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Tumblr’s ‘April Fools’ thing is apparently a day early. It’s the little pixel horse in the bottom left of the screen.

Clicking it opens up a small window with a tamagotchi style horse, pre-named. If you don’t clean up it’s poop within a matter of seconds, it dies and the horse remains on the screen upside down.

You can close it using the icon in the top right of the screen, or by reloading the page. You can also block it using Ad Blocker.

Clean up after your dog.

I live in a very nice condominium complex in a pretty decently sized city in the South. I managed to buy a unit at the ripe age of 23, after making a pretty penny in the stock market - making me easily the youngest person in the complex.

The units are one building with 4 condos per unit, each is two stories with a balcony for each bedroom and for the downstairs area. Not very important, but I want to paint a mental picture here.

The outside of my condo, when it comes to lawn space, is VERY small. I’m talking like a patch of grass no larger than most individual blocks of sidewalk.

About a couple of months ago, this woman moved in a few units over with a large boxer. Having two large dogs myself, I was happy to see more big dogs in the area (most the people around here have little foofy dogs).

One day, I walked outside to see a large pile of dog shit and this lady hastily walking away. I called out kindly - “excuse me ma'am, please clean up after your dog”. She looked back, gave me a sour look, and continued walking away.

Okay, whatever, no big deal. I’ll give her a freebie this time so I cleaned up after her and threw it away trying to be a good neighbor.

I want to mention now that I’ve REALLY tried to go above and beyond the neighborly call of duty - as I said earlier, in the youngest here and I want to make it clear to my neighbors that I’m not just some spoiled little bastard that is going to make their lives hell. I sweep my older neighbors porches, swap recipes and have even babysat one of their grandchildren. I do my best to be a good neighbor, it’s just how I was raised.

However, this lady hit a sore spot. I let the first one slide, but this happened FIVE MORE TIMES IN THE SAME WEEK. Finally I confronted her and said “ma'am, I’m sick of cleaning your dogs shit and stepping around it every day. Please clean it up.”

I shit you not, and I wish I was exaggerating. She looked me right in the eye and said “I paid for a condo too, I’ll leave my shit wherever I want”. She then briskly walked off while I stood in shock.

Finally, I snapped. So I began to save every piece of shit that dumb bitch left in front of my house for around two straight months. I had a HEFTY GARBAGE BAG FULL OF IT (imagine what you use to clean leaves up in, it was that big). I won’t lie, I threw quite a bit of my own dog’s excrement in there for good measure. I mean come on, just her dog wasn’t going to cover the amount needed. That bag was F*CKING. HEAVY.

(where I stored it: Great question actually. All the condo units have individual cellars for storage. I stored it down there until I was ready to make my move. I probably should have mentioned that so you all wouldn’t think I’m some psycho dog-shit hoarder who has a closet full of feces.)

Yes, it smelled like shit every time I opened the damn door to add to the pile. It took an immense amount of patience and gagging to pull this off - but it was well worth it.

I waited until 4 am on Monday morning before I walked up to her condo and dumped that bag right on her small tiny condo lawn. It was worth every second of patience.

Sure enough, come 7 am there’s a bang on my door - and it’s my lovely neighbor.

“You need to come f*cking clean this shit up RIGHT NOW!” - she screamed in my face.

I smiled “sorry ma'am, I paid for a condo here too. I’ll leave my shit wherever I want.”

In short - Lady kept leaving dog poop on my lawn, so I saved it all and dumped about 2 months worth on hers.


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Addressing PETA’s Anti-Wool Campaign

Fair warning, the picture PETA published, which I will be including, is gory and bloody.

So here we go.

A few weeks ago, I first saw this PETA campaign picture:

As someone who works with sheep and shears sheep to pay for extra expenses, I was outraged. I had no clue what they did to that poor lamb (Found out its a foam replica). Besides the fact that it looks too small to shear, it looks like someone took a chain saw to it, or it was skinned not sheared.

