clean my wall

this afternoon i decided i’d try my hands at the most iconic andreil scenes

now at 1 am i’ve got a single WIP, lots sleep and no motivation OTL

Edit: this actually got notes so i repainted it with proper shadows + u can now get it here

@darthjak thank you for reminding me about this outfit!  I kept the ask to remind myself and finally got in enough of a drawing mood to get around to it!

For context, I saw [this post] and immediately thought of Sapph!  It works a whole lot better with my human version of her than her gem palette though.

Good thing about summer camp:

The ones I’ve been in have commonly had an event on the last day where you write to your group members as a farewell thing. They’re always uplifting and you get to keep them for when you need some positivity in your life.

Bad things about summer camp:

Never being certain if they meant what they wrote because it was a group event and they wouldn’t write bad things under the scrutiny of the camp counselors.

When they write something cool about you but also you know it’s entirely false So you’re conflicted


hEY! So this is just how I keep my loose leaf notes!! I use them for 3 subjects: History, Social Studies and Chemistry because these are the only subjects that I don’t have a specific notebook for. I compile them in a ring binder/ring file & used dividers to easily differentiate my subjects :-) I also won’t lose my notes that way and can flip through easily + since it’s a binder I don’t have to worry about space (bc I should be able to fit quite a thick stack of paper in it! c:) 

Initially, I put my notes in a clear file before filing everything in to prevent any damage but I realised I didn’t have enough & would have to keep buying a lot of them, so I gave up on that idea and put all of those behind my notes hahaha.

ps don’t mind the messy background!! I’ve yet to take down the mindmaps I put up on my wall & clean everything up. Maybe i’ll repaint my room & rearrange the decor to make it look tidier ;-;

Give Me Love-- Harry Styles (Dirty)

All I want is the tastes that your lips allow,

My, my, my, my, my, my, Give me love. My, my, my, my, my, my, Give me love.

Give me love like never before.


I sit on my bed, staring straight at the creme-colored wall of my bedroom opposite of my bed. My eyes have lost the redness and puffiness from crying, the tears now long dried onto the flushed skin of my cheeks.

 Every time I see his face flash across my mind, I take a swing of the odd yet effective combination of Vodka, beer, Whiskey, and Rum mixed together into the glass beer bottle. In the other hand, I hold what I think to be my eighth cigarette, and I’m gripping onto both objects as if they were the only things that were keeping me alive. 

Come to think of it, they probably are. Every time I think of him, the heavy cloud of emotions that is suspended over me crashes down onto me, threatening to suffocate me under the ruthless, painful memory. The substance of alcohol I hold and a long drag from the nicotine seems to be the only thing that can fix it.

 No. It does not fix it; it suspends it again.

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  • Me: I'm going to take a shower to relieve myself from the stress of school work.
  • Me: [halfway through my bath] *gets ideas on how to start an essay that is due on Wednesday*
  • Me: *starts writing my introductory paragraph on the walls of the bathroom using a bar of soap*

speaking of tumblr shit i hate:

minimalist bedrooms/decor/aesthetics

where is your stuff!!!! where do you keep it?!! your room looks fucking SOULLESS and devoid of personality a string of lights and a plant does not make a livable or comfortable space

im 24 and almost always have a clean room and? my walls are plastered in posters and pictures, i decorate my walls w jewelry i’ve made, i have funky and bizarre decorations and trinkets, 4 succulent plants, and a massive rock/crystal collection

and honestly i’ve never felt more at home or at ease. blank walls r scary and minimalist bedrooms look like hospital rooms. idfk what y'all get out of this aesthetic at all