anything you have that you feel has your energy and symbolized yourself emotionally.)

Step 1: Get your snow or ice and put it into the bowl. Put it aside, leave it in the cold or the freezer so it doesn’t melt prematurely.

Step 2: Create the poppet of your emotional self. If you don’t know how to make poppets or representations of yourself, take a paper heart labeled as your own, and pour your cold emotional energies and emotions into it. If you already have a poppet for this or already know how to make one, go ahead and do it however you feel most comfortable, but be sure to put in that energy and emotion.

Step 3: Put the poppet on top of the snow or ice, in the bowl, and put your hands on the bottom of the bowl. Using energy work, pull the energy from the poppet towards your hands, but leave it halfway, leaving it in the snow/ice. The poppet should be removed after this, and later cleansed of any leftover energy or attachment left in it. The energy of the poppet is now in the snow/ice.

Step 4: Transfer the snow/ice to the pot. Put it onto a low heat. Stir it slowly and visualize the snow/ice melting as your heart and emotions melting more and more. First on the outer layers, and then slowly melting deeper and deeper until it all has melted. Do this slowly, and do not let it steam or boil: You don’t want to make your emotional self too hot: angry, temperamental, or upset. You want to be warm inside, not too hot, not too cold. The snow/ice melting into water is your emotions melting from cold emotions like sadness, depression, hopelessness, and ruthlessness, with warm emotions like love, calmness, and contention, like winter melting into a warm spring.

Step 5: Once all the ice/snow is melted into water, while its warm but before it can boil, remove it from the heat and return the water to the bowl. Be careful when checking the water temperature, don’t just stick your hand in the pot.

Step 6: Hold the bowl, and pull the energy from the water and the bowl and into yourself again through your hands. Pull in the warmth of the warm water, both physically and energetically. Feel the warmth heating your emotions and your soul. Let the energy from that water sit within your chest, like a heater, warming you from the inside out.

Step 7: Pour out the water, perhaps use it to write applicable sigils on your skin beforehand as well if you work with sigils. Cleanse the poppet used earlier, which you can do by leaving it in salt or clean soil for a day, and then burning it after if its flammable and you don’t wish to use it again.

KBTBB: The Argument: PT3


All the angry yelling stuff was in PT1, all the logical reconciling was in PT2. This part is basically just smut. Yeah. No talk just smut.

It was nice to be back in Soryu’s suite, the place you were so used to being at. You check the familiar clock on the familiar wall and smile at the overall welcoming atmosphere. Everything felt better with Soryu at your side.
“It’s almost dinnertime. Should I make you some oml-“
Your mouth was stopped up with a kiss as his strong arms locked around your waist.
“Soryu…” You breath out softly over his mouth and he kisses you again hungrily. He picks you up in his arms and you wrap your legs around his waist. He carries you into the bedroom.
Your boyfriend slams you down on the bed and you watch him strip out of his navy blue shirt, undoing his belt before climbing over you and kissing you fiercely again. Your fingers brush over his bandages.
“Do they still hurt?”
Soryu met your gaze.
And that was the last of all spoken words.
You kissed his neck, wrapping your arms around his neck as he bunched up your skirt and pulled your panties out of the way.
You could sense the impatience he was struggling with. Soryu was always in a dilemma of wanting to enjoy every moment of sex with you and wanting to ravish you with all the strength in that toned body. Today, it seemed the latter was winning him over. He plunged into you without warning and dragged a soft moan from your lips. His hands fumbled with your blouse and tore off a few buttons in his haste, wrenching your bra out of the way and planting his mouth on your breast. His hands grabbed your hips, pulling you to match his pace, thrusting himself deeper inside of you.
Your fingers tangled in his hair, body shaking helplessly in the bed under his rough lovemaking.
“Ahhhhhh!” His lips sucked hard on your breasts, leaving multiple red marks on the soft skin where no one else could see. You were seeing stars under the unusual intensity. Soryu was normally more gentle and tender. Somehow, you didn’t quite mind. He slammed himself in hard, shooting his seed into you. He gave a few low grunts and growls, staying inside you until he finished completely, and pulled out slowly. Soryu pulled you into his arms and put himself around you protectively.
“Was I too rough?”
Your body felt like it was on fire, pain concentrated across your chest and down where you had been joined. You blushed. He kissed your cheek, cuddling you closer to him.
“I missed you, _______________.”