So I wanted to address this. In shearing a sheep, goat, cow, or pig, you do not want to cut the animal. If its done right, you will not cut the animal. I know its hard not to let nicks happen. Animals move, jump, and flinch. Most shearers take very good care of their animals. If I, for example as a shearer, cut up the sheep I’ve been assigned to shear to the point where they have open and bleeding cuts, I would not be asked back. I would not have another job. Word gets around fast about shearers that hurt and cut up the sheep. Several years ago, there was a group of guys that sheared sheep for the members of the local herding dog club. They mishandled sheep and just moved speedily through them, leaving ewes bloody and stressed. You wanna know what happened to that group? They’re no longer in business. They don’t shear because word got around that they mishandled the animals.

I will say, shearing sheep is a tiring job that will leave you sore at the end of the day, no matter if you do one sheep or one hundred. I only average 3-6 sheep a day, so I have to give it to any shearer that shears whole herds in a day, from 30-100. Its hard work, but they do a good job.

Shearing, in its process, is simple. You restrain the sheep, either by setting it on its rear off its feet or tying it to the fence. You have to restrain the sheep or you could injure it if it tries to run or squirm. You then use a set of shears, manual or electric, to shave off the hair. Its just like how we shave, but we use a razor. Sheep are not hurt, and the process can be from a few minutes to an hour (like me). Shearers are paid by the quantity of sheep (usually) not the hours of work. This means that the shearers can spend the time to make sure the sheep get sheared right.

Below, I’m posting some pictures of what sheep really look like after they’ve been sheared:

These are from two different herds that I helped with this past spring. It was a relief for these sheep to be sheared.

But why do we shear sheep?

We sheer sheep for a variety of reasons. For the number one reason, its to remove the hair from the sheep. Sheep started as being used for wool and meat. Early sheep farmers cut off the sheep’s wool to be used for clothing, bedding, and other clothe items that came with eating the sheep too.

Now, farms that raise sheep for anything but wool or hair production, we shear the sheep to keep them comfortable. Where I’m from and where I go to college now, its not unusual for temperatures to be over 100 degrees F for the majority of the day, sheep with a full coat of wool/hair are miserable! It can also be deadly. They can’t cool down like they should and are very susceptible to over heating and heat stroke. That’s why we shear in the spring, before it gets too hot. It also allows the sheep to grow a little bit of wool back to act as sunscreen. We also shear off the wool/hair yearly to keep sheep clean. As sheep poop and pee, it gets on their wool/hair. As their wool/hair grows, it can cover up the sheep’s back end, and eventually, the anus of the sheep. That will make it very easy for bacteria to get back up into the sheep’s body and make them sick or even kill them.

So in conclusion, this sums up my point:

Shearing the sheep doesn’t hurt it. It certainly doesn’t kill the sheep. Its actually beneficial for the sheep to be sheared.

whatshouldisayimshy  asked:

Why are reptiles offended when you change their water or clean their poops?

Intrusion into territory, removing the smell that might help keep away predators, a sudden change in the environment that they don’t know is for their own good, all kinds of reasons! 

Alternatively: they’re proud of their artwork and offended that you don’t think it’s equally beautiful.

laelaloo  asked:

Okay, I'm looking to get a cockatiel. I've been looking into them for WEEKS now, but I still feel unprepared, and I really want to get some actual first-hand knowledge from a person. I'm really not sure what to ask specifically! ^^; Any tips you'd give me, this being my second bird--after a budgie--and my first cockatiel? (Any knowledge at all would be helpful! from recommended cage size to what might be a good healthy diet!~) Please and thank you~~

hey darling!!! god sorry its taken me forty years to get to my ask, i’ve been so swamped at work IT SUCKS



1) ALWAYS ADOPT. i know you see that cute birbo in the pet store window, but please, PLEASE, refrain from purchasing him.  there are currently THOUSANDS of homeless birds in north america alone that need you to be their guardian. i know you want to save that baby from the pet store, but doing so continues the cycle.  they’ll just replace him and the horror continues.

2) GET THE BIGGEST CAGE YOU CAN AFFORD! do not listen to what the pet store clerk says (lol i worked in a pet store and straight up i would discourage people from birds EVERYDAY and tell them to rescue and that none of our cages are big enough, and they listened and adopted and im surprised the boss didn’t find out and fire me HAHAHHA) i would go to a bird specialty store to find your cage - you want to make sure it is durable enough, the bar spacing is correct (for a cockatiel you want them no more than half an inch space, theyre little and you dont want them to get stuck!!) i suggest powder coated cages, they’re easiest to clean the poop out of!!!!

