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I’ve been living off of a big batch of lentil rice for the last few days and it’s good and so easy - steamed rice with added canned lentils, cumin powder, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, a bit of ground cinnamon, bottled lime juice and black pepper. This time I had it with baked spicy chicken strips (coated with smoked paprika, cayenne pepper, oregano, garlic powder, salt, black pepper and Fry Light cooking oil spray), spinach, cucumber and a tomato.

10 Meal Ideas for Broke College Students

Long hours on campus can be grueling, especially on an empty stomach. Cafeteria and vending machine food is always extremely pricey, and it’s almost impossible to get a decent, affordable meal on a budget. I’ve created a list of 10 meal ideas for college students to bring to school with them to stay fed and sane. Each meal should cost $2 or less, an average of $10/week.

The ingredients listed are meant to be bought in bulk and parceled out to save money. Tupperware containers are also assumed to be available. Check the Dollar Tree for great deals on Tupperware!

10 College Meal Ideas for under $2

~ Canned soup ($1.25), ziplock of mixed veggies ($.25), tbsp hummus ($.25)

~ Egg salad sandwich ($1.25), handful of mixed nuts ($.75)

~ Protein bar ($1), tbsp peanut butter

~ Caesar salad (from salad kit, bring half in Tupperware save other half for dinner) ($1) , add ½ avocado and fresh tomato slices for ($1)

~ 2 Baja Cafe burritos ($1), ziplock of tortilla chips ($.25), tbsp salsa, dip or hummus ($.75)

~ Grilled cheese ($1), tomato soup ($1)

~ Small grilled and sliced chicken breast ($1.50), roasted veggies and brown rice ($.50)

~ ½ cup cottage cheese ($.50), hard boiled egg ($.25), slice of whole grain toast ($.25)

~ 2 slices of pizza (from frozen) ($1), ziplock of baby carrots ($.50), tbsp ranch dressing ($.25)

~ Frozen entree (Lean Cuisine, Hungry Man, etc.) ($2)

I have been struggling trying to budget for this upcoming school year, so I hope this helps out some other starving students (and everyone else!)


Making a Moroccan-style chickpea stew 🍲

This is a very simple recipe I made last week on a whim- but it turned out nicely so I thought I’d share it.

It’s extremely cheap to make and is tasty, warming and satisfying in the cooler autumn evenings we’ve been having 🍂

Makes 8-10 portions

300g dried chickpeas
200g onion
300g carrot
2 x tins chopped tomatoes
300ml vegetable stock
2 tsp Oregano
2 tsp Ras el hanout
1 tsp Cinnamon
1 tsp Turmeric
100g apricots

*Pre-soak your dried chickpeas overnight then drain and rinse well before use in this recipe*

-Put your chopped carrots, diced onion and drained chickpeas in a large pot along with a little coconut oil and sauté for a few minutes with your oregano, ras el hanout, cinnamon and turmeric*, to mix thoroughly.
-Tip in two tins of tomatoes and the vegetable stock, bring to the boil then lower the heat to the very lowest setting and cover with a lid.
-Simmer for 1 hr 45 mins, adding your chopped dried apricots for the last 30 mins. When ready, the stew will have thickened nicely as shown in the last photograph.
-Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Serve with quinoa, brown rice or sweet potato.


*the quantities of spices are very approximate as I didn’t note them down at the time and just added ‘to taste’. I’ll update this recipe when I make it again and note down the quantities!

I almost always use bananas as the base of my smoothies, but I had none left today so I randomly threw whatever I had together - frozen berries (cherries, blackberries, blueberries and blackcurrants), 1 avocado, brazil nuts, dark muscovado, vanilla extract and almond milk. I think oranges or clementines would have completed it perfectly! :P


Low-Calorie Meal Prep Masterpost #1

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Turkey Avocado Wrap (< 400 calories per wrap)

Mission garden spinach herb wrap (210 cal)

2 oz smoked turkey breast (60 cal per. 2 oz)

Avocado spread (1 avocado mashed, seasoned with salt, pepper, paprika) (80 cal per serving, 2 servings - enough for two wraps)

3 small slices from Roma tomato (17.5 cal, 35 cal per 1 Roma tomato)

Southwestern Hummus Wrap (< 400 calories)

Mission garden spinach herb wrap (210 cal)

Athenos roasted red pepper hummus (120 cal, 60 cal per 2 tbsp)

3 small slices from Roma tomato (17.5 cal, 35 cal per 1 roma tomato)

Simple truth power greens (25 cal, 1 serving)

1 tbsp whole kernel corn (approx. 15-18 calories)

Slow Roasted Lemon-Herb Salmon (<200 calories)

Salmon filet (110 calories)

Herb blend (mix together extra virgin olive oil with basil, oregano and mint, brush over salmon)


Brown rice

Organic broccoli florets and cauliflower sauteed in coconut oil

Baked Potato & Creamy Spinach

Baked potatoes in a smoked paprika and black pepper rub. Topped with cream spinach and grilled sweet Red Pepper.

What I Ate Today | Thandi Eats Vegan

400-600 Calorie Health Meal Ideas!

Planning your healthy meals just got a little easier with this great infographic. It gives you healthy meal ideas that are high in protein and fiber, with a healthy balance of carbs and fats.

Use it to help plan your healthy meals daily.

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