It was amazing, looking at all the pictures your boyfriend had painted of you.
“You did all of this while I was away?”
Arms slipped around your waist and you hear his low, seductive voice by your ear.
“You were away for a long time, Koro.”
Ota slid a hand down between your legs and you gasp.
“Don’t… don’t be mean, Ota…”
“I’m being very nice.” His voice sends a liquid shudder down your spine and you lean your head back against him. His fingers dove under your panties and entered you. “Didn’t Koro miss her master too?”
“I… ahhhhHHH!” Your voice rapidly shot up in volume as he rubbed his fingertip hard against a particular spot within you. All strength vanishing from your body, you feel Ota urge you down on all fours. There was nothing left in you to argue about the embarrassing position.
“Now now, Koro, stand well on your little paws.” Ota kissed your ear loudly. And the other. He withdrew his hand from you and you whimper. “Patience girl, now stay.” Your body quivers subconsciously at the loss of stimulation. You didn’t need to wait long. Ota pulled his member out of his pants and slammed himself into your tightness.
He snapped his hips forward repeatedly, going deeper, faster inside you. Your hair tumbled over your face. Your arms shake weakly as your body was subjected to Ota’s fierce pleasuring. Your elbows give out and you press your face against the floor. He pulls your hips higher for him to pound, and you whimper. One of his hands shoves itself under your shirt and grabs your breast, kneading it hard through your bra.
Your body shudders and comes undone at his ravishing pace. He groans when you tighten around him, triggering his own climax. You feel him ejaculate into you, and your body slumps onto the floor. Ota pulls out slowly, teasingly, chuckling as he brushes your hair aside and plants a loud kiss on the back of your neck.
“No other woman can possibly make me like this.” Ota wrapped his arms around you. “So desperate, so sad, so lonely.” He put another kiss to your breast, over your heart. “You made me so upset, Koro. You have to sooth my lonely heart.”
“Didn’t I already?” You whisper shyly into his shoulder, hiding away your blush.
“That doesn’t nearly make up for two weeks, Koro!” Ota exclaims with a devilish smirk.

“I also plan to take this off.” He said softly and pulls your shirt over your head, throwing it behind him.
“I’m never going anywhere.” His voice was soft, washing over your mind with a tenderness that made you dazed. “I’m always going to be right here, my pretty lady, with you. Here.” He kissed your exposed shoulder. “Here.” His lips pressed against your collarbone. “Here.” He unclasped your bra from the front and kissed your soft mounds. “I could never bear to lose the chance to see my sweet dear.”
His words and kisses made you melt into a heated mess. Your hands reach out and stroke his hair, guiding his head closer. He kisses your lips.
“I’ll be careful with what I do.” He promised. “Otherwise I won’t be able to see you, won’t be able to kiss you, won’t be able to wake up with you beside me and see your cute little face.” He kissed your cheek.
His hands pulled aside your underwear, allowing him full access to the entrance between your legs. You willingly spread your legs for him. Baba aligned himself and inserted his member through the dampened folds.
As he starts pumping inside you, lustful desire erodes away all composure. You reach out and take his hand, guiding it to your breast. Baba gladly fondles it, firmly, gripping it and bringing his mouth to tease the nipple.
“Baba!” You moan. He had always been excellent at stimulating your body.
“You’re so beautiful.” He breathed out over your breast, the air tingling on the wetness his tongue left. You shudder.
He brings you to your climax first, feeling your walls clench around his throbbing member. Baba picks up his pace to satisfy himself, filling you with his load as he sighs contentedly, shifting his hips to minimize the mess when he pulled out. He lay down beside you.
“Thank you, my sweet lady.”
He puts an arm around you and kisses your cheek. You take his hand and tug his arm tighter around yourself, snuggling against him.