3) GOOD DIET IS SO IMPORTANT. STAY AWAY FROM SEED!!!! seed despite popular belief is not very good for them.  it causes fatty liver disease and can make them ill and shorten their lifespan. (rose is now put on milk thistle-it buffersthe liver, as from the shit sanctuary she was from… god knows what she ate so now im in the process of getting her liver spiffy clean!) a good PELLET DIET is SO, SO SO SO IMPORTANT. and dont be discouraged, it is very hard to change a birb from seed diet to pellet.  so you have to change it over gradually and honestly, it can take a year to get that done.  rose is picky as hell, but i found a pellet she likes which are the Zupreem fruit pellets.  they’re not the healthiest, but they’ll do as now she is eating by herself.  i used to have to hand feed her ALL THE TIME like the diva she is.

 Here is a list of good pellets!! (from best to ok)

- Goldenfeast Goldenobles (quinoa based instead of corn, i wanna change rose to this when she’s ready!!)

- Harrisons Fine High Potency (start with high potency and then go to adult formula - gives em the nutrients they need for switching. corn based, and not my fav but it is vet reccommended but id say goldenfeast is better as corn aint that great)

- Pretty Bird (fruity and like, kinda okay? its better than zupreem lmfao but its very sweet, and makes their poo colourful)

- Zupreem (available at most pet stores, comes in fruit, veggie, nut, and natural flavours. what Rose eats and its a pretty good food. i believe its corn and soy based, not the best, and there is sugar in it, but its a good starter for your bird as they will most likely eat it because its colourful and sweet!!! from having Rose on a pellet diet - her plumage looks AMAZING)

all those brands come in different size pellets, i would go with the SMALLEST as it is easier for them to eat, and if you mix it with seed it kinda blends in hehe

4) DON’T JUST FEED PELLETS. A birbos diet should be 80% pellets (give or take) and 20% fruits, veggies, grains, and good stuff!!!! making a chop is a good idea, and you can freeze it and take out some everyday for their breakfast/dinner!!! Rose is very picky, and a rescue may be too, but do some research on what good fresh foods are good for birds!!! rose’s fav are zuchinni, peppers, pasta, scrambled egg (shes obsessed with egg) and chinese snow pear!!!

5) LOTS OF TOYS, AND THINGS TO DO!!! PIMP out their cage with dope toys, various perches and material (AVOID SAND ONES, HURTS THEIR TOES. get natural wood, rope (if u know they wont shred and accidentally eat it) and various thicknesses!!!) and im not saying spend a fortune (whcih i have with rose omfg) undyed popsicle sticks are amazing, paper, toilet paper rolls, cardboard etc they LOVE. but also, a good store bought toy is nice too!!! but most you can make from home!! plus i have a store where i have handmade toys, ill be posting more selection too!!

6) BE PATIENT WITH THE BABY! they most likely won’t warm up to you RIGHT AWAY (i mean they might, depends on their personality!) so do not feel discouraged if they dont want to play or cuddle right away. and heck, they may not even like cuddles. they’re as much as individuals as we are as humans. rose is usually attached to my shoulder all day, but some days honestly she just plays by herself and doesn’t want me to play with her HAHAHA. when you bring them home, introduce them to their cage and let them hang inside and get used to it.  sit near them and chat and offer some millet and let them come to you.  its a whole new world for them, so allow them some time!!!

7) and the most controversial topic… TO CLIP OR NOT TO CLIP? okay, my two cents on clipping goes as written.  if it is safer for them in your house, please get their wings properly by an avian vet or an experienced staff memeber at a bird specialty store. clipping them incorrectly can cause balance issues and confidence issues and trust issues. NEVER CLIP THEM YOURSELF AS THEIR OWNER. THEYLL BE PISSED AF. and most likely scared of you. if your house is unsafe -ie people coming in and out, small space, lots of windows, forgetful people that leave windows open, PLEASE CLIP THEM. it will save their life and prevent any deadly accidents.