You were bent over, digging through the mess in his closet. Something poked at your entrance.
“Mamoru!” You blush as you try to squirm away from his hand. He chuckled, holding your hips and pulling you backwards so you stumble into his lap onto the bed.
“We could always find clean underwear after we soil this pair.”
“Mamo- Eek!” You feel your panties pulled out from under your skirt, wrenched down to your knees.
“That was a very un-sexy sound, sweetheart.”
“Sh…shut up!” You blush and try to climb off his lap. Mamoru holds you down and grinds the bulge in his pants against your bare entrance.
“You’re making a mess on my pants.”
“That’s not my fault!” You whine as he laughs, capturing your lips in a kiss.
“You know how to make use of this moment, don’t you, sweetheart? Don’t tell me you didn’t miss me this past week.”
Your face turns bright red and you refuse to answer.
“Come on, don’t be a kid.” He grinds harder against you and you give an involuntary gasp.
“Now that sound, that has excellent sex appeal.” Mamoru moves his hands to undo his pants and draw out his half hardened member. You shift shyly as it rubs up against you. With every rub, you could feel it hardening rapidly between your legs. You meet your boyfriend’s gaze.
“You know what to do.” He gives you a lazy grin. Avoiding his eyes, you sit yourself down on his cock, feeling the tip, and then the entirety of it, enter you. “Fuck. Goddamn, sweetheart, you feel so good.” You shut your eyes at the feeling of penetration and your body instinctively seeks better friction. Your hips roll over his. Mamoru groaned. “Get on with it.”
Slowly, you start to move over him, using your knees to help you lift and lower. You bite your lip, trying to stay quiet as you cling to him, bouncing on his lap. He joins you with hungry upwards thrusts, filling you more and more with every entry.
“Fuckk.” He swore repeatedly under his breath, his hands grabbing at your butt and your breasts, grunting at the way you pleasured his member.
“Mamo!” You cry out as you hit your peak, body slackening and falling weakly against him. Lost in pleasure as well, Mamoru gets knocked back into the bed. You lay on top of him, feeling him jerk under you as he shoots bursts of his fluids into your body. He pulls you off and a creamy trickle seeps from your folds.
“Fuck, sweetheart, you’re amazing.” He grunted, petting your head with a hand. “Chores, cooking, making love to me, hell, you got it all.”
“Mamo, don’t say embarrassing stuff like that!” You whine.
“Says the person who was just riding me like-“
You smack him.
“Sh.. shut up!”

He sauntered through the streets back to Tres Spades with you in his arms, smirking as he went. You bury your face against his suit jacket, unable to look anyone in the eye. It was so embarrassing!
He pushes the button for the elevator with a knuckle and sets you down in it once it arrives.
“You didn’t… didn’t have to carry me.”
“I can’t have you running away from me again.” He watched your face with a hungry expression. You gulped nervously. “Do you even know what that gulp in your throat does to me?” He asked, leaning closer. You back up with a blush.
“Well, it makes me want things.”
“…” You stare up at him, a deer caught in the headlights of a car that you know would be upon you within moments. Heated sparks danced in the air around the two of you. Without taking his eyes off you, Eisuke reaches into his suit pocket and pulls a key, plugging it into the elevator. It stopped.
“Eisuke?!” Alarm raises in your voice.
“Now it’s just the two of us.” Eisuke’s fingers find the knot of his tie and pulls it down. Your eyes widen.
“In here?” You ask timidly.
“In here.” He pulls his tie off and reaches up to stuff it in a corner in the ceiling. He sees the question in your eyes. “Blinding that security camera.”
“So now you know what’s going to happen.” He smirks and leans in again. You were cornered against the panel of buttons, nowhere to run. Eisuke catches your chin with one hand and kisses you roughly. His tongue pushes its way into your mouth and you gasp for air. You cling onto his forearms. “Take it out.” You freeze at his request. “You know what I mean.”
Hands shaking nervously, you feel your cheeks grow hot as you reach down Eisuke’s crotch, unzipping his pants. He undid a few buttons of his dress shirt. The action looked very sexy. You tried to control your thoughts, but he snickered.
“You find me undeniably sexy, don’t you?”
“How did- No! I… I-“
Eisuke shuts you up with another kiss and he reaches down. You feel his tip digging against your folds.
“I love you, ______________.”
“I know.”
He thrusts up into your entrance and you cry out sharply. Eisuke heaves you up so your legs wrap around his waist, and he pounds into you, slamming you against the wall repeatedly. Out the corner of your eye, you could see the various floor buttons lighting up as your back struck them. There was a certain thrill to that. Your fingers scratch against Eisuke’s back, finding no grip on the smooth, quality suit.
“Eisuke! Ahhhh! Ah! Please…”
He was rougher than usual, and your legs slip down his waist as you climax. He continues his ravaging motions, overloading your shaking body with more sensual pleasure.
“I love you, ______________.” He grunted against the fresh love bites on your neck. “I love you. I love you.”
He extracts another orgasm from you, and you go completely limp, supported only by his arms. You feel him spurt into you.
You moan weakly and slump to the floor. You feel a few drops of his fluids trickle out and smear between your aching thighs. Eisuke fixed up his pants and smirked at you.
“You enjoyed that, didn’t you? So shy when I try to make a move, but your fantasies all tell otherwise.” He looked up for his tie. “Fuck.”
You look at him in a haze.
“What’s wrong?”
Eisuke was swearing, glaring down at where his tie had fallen.