if you HAVE THE SPACE. and know that they will be safe, and you believe they will be okay, leave them flighted!! it is much easier i must say having smaller birds flighted as they won’t be as cramped in a house as a big bird would be.  Rose is flightless as she chews her flight feathers, but they are growing back.  and even if they all did, my place is way to small to allow her to fly properly so i would keep her clipped for her safety.  also, if there was an emergency - such as a fire - it is much easier to evacuate a flightless bird than a flighted one.  i have really bad ocd when it comes to impulsive thinking and i obsess over how i would get rose out in a fire all the time… so keep a pillow case by the cage, and if god forbid that happened, grab your baby, toss em in the pillow case (protects them from smoke inhalation) AND HIGH TALE THEE FUCK OUT OF THERE. and that would be easier if they are clipped… just food for thought.  

anyway i hope this helped you and others maybe too!! im sorry this took forever to get to, my lifes been insane.  please do TONS OF RESEARCH TOO and look into rescues. if you need any more help let me know my love <3

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Ya know what grinds my gears about RWBY

When ‘edgy’ rwde RWBY fans:

- Try and blame the bumbleby shippers for the ‘ship war’ between it and [the other ship involving Blake] that’s apparently ruining the show and the three characters, or vice versa ship wise

Because insinuating it’s all our fault will make us feel guilty and hopefully we will shut up [not likely tho]; the whole thing is just our fault because we want our ship to happen just as much as the other side whom of which are not at fault at all. Like almost a ‘war’ doesn’t take two opposing sides to actually happen? Lmao. Nobody is really at fault, except the people that attack others.

- Use them as a reason to not watch it anymore [even though they 'hate it anyway and the writing is awful omg’]

Since the plot that was probably thought up years ago is being ruined by us, even though it 'sucks anyway because Miles and/or Kerry is/are terrible’ and it’s not like two VAs for two of the characters ship it or anything.

- Say 'they only attack the other ships and only want to focus on their ship at all times’

Because I can remember the amount of times I’ve attacked another person for liking a ship [it’s zero], and most people aren’t dickheads, and we shouldn’t be lumped in with the ones that are because that’s bs generalisation. And we all don’t only focus on bumbleby, but for some of us it’s a really big deal that maybe there’s gonna be gay gals that are on screen, and not just in the last scene of the series [cough LoK]. And I think about the whole show but I like to discuss important things to me i.e the ship.

- Claim 'maybe not all of bb shippers are bad but *proceeds to reason why they’re all bad anyway and/or make the ship suffer for a few bad eggs*’

Cool thanks for contradicting yaself, generalising once again and/or making a perfectly reasonable ship seem like it’s shit because some people are mean about it.

- We’re man haters/unreasonably disliking [or insert anything about $un], since ’$un is amazing’

Some people not liking $un that much as a character ≠ man hating/≠ unreasonable. I don’t like all the characters in a show wow I’m a monster.

- Say 'I’m fine with f/f but *here’s why I will not support it anyway*’

If you’re fine with f/f, you don’t have to mention it if you’re disagreeing with the ship for unrelated reason m8!

- Or my favourite: say “the shippers ruined Blake x Yang and I don’t even want it to happen now”

I don’t even know any of these people irl and now I have to watch some people bash a ship because of some random person’s actions I had no control over. Sounds pretty dumb doesn’t it?

- Possibly more stupid bs that is purely subjective opinion they use to try to justify hating the show/a ship/a character.

Apparently we act/are acting like 'entitled brats’ when we want LGBT etc etc representation in the show that has been said by its creators to have it; and we want it in the bumbleby ship. Because somehow, we are forcing them to do it by supporting it, and therefore making the show a piece of shit.

That we are reaching; since [insert any possible evidence for Blck$un] happened and it’s **proof** they’re going to date and that no other ship has a chance.
(if I thought BB was the only option I wouldn’t be discussing it like I do; anything is possible right now).
Literally nothing is canon or set in stone (I promise I don’t say that as a reason to 'disprove’ the legitimatacy of Blck$un as a possibility).

Because two main characters being interested in each other would //ruin the plot//, even though some of the plot has included Yang (and even $un too) being dragged into Blake’s consequences of her past.

And especially, that we are solely responsible for the drama because we are all crazy or just seeing what we want to see.

Because that isn’t exactly what everyone does when they want a ship to happen…?

Let’s be clear:
This goes both ways for anyone who goes around hating (yet some of the reasons would differ).

Going around attacking someone for liking a ship is ludicrous. Spreading hate about a ship is too.

I endeavour to never do that and have been successful. It’s not difficult.
I stay in my tag and all that tumblr shit; I stick to being positive and not including *why another ship won’t happen* as a reason to justify my favourite ship.

Using another ship as a reason to disprove something makes no sense because nobody is correct at this point, we’ve got equal chance of getting what we each want. In the end some of us may end up disappointed, but that’s not happening right now so why can’t we just be civil?

Why should Blck$un shippers suffer because of other shippers? They shouldn’t.
Why should bee shippers suffer because of other shippers? We shouldn’t.

Seriously, any normal person in any ship camp wouldn’t agree with being rude or mean to other people over a ship, or attacking somebody for having different tastes.

Most importantly to me; why should the chance of Bumbleby happening be damaged or suffer, just because a few people are disgruntled because of some assholes that NONE of us sane people agree with?

Don’t let anybody tell you what to ship. Decide for yourself and be positive about it, aim for support and *that’s it*.

Stop the negativity, please.

BTS (MAKNAE LINE) REACTS TO: Their child’s stank butt - I mean, dirty diaper

Anon Rainbow Farts Asked: could you please do bts maknae line to them not wanting to change their childs smelly diaper lol. thank you

As my mother would say, “boi if you don’t getcho gatdamn-” - Admin Dayna


He practically ran full speed to scoop his precious baby up. Jimin snatched his little girl up from the ground, spinning her and the stuffed toy she had in her hand in a circle. The two of them were laughing together up until Jimin caught a whiff of something he really wish he hadn’t. He scrunched up his nose, froze and stared at his daughter.

“Did you poo-poo?”

He’d turn her around, sniff her butt and quickly pull her away from him, frantically calling your name to do the dirty job.

“Jagi~! Jagi~!! Jagiya~! [y/n]!”

“What is it, Jimin?!”

“Your daughter needs a diaper change.”

“I bought a new box of diapers. They’re in her ro-”

“Why do I have to change her?!”

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hyenatycoon  asked:

Question! I saw your post about your bird yelling "what" and I was wondering if you could tell me how you were able to teach him to announce when he's about to poop? I feel like that would be a very useful trick to have!

Soooo once upon a time I thought I could potty train Ripley to stop pooping on the floor/my chair/me, and to do this I would take him to the trash can at regular intervals (about every 20 minutes bc birds poop a lot) and wait for him to poop. When he would squat like he was about to poop, I would say “go potty!” or “poop!” … I guess we never had a lot of consistency about that, but he did start to pick it up and announce “poop!” and/or “go potty!” right before he pooped, and we always praised him for saying that in the appropriate context, so he seemed pretty into it. Also, along with the many other things he has in common with human toddlers, he apparently just likes talking about poop.

I don’t think I kept up this training at regular enough intervals, though … I’d get busy drawing or reading something and forget about timing and Ripley would say “poop” and I wouldn’t get him to a trash can in time. So he just learned that saying “poop” and pooping on the floor would get everyone to look at him and watch him poop.

He does seem to remember that pooping in the trash can gets him some accolades, though, so if you take him to a trash can and tell him to poop, he’ll always make an effort. It seems for him this is win/win, as he either poops (more or less on command) in the trash can and gets praised for it, or he poops wherever he feels like it and we come to clean it up anyway. Although he IS capable of holding it, he doesn’t seem to think there is any incentive to do so.

I’m less certain of how he learned to demand “you clean up poop” whenever he poops on the floor.

PSA Time on Birds.

I post these photos, gifs, and videos partly as a chronicle of the birds’ daily lives for myself to look back on, and partly to be involved in the bird community here. However, sometimes I get worried that I’m inadvertently giving off the wrong message. These posts might come off as cute and adorable, but in all honesty, there are SO many things that difficult and not good about caring for parrots. It’s not all happy fluff and silliness and rainbows. For example:

-Right now, Benjamin and Jasmine are yelling their heads off, while I’m right here with them. It might be hormones, or just that they tend to be loud early in the day, but they are LOUD. They won’t stop for quite a while.

-Screams from Jasmine or Piper often cause my ears to ring.

-There’s no such thing as a clean room anymore. Constant poop cleaning. Things ripped and torn. Pellets and food flung everywhere. You clean it once, and it’s messy again in the blink of an eye.

-Poop in your hair from when one of them decided to land on your head and chill for a second, and you don’t even know which one did it.