“Hey Eisuke!”
Ota grinned as he came up to his friend. Baba was trailing behind him with an amused glint in his eyes.
Eisuke crossed his arms.
“Well, one of the employees told me that one of the elevators was stuck for a while, and I went to have a look at the security cams.”
“Couldn’t you have minded your own business?” Eisuke snapped.
“Hey hey, just wanted to help you out!” Ota raised his hands in defence. “You’re so unappreciative!”
“Was there something you didn’t want us to see?” Baba asked with mock innocence.
“Shut up!” Eisuke’s ears were turning red.
“Anyway,” Ota continued with a careless air. “I called Baba over to help me, cause I didn’t know if we had to track any troublemakers over multiple screens.”
“You what?” Eisuke’s eyes widened.
“Yeah, well the elevator’s cam was black for a while, and none of us know what happened.”
Eisuke just about let out half a breath of relief when Ota continued with a grin.
“And then Soryu, good ol’ Soryu showed up and suggested we wind the tape back a bit, in case it broke, and we can see the tape before they vandalized it.”
Eisuke suddenly felt his palms sweating.
“What did you see?”
“Oh, just you and _______________ chit chatting a little. And then you reached up and the monitor went black.” Ota wiggled his eyebrows. “Interesting fade to black, don’t you think?”
“Good.” Eisuke grumbled and tried to leave.
“But then.” Ota pushed on with his story with a grin. Baba was smiling now, and Eisuke knew the story was far from over. “Mamoru came barging into the control room with this annoying air like he always did.” Ota lowered his tone, imitating his friend. “There’s been a complaint that there’s someone’s having loud sex on the 30th floor.”
“Stop beating around the bush, goddammit Ota! What did you fucking see?”
“So it WAS you, Eisuke!” The golden haired man exclaimed with delight.
“Okay, okay, we saw you taking ________________ up a wall, and we all shut the screen off.”
“Are you sure?”
“Of course we shut the screen off!” Ota’s smirk deepened. “AFTER we got a good show.”

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text summary because im on mobile and cant wait because too excited that A CANON HETERO SHIP NOT BORING OR TROLLED BY AUTHOR???!! good shit

*added some panels and corrected some parts i remembered wrong

>she said “my name is not the lord of kouan, It’s kouka(江華)”

> umibouzu kept up the “home visits” frequently from then on. the orochi seem tamed to his presence.

>on one visit he questioned what subsisted her when there was nothing but polluted earth and water, saying even him couldnt last for more than 10 days. she said that she could survive on nothing but the stinking boots on his feet if she wanted. but shed rather die before that.

> she went on to explain that while most yato left kouan upon the war-time destruction, there were a few who adapted to the toxic environment and remained. Their lifespan was short, but they could survive extreme conditions. She was the last of that people.

> umibouzu asked wouldnt she get lonely and want to leave? she said that had never occurred to her. Never knew what was the proper setting for having that feeling. Because a child would never feel ill toward its cradle. she then said it wasn’t all that bad; she got to have fun, too, doing as she wished, singing dancing without others looking and teasing the occasional wanderer.

> umibouzu told her stories of his travel, thinking she’d find them interesting because she had never gone off-world. she always looked disinterested on her pipe, but she stayed and listened to all of them.

> one day, she interrupted him, told him to stop telling stories, and said she’d like to see other worlds with her own eyes. On the ship looking out the window,

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“I irrigated this chamber using water drawn from deep underground by the castle windmill. I used soil drawn from there as well. I found that with clean water and soil, the plants from the toxic jungle aren’t poisonous. All the poison is in the soil. Even the topsoil in our valley is polluted. But…I don’t understand. Who could have polluted the entire earth?“

-Princess Nausicaa, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (1984)

To this day, this is my favorite Studio Ghibli film.

If you haven’t read the manga, go and do so AS SOON AS YOU CAN.