-When I need to work on something that requires silence, such as recording something, it takes 305740395803285 takes before I get one without a bird deciding to pipe up whenever I say a word.

-Dust can cause allergies or breathing issues, especially from dustier species like tiels or African greys. I have to vacuum every day and wipe, clean, thoroughly scrub poops off the cage bottom, etc. But even with constant cleaning, you can’t escape the dust and powder. It goes everywhere.

-The biting. Even well trained birds can bite without warning at times. Even little birds like tiels and lovebirds can bite HARD. It hurts. Sometimes you bleed, your pride gets hurt. You grit your teeth and forgive them and be nice anyway.

-I haven’t gone on vacation since Benjamin, the oldest, first came home - which is a couple of years. There’s no one I know here who knows how to properly handle and care for tiels and lovebirds, and the services here for boarding pets are severely lacking. Thus, I have never left the birds for longer than a day trip, returning the same evening, and even these are rare because I feel guilty leaving them for more than a couple of hours, or for times when I have an extra long work day.

There’s plenty more, but the point is: please, please do NOT get a bird unless you are absolutely certain that you’re at a point in life where you can dedicate a HUGE amount of time and effort to properly caring for them. And if you don’t know what proper care is, please just do your research. Read, look things up, ask experienced bird people - just take the hours necessary to find out. I feel terrible if I think that the posts in this blog contributed to making someone get a bird, especially from a pet store, or otherwise bought, just thinking that they’ll be as “cute” as the pictures they see here and without fully thinking through all the sacrifices, hard work, sweat, and tears that bird care truly involves. (I’m not really exaggerating.. I’ve shed tears over a particularly hard bite. I’ve sweated through really, really frustrating periods of loudness.) The important thing is, would you still be able to unconditionally love that bird after all the really difficult parts? Are you sure? Can you really understand and accept the fact that these are wild animals, not truly meant to be in cages and “tamed” by people and sold and utilized to fit the whims of humans? I love my birds, and Benjamin, Jasmine, and Piper are all absolutely wonderful and loving beings to me, but I did my research and learning and found out about all the harsh realities after getting them. I learned it the hard way. I will never buy an animal again, and I’m thinking over whether I would adopt another parrot either, unless I had all the resources and money and time possible (then I would totally open a sanctuary and care for as many lives in need as I possibly could).

Thank you for reading, and please think this over before considering getting a bird. Or any other animal, for that matter.

Onsra ─ 4

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Pairing: Jungkook x pregnant!reader x Jimin
Genre: angst, slight fluff
WARNING: Infidelity
Word count: 2.1k

Summary: Everything comes together, for the better or worst, but the result may end up just as it had first started.

That was the last straw.

“Bora?” You ask, but you aren’t looking at her. You’re staring daggers straight at Jimin, the overwhelming hurricane of sorrow swirling within you to a tornado of anger. Your nails digging into the flesh of your palms as you bunch your fists, containing everything from slashing out of you. Or everything slashing you from the inside-out. 

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Fancy the Elf Lord

Title: Fancy the Elf Lord

 Summary: Kili is interested in courting you.  But instead of talking to you outright, he pulls pranks on you for your attention.  When that backfires, you call in some extra aid to get even.  

 Warnings: Pranks. Slight Humiliation.

 Masterlist of Fan Fiction

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“Kili!”  You screamed as Bofur stood next to you, trying to suppress his laugh at the state you were in.  This was now the third time this week that you had been the target of a prank by Kili.  The first one was that he had filled your room with birds.  Don’t know how he did it, but he did.  You opened your door and out flew a ton of birds.  It took two days to get all the bird poop cleaned up, even with Ori’s help.

The second one was while you were having lunch with Dwalin, Balin, and Thorin.  You took a bite of your sandwich that had been brought up from the kitchen with everyone else’s food.  You chewed a couple times, wondering what was causing that crunching… You ended up sick after that prank. I mean, who wouldn’t lose their lunch when they realized there was bugs in their sandwiches.  Luckily for you, Thorin and Dwalin were like the big brothers you never had.  Kili was put through the ringer in training that night.

But this time, it was the final straw.  Bofur helped you clean up as much as you could, from the green goo that had been hanging over your door in a bucket and landed all over you.  You were on the verge of tears while the kind dwarf helped you.

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